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Click the link above and learn how to incorporate this drill in to your speed and agility training.

Running faster is all about stride length and stride frequency. You must increase one of the two, or both to get faster. Use this high knee speed drill to get faster. By wearing Kbands during this drill you will fire more muscles then you would without the kbands. Complete intervals of 15 seconds with Kbands and immediately for 12 seconds without the kbands. The most important thing to remember is work into the set without the kbands as fast as you can. The feather like feeling you have in your legs will give you the ability to move your legs faster. By stimulating more muscle fibers athletes will have the ability to run faster.

Follow along in the video and head to our website to find many other drills you can do to increase your speed.

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Автор Josh Quesadilla (1 месяц)
Hey entertaining,I brought the resistance Bands.but the green bands are
ripping.I thought the band's lasted long?I'm disappointed.

Автор james dean (3 месяца)
can i ask why is it important to do it with the resistance and then do it
without it?

Автор Carla Nejem (3 дня)
I'm basketball player and it's really helpful practice, thanks!!

Автор khalil hamidi (7 дней)

Автор Sprintingblazer (18 дней)
what if you dont have bands and you cant buy some? do it for 30 sec sets?

Автор Marcus Rainey (1 месяц)
who's the little kid with him?

Автор BrNdons (21 день)
Am I kid I need to get faster cause I'm going to play football is there
another way to do it without the bands

Автор Ahmad Johnson (2 месяца)
Where would you buy these bands exactly 

Автор serhat kurdii (1 месяц)
It helps me out because I'm a really fast runner

Автор mahdi elguabo (1 месяц)
do you want to increas speed ?? read this : get a pitbull dog and tell one
from your friends to lett him attack you and you run . tell me the results
did this work??

Автор xanthe vargas (20 дней)

Автор Juan Ortiz (4 месяца)
Do I need a band in order for this exercise to work? What other exercises
can I do to increase my football skills?

Автор Frank Pena (4 месяца)

Автор Luis Gonzales (4 месяца)
Hi ! can I try this after working out ( snatch ,clean ,jerk ,shrugs )? or
before working out ? I play rugby BTW.Thanks.

Автор QwertySkill (3 месяца)
I purchased K bands last year, and I only got red and green bands. Are the
blue bands something that came with a different product, or are k bands now
being shipped with them?

Автор RayRowDash (4 месяца)
ima D1 athlete, my coach has been on me about gettin on me about getting my
knees up, im guessing this will help pretty well right? or should i be
working on something else?

Автор Jamila Hirsi (2 месяца)
This is hard

Автор kieshawn mitchell (1 месяц)
So would this be better than the complete speed 1 on 1 please answer

Автор isiah gordon (1 месяц)
I want to be a strong quick running back with strength. How can I get to
where I want to be but I don't have the resistance bands so what do I do 

Автор Sabri Djabri (5 месяцев)
thank u for the information

Автор digvi jay (4 месяца)
Hey will you please train me in becoming a fastest runner

Автор Zion XD (2 месяца)
@kbandstraining can I do this with ankle bands ?

Автор Armani Valentine (28 дней)
Where could I purchase the Resistance Bands?

Автор christian silveira (1 месяц)
Can I buy those kband in dacatholon or only in kband official site.

Автор NowTy JanaHi (29 дней)
growing some biceps helps right? im one of the fastest guys, ppl say its
coze of my biceps

Автор Brian Thomas (5 месяцев)
what if you don't have a band can I still do it?????

Автор Jordan Day (3 месяца)
Just ordered some kbands of your website!!!!

Автор bryant elliott (4 месяца)
@kbandstraining hey man I've been trying to get my 60 time down. My start
is good I just tend to slow down after 40 yards which really hurts my time.
You know of any exercises I can do to help my top end speed?

Автор Gabriel Kordova (4 месяца)
how to increase starting speed?

Автор Londarrius Winchester (4 месяца)
thanks a lot on the information

Автор Lex Cameron (1 год)
Been sprinting again - another 800m

This one's interesting, as it looks like you can do a form of sprint
training indoors with very little space needed.
It looks like it might re-position your carpet, but if it needs
re-positioning, this will save you a few dollars too!


Speed Training | Sprint Speed | Run Faster

Автор Kavik Chris (1 год)
interesting video

Speed Training | Sprint Speed | Run Faster

Автор Gent Bekteshi (1 год)
How to improve your speed .It really works ...

Автор Benjamin Pantorrilla (1 год)

Автор Jamila Hirsi (2 месяца)
Nothing I am a girl

Автор Jamila Hirsi (2 месяца)
America I'm a boy

Автор Sylo CAine (10 дней)
2/3 times per week. how if i do it everyday? without a band.

Автор jamarquett84 (2 месяца)
Hey there, I like your videos and like the fact that you actually respond
to people comments. Anyway, Im a former athlete that wants to give it
another shot. I want to invest in your bands to increase my speed quick for
Pro Day at my university. I was a track athlete that had a 4.21 40yrd dash
my senior yr(2012). I just ran a 40 earlier this week and ran 4.6(something
that i was not expecting especially hand timing.) But i would like to know
what is the difference between the $9 band and the $29 band? I want to buy
this product ASAP but i am on a budget and just making sure that my money
is well spent!

Автор Jon Smith (4 месяца)
question to the trainer - what's your 100m, 200m and 400m times?

Автор digvi jay (4 месяца)
Hey will you please train me in becoming a fastest runner

Автор digvi jay (4 месяца)
Hey will you please train me in becoming a fastest runner

Автор kbandstraining (9 месяцев)
This is a high impact drill that you will want to do 2-3 days a week with a
day of rest between training days to ensure your body recovers before
completing this drill again. Stick to this plan and you will be just fine.

Автор TarZan69lelenana (9 месяцев)
are these drills good for thai boxing, for kicks?

Автор און בן חיים (8 месяцев)
can it work with Weights?

Автор tony addison (5 месяцев)
will this work for all ages im 16 and play football i play tight end do i
really need bands

Автор kbandstraining (6 месяцев)
You can get Kbands on our training website KbandsTraining . com. Let me
know if you have any other questions.

Автор kbandstraining (5 месяцев)
Each drill completed with green bands can be done in the exact same way
with the blue bands. Same form just more resistance.

Автор kbandstraining (9 месяцев)
thanks for watching

Автор kbandstraining (9 месяцев)
Thanks for the feedback. Do you complete a pre test post test?

Автор kbandstraining (9 месяцев)
I'm sorry to hear that. 4-6 weeks you will be back in action.

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