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Автор Saleh Bitar (6 месяцев)
Here we see the real Bruce Lee, it was one of the best films for him, we
could see how fast, strong and light was. It is a film which I saw around
20 times, and every time I used to enjoy it.

Автор Samuel Oliveira (11 месяцев)
jet li e melhor kk

Автор arun monu (1 год)
Bruce Lee (Chinese: 李小龍; born Lee Jun-fan; 27 November 1940 – 20 July 1973)
was a Chinese American martial artist, Hong Kong action film actor, martial
arts instructor, and filmmaker. The founder of Jeet Kune Do so here are
some very special Movies of Bruce Lee for all of my Legend Fighters Fans
Club>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>)by monu(.

Автор MacNally12punchout (1 год)
i thought this was the big boss...... lol it is in my boxed set of Bruce
Lee movies at least... oh wait thats right in china this one is fists of
fury, not the big boss, and then the one thats called fists of fury in
north america is called the chinese connection.... silly me and my canadian
ways lol

Автор minterjerel1 (1 год)
you're welcome

Автор jahiem glinton (1 год)
plus the i tunes thing sez big boss :3

Автор Ray Verma (1 год)
This is not FIST OF FURY, as opposed to FISTS OF FURY which is not a Bruce
Lee film - this film is THE BIG BOSS.

Автор Nature Love (1 год)
so bruce got arrested, what a happy ending!

Автор Jota Sanches (1 год)
This is The Big Boss not Fist of Fury -.-

Автор Infam0usKiller (1 год)
I have no idea Mr.Hendrix...

Автор KA AK (1 год)
me and bruce have many things in common!

Автор Eli Glunt (1 год)
i wish i could broad jump 8 feet

Автор Jorge Baquero (1 год)
Bruce Lee..The king of martial arts who will be always remembered for his
skills and talent and never to be forgotten for his contribution to the art.

Автор Dwayne Barnes (1 год)
Shu Sheng baby

Автор Sir Ownage (1 год)
Hmm is The Big Boss and Fist Of Fury same movie? What movie is 1971 then?

Автор Black Panther (1 год)
If mind is busy with something else, it cannot give you full attention and
full abilities.. His sounds used in fights gave him more power/energy to
the moves he made.. He found the deep connection and allowed it all to
express.. Yet I find a lot of anger and critical determination in his
powerfully beautiful moves.. I am a big fan of Bruce Lee from when I was a
little kid and hope to study his life and philosophical wisdom someday soon.

Автор deathawaits22 (1 год)
i think in america it was called Big Boss, but where it was first released
it was Fists Of Fury, it might be the other way around, i'm not sure o:

Автор jordancj95 (1 год)
man i cant find the original canton version gotta get stuck dis dis wack
eng dub version....

Автор Gladys Cheung (1 год)

Автор KA AK (1 год)
at last I see an english version of this movie!

Автор Rapping Thugsta (1 год)
Why are there so many jokes about Chuck Norris and none about Bruce Lee?
Because Bruce Lee is no joke!

Автор Jonathan Kendrew (1 год)
Another legendary timeless film by the greatest martial artist of ALL

Автор Daniel Blokh (1 год)
Those fists comin after Chuck Norris's balls soon...

Автор edgar sanz (1 год)
Not fist of Fury this is the Big Boss

Автор Reen Spleen (1 год)
Everybody in this movie is so pleasant it hurts.

Автор Phuoc Ha (1 год)
I was watch this movie over forty years ago. Now I watch back still
interesting. BRUCE LEE no one can replace him. Thanks, for the movie.

Автор Ryan Ocelot (1 год)
in a few countries the big boss is called fists of fury, and the movie
where he fights the japanese fists of fury is called the chinese connection.

Автор BallsOnYaJaws (1 год)
What the fuck, this is the same as the big boss movie that I saw.

Автор Loc Pham (1 год)

Автор Buddy lee (1 год)
Great movie, the beginning of Bruce Lee and the greatest one ever.

Автор Logjam5 (1 год)
Funky toonage.

Автор Dnia Moha (1 год)
I hate in every bruce lee movie they have boobs but some time i like it ;)

Автор Sergio C (1 год)
I love how this movie makes you wait for Bruce to fight. Cause at the same
time they build him up!

Автор DJay Beattrix (1 год)
Awesome movie but terrible dubbing!

Автор GANSTA6033 (1 год)
5:40 the guy wit a black tshirt just walks off XD

Автор DarkRising4388108 (1 год)
This movie is produce in the early 70s man, what more do you expect?

Автор gabe r (1 год)
whats funny about this movie half these fighters looked straight up
Mexican....especially the guy in the red shirt who slaps the boy lmao

Автор Shane Youto (1 год)
It means when you are fighting someone you need to adapt

Автор Patroiten (1 год)
I love how it just teases you, in the first half of the video.

Автор DJgaZman (1 год)
Fists of Fury was the US name for The Big Boss. Fist of Fury was called The
Chinese Connection.

Автор jason gibson (1 год)
Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into
a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the
bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow
or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”

Автор Tha Miracle maker (1 год)
Is it in English

Автор cafugingabnamwlffdc (1 год)
Tung tung tung tututututttung tung tung bruce leee idol...

Автор camos24ca (1 год)
This movie is awesome, I've been a Bruce Lee fan every since I was a little
kid and this was the first Bruce Lee movie I saw.

Автор D Niles (1 год)

Автор thetextyer3982 (1 год)
but the martial arts is super good.

Автор Wealthy Peasant (1 год)
"Why the paper?" "Lets go look at it!" "Thats a good idea!" loool

Автор jaime chromosomeburning (1 год)
" the music is so so groovy...i never say that word...GROOVY ! "

Автор Benjámin Kurilla (1 год)
Point taken, but kung-fu movies had to start somewhere. Jackie Chan, with
his awesome movies, came into fame not just because of his abilities, but
also because the crowd was in the need of a new hero after Bruce Lee's
death. It started here somewhere.

Автор upindalab kraftwerk (1 год)
16:12 - 16:50 he just wants to get his dick wet

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