Pretty Little Liars 7x11 Promo #3 "Playtime" (HD) Season 7 Episode 11 Promo #3

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Pretty Little Liars 7x11 Promo/Preview "Playtime"
Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 11 Promo
Pretty Little Liars 7x11 Promo "Playtime" (HD)

» Watch Pretty Little Liars Tuesdays at 8:00pm/7c on Freeform
» Starring: Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario

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Автор Miloš Aničić ( назад)
Andrew Campbell is A.D.Do you remember when Hanna sent messege to A.D(,,Do
I know You").The Answer was yes.Andrew is adopted and we don"t know his
surname.Maybe it is Drake(Andrew Drake=A.D) or another last name on letter
D...And one more thing....He hates our liars becouse they occused him that
he is A,and now he wants revenge...(And if there are some mistakes in my
English,sorry English is not my native language...

Автор Mun Zi ( назад)
I have a feeling that whoever Mona is talking to .. It might be A without
her knowing.....

Автор Louis farrington ( назад)
Aria is A.D. I know it

Автор allieloulou85 ( назад)
Speaking of PLL, will we ever know how in the world the Liar's moms got out
of that basement? LOL

Автор zanouba ha ( назад)
chkooon hna jay 3la.9bl.moslsal.7yati

Автор Abolisious ( назад)
0.10 Maya or Spencer?? urghhhhh i can't wait any longerrrrrrrrr

Автор schoenlepel ( назад)
interesting how at the scene with barricading the doors ( which is probably
the reveal episode, like with charlotte ) all of the liars are there..
except Alison? I've always thought Alison was a bit suspicious this season.
I wouldn't be surprised if Alison is A.D. just to get the whole series

Автор trentmcjiivers ( назад)
Looking forward to the last stretch of episodes, but I'm also ready for it
to be over. Don't get me wrong, I'll be sad when the last episode airs, but
IMO they made the right decision to stop after this season.

Автор DatKikoMan ( назад)
ok tbfh spencer is tottaly A.D, also it airs on my birthday so i'm fucking
done with life.

Автор Valini R ( назад)
Does anyone else think Wren is Uber A?!

Автор Flynn Hooper ( назад)
the person banging on the door at the end is clearly annoying detective
her hair and the eerings???

Автор Flynn Hooper ( назад)
At 0:21 isnt Mona wearing the A hoodie???

Автор Alyssa Hart ( назад)
Pretty sure AD makes Alison give up the baby to Eliot's family. When Emily
ask what he/ she made her do it looks like she's holding small baby and
crib figurines and Ali looks really stressed and upset. Maybe I'm wrong but
let me know what you think.

Автор Rose Farman-Farma ( назад)

Автор tanja ostojic ( назад)
what is this? because i thought that there was only ten final episodes

Автор Melissa Jane ( назад)
Did anyone notice Spencer is on it... aka they showed she is not dead

Автор Ali Ow ( назад)
At this point, this is just getting horribly exhausting. They've been
dragging this on waaaaay too long. They should have ended this series when
charlotte got put away.

Автор Kate Zarate ( назад)
Im not sure if I want April to come super fast or for it to never come, I
dont want PLL to end!!!
PLL has been apart of my life for 7 years now and I just cant let it go
just yet AGH.

Автор Aoife Cleary ( назад)
Give me Emison for God's sake

Автор Jordan Hensley ( назад)
I love what MONA is saying in the trailer!!! I LOVE her and Hanna!!

Автор Ameera JøsephDun ( назад)
APRIL???? WHYY?????

Автор Katlin Jones ( назад)
So long to wait 😡😡

Автор Memily Gabrielle ( назад)
Trop hâte que la saison 8 commence !!! et vous ??? 😊 😘👍🙌🙌

Автор Melly's Empire ( назад)
Theory:Jason is ad he is in love with aria he probably was the one who put
the knives in jakes punch bag plus remember in one episode where a was
sitting at a desk arias pics of her sleeping were on the wall he said ali
took the pics I reckon he started the nat club and have video camera in
alis room knowing aria would always be there he was interested in her from
the beginning he said he missed her pink streaks in hair this is why less
bad things happen to aria than the other liars. He has to send her the a
messages to avoid suspicioun plus he is always going missing

Автор Kawya Mrj ( назад)

