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Автор aiem martou (2 месяца)
I will be very convince if you make a video with an ammeter and
voltmeter show the results then I will 100 % follow your lead

Автор d king (3 месяца)
you know inductance?

Автор heck naw (11 месяцев)
does it get hot or make the water/electrolyte get warm/hot?

Автор irondmax (3 года)
@ney299 the big inductor holds amperage and releases it slowly, converts
volts to amps

Автор dreamsean (3 года)
good and a pleasant day, would it be possible to use 22 gauge magnetic
enameled wire??? as my inductor??? pls! help me again and i wish your
kindness will not turn to upset!!! many tnx again!!!

Автор vox1philippines (4 года)
GOD BLESS PEOPLE LIKE YOU...... thankz for sharing......now where on the

Автор irondmax (2 года)
generally you need 3 volts per cell when using electrolyte look to me that
the cell will take the voltage it needs and the rest are amps released from
the inductor to the cell so no energy is wasted and you can control the
wattage impute to your cell with or without the diode, i really dont know.
i have not had the time to check it out

Автор irondmax (4 года)
@H2Truckers 3 pos and 3 neg 1 pos wire and 1 neg wire i will post another
video on how to make the circuit tomorrow. it will explain it . this
inductor should handle 12v 30 amps just fine. just put your hand on the
inductor.....adjust your pulse ......if the inductor gets hot ,turn down
your pulse. do not melt the wires. thing is with DC current. inductors
saturate. must limit pulse to how much HHO will use. your HHO cell will
transform the voltage from 12v down, V become AMPS

Автор irondmax (3 года)
@dreamsean just have to give it a try..........if theres smoke......try it

Автор irondmax (4 года)
@vox1philippines thanks vox GOD bless everyone with this technology

Автор irondmax (4 года)
@poprock4me your welcome. i hope to see if it works at 5 amps i would just
put a 5 amp fuse on the battery pos wire.....proof! talk to you later

Автор irondmax (4 года)
@2bigHybrid i would like to see your circuit please.

Автор irondmax (2 года)
this is a amp holding device, the circuit for which is also posted. the
circuit and inductor are a match for amp holding . this works with many HHO
cells. this is physics and works. the resonate frequency for water is very
high and not some magic that can be waved over water and run your car. the
laws of physics are fundimental and can not be changed. the inductor design
uses those fundimentals laws of physics and does the job it is designed to
do. amp holding

Автор dreamsean (3 года)
How long the length or meters of the 100 turns for the 19 rods of 12 gauge
house wire solid copper? Does the thickness of wire of buck converter can
supply more amps? 100 thanks

Автор irondmax (3 года)
@dreamsean if they really were running on 100% hydrogen........easy to
prove that......and they do not..... very hard to determine low carbon
steel from high carbon steel...... thats why i choose welding rod.......the
number on the rod.......you know what it is..... try anything.......you can
always try again later

Автор irondmax (2 года)
if the pulse is slow you can just use most any diode. just check the
voltage and amps you are passing through it, the diode you can check the
specks by doing a google search for this i use a 6 amp 1000 volts diode.
pretty common

Автор snaprollinpitts (2 года)
nice animation too bad you couldn't show us the real thing, oh and by the
way this is a bifilar coil. the same winding in and out don't buck or boost

Автор shults1000 (3 года)
Hello! ! ! I am from Ukraine. Have a question for the buck converter. What
should be the diameter of the wire? that means 12g? and what should be
relay? Thank You!

Автор irondmax (2 года)
you can see the real thing in the other videos
aaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnndddddddddd it does buck........the load is the hho cell
i can make it boost if i wanted to that was really a lame comment on your

Автор dreamsean (3 года)
How long the length or meters of the 100 turns for the 19 rods of 12 gauge
house wire solid copper?100 thanks

Автор 3DPDK (2 года)
The diode in that configuration is called a "kick-back" gate or diode. When
the electrical pulse returns to 0 volts in the coil, the collapsing
magnetic field will cause current to flow the opposite direction in the
rods (not good in an HHO generator) The diode allows the momentary reverse
flow to pass to ground and bypass the coil. A kickback diode is usually
used in DC relay circuits, placed across the inputs, reverse to the input
polarity, for the same reason.

Автор irondmax (2 года)
yea, the diode here is for bemf protection this is a buck converter
inductor, designed to store amperage and then release it slowly this is for
amp control. but could be used for other things

Автор irondmax (3 года)
@ney299 the welding rods are low carbon welding rods, which are soft iron
and do not become magnetised. if you need the exact type, i will look for
it the wire is common electrical wire for a house, 12 ga

Автор irondmax (3 года)
@dreamsean welding rod is the same legth all around the
world..............big welding rod..........not sure how long

Автор dreamsean (3 года)
A pleasant day Mr. Robbinhood, i just mere wrapped aroun the 12 gauge house
wire 90 turns only end to end tip trough standard size welding rod.....
does it possibly work even only 90 turns????100 thanks

Автор Dubravko Zelić (2 года)
and how do you conect it to your hho,are you using a dry cell or?

