[I usually upload a still image for the video picture, but this was just too terrible to correct!]
Tadaaa! Look what you achieved! I'm so very proud of you all :)
2634 page hits, 22 watchers, 34 bids! A grand winning bid of £79.00 (around $121.00 - dayum I made a good guess!!) 100% going to the Guide Dog Charity for the training, protection and medical care of Guide Dogs. Good job!
Stay tuned! Really pretty video coming in the next couple of days!
P.S. Good GRIEF, I recorded this on the 22nd, it is now the 25th and I've had to hard wire myself. BAH wireless!

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Автор Anonymous ( назад)
Wanna know what's "weird" and "creepy?" Dumb chicks filming their boring

Автор Kristofer Ledwick ( назад)
You have a beautiful accent, Kate.

Автор Baci302 ( назад)
Kate your bicep flexing was so sexy. More please!

Автор Ghost Recon ( назад)
where is the feet? fuck you!!!

Автор Humphrey Bogart (535 лет назад)
blah blah blah ... crap 

Автор Dantinaro ( назад)
the accent make this so much sexier. I would buy her stinky shoes/socks or
whatever if I knew 100% that it was hers.

Автор bonesz1 ( назад)
OK...you are sweeeet and beautiful.now show us the feet!!!!!

Автор Michael Duncan ( назад)
Kate, I think yu r very pretty ..

Автор ironmikemp (1366 лет назад)
K17 Feet

Автор techomatic2000 ( назад)
Two years and you've come a long way Kate.

Автор Pornstache ( назад)
I wonder if the "friend in America" was cory ;) She did mention it was a

Автор nocensorship69 ( назад)
She has beautiful feet, just search for K17 FEETS!

Автор slaveaturfeet ( назад)
@TheYahbaby thats so true we r considered to be weird or freaks yet the
ones who chat up a girl build up her hopes that she has found love just so
they can get a 1 night stand and leave r considered normal. beginning to
think girls like assholes who hurt and break their hearts 

Автор olternaut ( назад)
@krome411 Rhetorical question?

Автор SmegChris ( назад)
'A cup of tea later...' I nearly fell off my seat with laughter!

Автор Klaus Steinermann ( назад)
eye c no feets.

Автор Chilax ( назад)
people have foot fetish because the genitals are connected to the same
nerves the feet use. so its in peoples brains to find them sexy.

Автор J Martin ( назад)
Foot fetish guys... need to learn how to not be creepy.

Автор OJ Lam ( назад)
You are sooo hot! I'm gonna die if I don't see your FEET!

Автор alex k ( назад)
tungsten is a soft metal

Автор Paulo Alexandre de Freitas ( назад)

Автор Pati Amor ( назад)
I notice that your visits on this clip beats your other clips, therefore if
feet fetish is weird then it is now shown that your other topics must be
dull or boring, I think now the fgoot fetish is the mayority

Автор Pati Amor ( назад)
@TheYahbaby because they like to have their toes suck and are closet about
it. They do not know how sexy it is. Yes I bet they like to show their

Автор Jack “Does Stuff” Christopher ( назад)
your fit xx 

Автор Ciccio Fantastikini ( назад)
mena bknar....

Автор adomcabobgoey (1607 лет назад)
@sh15ow thats not creepe at all

Автор Josh Buckland (1617 лет назад)
You're an attractive lass, without doubt. But foot fetishists don't want
shoes, they don't want socks, and the don't want banter. They want someone
as attractive as you are to show her feet on cam. Anything less, is not up
to hype. xoxoxo -Josh

Автор anatoly86 ( назад)
I know who won them and he's pretty much a stalker

Автор blanzo1337 ( назад)
Thank YOU for your awesome videoclips! You're awesome.

Автор blanzo1337 ( назад)
@TheYahbaby They (the people who call them weird), are weird! ;)

Автор manikill7 ( назад)
you are adorable! i love the accent. you are superbly insane! hahaha

Автор Ray Goshay ( назад)
It's not all about contact. I don't know how to be otherwise. Since
childhood I've loved women's feet more than anything else. At seven or
eight, I felt the attraction, sex had nothing to do with it. I simply liked
looking at girls feet and thought some of them were pretty. When I go to
the mall I notice beautiful feet as much as beautiful faces. Feet are
important, they carry us, have more curves and erogenous zones than any
other part of the body. Where else would you put your sexy shoes.

