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Click the link above and learn how to incorporate this drill in to your speed and agility training.

Running faster is all about stride length and stride frequency. You must increase one of the two, or both to get faster. Use this high knee speed drill to get faster. By wearing Kbands during this drill you will fire more muscles then you would without the kbands. Complete intervals of 15 seconds with Kbands and immediately for 12 seconds without the kbands. The most important thing to remember is work into the set without the kbands as fast as you can. The feather like feeling you have in your legs will give you the ability to move your legs faster. By stimulating more muscle fibers athletes will have the ability to run faster.

Follow along in the video and head to our website to find many other drills you can do to increase your speed.

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Автор Tom T. (9 дней)
yeah because there is a big difference between 12 and 15...my mind is blown

Автор Danish Freekickerz (3 месяца)
Im a 14 years old boy playing soccer/football on a pretty high level but im
not fast enough and i don't have a RESISTANCE item at home :( PLEASE HELP?!

Автор Manu Dotson (19 дней)
Thanks for the great video :) I will try this

Автор Klemen Kolar (1 месяц)
how many percent the speed increases if you keep this schedule you have
written on video 1:35

Автор Ghani Ahmadi (1 месяц)
hello! do you guys ship to new zealand? i wanna buy this equipment as i
want to get faster? but don't knw if you gys ship to new zealand? 

Автор andres lorenzo (2 месяца)
i am Argentine and I am 15 years old and in a sprint arrives to 32.9 km / h
is much or little? until age can I increase my speed?

Автор Antwan Boykins (1 месяц)
What can i do to run my 40 faster?

Автор Shehnaz Zahid (1 месяц)
Bro I am not having kbands 

Автор Rico Ivey (10 дней)
Speed Training | Sprint Speed | Run Faster: http://youtu.be/I4prDX-Z-Ho

Автор Da'Quan Robinson (5 месяцев)
Would this work with ankle weights 

Автор Liam Mcavoy (2 месяца)
How much are the bands. Anywhere can I buy them ?

Автор Radec (3 месяца)
I'm 15 I'm quick enough but would like to be able to destroy anyone I'm
playing against weather it be reaction time explosiveness and power
agility.I play soccer at a high level.What equipment or drills would you
recommend thanks.

Автор Fire Don (2 месяца)
Can I use ankle weights instead??

Автор waveyyswagboii26 (2 месяца)
When can I buy the k bands ??

Автор rAfFoO1000 (4 дня)
what's the name of that resistance band?

Автор nguyễn phú (4 месяца)
Hey,I feel hurt in gastrocnemius :( ,what happen?

Автор Bra yan (4 месяца)
Can you do this with kbands that strap at the ankles?

Автор karolina gasiorowska (4 месяца)
what is the rest period in between the sets?

Автор Mauz0301 (7 месяцев)
where can i get those resistance bands?

Автор Oguzhan Koksal (6 месяцев)
i am 14 years old and i'm playing football on a high level but i need to
increase my speed, i saw this video and i think this will help me, but i
dont have a kband and cant get them cause i neem my parents permission. but
they will its nonsens, what should i do????

Автор Jr Casillas (3 месяца)
Where you get bands 

Автор Aaron David (7 месяцев)
Is jogging good for sprinting faster?

Автор Brian Supreme (6 месяцев)
how many these kinds of exercises should i have lets say i do this 5 sets
per workout should i have 2-3 or how many other exercises in the same
workout when building speed

Автор john johnson (4 месяца)
Is it okay to lock your knees when they hit the ground? 

Автор Matthew Metias (6 месяцев)
hey ah do you need the bands

Автор ennur koc (4 месяца)
Train everyday 

Автор Carla Nejem (10 месяцев)
I'm basketball player and it's really helpful practice, thanks!!

Автор gabriel040603 (5 месяцев)
great video! :-)
greetings from austria!

Автор Charles Williams (5 месяцев)
i have ankle weights can i use that?

Автор Mauz0301 (7 месяцев)
just kidding i figured it out lol

Автор bjw bjw (4 месяца)
Work iT ? 

Автор katherine lonsdale-jones (4 месяца)

Автор Moises Oliveros (5 месяцев)
Can this work for soccer

Автор Oguzhan Koksal (6 месяцев)
but they will never get it, cause theyy will think its nonsens*

Автор Josh Quesadilla (1 год)
Hey entertaining,I brought the resistance Bands.but the green bands are
ripping.I thought the band's lasted long?I'm disappointed.

Автор Raza Rabbani (6 месяцев)
can i buy one K and instead of a set

Автор juan manuel orozco (3 месяца)
Does This really help? Im a 13 year old i play Soccer and im really good
but i am very slow.
Dones it worth it?

Автор Yazan Marden (2 месяца)
Does it work without the bands?

Автор dylan wyeth (8 месяцев)
Once you do this a few times say a few months will it stay with you forever
because other drills you seems to just lose the pace after a few week?

Автор Azad Kaya (10 месяцев)
I dont have the bands, Can I just do it without the bands but still with

Автор West Coast (4 месяца)
Do you think that this drill will help for baseball players?

Автор Bronson Richardson (7 месяцев)
Were do you get the bands at

Автор pursuit hunt (8 месяцев)
I just ordered the bands after watching this video , hope this helps to
strengthen my legs and maximize my athleticism 

Автор Cristiano Ronaldo (7 месяцев)
daaamn that guy must be fast.

Автор Alejandro Barone (9 месяцев)
Basshunters fitness jajaja

Автор Luis Mendoza (9 месяцев)
Can these bands be strapped around the ankle as well? Or is there an
advantage to having them strapped just above the knee?

Автор StonedPenguin (10 месяцев)
is there any house hold items do u think I could use as a replacement for
the bands

Автор ennur koc (4 месяца)

Автор Andress Style (8 месяцев)

Автор khalil hamidi (10 месяцев)

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