Автор Guillermo Fabián Enriques (2 года)
Esta correcto lo que propone el colega, pero hay que tener en cuenta algo
realmente fundamental. a) el PWM no es el resonador sino el control de
generación que solo es de frecuencia mucho menor que la Frecuencia de
resonancia de la celda, b) la frecuencia de resonancia depende de las
dimensiones e ingeniería de la celda por lo tanto cada trafo del circuito
resonante no es único sino que cada diseño tiene su cálculo de circuitos.

Автор irondmax (4 года)
@poprock4me please explain the battery condition??? your electodes should
be conditioned for 2 or more days.... it forms a coating on them. look on
the enternet how a DC capacitor works.....you will see one plate is
oxydized. our electrodes in water ......capacitor

Автор boy singko (2 года)
great work. Sir any part number for the diode? thanks lot

Автор irondmax (2 года)
you change the pulse up or down so you could set it at any wattage you like
many people say they have had good results with this inductor and the
pulser some just thought the inductor would work on their meyer stuff and
when id did not work, they cried some used different sized wire or whatever
and it did not work its important to do the same as listed here for it to
do the same as it did for me

Автор zcsaba77 (3 года)
@irondmax need peel out insulation from wire or just let on it, before turn
onto rod?

Автор irondmax (4 года)
@poprock4me coil will delay the off.....or slow it....or resist it. it did
stop. i am sure.......your aluminum will continue to desolve in the

Автор irondmax (4 года)
@mr1997 please watch my video....buck converter update. with this inductor
i limit my amps to 20 amps. you could choose any amp limit you like.
depends on the DC pulse rate you send through it. use this inductor to buck
your current or boost your voltage. this could be used as a bifillar wound
inductor or a single wound 100 or 200 turn coil . the HHO cell will draw
the amps......your PWM will send the amps.... the inductor will control the
flow. posting circuit soon

Автор irondmax (4 года)
@poprock4me i see you found out about the aluminum.....eats it, i do noy
think dingel uses it. also meyers did not use electrolite because his
engine was aluminum

Автор boy singko (2 года)
Hello Sir how much if i buy it to you. and including shipping to japan. tnx

Автор mr1997 (4 года)
How many amps is it drawing?

Автор dreamsean (3 года)
A very pleasant good day once again mr. robbinhood, would it be usefull if
am gonna use 8mm plain building iron instead of welding rod? and wht more
you can sugest effectively???? many 100thanks!!!!

Автор irondmax (2 года)
umm yea dude. here it is designed for a buck converter

Автор irondmax (2 года)
in the video i labelled what i used. they are low carbon welding rods.
7024, i used 3/16 ones. not sure of the perm of welding rods, but low
carbon steel is the way to go. they do not become permanately magnetized.
other rods will. that is important and if they become magnetized, then they
will not work. you can buy 7024 rods at delille or other welding supply

Автор irondmax (3 года)
@dreamsean if you have wire already....try it in this inductor....22 g is
too small and enamaled wire will short out....the house wire has a thick
rubber coating and is less likely to short out .....in experiments....it
will live longer...........plus other more complicated things going on here
many small inductors are made form smaller wire like 22g....more amps mean
bigger wire....

Автор irondmax (3 года)
@zcsaba77 leave the rubber on the wire, its part of the inductor

Автор honda4004 (4 года)
hi would this be the same for meyers ht leads on his car .he states a
stainless 403f centre rod then wrap a secondary coil but place a diode
before this type in 34wa you tuber he has a series of excellent meyer
video,s in colarado .i still struggle understanding how electrons can pass
voltage without coils touching the primary to secondary thanks

Автор irondmax (3 года)
@dreamsean soft iron works the best....and low carbon the welding rods, you
can know if low carbon or not any low carbon steel or iron

Автор uawwildbob (2 года)
to store amps and the volts stay the same. would the bemf be releast or
created primarily in volts without the diode?

Автор irondmax (2 года)
its big and heavy it would be around 100 usa dollars that is why i made the
video so you can make your own

Автор dreamsean (3 года)
A pleasant day mr robbinhood. pls dont get mad if am gonna ask how am i
gonna determined the soft iron and low carbon of steel or iron to be
sufficed to used for buck converter??? is't true the others.. that they
were claiming that they ran the vehicle with 100% water no electrolysis????

Автор irondmax (3 года)
@dreamsean you already wapped it.............try it out take your 2 wires
and wrap 10 coils each, side by side...just wrap around the outside

Автор dreamsean (3 года)
good and a pleasant day sir, would it be possible to use 22 gauge magnetic
enameled wire??? as my inductor??? pls! help me again and i wish your
kindness will not turn to upset!! 'coz many people like me are still
waiting those who are giving us or feeding us an info pertaining some
projects... like me as a student. many3 thanks

Автор irondmax (4 года)
@Video85Man basically it stores amperage while the power is turned off to
controll a shorted capacitor. input of power is controlled so power will
remain even. its controll of a HHO cell with electrolite in it. hope that
answers your question

Автор poprock4me (4 года)
Thank you max for posting this hho inductor how to make , i can figure it
now , it is easy now to follow , if i success i would be happy , thanks .

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