the effects of meth

showing the effects of meth use

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Автор Robert Love (6 дней)
They will be hooked on it again, 2 ex meth heads can't stay sober for long.
They are probably getting high right now. 

Автор MilitantAntiTheist (24 дня)
Using Methamphetamine is Communist and anyone who uses it isn't part of
*REAL* America.

Автор glittermama0203 (29 дней)
I really wish the " war on drugs " was real and they would put this drug
at the top of the list but too many scumbags are making money from families
being completely destroyed and left behind by the addict I hate meth. They
will do anything to cover up what they are doing. If someone is already a
hyper person then you probably won't notice. I suggest stealing some hair
and paying to get it tested if you even suspect at all. If it is a
spouse.... GET OUT ! Do what you have to do to find a clean lawyer because
if the lawyer is using too then he is not going to help you.

Автор Nohalfsteps (1 месяц)
Good for them for kicking such a screwed up addiction. It's too bad that
the damage is everlasting. That's such a terrible consequence.

Автор Jacob Pansing (1 месяц)
A richter grin? Is that what the Joker suffers from?

Автор Jacob Pansing (1 месяц)
Meth: another tool to destroy the white race.

Автор Jacob Pansing (1 месяц)
This girl was partying at ten? Where the hell was her dumbass mom?

Автор Olie Preen (16 дней)
I'm on my 11 year being clean. Thank God!

Автор lewis portelli (19 дней)
she looks physsically fine
how come it looks like half the meth addicts are like skinny zombie
or like normally fine

Автор KapitolKitties (1 месяц)
I love tweakers :D

Автор iamtruth65 (3 месяца)
She was a model student who never broke any rules... but she was partying
drinking and smoking at age 10.... the irony. No wonder ppl think us
americans are stupid.

Автор Dan Yell (1 месяц)
whore bag lol

Автор powerofalto (3 месяца)
Day at a time, Heather. 

Автор Horus515 (5 месяцев)
7:26 Down by the river!!

Автор jessica romanoff (1 месяц)
Since when do you see a pot head living under a bridge

Автор Dan V (4 месяца)
I love how they make it look as if she grew up like the perfect child, yet
her dad died of a heroin overdose? She says "I don't know why I went about
the drugs", Really?
Drug users are generally people who are very good at denying their own
problems and reality. Now she's going to marry a recovering addict? Why set
yourself up to fail again?? Just do society a favor and don't have

Автор Sam Phillips (2 месяца)
You said it...

Автор Gwen Woodworth (2 месяца)
Meth is a mixture of chemicals put together by humans. There is nothing
natural about it. It can change behavior and alter moods in a negative
way. Many people become angry and violent while using meth. The users
behaviors can effect many other people!

Автор Martin Horton (3 месяца)
hahahahhahahahahahhah honor roll student, i smoked weed everyday in
highschool and got honor roll without even trying, come on

Автор John Ortiz (1 месяц)
weak....... no one likes a quiter.... ha ha brrrr

Автор Norman Farrar (1 год)
An interview with Heather, someone who struggled with Meth addiction.

Автор KapitolKitties (1 месяц)
I love tweakers :D

Автор Horus515 (5 месяцев)
Damn she was massive whore. lol. I kno lots of girls who do meth and dont
turn into massive sluts. she just wanted to. haha

Автор jeff deers (3 месяца)
she had a good childhood, loving family yet she threw it all away for a
drug, she deserved whatever hell she went through.

Автор hussein hussein (3 месяца)
Lets be real this girls a junkie. Nice to see her family "cares" but she
chose this life.

Автор hussein hussein (3 месяца)
Smoking pot and sipping liquor at 10. Yes the model child indeed.

Автор Redrumhydro (1 год)
Maybe because kurt cobain used to live under a bridge or whatever but he
wasnt doing heroin n he was just using pot at the time.

Автор Redrumhydro (1 год)
no wonder my friend bugs out becuz her meth history but now shes an
alcoholic, man i sure do miss her

Автор radiotete1e2 (1 год)
They make it dangerous usually by starting other drugs as well. Or hell,
even drinking.

Автор jdm2544 (1 год)
Ya .. Marrying another addict-- great idea. In AA there's this prevailing
idea that we should stick with other addicts because they understand our
struggle. I keep normal non-drug using ppl around-- seems like a better
idea to me.

Автор infinitelimitation (9 месяцев)
im not a drug addict i just smoke weed

Автор getthegreens808 (1 год)

Автор AbuGrabIt (6 месяцев)
Smoking pot and partying since the age of 10? Is meth the problem or mom?

Автор mafia1953 (7 месяцев)
pain my ass, i live in NYC

Автор Missditabomb (1 год)
Watch closely. The Mom is not smiling, she is trying to hold back her
emotions and keep her composure, so that she doesn't burst into tears. In
doing that, she contorts her face and it looks like a little smile, but it
isn't. Um, we have all done that, no?

Автор Horus515 (1 год)
I bet that chick was a huge slut.

Автор Jeweettzellf (1 год)
Not sure if you're trolling but pot is not addictive(not physically) ... I
have been smoking it for years and when I decided it got old I just dropped
it. Just like that. Besides who says all potheads to is eat, sleep and talk
bullshit? I happen to know a few successful people who still smoke pot.

Автор Sandy B (1 год)
She sounds like a heroin-addict. Probably(hopefully)the result of the use
of medicines. I hope she will stay clean, but I really doubt it. Getting
married to another former addict is so dangerous, even when you understand
eachother better. You can lift eachother up, but also pulling eachother
down, down, down.

Автор o0OCheyenneO0o (1 год)
uuhmm i was watching nail polish tutorials...... now im looking at a ex
meth addict???

Автор RELOADER82 (7 месяцев)
start using what? and why 10? dont get it

Автор smashpit63 (1 год)
get off your high horse, I AM a recovering alcoholic and jus sayin if you
are a recovering anything like you are acting to be mayb talk to your
sponsor about how you just acted

Автор wenditube100 (1 год)
Ok, we all know that hindsight is 20/20. none of us were there and
witnessed everything that went on in these peoples lives. We can bash the
mom, for not "seeing" what was right in front of her, and we can speculate
on the fathers heroin use and subsequent overdose, but bottom line is: this
girl is fighting a daily battle against something that will most likely
always be trying to lure her back into its grip. Hats off to Heather. There
are so many like you.

Автор KemoSTL (10 месяцев)
I love Cannabis.

Автор gadgetlorne (1 год)
That happens when a parent blindly tells themselves, oh, not my child!
Guess what? YES your child! No matter what, check on what your childs is
doing and who they hang out with and then talk to them, heart to heart, or
this is what happens.

Автор Oz Crak (1 год)
@nobleheight its not the family or the daughters problem he was a heroin
addict u fucken idiot! and that doesnt not make it a normal family, its
2012 we are the generation that came from the hippy era so 80%+ of your
house holds in usa are drug user's dumb ass

Автор Bubblehealer (1 год)
comparing stoners to meth addicts is absolutely ridiculous

Автор gulgul2006 (1 год)
perhaps that's true but it wasn't like she was a common street walker. She
was fairly suburban to start. Plus they are correct in that she's still
worse off than where she started, regardless if where she started off was
somewhat shitty.

Автор Christine Han (1 год)
my prayers are for her well being :)

Автор whatdahek4120 (1 год)
bad idea being with another drug user. that is a huge no no!

Автор Matt A (1 год)
Dumb bitch... Y wud someone resort to such a bad drug... I dont see her as
a young innocent girl...to me ..i see a stupid teen with no future...all
because of methanfedamine.... But what you care about my opinion..:/.

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