the effects of meth

showing the effects of meth use

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Автор Michaela Churchill ( назад)
Everyone is goin on and on about weed. ALCOHOL is fucking worse than weed
and it's perfectly legal. She also drank!

Автор Love my country or get out ( назад)
WOW, did she say "either meth users or POT HEADS". I thought pot was cool
and didn't destroy lives..LMAO,,,yeah, like the GateWay to HELL it's cool.
And "met while in treatment". Do you know how many people do this in AA and
go right back when things go wrong or stressful? Yet, this is worrisome,
but then, who else would trust or put up with this Sh** . We need to
eradicate ALL street dope and the only way we can do that is the SAME way
it started to roll out Big time,,,in our schools.

Автор Love my country or get out ( назад)
Isn't Street dope a wonderful thing? Yeah, why not legalize it so people
pushing, using and making it won't go to prison for a "Non Violent Crime".
Welcome to Obamanation.

Автор Kyerios Nosurname ( назад)
This happens because of monsters that you call friend back in the days. İ
had a monster friend that provided me marijuana (really weak shit) 3-4
times and then he asked me to smoke heroin. İ know i'm %50 guilty but this
happened because of f(r)iends and curiosity. Btw been smoking about 2 years
but then i quit i'm sober about 6 days but fuck you ALL i will prove every
single pieces of shit human beings it is quitable! İ'm growing my own weed
because i don't have suppliers right now fucking life huh?

Автор seven07ate ( назад)
Is that Monica Lewinski?

Автор Deibama nonliberal ( назад)
If you think you have nothing to live for, do all th' drugs you want,

Автор Jacob Norwood ( назад)
It's hard to get help with so many shitty people in this world. Just read
the comments.

Автор Matthew Reavis ( назад)

Автор Brenda Lukens ( назад)
Wonder what she would have been like had she not used drugs. She seems
kinda slow..

Автор Damon Blevins ( назад)
How do you relapse in rehab?
Still find the drug on the streets even though you're supposed to be in

Автор Wayne H ( назад)
Good for you very touching I am happy you got help and yes family is more
important then anything for that matter.
Thank you for sharing this :)

Автор Craig Negrey ( назад)
Poor girl saw this as a young girl she says her childhood was great and mom
chimes in saying how her daughter never missed out on Anything guess this
includes some of moms bad choices obviously this girl felt neglected deep
inside her spirit and was looking to be accepted somewhere and somehow why
was she drinking at age 10 if she was in such a loving home where was
mother while her daughter at age 10nwas drinking nownits not all moms fault
for life is anjourney and for some they have harder lessons in life to
overcome looks like this girl is a lucky girl and brave as well to fight
her addiction head on Good job YOU did it NOT MOM congratulations on your
sobriety stay strong and live happily 💜💜💜💜

Автор Hanan Whelan Said ( назад)
Always keep on keeping on in recovery, a day at a time. You are an
inspiration and it takes courage to kick the old life but you are on your
way. Thank you for sharing your experience, strength and hope. I know it
will help many. It will help them see that there is a way out. All the
best in your recovery and your new relationship. Dr. Hanan Whelan Al-Said.

Автор Lana Carmichael ( назад)
I believe to firstly become a drug addict of any kind You either have all
or one of the following-
1) have an addictive personality to begin with
2) be very impressionable/ easily swayed
<- bad up bringing, life event ect.
3) Have little self control. <- can't stick to NO, give in easily to peer
pressure. Like people who have gift of the gab talk you into having a try
and you can't say no thanks and stick to it.
4) Have identity issues.

You don't have to have a bad up bringing to become an addict of ANY drug,
illegal or legal. But being exposed to drugs/ violent family situations
dosent help at all. 

Автор Vikas Sheth ( назад)
My god! That's just so horrible! Luckily, I even hate cigarettes...the very
smell of it makes me just run away. 

Автор Maria Perera ( назад)
Stay away from drugs 👊👋 drugs will mess you up . Most people become
addicts but some luckily don't . But that doesn't mean cause x and y didn't
become addicted doesn't mean you aren't. Your life is important and it
matters . Don't screw up your life ! 

Автор Lee Devine ( назад)
She is no way ready for marriage.