Автор Ray Goshay ( назад)
@WorthingStProjects Not everyone has a fetish. A true fetish is when the
part of the body or object is more appealing than sex or that sex is
unfulfilling without it.. Many guys perform acts with women's feet simply
to experiment, "set the mood" or "make their woman happy." It's the same
thing with leather, rubber, hands, etc. Most people are "meat & potatoes",
for them sex is the ultimate sensation.

Автор BOS097 ( назад)

Автор ali Last ( назад)
wow your hot!!!!

Автор Eric Watson ( назад)
I thought u were gonna atleast show us your feet,, that sucks.

Автор Roberto Cintron ( назад)
@TheYahbaby Glad u asked that question...it all has to do with not being
open minded, seeing it in a negative way. I've stopped people in the street
from Asia, Europe (Japan/Spain) & had them take off their shoes & pose
their feet & some even squeeezed my nose with their toes (don't laugh) with
no problem they liked it & thought nothing of it. Some though it was funny
but they @ no time thought it was weird. I think it has to do also with
cleanliness, feet are always inside shoes...etc. 

Автор Mike Harrington ( назад)
or shit fetish.. what a foot fetish charity anyway?

Автор mondoraptor ( назад)
@mexfreak86 typhoo !

Автор Clark Kent ( назад)
You just look like someone i have crush on so Subscribe for you!!

Автор hydraIX ( назад)
Kiss Me Kate...

Автор hydraIX ( назад)
Hiccups...Like "Rock My Plimsoul" from the Jeff Beck Group...Bloody Right 

Автор Da Bl ( назад)
when are you gonna show your soles n toes ???

Автор mkjhagfv ( назад)
omfg , 79 dollars , dats it , jesus christ , dis is fuckin sad , and for da
guide dogs , fucking hell

Автор TheDoormat2u ( назад)
25 people didnt like her shoes

Автор lazyfreedom98 ( назад)
0:49 Thank you, National Security Agency. 

Автор CountBoogie ( назад)
@Martinez1887 LOL...you're a typical internet douche who is just bitter
that you'll never get to be with an attractive woman so, you hate them
all...you blame women because you missed something in childhood...maybe you
should re-parent yourself so you can learn that you are now an ADULT and
have the power to not be a piece of crap just because someone (s) hurt you.
Maybe you need a hug??? but, either way...you blame everyone but your
douche self...lol

Автор rar r ( назад)
@CountBoogie are you in love with her? XD and what has a footfetish to do
with me insulting her you dumb retard? shes a stupid ignorant whore, the
same as you

Автор CountBoogie ( назад)
@Martinez1887 LOL...yes...a mature foot fetish guy would say "fuck yourself
whore" to a girl on the internet who wasn't personally talking to him. You
ARE a creep, a douche a loser and a coward...YOU are the reason people
think foot fetishist are creepy...please consider either therapy or
suicide...thank you...please drive through.

Автор rar r ( назад)
why is the bitch calling footfetish guys creeps? fuck yourself whore

Автор GhostHuntsman ( назад)
So... ummm... is this going to be a regular thing? Just wonderin' *^_^* Tee

Автор Michael Graham. ( назад)
omg i just relised.. luv ur voice! :P

Автор ToeSucking Joe ( назад)
hey why you calling us freaks

Автор ToeSucking Joe ( назад)
haha this woman is funny and hot in a way 

Автор John Tigran ( назад)
Your friend lied.

Автор lecoteobscure ( назад)
you forgot to post a picture of the plimsolls

Автор Tesseract ( назад)
i live in thesouth west of england and we call them daps, when ever we get
new kids at school they think were werid :S

Автор Kharmatos13 ( назад)
@ReggaeBoy425 if she did i'd have to smack her. i'm tired of pretty
brunette's or redheads ruining their hair by going blonde. STAY BRUNETTE!
You're PRETTY! lol

Автор Kharmatos13 ( назад)
are you part asian? you look like you have asian eyes, dey so pretty X)

Автор foxmulderms ( назад)
What happened to "Really pretty video coming in the next couple of days"??

Автор RyokoLam ( назад)
£79, not bad!! Go charity!

Автор yamaguchiyo ( назад)
do you wear invisaline?

Автор carlos20674 ( назад)
que boca tan hermosa

Автор footsie tickle ( назад)
@alexpower33 nah that aint too sick, 2 girls 1 cup is sick, feces fetish is
sick, golden showers is sick, blood fetish and so on.

Автор gwacha3vampire ( назад)
lol u make laugh ... hiccup!

Автор neutrosis ( назад)
too much speaking, what's the sense

Автор AConnectedSoul ( назад)
LOL, The black haired Lara Croft, why did you paint you hair? :P Still sexy
though! :P

Автор manfredthegreat23 ( назад)
Your friend is probably a pervert good cause though horay to you!

