How I Seize It #234: WAR ON CHRISTMAS

Im bout sick ta deaf on this War on Christmas Shiz y'all, so here ur weekly bichins - Happy HollerdayS EVERBODY, no matter what ur baleefs..

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Автор severinalucard ( назад)

Автор Louanne Porter ( назад)
can you do more of those fire side talks they are the bestss

Автор Leslie Massey ( назад)
Happy Holidays Loretta !!

Автор Myranda ( назад)
Ms. Loretta you look so beautiful 😍

Автор Glamorous D ( назад)
you're awesome!!

Автор VitriolVic ( назад)
Happy Hollerdays Luvly Loretta!! Don't hurt yerself with yer new toy!!! :)

Автор spanktube86 ( назад)
Happy Holidays Loretta!!! Im Catholic and I try not to offend peeps by saying the wrong holiday. People get vicious lol. I like how ya cant say Merry Christmas anymore without someone flipping out. 😄 People just need to chill. I wouldnt freak out on someone who told me happy hanukkah... smh. And Jesus was born in a desert. In Israel lol. There wasnt a snow storm. Peace. 🎅🎄❄⛄

Автор southern girl ( назад)
"Kid shitter" LMAO !! I'm Dead 😄😄

Автор Tony Clark ( назад)
lolo, I want to order a calendar. where can I find them?

Автор B!tch Talk ( назад)
I love u so much I love your videos 😍😍😍😍

Автор Dawn Bohannon ( назад)
love you loretta!!!

Автор Max Kapner ( назад)
Happy Holidays Lo! Hilarious, sensible, and relatable as always. Warm Love from L.A., to wrap up the clusterfuck of 2016. <3

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