Автор Poopy Head ( назад)
This is why weed shouldn't be legalized. Pot is a gateway drug and will
lead people to heavier drugs. If pot was legalized then everyone will start
using meth, cocaine, and heroin which will cost more deaths in America.

Автор lonehorseman09 ( назад)
nothing wrong with a litle overeating and vitamins to improve your health
and keep the cravings away. the vitamins b-1 and inositol work wonders on
the brain.

Автор nccrawford ( назад)
I can't imagine her sponsor supporting starting a relationship so early in
her treatment- especially with someone else in the program. Seems like a
bad example to feature in this project. I'm curious how she's doing

Автор Tron Javolta ( назад)
I'm glad she has found someone to be with who understands exactly where she
is and has come from. I hope they stay together.The World is awash with
confusion and distraction we need to be awake to be aware to avoid it all.
Like Lemmy from Motorhead said -"Stay Clean".\m/

Автор Chelsea Hutcherson ( назад)
it's amazing to have strong, encouraging parents like she does. 

Автор Shiva Macheta ( назад)
lol i would rock the things out of these boys so hard eh

Автор Reckless Abandon ( назад)
=2;31 Mother has no connection with her daughter, She married a heroin
addict and exposed daughter. +3:51 Mother finds out from grades - no
empathy and ckearly emotionally neglected daughter. +6:41 She didn't know
why her daughter bit her?? Lying monster! No drug alone will do this -
this poor girl has been horribly abused.
+11:41 Meth hurtt her brain chemistry??? How convenient!!

So sorry Heather. I hope you get real treatment for your trauma one day.

Автор Staby Illo ( назад)
Sounds like she doesn't remember shit and just got told what to say by her
genious mother or the "news" people. Pot heads under a bridge... holy
shit. The sad part is that this genious girl will have 3-6 children and be
the new trailor trash.

Автор mike carlson ( назад)
My sister will suck your dick..ask for mona 5158229565

Автор Tokingdatcheeba ( назад)
I bet they got spun in that halfway house lol! 

Автор normajoe ( назад)
Ewww why are they kissing on the mouth?!

Автор Giovani22 ( назад)
Nothing good is gonna come out of that relationship . Talk about self
respect , she lost that a long time ago . Only God can help these

Автор FeelTheLack ( назад)
People who don't move their mouth when they talk, annoy the Hell out of me.

Автор Bepe Gabianni (George) ( назад)
made a mistake????? what was on your mind

Автор Ben ONI (626 лет назад)

Dont even try once ! ....... Really made its obvious meaning with meth.
Meth the devil's favorite food for human.
It was the same meth , that i used from exactly 24 years ago..... It was
"Sling" by drugs dealer as better replacement for heroin addicts. It was
so devastating drugs back then..... and now even...... more worst !
Meth offer gruesome side effects..... morelikely addicts will be arrested
,.......Unlike cocain - heroin - speed ........ Either you keep use it till
die or stop. Thank God ... I did. I did stop.

Автор The Best Happy Men ( назад)
That's sad! -- She had bright future until she started to use Meth -- For
now she seems to have her life turned around hope she will never go back to
her previous lifestyle. Hope her marriage works she will have an uphill
battle in head of her! Sometimes families need to give tough-love ========

Автор Matthew Todd ( назад)
it's easy to stay on the honor roll when you are a meth head because you
can study twice as long as a normal student. when normal students go to
sleep you stay awake.

Автор Pina Phay ( назад)
oh shit at 10? my niece is 10 and I stalk her thank god.

Автор Robert Love ( назад)
They will be hooked on it again, 2 ex meth heads can't stay sober for long.
They are probably getting high right now. 

Автор Olie Preen ( назад)
I'm on my 11 year being clean. Thank God!

Автор lewis portelli ( назад)
she looks physsically fine
how come it looks like half the meth addicts are like skinny zombie
or like normally fine

Автор glittermama0203 ( назад)
I really wish the " war on drugs " was real and they would put this drug
at the top of the list but too many scumbags are making money from families
being completely destroyed and left behind by the addict I hate meth. They
will do anything to cover up what they are doing. If someone is already a
hyper person then you probably won't notice. I suggest stealing some hair
and paying to get it tested if you even suspect at all. If it is a
spouse.... GET OUT ! Do what you have to do to find a clean lawyer because
if the lawyer is using too then he is not going to help you.

