Card Levitation...Revealed!!!

This is me teaching you how to do a card levitation. Its a really easy trick but make sure when you're doing the trick you want to be far away or 15 feet away from your spectaor/audience. Also remember to wear a light t-shirt(ex: white) so that the string blends in with your shirt(if you have a black or dark string wear a dark shirt). So thanks for watching!

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Автор SATHWIK Gupta ( назад)
see my video.... I've done it better.... no offense.

Автор Syeda Hussain ( назад)
I don't have tape dumbow!😡😤😣😯

Автор Corey Games ( назад)
You can see the string loser

Автор mukund prabhu ( назад)
Won't the people be able to see the sting

Автор Scott Neville ( назад)
You went a little overboard with the hand movements

Автор Brent Mcclung ( назад)
use wax and a better thread

Автор Harry Hobson ( назад)
Sorry but I saw that straight away how it was done, too much hand movement
and the way it came up, but good levitation! 

Автор Elaine Smith ( назад)
U had to much hand movement that's what gave it away

Автор sushi3tTLH ( назад)

Автор A. Shamy ( назад)
That's much easier than the other Levitations videos

Автор Skilful Goblin ( назад)
Fool con you make a coin vanish forma real?? My dad can do it no trick no
With nothing try do it!!

Автор Jake Baptista ( назад)
Hah gaaaaaaay

Автор Christopher Wright ( назад)
i know how you do it shut up and its wasting my time

Автор Christopher Wright ( назад)

Автор 3jacknack ( назад)
he should put the tape behind his ear and the string is to obvious

Автор iMC Gamer ( назад)
Use a magic wax.

Автор Bmx ProRider ( назад)
You can see string on your thumb!

Автор ItsNinjaz ( назад)
Good vid I thought you hid the string well I couldnt see it :)

Автор Kal Illusions ( назад)
Dude you suck!!

Автор saivin elimo ( назад)
you suck major BALLS!!!! BITCH!!!

Автор Xavier Carrabba ( назад)

Автор Michelle Lin ( назад)
he showed the strings.

Автор Zesty Gamer ( назад)
it's so obvious that it's a string

Автор Hashim Malik ( назад)

Автор PewDiePie ( назад)
No no no... YOU'RE a fucking genius

Автор George Washington ( назад)

Автор Anchana Mohan ( назад)
cool what else to say....

Автор chrisaydee ( назад)
Wow. I want to know what your name is?

Автор Omar Lemus ( назад)
you suck

Автор K.T&NIA ( назад)
All of the people who are complaining about the video are stupid because
you guys wanted to know how do the trick in the first place

Автор No none ( назад)
wearing a white shirt ahhh i see what u did there

Автор Alex Dunn ( назад)
You don't just leave it there and hang it, it just looks like there's an
obvious point where there's a string attached, and it swings around
uncontrolled, you need to spin the card and it spins and hover but catch it
before it falls too much out of the spin otherwise this happens, it looks
like its attached to something

Автор Monoxiide616 ( назад)
Would a person notice if they were close to you while u were doing it??

Автор Stefan Petrov ( назад)
Hi there, have you heard of "photo SFX art" (just search on Google for it
...)? There you will find a smart free video featuring the way to make
awesome photographs. This made it possible for Daniel to take photos which
have that wow-effect whenever you take a look at them. Hopefully it works
for you as well.

Автор seeinstripes ( назад)
Try some anchor chain, it looks more realistic

Автор Doggo • ( назад)
nah der

Автор Jesus carrillo ( назад)
Cool video

Автор Caylenf ( назад)
Cool thnx

Автор anthony bennett ( назад)
whys every one saying he used string he did but he admited it

Автор Kristi Brown ( назад)
i saw the string

Автор Michele Farina ( назад)

Автор alexa avila ( назад)
Why I keep watching this lol

Автор alexa avila ( назад)
I love this video I just made my first account today :D I'm younger than 10

Автор David Rodriguez ( назад)
Fake As WWE

Автор Joseph Barrow ( назад)
Wow that is shit!!

Автор Themegabuilders4573 ( назад)
Thats sooooo fake yr using string dumbass fuck

Автор peanutnandm ( назад)

Автор MaeganLovesPi3 ( назад)
so doing this for school!

