2012 Honda Goldwing 3 Wheeler

2012 Honda Goldwing 3 Wheeler at the Michigan Motorcycle Show in Birch Run, Michigan. Jan 21, 2012

Check them out here http://www.mibikeshow.com

Music from http://www.danosongs.com

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Автор handihouseofoakgrove (11 месяцев)
in south Carolina there $34,500 for a 2013

Автор german gomez (1 год)

Автор Mark OBLAZNEY (1 год)
what self-respecting Pagan would step NEAR this?????

Автор Denis Stump (1 год)
I just wanted to find a place to test drive trike

Автор 1100524 (1 год)

Автор Colin Sevier (1 год)
why in the heck is it so dusty? Looks like a bike show.. you think they
would clean it up a bit.. looks filthy.. I'm happy to see they at least
used a spec 3 to trike out. I laugh every time I see someone go through the
expense of triking a spec 1 with no Nav or upgraded audio.

Автор Don C (2 года)
the bad of the bike is old looking and out dated

Автор sunil chandran (1 год)
HOW MUCH PRICE can you helpme

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