Автор Nohalfsteps ( назад)
Good for them for kicking such a screwed up addiction. It's too bad that
the damage is everlasting. That's such a terrible consequence.

Автор jessica romanoff ( назад)
Since when do you see a pot head living under a bridge

Автор John Ortiz ( назад)
weak....... no one likes a quiter.... ha ha brrrr

Автор Sweet Skinz ( назад)
whore bag lol

Автор KapitolKitties ( назад)
I love tweakers :D

Автор KapitolKitties ( назад)
I love tweakers :D

Автор Gwen Woodworth ( назад)
Meth is a mixture of chemicals put together by humans. There is nothing
natural about it. It can change behavior and alter moods in a negative
way. Many people become angry and violent while using meth. The users
behaviors can effect many other people!

Автор Sam Phillips ( назад)
You said it...

Автор Martin Horton ( назад)
hahahahhahahahahahhah honor roll student, i smoked weed everyday in
highschool and got honor roll without even trying, come on

Автор powerofalto ( назад)
Day at a time, Heather. 

Автор iamtruth65 ( назад)
She was a model student who never broke any rules... but she was partying
drinking and smoking at age 10.... the irony. No wonder ppl think us
americans are stupid.

Автор jeff deers ( назад)
she had a good childhood, loving family yet she threw it all away for a
drug, she deserved whatever hell she went through.

Автор hussein hussein ( назад)
Lets be real this girls a junkie. Nice to see her family "cares" but she
chose this life.

Автор hussein hussein ( назад)
Smoking pot and sipping liquor at 10. Yes the model child indeed.

Автор Horus515 ( назад)
7:26 Down by the river!!

Автор Horus515 ( назад)
Damn she was massive whore. lol. I kno lots of girls who do meth and dont
turn into massive sluts. she just wanted to. haha

Автор AbuGrabIt ( назад)
Smoking pot and partying since the age of 10? Is meth the problem or mom?

Автор SmoshCraftJack ( назад)
not a cop ;)

Автор mike hills ( назад)
(mdwason7@gmail.com ) text or call (337)565-0766 for details.

Автор mafia1953 ( назад)
my point is that i know why people do drugs

Автор QueenZombieCersei ( назад)
Darvocet? lol That's like taking 4 Aleve

Автор kris mizer ( назад)
and i live in LA, your point ?

Автор mafia1953 ( назад)
pain my ass, i live in NYC

Автор rico305305 ( назад)
This is why weed is bad, leads to meth use!!!

Автор kris mizer ( назад)
That is a real dumb assumption, people more times then not do drugs to
escape the pains of reality.

Автор mafia1953 ( назад)
the main reason people do drugs is because they wanna be cool

Автор RELOADER82 ( назад)
start using what? and why 10? dont get it

Автор Jesse Pinkman ( назад)
I did this... :'(

Автор Elizabeth Castro ( назад)
man....proud of her mom....she was the strong one.....

Автор Gregg Wigen ( назад)
Ya... "Relapse isn't a terrible thing." Followed by "We relapsed together"
regarding her fiance. Chick has no idea. I seriously doubt she makes 3

Автор Larry Larru ( назад)
Titty fuck

Автор Kaleb Tippett ( назад)
this awoke me.

Автор rayandreina ( назад)
If marijuana is just a slippery slope, then meth (or heroin) would be
jumping off a high cliff! Great story, Heather! -- hope you stay clean. o:-)

Автор infinitelimitation ( назад)
im not a drug addict i just smoke weed

Автор Sammy Chavez ( назад)
Pot heads living under bridges! pffff whatever! Marijuana is not a soul
stripping medicine/drug like meth, crack, pharmaceuticals, and heroine. Get
educated! Up with hope, Down with dope!

