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Click the link above and learn how to incorporate this drill in to your speed and agility training.

Running faster is all about stride length and stride frequency. You must increase one of the two, or both to get faster. Use this high knee speed drill to get faster. By wearing Kbands during this drill you will fire more muscles then you would without the kbands. Complete intervals of 15 seconds with Kbands and immediately for 12 seconds without the kbands. The most important thing to remember is work into the set without the kbands as fast as you can. The feather like feeling you have in your legs will give you the ability to move your legs faster. By stimulating more muscle fibers athletes will have the ability to run faster.

Follow along in the video and head to our website to find many other drills you can do to increase your speed.

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Автор Mohammed Ashraf ( назад)
Can i use leg weights instead of the bands?

Автор Gursimrat Singh ( назад)
Is there any alternative to these bands

Автор baileyboy125 ( назад)
1:27 fii, for, free, to, wo

Автор Ken Nbarb ( назад)
how tall are you?

Автор Samiran Shetye ( назад)
I live in India and I wish to buy these bands? where can I find them

Автор Alexis Ortega ( назад)
How do you get conditioned ? I run for like 3-5 minutes and I'm already
supper tired and out of breath any tips ? I eat a lot of junk food too

Автор Neeraj Vishwakarma ( назад)
Best speed running tips 

Автор aldi dwiharso ( назад)

Автор aldi dwiharso ( назад)

Автор aldi dwiharso ( назад)

Автор Don Cacha ( назад)
This burn some calories?

Автор mohammad ali ( назад)
hi i want to start these excercises but do u think its better if i do them
on sand same thing except the surface is sand

Автор Ash ( назад)
I run more faster then messi and bale...lol

Автор Younes Dadzadeh ( назад)
Sub to

Автор Fut content (1289 лет назад)
What are your thought on ankle weights for speed? Could it mess your legs

Автор cheecheepong ( назад)
I bought one of these but the bands keep sliding down or spinning around my
legs, even though I have them on as tight as I can. Any tips?

Автор Kevin Le ( назад)
Where do you buy these bands

Автор cookie-chan from quotev ( назад)
why does the knee and wall things help speed

Автор Gospodin Markeloff ( назад)
When can i expect first results?

Автор Daniel906 | Dni906 ( назад)
How Long?

Автор The GoPro Project ( назад)
hello everyone, I am 15 years old and I live in the uk and I normally run
200m in about 25 seconds, this is without any training I have just started
training at a local club, I am going to try to get a usa collage/university
scholarship, how much time do you think I will be able to take off in 3

Автор joeyoboey ( назад)
holy sh....

Автор Harris Rosli (1990 лет назад)
What is Resistant band?

Автор Victoria Bassette (1596 лет назад)
This has been the most helpful video yet. Thank you. :)

Автор househomie23 ( назад)
where can I get one of these bands

Автор Ivan Baccarat ( назад)
It would help if it showed what kind of bands and how you put them on and
where to place them.

Автор Nicole Tay ( назад)
SOOOOOOOOOO fast!!!!!!

Автор Eric O'Driscoll ( назад)
Im 4 years old and i run 100 metres in about 2 seconds. Is it ok? Should i
begin training more seriously? 

Автор Soul97ACA ( назад)
Is the black guy too small, or the white guy to tall? It's a good

Автор Nadeem Nadly ( назад)
You sound like Johnny Bravo

Автор Ashlee Ryals ( назад)
I was creeping up on the wall

Автор Dayow Omar ( назад)

Автор Dayow Omar ( назад)
Are those KD's?

Автор Dayow Omar ( назад)
Are those KD's?

Автор Rhys King ( назад)
I dont know if its the camera or just me but that guy is freaky tall!

Автор Gianni Knight ( назад)
Can I do this with regular resistance bands? Like the circle ones 

Автор Alfred Yong ( назад)
Can I do kbands 3 set first and then only do without kbands another 3 set?

Автор Shahid Miah ( назад)
Does this excersize work on stamina??

Автор TheGhoslyZombie ( назад)
I'm Welsh and I like this

Автор Igurs World ( назад)
Hey I'm a young sprinter from Belgium and a have a question.
How much will i became faster at sprinting if i set a time off 7,96 on 60m?
I'm 14 y/o

Автор Marisol Villanueva ( назад)
I was just looking for tips to improve speed and finish in love with the
tall guy. 😍😍

Автор rAfFoO1000 ( назад)
what's the name of that resistance band?

Автор Tom T. ( назад)
yeah because there is a big difference between 12 and 15...my mind is blown

Автор Manu Dotson ( назад)
Thanks for the great video :) I will try this

Автор Shehnaz Zahid ( назад)
Bro I am not having kbands 

Автор Klemen Kolar ( назад)
how many percent the speed increases if you keep this schedule you have
written on video 1:35

Автор Antwan Boykins ( назад)
What can i do to run my 40 faster?

Автор andres lorenzo ( назад)
i am Argentine and I am 15 years old and in a sprint arrives to 32.9 km / h
is much or little? until age can I increase my speed?

