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Автор Max Power ( назад)
Lmao can you imagine if they rematched now at 205 😂

Автор Junior pena ( назад)
hard to believe he got beat by koscheck, seeing what he's doing now.

Автор Tomás Martínez Roeske ( назад)
Aaaaaaaand....rear naked choke.

Автор RA1DER RAV ( назад)
Oh i didnt kno that oh well at least he still got his ass beat

Автор Paul Cowsill ( назад)
that's right, but koscheck gouged alves so badly in the third round that he survived being knocked out, and that alves finished the round with one eye closed. he couldn't open it because he had been gouged so badly.

Автор RA1DER RAV ( назад)
Alves beat the shit outa him

Автор GSP4EVAH ( назад)
If he continues at MW i want to see him fight Chris Leben

Автор madmike1 ( назад)
fatty vs the diver

Автор Zero Love ( назад)
athletic beats most rumbles

Автор trev knott ( назад)
@teg9095 soz didnt notice that to busy watchin their styles,footwork,combos ect thanks for correcting me do you know if they still fight??

Автор Tommy Gordon ( назад)
@teg9095 I agree that most fighters do drop weight but NOT 55lbs and yes he is a real heavyweight, he walks around at 225lbs. Fighters do not starve themselve, they use dietitions and personal trainers.

Автор Tommy Gordon ( назад)
@teg9095 Who give a shit. Both guys suck!!

Автор teg9095 ( назад)
@pud22dup the white fighter is mixed black/white

Автор teg9095 ( назад)
in desperation koscheck poked his damn eyes out watch the fight

Автор teg9095 ( назад)
if he meets weigh in theres no problem stop hating every fighter drops weight they starve themselves and lose as much as possible for weigh in. hes not a heavy weight lol

Автор Tommy Gordon ( назад)
Anthony"I'm a real heavy weight fighting guys 5 weight classes lower than me" Johnson got his ass beat by Koscheck.

Автор BurnYouInsane ( назад)
@kickinbackinOC if you look closely this vid is before the fight happened..

Автор frankdappa ( назад)
@Laoboi4lyfe1 even though he's a welterweight and and Jon Jones is a light heavyweight?

Dumb shit.

Автор trev knott ( назад)
dont know whos who out of the 2 fighters (no sound miss's watchin tele lol) but some lovely foot work from the black fighter and the white fighter has a great punch good clip of them both i will defo keep eye open for them does anyone know if they still fightin???

Автор graffstar123 ( назад)
@Laoboi4lyfe1 :D:D:D

Автор mrmee1229 ( назад)
the fights with johnson you think would be awesome really arent he had better fights back when he fought nobodys

Автор lev mikhaylov ( назад)
faaakkkenn commercials! arrrrrr!

Автор rybobuno ( назад)
@SardaukarNo1 Hate all you want Kos is a warrior, must people quit with a fractured orbital

Автор Jay Bell ( назад)
@TheMihamiha999 Hell yeah he does

Автор Dylan Vuille ( назад)
how are these highlights?

Автор Paul Cowsill ( назад)
koscheck should get a rematch with gsp, because he wasn't able to use the fake injuries and eye-gouges as usual, as with alves, johnson, and daley.

Автор kickinbackinOC ( назад)
this video should have highlights from the johnson vs koscheck fight. Im getting tired of UFC hype.

Автор Marwan Metwally ( назад)
Koscheck just throws haymakers

Автор re1gn1te ( назад)
@landandrakewesley lawl you're an idiot.

Автор re1gn1te ( назад)
@manmanguy Yea thats why hes 17-5 cause hes horrid..... rofl idiot.

Автор Paul Cowsill ( назад)
@utubename88 too bad for johnson, fell victim to the blatant cheating, the faked injury and eye-gouges of koscheck. otherwise, maybe another beatdown by alves, though his eye was completely closed by koscheck's eye-gouges.

Автор phirephate ( назад)
I have $300 on koscheck. 3rd round tko.

Автор RAHTOMN pmah ( назад)
He has knocked out pretty good fighters, but GSP isnt pretty good

Автор utubename88 ( назад)
anthony johnson cuts 55 pounds to make welterweight.. wht a loser he is a afraid to fight guys his own size LOL.. and just look at him hes fucking ugly. Every time i see him fight now i hope someone caves his skull in

Автор Desi9 ( назад)
@armyinhell cant wait;)

Автор Aaron Morris ( назад)
GSP will beat his ass just like last time

Автор Aaron Morris ( назад)
GSP will beat his ass just like last time

Автор 7orqu3 ( назад)
in his last 2 fights hes been in serious trouble and decided to fake an injury to get out of it, hes a joke, and clearly CLEARLY FITCH DESERVES a title shot before this asshole