Автор hibob588 ( назад)
It doesn't create more tar, my bad, but it fucks the lungs up more than
cigs because of the fact most kids hold that shit in for as long as they
can. Weed also effects the brain's ability to learn new thing in developing
brains. Well, gotta go smoke another bowl of NYC Sour Diesel. Helllllll

Автор hibob588 ( назад)
I like how kids come to the conclusion that weed is completely harmless,
just because they see a top comment about, "marijuana is better" on EVERY
video slightly related to drugs. Now, I'm I fucking pot head, love that
shit, but I'm not some asshole saying its 100% safe. The only bad
experience I've had are panic attacks. Weed also creates a lot more tar
than regular cigarettes. SMOKE WEED

Автор MrLOgan1314 ( назад)
"searching for a higher-high" Great fucking script, awesome writing, this
news station or whatever is a fucking joke.

Автор cameleon Girl ( назад)
Well, I like the bondage part.

Автор Ali Al-Balooshi ( назад)
this bitch got brain damage, pot-heads living under bridges, fuck this
stupid ass bitch

Автор Ali Al-Balooshi ( назад)
beautiful drug, turns you into a walking talking skeleton

Автор Corinne Ballard ( назад)
Such a beautiful & talented woman. I wish the best for her & her future
life with her husband. I think all kids should hear stories like this to
prevent them from using or people who are using who want to stop & get help
should hear this & know that there is hope. Very inspiring woman. Good luck

Автор JR ( назад)
10 or 12 days straight here off of some killer glass, It's been a year and
8 months exactly and I still think about the experience excessively, not
wanting or craving hell I don't know, more like a video or rapid flashback
of the experience, using etc. I still feel just lost/empty hard to explain.
Most of everyone would blown their own heads off by now I imagine, and to
be honest I contemplate it a lot, yet i will not do it,Hope riding on a
wave of tears waiting for the part of myself to return

Автор Jazaebel ( назад)
Pot heads live under bridges. lol. I guess I'm not using the drug enough. I
love weed! and I'm in college and have a job.

Автор Kane woodard ( назад)
You can't compare a meth addict to a pot head plz thats ridicoules

Автор greenblobo9 ( назад)
Hopefully a troll, don't be a fool krododil is the most disgusting drug in
the world. I would love to score some heroin but never, never krododil

Автор IGGoooRRRE ( назад)
Whilst at the same time necrotizing your flesh

Автор TheFedorPunch ( назад)
Krokodil is what you ought to use. Its good and cheap to buy. It will be
brought to the States soon from Russia. Young people here cannot buy drugs
anymore due to prices. Plus the drug gives you a lot of heaven pleasure

Автор Blue fellow ( назад)
Original comment was in past tense, but putting it in current tense
shortens your selection size even more, making my statement still true, and
to a bigger degree.

Автор christopher jones ( назад)
Nearly everyone, and not in the past tense.

Автор gengener ( назад)
Great mom too

Автор Blue fellow ( назад)
Not everyone has had an addiction issue.

Автор TasmanVideos ( назад)
Motherfuck! I'm 19! And I haven't even started partying.... I'm a loser :)

Автор kiwitedferny ( назад)
Partying at 10?!? Big surprise she had problems later.

Автор christopher jones ( назад)
Everyone, stop talking shit to to everyone. This is not the video for it.
Everyone has had an addiction problem, and reading the comments, you got
drunks blasting potheads blasting hard drug ussers. Leave it be, people.
This was a very nice video with some hope. Also don't blast her for
marrying someone in her treatment, seriously.

Автор Lithuanian Man ( назад)
This vid is not for 8yr olds so go play with toy cars instead....

Автор Avi Young ( назад)
even with this trumpt up great upbring and honor roll , brownies etc. if
you have a parent who's an addict , a child has a real increased risk for
experimenting and addiction. the mom was so used to addiction (father) she
did not "see" her daughter's own budding problems

Автор Friday Vibes ( назад)
okay wait, drinking and smoking pot at 10? Sounds like mom was doing a
sh*tty job of parenting!

Автор Tony Bifle ( назад)
True, I had bad luck when I was teenager with marijuana, drug is drug and
the only thing to get ride of that would like to sentence the dealers for
life and to make it very prohibited, but the gouvernment inject drugs into
the countries so we cannot do anything.

Автор Sandy B ( назад)
She sounds like a heroin-addict. Probably(hopefully)the result of the use
of medicines. I hope she will stay clean, but I really doubt it. Getting
married to another former addict is so dangerous, even when you understand
eachother better. You can lift eachother up, but also pulling eachother
down, down, down.

Автор Sandy B ( назад)
You're right about that.

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