Fred Astaire - Puttin' On the Ritz (DVD Quality)

Blue Skies - 1946.

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Длительность: 4:50
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Автор Trevor Ray ( назад)
Noooooo, not available in my country. Curse ye, ©!!!

Автор Hyena Blank ( назад)
after looking closely at it at fullscreen I can safely say it's a mirror
effect, But they were able to pull off dance routines like that with large
scale of dancers back then. just took lots and lots of practice

Автор hopedthomas ( назад)
this may be a crazy question, but at 3:25 where there's a group tap
dancing, is that just a mirror effect of fred astaire dancing alone or is
it really a group of men who are just THAT precise?

Автор Toby Webster ( назад)
It's a different cane with a couple of thin wires/string. it's just been
off picture the whole time and he kicks the first one out of the way!

Автор Austin Bond ( назад)
How does he lift the cane at 2:57?

Автор Rustsamurai1 ( назад)

Автор TheAkelei ( назад)
Em - sorry - but what kind of comment is THAT? Did I miss the irony in it
or what?

Автор Deeply Lenore ( назад)
aaaaa how awesome!

Автор Gian Riccardo Landi ( назад)

Автор SinanDira ( назад)
Can someone please explain to me how he pulls his cane back up from the
ground? :O

Автор Gaspar Sánchez Merino ( назад)
Adiós Bob Esponja, hola Fred Astaire. Video de visión obligatoria antes de
ir a la cama. 

Автор auggiej1 (191 год назад)
dressed up like a million dollar trooper, trying hard to look like gary
cooper, SUPER DUPER, come lets mix were rockefellers walk with sticks for
umbrellas in their mits, puttin on the ritz

Автор ether0076 (1554 года назад)
I literally never get tired of watching this

Автор Steve Schultz ( назад)
Darn you youtube, I should be going to bed! haha But wow! This is such a
great animation reference! And just all around awesome clip lol 

Автор Stefi-Paris Tube ( назад)
Lyrics: Have you seen the well-to-do Up and down Park Avenue? On that
famous thoroughfare With their noses in the air. High hats and arrow
collars, White spats and lots of dollars, Spending every dime For a
wonderful time. If you're blue and you don't where to go to Why don't you
go where fashion sits? Puttin' on the ritz. Different types who wear a day
coat Pants with stripes and cut-a-way coats, Perfect fits... Puttin' on the

Автор Henry Young ( назад)
If you're blue, and don't know where to go, why don't you go home and watch
this? Cause it's amazing!

Автор Uwe de Grantler ( назад)
best dancer ever!!!!!!!!!

Автор Buddha Quarles ( назад)
if i could go back in time just to see a live performance of him i would do
it in a heartbeat

Автор Duncan McCaffrey ( назад)
The choreography in this is amazing.

Автор MrUtubewatcher420 ( назад)
haters gonna hate

Автор beethovens666 ( назад)
2:57 damn that dude's a jedi

Автор auggiej1 ( назад)

Автор Михаил Беленький ( назад)
Двести восьми не понравилось.. Интересно посмотреть на них..

Автор Nancy Babich ( назад)
3:22 - that escalated quickly.

Автор camealeon ( назад)
Putin is on his way now!

Автор KGarza2323 ( назад)
Haha! Well done, my friend!

Автор Pedro Milky ( назад)
First JEDI ever !

Автор betapleatedhseet ( назад)
208 people don't know good dancing when they see it

Автор Matt Day ( назад)
They had a small but powerful air vent underneath that literally forced the
cane up in to his hand in both places on the stage. A technician would
quickly place it in the right spot off-camera before he'd move up to it.
Very impressive if you consider how well he catches it each time

Автор PurpleMango0416 ( назад)
There are artists who still draw from this genre today. We can see similar
performance styles in Adele's Rolling in the Deep, Gaga's Edge of Glory has
some of these twists. Caro Emerald. There are more, I just don't want to
dig. Anyhow, music has always evolved. Simply because many modern musical
performances don't involve tap and a tuxedo doesn't mean they're without
class. It simply means that the definition of class, like many other
concepts, has evolved.

Автор Fico Bambelico ( назад)
even Tiny tim moonlight sunlight is less suicidal

Автор Shaylee Abeita ( назад)
The Best of the Best!!! Now thats CLASS!!

Автор TimCurryFan85 ( назад)
You know he had to be dizzy.

Автор MrUtubewatcher420 ( назад)

Автор Anna Wesson Etters ( назад)
A joy to watch and listen to. I wonder why artists don't even try to have
the kind of class that was worked for, by celebrities of this time period?
They were truly talented, and worked hard to be so. They did not seek fame,
by getting pissed, and showing off what idiots they were.

Автор Danthepest1 ( назад)
that's probably because youtube screws up the synch in the videos so the
sound is either slightly ahead or behind the vid.

Автор Cranyx ( назад)
Plebeians drop the bass. Men with class drop the cane.

Автор Bethany Brown (151 год назад)
damn this guys GOOD

Автор alexsoldatkin ( назад)
@videofan792 it's a rewind, combined pieces.

Автор MrUtubewatcher420 ( назад)

Автор CrimsonCeltCherokee (551 год назад)
rest in peace good man

Автор Susan Ruiz ( назад)
How does Fred Astaire and all the others get the canes to spring up into
their hands?

Автор Kate McLisky ( назад)
frigging awesome

Автор Ebony Davis ( назад)
Fred Astaire: The First Jedi Knight

Автор AnneSofieLovesMozart ( назад)
Do it! :)

Автор scph70012 ( назад)

Автор LittleMissCalamity93 ( назад)
"Nice work if you can get it". fred Astaire does this dance routine with a
drum. its fantastic!