Автор M Keane ( назад)
My hopes for the end of PLL:

-A.D.or Uber A or whatever is A MAIN CHARACTER. I don't understand why so
many people want it to be Wren or Melissa - we never see them? they have
been irrelevant for so long and would seem like lazy writing for me by
taking the easy way out. Hopefully it's Ali, Caleb or Mona but I'm not
holding my breath..
-The reason behind it all has to be HUGE - they have TORTURED the girls
afterall. I don't want to hear the words 'I was trying to protect you.' NO
- No more masks
- No more twins
-All of the relationships don't have to end up together! That's not real
life and realistically would a high school teacher end up marrying their

Автор adnnebs ( назад)
There is the flash forward scene from 6x10 "He's coming for you" at the end
of the promo when they put tables and chair to block the class room door.
They have the same outfits!

Автор I can't come up with a username ( назад)
0:19 the note says 'time for pie, be there' I guess A was just hangry all

Автор estela007 ( назад)
or we are idiots or we are idiots
how the fuck did this show lasted 7 seasons?

Автор Mina Cruse24 ( назад)
IS TOBY DEAD??? I need to know! #SPOBY deserves to be ENDGAME

Автор Twrite609 ( назад)
Hanna always seems a little selfish when A bothers her. She acts like she
is the only one to ever suffer. I hate to watch when its about her and
anyone involved with her. Spencer is the one who should feel like her life
is over. Once again we have Caleb getting in girls face like he's a bad
ass. I like that Toby just protects spencer but he trusts her handles
things herself.

Автор Merce Rivero ( назад)

Автор Jake from State Farm ( назад)
"We swim around in this fishbowl like we're in control. We are not. There's
always been somebody watching, manipulating." I don't know why but that
gave me chills..

Автор Meshi ( назад)
Does this mean that uber A has always been around. Also when Mona was A

Автор Jessica u ( назад)
we have to wait so long 😑😑😑 come on people theres only 10 episodes left
lets just get it over with.

Автор Brianna Fleming ( назад)
Its going to be worth waiting.

Автор Jeremy Beviere ( назад)
At 0:13 we can that there are 2 A

Автор Sharaya Rangiaho ( назад)
Omg I love pll I'm so happy that it's almost April. Love this so much

Автор Marina Caixeta ( назад)
uber A is Spencer's sister, I've sure!

Автор Mosh Jaddy ( назад)
0:10 aria ?? why does she seem so suspicious in thus whole promo

Автор sweetmarinette ( назад)
At the end you see the 6x10 scene. But it doesn't make sense because Ali
wouldn't be Mrs. Rollins but also she wouldn't be teaching in school.

Автор Sharr “Sharrd0ll” Webb ( назад)
Which A buried the girls in 1x1? Everyone is asking about the now but I
want to know about the BEGINNING of pll.. who was Ali's A?? Did Mona bury
the girls in the yellow shirts? I'm soooo confused

Автор Sharr “Sharrd0ll” Webb ( назад)
I honestly think that Ian & Melissa are up to this😕🤷🏽‍♀️

Автор Aisha Alam ( назад)

Автор Music Lover ( назад)
Spence is ALIVe

Автор sweetmarinette ( назад)
At the end you see them blocking chairs and tables to the door. That is the
scene from 6x10

Автор Julio Santacruz ( назад)
What if Aria is helping A.D., Hanna has a twin, and Wren is A.D since pigs
connect to Aria and Hanna

Автор Devoninlovewithsnsd ( назад)
A must be Caleb

Автор Grainne Molloy ( назад)
omfg I can't wait to see it #so excited#

Автор Reidner Nathan ( назад)
ARIA is Uber A 💗 I'll love to see when people finally understand that

Автор 6XMariaBForRX9 ( назад)
Why do I feel like A never died? seriously we only been given a little
glimpse​ of that guy/girl (aka Charlotte) and now ashley said "we are out
of HER league" I feel like she's still out there... although who knows, I
always thought it was one of the girls because there was no way A could've
know so much about the girls and they gave us Charlotte who we almost never
seen her in the show.