Автор parryotter9 ( назад)
"Stay Happy, because that's the most important thing in life, happiness and
smiles and love" - this is why I love Katers17. :)

Автор alexpower33 ( назад)
@MrHeartsXdaggerz you may find out that there are way "sicker" fetishes out
there... look up balloon fetish for example

Автор JamieAndSassenach ( назад)
nice arm-muscles you have there!! seriously, most women's arms are
untrained. congrats. i like women with muscles! (being a woman myself this
comment contains no sexual meaning!^^)

Автор anarchylad ( назад)
You could have called that person back, we would have waited...

Автор Calvin Webster ( назад)
Um...yes, can I have 2 orders of Bingo Wings with extra ranch dressing and
celery on the side, please? Thanks. What? You are not auctioning off your
Bingo Wings for charity? That's too bad, I am hungry...

Автор CharlieCharlington ( назад)
Get facebook please!

Автор docchaos81 ( назад)
wow, look at those arms! have you been working out...like...a lot? ;)

Автор KayNineLP ( назад)
Ummm... I think she has bigger biceps than me

Автор Vic the Flick ( назад)
"..oh my hands are dirty.." haha, cute

Автор BillyBughead ( назад)
This doesn't show that there are guys out there lusting over your feet. On
the contrary, it shows a SHOE fetish. So what you need to do now is put up
an auction for a lithographed picture of your feet, and then see if it gets
a higher bid than the shoes. That's possibly the creepiest thing I've ever
written to you lol

Автор JUAN TOMATES ( назад)
I like the British accent, But I love yours, anyway your video quality has
been decreased

Автор Dave Kovac ( назад)
No bingo wing...lol...that was hilarious. Your welcome, from an avid fan
and devout viewer. Have watched and enjoyed your vids from day one.

Автор TEgnoto89 ( назад)
iz ur accent realz? LOLZ

Автор Stahlgummiente ( назад)
get some sleep,you look kinda tired

Автор JTNugget ( назад)
You look exceptionally beautiful here Kate.

Автор Enthused Norseman ( назад)
Thank you SO MUCH for the gun show. There simply aren't enough of them
around these days. Also: No bingo wing. I'm impressed.

Автор Daniel Hazlehurst ( назад)
I enjoyed the thumbnail of this video, it reminded me of the expression on
Gaga's face in the video to Telephone, the bit where she drops the phone
because she is kinda busy, ka kinda busy. 

Автор Charlie ( назад)

Автор Oliver Wall ( назад)
Alllll muscle :p hehe

Автор isanub ( назад)
fun stuff<3

Автор 〈R0B0TR0N〉 ( назад)
Hard day on work? btw what do you do at work?

Автор itsAlexClark ( назад)
glad the charity stuff is going so well!. :)

Автор Eric Chavez ( назад)
Do you have a boyfriend dont mean to be all in your business just curious

Автор corinthianscori ( назад)
-eat the food! Are you joking?! Anyway, after some convincing about the
purpose and training of said guide dog, the man was allowed to eat in
peace, by himself. Oh the dog was at his table, mind you. But I didn't see
how he got his food. O..O HOW DID HE GET HIS FOOD?! Did I mention he was
blind or was that obvious? Sorry for the ramble! 

Автор corinthianscori ( назад)
I was at the local buffet today(first one there, as the power was out in my
neighborhood due to super storms) and what-do-you-know, a man and his guide
dog where there waiting to be let in as well! A german shepherd - by far
the best dog breed! Wait...what was my point? OH! SO anyway, the poor guy
gets let in first by the staff, pays for his buffet through the cashier and
- with plate in hand - gets told his dog can't be around the food. The
ignorant manager was under impression the dog would-

Автор marcusceltic ( назад)
@teknoaxe And that fact sucks :(

Автор Neil Jillett ( назад)
A cup of tea later! :P

Автор PsychoCookiie ( назад)
Ahh primary school and Plimsolls, it feels like it was yesterday :).
Everyone used to wear them for P.E and when you ran it wasn't runnning, it
was flying.

Автор klosch84 ( назад)
@JustinYoMamaAgain thats still 15 they didn't have before!

Автор Mileignus ( назад)
haha *Hic Up*...

Автор DeliriumReal ( назад)
@Katers17 6-8 august in london ... official channel is "SitCgathering" on
twitter "summerinthecity" ... we will be there on the 6th ... there is a
group on facebook to if u wanna know who else is going...

Автор moosehat2 ( назад)
2:00 i think she has more muscles then me =(

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