Автор Jacob Grimmykins ( назад)
me to it cost ALOT for some nice clothes like that though

Автор Cerucir ( назад)
wow. did not want to look away, his timing is incredible :D

Автор AnneSofieLovesMozart ( назад)
THANK you for this <3

Автор Kiddomike ( назад)
Class is timeless.

Автор ralucagymnast ( назад)
FLAWLESS:) Absolute consummate ease consummate perfection♥

Автор ralucagymnast ( назад)
Greatest dancer ever; his school report said "cant sing, cant act, can
dance a little" lol; understatement of the CENTURY???

Автор M3NTAL MAGIC ( назад)
the late Michael jackson stole most of his infamous dance moves from this
guy. Truly way ahead of his time.

Автор Andrew C ( назад)
Watching Fred Astaire, yes.

Автор sexmachine-Stay on the scene ( назад)
You are like this classy,but hanging around on youtube.. ?

Автор Ucce Agada ( назад)
Fred Astaire - Puttin On the Ritz

Super duper.

Автор Alejandra De Olivera ( назад)
Good for you.Don't follow today's society.

Автор Alejandra De Olivera ( назад)
Good for you.Don't follow today's society.

Автор Tanja Greek ( назад)

Автор Даник Голованов ( назад)
This clip is the proof that a music video can be good AND entertaining
without prostitutes like Madonna or Nicky Minaj.

Автор Roberto E. Reyes ( назад)
Ginger Rogers once testified to this guy's brutal practice sessions. I mean
he really rehearsed! He can't be this good if he didn't. Much of it is
muscle memory.

Автор Fakespy ( назад)
Vladimir Putin should do a rendition of this.

Автор ClosestToTheSun ( назад)
No, you aren't.

Автор ClosestToTheSun ( назад)
They could have spliced in a reversed video of him dropping the cane. I'm
not sure, but it seems like a possibility.

Автор ClosestToTheSun ( назад)
Anybody know any versions of this song in a similar style to this but
slightly faster? Would be great.

Автор Botro1 ( назад)
Err, you do see the air time. Look a little closer, the frames with the
blurred cane are all there. This isn't stop-motion, it's evolved past that.
I'm thinking of clever tricks, something to do with the cane being kicked
away into the side of the room being replaced by a cane further up in the
stage. Deus Ex Machina.

Автор Andrew C ( назад)
I am this classy :D. For some reason, it gets me lots of odd stares when I
walk anywhere. Oh well.

Автор TinyCanadian ( назад)
Magic. Just kidding;) Stop-motion camera, when it's on the floor, then they
stop the camera and put it in his hand. Running through without the break,
it seems to jusp straight into his hand, even though we don't see the air

Автор Tucker Teal ( назад)
how does he get the cane up?

Автор luis6r ( назад)
I wish I was this classy...

Автор Ralph Pootawn ( назад)
The origins of swag

Автор drummerCJP2 ( назад)
this routine is my favourite example of how dancing is an interpretation of

Автор The Drunk Pyro ( назад)
Mr Phillips owns

Автор Sirpsychopat ( назад)
message to justin bieber......watch this and learn son!!! get some class
not some swag.

Автор Traci Sims ( назад)
Still the very best of the very best...We will not see his like again....

Автор KirstyThePie ( назад)
Gosh, I love him.

Автор Malik Jardine ( назад)
just like michael jackson but fred astaire awesome

Автор Pam Lee (987 лет назад)

Автор Даник Голованов (1305 лет назад)
Astaire sings "trying hard to look like Gary Cooper", the cc translator
says "trying heart and soul of flight data recorder" *face palm*

Автор BounceCM ( назад)

Автор BounceCM ( назад)
So inspiring...

Автор spiffo452 ( назад)
Wonderful!...I miss Astaire & Rogers....

Автор Scarlett Alexis Manson ( назад)
and you believe that bieber sings and dance well....

Автор Alexey Karasev ( назад)
а причем тут Путин?))

Автор MrCyclist68 ( назад)
I love love this routine, but I cant watch now without thinking about Young
Frankenstions version. :~)

Автор chrvi3 ( назад)
This is absolutely amazing!!! I've never been much into stepping but this
definitely changed my opinion. Unbelievable what a human being can be
capable of...

Автор Solemn FaceMan ( назад)
and this fucking nigger has a fucking weird shape head

Автор Solemn FaceMan ( назад)
this guys a fucking nigger

Автор LiveActionTrevor ( назад)
I love how at 3:25, only Fred Astaire is a good enough back-up dancer for
Fred Astaire.

Автор Classicgirl52 ( назад)
I haven't even seen a Fred Astaire movie but now I want to

Автор mika11 ( назад)
the genius!! thank you so much for your swing and mélodie!

Автор MusikkFreaq ( назад)
Omg Fred Astaire, you are amazing! While I'm watching this, I see a lot of
moves that Michael Jackson does too :) Michael really does learn from the
best :D

Автор ElvisLivesUpstairs ( назад)
xD Mine too.

Автор joseph hernandez ( назад)
Greatest dancer of the 20th century.

Автор mussman717word ( назад)
New hobby in my life. Get high and watch Fred Astaire movies.

Автор isPROEVO (683 года назад)

Автор Michelle Madrigal ( назад)
There can only be one Fred Astaire. He's one of a kind!

Автор rkyoho ( назад)
Sensei: Young Grasshopper, you have much to learn in the art of cane-jitsu.
Fred: I think I'm good.

Автор Tobias Lunghi ( назад)
when's the drop?

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