Автор Clover Jetz ( назад)
how would that feel ? the guy in the blue shirt right in front of koshcheck beating down frank trigg is franks bro...ha ha u see his face 0:53

Автор Clover Jetz ( назад)
@armyinhell yea ok

Автор cjit26 ( назад)
@armyinhell koscheck is gonna get his ass beated up looooooooool

Автор Rob B ( назад)
@armyinhell ur fuckin fuck

Автор Oudom David ( назад)
how to fake a knee on a ground opponent expert

Автор Kevin Bieschke ( назад)
0:53 OW OW OW

Автор LankyJab ( назад)
@secret212000 i know

Автор BoxingKid100 ( назад)
@WhoreGay2000 if you believe that then you don't know shit about mma or the ufc

Автор WhoreGay2000 ( назад)
@thewistleboy YOUR MAD!!!

Автор WhoreGay2000 ( назад)
@armyinhell GSP all day everyday!!!!

Автор WhoreGay2000 ( назад)
@BoxingKid100..... WOW KID!!! Better boxin? Shows what you know... Ima fan of both and gsp's striking is 100's of times better than Cockcheck's!! Quick Fact to ya!! GSP!!

Автор BoxingKid100 ( назад)
koscheck has such better boxing then gsp and maybe in the ww division

Автор LankyJab ( назад)
@redline055 his like 25% in my opinion, (and thats why black ppl hate him)

nah you know im joking but it was funny that he acted being kneed 2 times in he row and they were black and the knee was sooo close to hit him like 2mm

Автор kevindlinc ( назад)
@ebelingb No he's not hated for being a good fighter.He's hated because he's a mental midget and an asshole. We, if we're lucky get old and eventually have to be looked after. His treatment of the male nurse on Ultimate Fighter will come to haunt him.

Автор vboytan ( назад)
@ipsofacto297 Your in denial...

Автор vboytan ( назад)
@kevindlinc YOu can't argue with the way josh fights though. Who gives a fuck about how they act outside the ring? Both are great, but i find myself loving watching josh's fights better than gsp fights. They guy brings the pain man, that man gets crazy when he gets in the oct.

Автор LankyJab ( назад)
why is koscheck always ALMOST getting kneed on the ground by black guys (black ppl hate koscheck) funny, 2 times in the row

Автор kevindlinc ( назад)
I hope GSP'S ground and pound turns Koshcheck into Ground Beef!!! and if you look up to this goof you must be really low!!!

Автор Jared W ( назад)
Thumbs up if you hate GSP(George St. Points)

Автор Wh1teB0ii369 ( назад)
@armyinhell LMAO!!! Koscheck will lose like he did before only this time there'll be 2 more rounds for GSP to beat his ass, that is if Koscheck can last that long. We're talking about a guy who only has 2 losses and a guy who has been KO'ed by Paulo Thiago who is a bjj fighter more than he is stand-up.

Автор Xcluesyve Xquizite ( назад)
GSP should have no trouble raping this cocky knob jockey
koschek is a good fighter but........... leave it at that

Автор jjohnson218 ( назад)
@TenaciousDealer yes, yes it is u bitch

Автор MastaKneeGrow323 ( назад)
How? I seriously wanna know

Автор stegven hanot ( назад)
fuck kosheck he is racist.

Автор heavenlydemonic23 ( назад)
@ipsofacto297 LOL i dont like Koscheck but Johnson got his fucking ass beat all over that cage by him. Fuck Johnson

Автор Bizzle_187 ( назад)
@ChowZeb the title says "highlights".

Автор evilscotsman88 ( назад)
@adnanabbasi1992 I think people get confused with Skill and explosivness

Автор jackie moon ( назад)
@armyinhell FOOLS

Автор ChowZeb ( назад)
I hate ufc man, never posts up a real full length fight.

Автор jonny blyan ( назад)
@adnanabbasi1992 noob fitch aint better than kos no way

Автор jonny blyan ( назад)
@amritaherbs noob

Автор jjohnson218 ( назад)
@adnanabbasi1992 i havent been wrong yet in my predictions :) so we'll see and kos did try to strike with alves so ya

Автор jjohnson218 ( назад)
@adnanabbasi1992 if i can almost guarentee anything is that if gsp wins it'll definately be by decision, kos got koed and got better striking gsp got koed and gets better wrestling which he didnt need now we'll see who beats who come dec ufc 124

but i got kos winning by split decision

Автор jjohnson218 ( назад)
@adnanabbasi1992 lmao hell no koscheck has improved way more than gsp its definatly not gonna be one sided fight

Автор ArinOngunTV ( назад)
Koschek isn't going to win. Gsp will hold him down for 5 rounds unless he waste an hour arguing he got poked in the eye LMAO

Автор ebelingb ( назад)
@reppincville I don't know how true that is. i was just giving you a possible reason.

