Card Levitation...Revealed!!!

This is me teaching you how to do a card levitation. Its a really easy trick but make sure when you're doing the trick you want to be far away or 15 feet away from your spectaor/audience. Also remember to wear a light t-shirt(ex: white) so that the string blends in with your shirt(if you have a black or dark string wear a dark shirt). So thanks for watching!

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Автор Jordan dailey-hawk (4 месяца)
I can see the string wear dark shirts when u do this

Автор Ahmed Shamy (3 месяца)
That's much easier than the other Levitations videos

Автор Sammy Kwame (3 месяца)
Fool con you make a coin vanish forma real?? My dad can do it no trick no
With nothing try do it!!

Автор Themegabuilders4573 (1 год)
Thats sooooo fake yr using string dumbass fuck

Автор ryuga98 (2 года)

Автор i〈3OneDirection (1 год)
I see the string

Автор supermolable (2 года)
I could see the string

Автор godisable7777 (1 год)
fake i saw string

Автор MrMinimym (2 года)
I agree with you man it's fuckin' awesome..

Автор FreeKilla67 (2 года)
good job

Автор NoneShaltPass (2 года)

Автор vaismanius A (1 год)
u can c the string even behind the camera! u think that when preformed in
real life the string wont be detected?

Автор Matty Layden (2 года)
@LOLat12 same:/

Автор Michael Rewiri-Thorsen (2 года)
@MrAwsomeguy72 2007

Автор Michele Farina (1 год)

Автор wubbzy (2 года)
Amazing ! How many things you can do you a simple thread ! :D

Автор peanutnandm (1 год)

Автор rag3r0 (2 года)
u dont need to see thread to know its thread

Автор Zesty Gamer (11 месяцев)
it's so obvious that it's a string

Автор Christian Borrmann (1 год)
I see the string. Your not a real MAGICIAN!!!!!!!

Автор pichu1225 (2 года)
Isee string

Автор Taliab1220 (2 года)
That's smart to wear a white shirt

Автор Riley W (2 года)
i can see the string

Автор matt howie (2 года)
thnx kid. i didnt know string could do that....

Автор David Rodriguez (1 год)
Fake As WWE

Автор TheCoolawesome3 (2 года)
i was hoping somethingmore magical wudhappen

Автор MegaRal123 (2 года)
there is a string

Автор Kingaman7 (1 год)
i also saw the string.......it suck"s

Автор LPG030500 (1 год)
U need magic string because u can see the string

Автор Kurtis Langer (2 года)
yeah, I just think you look stupid that your hands are moving like a lot,
just keep your hands still, it makes it look cooler.

Автор Dylan Domingo (1 год)
what string do u use

Автор MysticalD123 (1 год)
i got a better way :D

Автор Bacon King (1 год)
people today think they can attach a piece of string to a card and
"levitate" a card and *poof* instant magician... -_-

Автор MammaRuaBagassaa (2 года)
yeah great

Автор louisgworld (2 года)
i hate card tricks which involves string, i was hoping he didnt use any but
i was let down

Автор crazysmockingmonkey (1 год)
yup me too that noob

Автор oldskoolgangsta20 (2 года)

Автор chrisaydee (1 год)
Wow. I want to know what your name is?

Автор Houston1502 (8 месяцев)
I saw a string,,

Автор dianna darst (1 год)
I can see the string at beginning

Автор Michelle Lin (11 месяцев)
he showed the strings.

Автор jjboy9111 (2 года)
the string is hanging from his finger

Автор iscrewyouall (1 год)
I do too lolz

Автор Jake Baptista (7 месяцев)
Hah gaaaaaaay

Автор Bmx ProRider (8 месяцев)
You can see string on your thumb!

Автор Miky Mihai (2 года)
so difficult, but so easy

Автор saivin elimo (10 месяцев)
you suck major BALLS!!!! BITCH!!!

Автор No none (1 год)
wearing a white shirt ahhh i see what u did there

Автор Iglitchlife (2 года)
I did this once. No string I was so shocked that I dropped the deck Then
the WHOLE DECK stayed suspended in the air... I still havent been able to
figure it out, but it could be something to do with the fact I hate
gravity. but...

Автор Pam McCrory (1 год)
string=behind ur shiirt dumb a$%

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