Автор indra ferdiansyah ( назад)

Автор 321kingdra234 ( назад)
does this work with a king of clubs?

Автор Christian Borrmann ( назад)
I see the string. Your not a real MAGICIAN!!!!!!!

Автор MysticalD123 ( назад)
i got a better way :D

Автор TONE DEFF-K ( назад)
Wait... was this a magic trick or a masturbation tutorial? @0:23

Автор i〈3OneDirection ( назад)
I see the string

Автор Bacon King ( назад)
people today think they can attach a piece of string to a card and
"levitate" a card and *poof* instant magician... -_-

Автор MrPurpleNugget ( назад)
I can see the string

Автор LPG030500 ( назад)
U need magic string because u can see the string

Автор michael estopinal ( назад)
you can see the string if you look close

Автор amberc ( назад)

Автор dianna darst ( назад)
I can see the string at beginning

Автор Michael Thorkildsen ( назад)

Автор Adam daniel Kirk ( назад)
i think my freinds would say why do we have to be far away cos for any
other trick we dont so its shit

Автор john cort ( назад)
cool trick i quite liked it

Автор Imma Broly ( назад)
So fucking cheap

Автор gavin3907 ( назад)
uhh duhh hence the term trick

Автор Adam Green ( назад)
we can see the string

Автор velvetcheerio ( назад)
Not sure why people are complaining. The whole point of the trick is to use
string and twine and invisible rope.

Автор jezperD ( назад)
you have a string

Автор Dylan Domingo ( назад)
what string do u use

Автор mincraftmaster Lafartst ( назад)
i saw the string

Автор Pam McCrory ( назад)
string=behind ur shiirt dumb a$%

Автор MrCraziness101 ( назад)
i saw strings

Автор Smart Pants ( назад)

Автор vaismanius A ( назад)
u can c the string even behind the camera! u think that when preformed in
real life the string wont be detected?

Автор Geeky Saur ( назад)
I see string

Автор KR3W Gaming ( назад)
i can see the string lolz

Автор iscrewyouall ( назад)
I do too lolz

Автор cincinnatti16 ( назад)
I can see the string dude

Автор bbdraw ( назад)
nice string dude :D

Автор rag3r0 ( назад)
u dont need to see thread to know its thread

Автор guitarman840 ( назад)
lol thread and wax, bro...not string and tape, wtf? =P

Автор MammaRuaBagassaa ( назад)
yeah great

Автор jockersmagic ( назад)
hey if u dont like this kind of magic check out my channel I have original
effets and tutorial and every subscriber i get i will send u my background

Автор jesuschrist71000 ( назад)
i saw the fucking thread bitch

Автор solo wilk ( назад)
@96shad sorry but u suck that not funny lol ps :(

Автор GamerXian ( назад)
Thumbs up if you saw the string or ou notice the card wasnt supose to float
like that?!

Автор The shirt Suga wore in Fire MV ( назад)
Heyyyy!! You chose that camera on purpose!!

Автор Kurtis Langer ( назад)
yeah, I just think you look stupid that your hands are moving like a lot,
just keep your hands still, it makes it look cooler.

Автор oldskoolgangsta20 (1054 года назад)

Автор Marisol Echevarria (501 год назад)
String failure.

Автор voy ( назад)
thank to youuuu i will stopp learnig magic !!!

Автор Mr1cooltruck ( назад)
He's no criss angel

Автор scott kough ( назад)
Actually it's not string it's a sticky very think substance like spider web
that you can barely see with the naked eye, it's also kinda expensive

Автор louisgworld ( назад)
i hate card tricks which involves string, i was hoping he didnt use any but
i was let down

Автор Chad Brady ( назад)
dnt u feel like a dumb ass wen he tells u how he did it lmao

Автор Cristor ( назад)
i see wut you did there

Автор Vernon Mosley ( назад)
AWESOME what kind o fishing line?

Автор Aksa Faisal Affandie ( назад)
thanks for vanish

Автор Drunken Solitaire ( назад)
@MrAwsomeguy72 2007

Автор Mateus Tagata ( назад)
second... you have to pray to dont get your cloth clue out

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