Автор Amber Nieberlein ( назад)
oh my God what did I just watch having a panic attack can't wait that long
for one two I think that I need a rear watch season 7 again because I don't
remember that much from it

Автор Post- Kyzic ( назад)

Автор Pokémon Champion Master ( назад)
Can't wait to finally to put a end to Pretty Little Liars. Really going to
miss Aria, Spenser, Hannah, Emily, Alison, Mona, Caleb, Toby, Ezra and all
of their friends, families and enemies. April 18th will be here before we
know it.

Автор BratzBeatz13 ( назад)
didn't Spencer get shot in chest close to the heart and it wasn't Jenna

Автор Crimson ( назад)

Автор Khanh Nguyen ( назад)
Can you just surprise us and air this tomorrow or something?? 😔

Автор Loz ( назад)
yooo just hurry up and reveal its aria already

Автор xViciousLiar ( назад)
Omg 0:22 liars wear the same outfits like in the end of 6x10 :O
this is the last scene from last episode! :O

Автор Clarissa Dee ( назад)
Spoby :(

Автор Aqsa ( назад)

Автор Lucas Humberto ( назад)
I swear Caleb is A.D and Hanna is part of its team

Автор Shonique Rahming ( назад)
omg i can to watch that AD is a girl

Автор Emery Fisher ( назад)
Is this the last episode of PLL?????

Автор Stella M. ( назад)
Who is mona talking to ?

Автор Meghna P ( назад)
Arias ass says "it's gonna be ok" when least amount of shit happens to her.

Автор Ami Clarkeee ( назад)
Anyone think Mona is speaking to caleb?! Also glad Mona is in this, hope to
see her more in 7B

Автор A M ( назад)
so Toby is alive or not

Автор ash N ( назад)
🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 bout time they going away , like they been chasing A ever
since I was in elementary 😑I'm in high school now

Автор Shehab Ali ( назад)
There's always been someone watching 👀 manipulating.

Автор Sam Oswald ( назад)
Spoby better get back together - they need way more screen time in 7B they
were more or less ignored in 7A #Spobyisendgame

Автор 113randall ( назад)
I love how mona said manipulating ❤

Автор Μάρθα Σιγάλα ( назад)
I can't understand what Hanna said to Aria???😍

Автор DyvannaTV ( назад)
So there's a new A? Or this "new" A has been around for a while?

Автор Chris ( назад)

Автор Marina Sarmento ( назад)
acho que é Caleb, espero que não mas faz sentido

Автор Gloria LEON JIMENEZ ( назад)
OMG I can't wait for EMISON!!!!

Автор Monica Gadsden ( назад)
the scene 6x10 ending clip is the same scene in the classroom they show at
0:22 they are wearing the same clothes when they say he's coming and they
barricade the classroom can't wait to see how it all ends could be real or
a dream idk excited

Автор Terri's Channel ( назад)
The clothes they have on at the end are from 6x10 when they tell Allison
someone is coming for her!! About time we see how that ends!! So excited
for this

Автор Haasher ( назад)
i need some #Ezria!!!

Автор Aoife Cleary ( назад)

Автор Zoe Willow ( назад)
They're finally wearing the outfits from that time jump sneak peek we got!
This must be the episode!!!

Автор Will Ashwell ( назад)
We swim around in this fishbowl like we are in control, we are not! There's
always been somebody watching, manipulating.

Автор RebeccaHindle ( назад)
is Spencer being interviewed looks like its the police station

Автор Professor X ( назад)
I'm glad it's ending, I just wanna watch to finally see who A is. PLL is
past it's shelf life.

Автор Kader Pala ( назад)
Is toby dead?

Автор Charlottes Killer ( назад)

Автор Marcai ( назад)
This is what happens when they don't focus on ships or useless sub plots,
the show actually gets good! This promo is amazing.

Автор Ou Fairy ( назад)
April... ok no thanks

Автор M ( назад)
I've missed those bitches :)

Автор Injot Nijjar ( назад)
I love mona

Автор Ccole ( назад)
why they canceling the show this show is a hit why not two more season

Автор Pascal Fernandes ( назад)
Its statet UberA was ther Since S1

Автор Charles reddo ( назад)
it seems like Rosewood High is gonna have its screen time back & the church

Автор Little Liar ( назад)

Автор Pretty Little Liars ( назад)

Автор alex court ( назад)
ooh the last couple seconds are from the scene from the beginning of five
years forward; they're wearing the same things as before.

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