Gale Harold and Randy Harrison

An interview with Gale Harold about his role as Valentine Xavier in Orpheus Descending (by Tennessee Williams) at Theater/Theatre in Los Angeles in early 2010. The interview was on a radio station in Southern California. I included many pictures from the play, and of Gale, and since I had plenty of pics of Randy, I included those as well. They are my two most favorite actors of all time.

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Автор lucia bias (9 месяцев)

Автор Ro Martino (11 месяцев)
Just found this wow!! I love his voice!! QAF needs one more episode so
brian and Justin could marry!! 

Автор MyLovelife2012 (1 год)
i lov brain i m missing him

Автор Gandy69 (4 года)
Enve i like Gale but what has this video got do with Randy who i adore?

Автор Lyndsay Cala (1 год)
6:22 my favorite of randy! He should've liked like that for qaf. No matter
though. He was still hot.

Автор jolly valentine (1 год)
Randy ohhh damn cute

Автор Zsófia Koch (3 года)
babe, please don't be blonde...

Автор vintageart541 (4 года)
I could just listen to his voice all day.

Автор Venesa Vallese (2 года)
Wow, this is the first time I've ever heard Gale's southern accent. This
man really does keep getting sexier.

Автор venvenuto (2 года)
este es unos del os artistas preferidos me gusta su actuacion es mi
preferido lo amo

Автор alwaysnforever02 (3 года)
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS!! I've never heard this before so it was
an awesome treat! =) I just had to throw this in...I like about 20 minutes
from where he grew up! =) lol I just love saying that haha

Автор Amy Kazama (2 года)
If I was a film maker, I would make Queer as Folk, The Movie!

Автор Laura Cantrell (4 года)
@jack69ist I wanted to make a video for this interview with various pics of
Gale. I had enough pictures of Gale and Randy to put them all here. It's
too easy to see Brian when I see Gale, Randy (aka Justin) automatically
comes to mind. I mean, they are the hottest on-screen couple of all time.

Автор Laura Cantrell (3 года)
@fannizsozso Well, I'm not... but should I be insulted, or is that a

Автор Laura Cantrell (3 года)
@alwaysnforever02 Welcome. It was a treat for me when I first heard this as
well. It was a definite shock when I heard his voice on the radio and had
to find it online. That's cool about where you grew up. He lives near Los
Angeles now, which is about 20 minutes from where I live. I hope he does a
play again soon so I can go watch him.

Автор willkomen07 (2 года)
I agree with you...i live in London and I watched so many gay stories from
all over the world, but I can't compare them with Gale & Randy........THEY

Автор venvenuto (2 года)
es demaciado sezi es lindo

Автор willkomen07 (2 года)
His voice......it's just so SEXY.......

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