Автор waveyyswagboii26 (663 года назад)
When can I buy the k bands ??

Автор Liam Mcavoy ( назад)
How much are the bands. Anywhere can I buy them ?

Автор Fire Don ( назад)
Can I use ankle weights instead??

Автор Jesse Marden ( назад)
Does it work without the bands?

Автор Radec ( назад)
I'm 15 I'm quick enough but would like to be able to destroy anyone I'm
playing against weather it be reaction time explosiveness and power
agility.I play soccer at a high level.What equipment or drills would you
recommend thanks.

Автор juan manuel orozco ( назад)
Does This really help? Im a 13 year old i play Soccer and im really good
but i am very slow.
Dones it worth it?

Автор Mark Jacobsen ( назад)
Im a 14 years old boy playing soccer/football on a pretty high level but im
not fast enough and i don't have a RESISTANCE item at home :( PLEASE HELP?!

Автор Jr Casillas ( назад)

Автор Jr Casillas ( назад)
Where you get bands 

Автор dutchgameboy ( назад)
Work iT ? 

Автор kbandstraining ( назад)
We have been getting great results from athletes like you. They are great
for building lateral quickness as well as sprint speed. Average decrease in
40 time .2 to .5 after 5 week training period.

Автор kbandstraining ( назад)
I have a bunch of track drills posted on my training website. Go to
kbandstraining . com and look under the training tab for track.

Автор kbandstraining ( назад)
That's great. Listen in the video and I will explain how you should stand
against the wall. Let me know if you have any questions.

Автор kbandstraining ( назад)
I would suggest cutting the reps in half until he seems to be a little
stronger. This will help him build up to the full sets.

Автор Nadia Fernandez ( назад)
I'm a kid a boy I want to try that

Автор nanojake123 ( назад)
imagine someones head was were he was running

Автор Kedarius Barnes ( назад)
Running and the people already on the team leave me

Автор Kedarius Barnes ( назад)
I really need help in track and this my frist year runn

Автор kbandstraining ( назад)
Yes no problem. Hop on the website and talk to the live chat, call or email
us using the contact us tab and we will take care of you.

Автор No Role Modelz ( назад)
I ordered the powerbands by accident, can i switch them with the leg ones?

Автор tony addison ( назад)
will this work for all ages im 16 and play football i play tight end do i
really need bands

Автор kbandstraining ( назад)
That's great Chris. Be sure to download Speed 101 as well to utilize for
your training.

Автор No Role Modelz ( назад)
Just ordered these can't wait!

Автор kbandstraining ( назад)
Yes we ship worldwide. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Автор VistaEditing ( назад)
Do you Ship to Iceland?

Автор kbandstraining ( назад)
Click the link below the video. This page has a complete workout breakdown
you can utilize for your training.

Автор kbandstraining ( назад)
Each drill completed with green bands can be done in the exact same way
with the blue bands. Same form just more resistance.

Автор Jhovanny Diaz ( назад)
are you guys going to show video with blue bands?

Автор Megan Arapi ( назад)
I want to run like Ronaldo :)

Автор xXFIFA LEGANDXx ( назад)
my 100m record is 12seconds will this help me to achieve a record of
10seconds? Thank you for your help.

Автор kbandstraining ( назад)
Yes we ship worldwide.

Автор Enigmatic Melael ( назад)
What about singapore?

hello how many days we do that to be fast?? bcs at 30 october i have
champion run and i need to be faster thanks for thath video but i dont
understant how days need to do this!

Автор kbandstraining ( назад)
Kbands are sold only on our training website KbandsTraining . com. We ship
kbands worldwide and offer a variety of training programs to help build
your speed and and agility. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Автор kbandstraining ( назад)
They are called Kbands. You can get a pair on our training website
KbandsTraining . com. There are hundreds more drills on the site as well
you can use.

Автор kbandstraining ( назад)
Yes we ship worldwide. Place your order at KbandsTraining . com and we will
ship right away.

Автор kbandstraining ( назад)
You can get Kbands on our training website KbandsTraining . com. Let me
know if you have any other questions.

Автор Johnathan Dean ( назад)
Where can I buy the bands ?

Автор James Bernards ( назад)
I did this type of training for High school football, I felt like it did a
lot for me. If you're looking to look cool while exercising, you need to
redefine your purpose behind your training. You control you and you can go
as far as you want to go! It's all up to you, not what other people think!

Автор Ryan Wang ( назад)
just torn my acl and getting a surgery done soon. looking for something to
keep my legs in shape, or get back in shape asap. does this product helps

Автор Venero Capone ( назад)
can u do this without k bands lol my moms kinda cheap

Автор UnderPvP . ( назад)
Can you ship to Mexico?

Автор Raz zer ( назад)

Автор Khairi Muhammad ( назад)
What is the thing on his legs called ?

Автор John Trau ( назад)
You could use a cup of water.

Автор windhaas18 ( назад)
That is disgusting.

Автор yrex3000 ( назад)
Where can i get the bands? do u recommend dicks sporting goods, or is there
another store i can get them

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