Автор ebelingb ( назад)
@reppincville Because he is a good fighter and everyone loves to hate. Kos was just a wrestler and now has evolved into a complete fighter and people are very jealous of him.

Автор ebelingb ( назад)
I can't believe what Anthony Johnson looks like in between fights. He's a fat bastard!! I can't see how he loses 40+ lbs for a fight. Well sometimes he makes the full cut.

Автор mitsubishidiamante ( назад)
@Chainsaw616 and Anthony Jonson feels bad that how he lost

Автор fu2yda ( назад)
@armyinhell i hope you dont put money on this fight because its going to be Koscheck on his back

Автор mitsubishidiamante ( назад)
I hope they get a re-match koscheck was playing an injury and hes good at it.
just like what he did to daley

Автор BM1F ( назад)
Anthony Johnson a beast

Автор thomastrouble ( назад)
@TheNoseyKid lol

Автор powes1 ( назад)
man has he ever improved

Автор razor g ( назад)
i can beat them

Автор GinGeeK ( назад)
@camaro572ful @camaro572ful a post production program like after effects ,final cut, or vegas

but this video isnt all that complicated (just stock footage cut up with a music track) so you could prob do it in imovie if you have a mac or moviemaker if you a pc

Автор aercron ( назад)
A lot of people hate Koscheck, but in my personal opinion, I look up to koscheck, I'm on the high school wrestling team, and I want to go into the UFC one day, he is my idel for his relentless takedowns, and improving strikes :D

Автор extracredit100 ( назад)
well yes and no. hes kinda weird i didnt like how gsp talked so big against hughs but hes just like bj. hes a damn prodigy. he lot like ONCE and came back and mopped EVERYONE. hes unstopable like silva cept way more savage and all around. so yea i guess i am. ill tell u this much i aint missing that fight for my life. ill say this koshchek has strength that is FOR SURE and if he stood and banged id like him a lot more. its just the fact he talks shit n wrestles. hate em

Автор Eric Davis ( назад)
almost as pathetic as replying a week after the whole conversation is over but still not making sense?
dudes a cheater and a liar. end f story..fuck off.

Автор extracredit100 ( назад)
consider this video trolled!

Автор extracredit100 ( назад)
koshcheks a fucking pussy gets knicked by a knee and cries over it. fuckin phil baroni took a knee from frank shamrock and stood right the fuck back up. straight in the fuckin mug and stood right up. fuck koshcheck. anyone who likes him is a wwe fan and loves watching butt secks on the mat.

Автор extracredit100 ( назад)
why dont they show the time this faggot got knocked out? i want to know who knocked him out so i can troll on every one of his videos. fuck koshchek. when paul daley cheap shot him that was the best thing iv ever seen in ufc since wanderlei silva and chucks fight

Автор mike rucker ( назад)
how do you make a video like this?

Автор Eric Davis ( назад)
doesn't make it right, you also don't hear the individual soccer players talking shit before and after..

Автор Eric Davis ( назад)
so, he didn't fake an eye poke and a knee to the head?
is that what your saying?
so if he did, than that's not cheating?
his contract wasn't terminated because he's a big name in the sport.
he's a cash cow.
dana white is a businessman before anything else, that's why kimbo got a million chances, thats why lesnar was given a title shot after 3 fights in which 1 was a loss, and thats why koshcheck wasn't disciplined.

Автор fu2yda ( назад)
Koscheck V.S GSP 2 .GSP all the way

Автор Eric Davis ( назад)
great fighter my ass.
dudes a fucking cheater..

Автор Super8hypnosis ( назад)

In the actual fight with tommy and aj, joe says that tommy is getting buckled but this part they cut the led and so it saying bucked because there cutting scenes to another

Автор keenan Watts ( назад)
@Kagemusha08 thats what kevin burns tried to do in the second fight which was come after him, so with josh doing the same thing he caught johnson off gaurd.

Автор Paul Cowsill ( назад)
@96Currie he's really good at faking injury to get out of trouble and eye gouging, like he's done in many fights.

Автор Kagemusha08 ( назад)
Aside from improving his groundwork Johnson needs to improve his mental game. He's so powerful that he can steamroll a lot of guys in the first round, but when he goes up against someone who fights back he seems to have problems.

Автор ADZ01982 ( назад)
Anthony Johnson is still learning still a rookie in MMA. Like to see the rematch at some point.

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