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"Blue skies" by silent partner

Carefree by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1400037
Artist: http://incompetech.com/

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Group Assignments



Автор Shawn Peterkin ( назад)
Adolf h is Adolfo hitler

Автор DaNuttelaOne ( назад)
I got an ancestry ad

Автор MasterSly ( назад)
He has a Filipino family

Автор Doge Dog ( назад)
Domics so ugly

Автор Greeny Head ( назад)
Putang ina ! ahahaha

Автор ProPlayZ _ ( назад)
Im 100% Pilipino

Автор ProPlayZ _ ( назад)
Proud to be Pilipino

Автор ProPlayZ _ ( назад)
Pinoy ka ba Dominic kase sabi ng nanay mo lolo

Автор ProPlayZ _ ( назад)
Dominic are you a pilipino cause you and your family look like pilipinos

Автор Thomas Yeh ( назад)
10% Super Saiyan
40% One punch

Автор Thomas Yeh ( назад)
I did not expect he would look like that he looks cool though

Автор maya. justdance ( назад)
Wow.......he's not ugly!

Автор Ariaki Firefox ( назад)
his FACE is so related to his animations........ ARRRRGGGHHH😠😠😠 I'm not
saying its bad I'm saying it'd awesome! *OH CRAP*

Автор Taniya Shaffer ( назад)
I was about to say that domics from his description of himself never seemed
like the 100% filipino cuz he (I can now verify) looked like other Asian
ethnicities but not really filipino.

Автор Bin Man Fan ( назад)
there nala yay

Автор Hey Brekker! ( назад)
I found out I'm 99% asshole. I knew it.

Автор Jan Michael Santos ( назад)
I don't need subtitiles to translate Filipino. Because... I am a FILIPINO.
DUN, DUN, DUN. yeah not that dramatic huh... welp, at least I tried.

Автор Orly Salvador ( назад)

Автор park Yoongi ( назад)
100% kpop trash
50% internet addict

Автор Basic-bloke Freddy ( назад)
Domics has a lot of hair


Автор Markus Troy ( назад)
Yu actually look like korean and filipino

Автор animated entermated ( назад)
I'm 100% pig don't judge me please pig don't deserve this

Автор art mania ( назад)
so this is dom. cool this is the first time I saw his face.

Автор Storm ( назад)
I don't want this to come off as offensive, but, you look like a blonde
version of Hero from Big Hero 6

Seriously I was watching the movie and was like *"Is that supposed to be

Автор Trevor Greene ( назад)

Автор CRAZYBananaVlogs ( назад)
Hi Dom your so awesome

Автор Sophia L. ( назад)
wow this animation is so realistic

Автор mma Gutierrez ( назад)
My ancestor is pancho villa

Автор GalaxyPants ( назад)
your family is so CYOOT!!! 😍

Автор Create with Luci ( назад)
When Dominick is having that conversation with his parents and all I'm
paying attention to is his sisters dog😂😂😂

Автор Desmond DeLeon ( назад)
Doge :3

Автор saud sanchez ( назад)

Автор rohan singh ( назад)
hey brother I am Indian

Автор Knoxana Leasi ( назад)
So buzzy, I'm Polynesian! Lol except I'm Samoan. 😂 and I can tell you that
we (Polynesians) usually get mistaken for Filipinos A LOT. 🤔 kinda makes
me wanna get a DNA test and see if I have links to South East Asia now 🙊😁

Автор Venerando Primacio Jr ( назад)
you are ugly Dominic

Автор X Demonic Ryu X ( назад)
вяυн ∂σм I have India blood тσσ ◕ω◕

Автор Darianne Cabral ( назад)
lol the 1% indian had me like whaaat!!!

Автор Enderbro363 ( назад)
Please tell me that the dojo shirts (like the one you were wearing) are
still up for sale... O.o

Автор Beenie Kwon ( назад)
Nala is so cute

Автор CVill UMB ( назад)

Автор Isabella Chao ( назад)
Dude if you have dimples.. 😏😩😻

Автор kate miller ( назад)
Holy crap I had no idea you looked like that!!! You look good....

Автор the hamster creo ( назад)
I'm 99 percent lebron James and Stephen curry

Автор BabyLipsQueen Galaxy ( назад)
OMG this is the most realistic animation I've seen of Dominic's

Автор PANDA BAIR123 ( назад)
whoa he looks just like the animated guy

Автор Zivan ( назад)
aww you look more chubby than last time

Автор William Aguilera ( назад)
wow, my last name is Aguilera

Автор Erny Kwame ( назад)
I skipped to the part where they has a dog I'M STILL ROLLING MAN

Автор Sell2dabone 7000 ( назад)
your asian

Автор LpsKendall 53 ( назад)
Omg. You look like guava juice! 😱

Автор MREZ ( назад)

Автор Slothy - Vlogs ( назад)
What'd the mom say in Spanish?

Автор Ashley Fant ( назад)
I'm sorry but when Domics sat with his family it was so cringy

Автор Debbie Random ( назад)
Wow! I was found 80% A.R.M.Y, 15% alien (or v' s soulmate) and 5% human!
How surprising!

Автор Karl Gustav Højbjerg Sørup ( назад)
I was about to subscribe to him, but then i Saw he's face

Автор Shafe Rehman Mughal ( назад)
you are sooo handsome

Автор Pro type ( назад)
Domics...I think you should do a Q&A video

Автор Adam Legacy ( назад)
I like to try it ! How can i get it what should i do ?

Автор Kawaii Bunny's ( назад)
You could have two channels for anime and the other for vlogs or in boxing
things or something like that

Автор Damion Pratt ( назад)
omg it's a wild korean

Автор Master Noob ( назад)
I like your hai うそじゃないよsee if you can read this

Автор Liam Kiernan ( назад)
Hey Dom, can you sing Lupang Hinirang for all of us

Автор SecretSnow ( назад)
It seems like you really want to be related to a Japanese.

Автор Electric Unicorn ( назад)
I'm 99 percent unicorn :O

Автор R4D10 4CT1V3 C4T122 ( назад)
I'm supposed to be playing game of war...

Автор X7 GIZY ( назад)
Gender. ;)

Автор Jeffrey Huang ( назад)
I'm related to someone named "Joseph S" Apparently he was from Russia.
Anyone know if he was famous or anything?

Автор Joseph H ( назад)
Hoping I'm related to Dom.

Автор DerpyTurtle17 ( назад)
What if your DNA matches the person you like!?!?!?

Автор mmarmars ( назад)
im 100% darude sandstorm

Автор Holly Burling ( назад)
since when do you have blonde hair?! I mean, i haven't really watched your
vids in a while

Автор Elaine Huynh ( назад)
I related to Domics

Автор lynisalive ( назад)
Is it bad that everytime I see Dom's face it is weird to me. So used to
just hearing his voice and a sketch

Автор Mailson Wei ( назад)
This video is boring

Автор Blue Moon ( назад)
are u Chinese?

Автор A. Smet. ( назад)
Apparently I'm related to Hitler

Автор moby gamer ( назад)
Naci (his mum's maidan name) translates to I WAS BORN

Автор xXPoisonPrincessXx lll Sam's gaming channel lll ( назад)
Well domicw just wanted to ask you

Автор Jordan Cole ( назад)
you ugly ass fuck boy look looks like the dude from Dragon ball z headass

Автор Kristel Echavez (M3l0dy) ( назад)
Your family is not as loud and rowdy as ours. My Filipino family is always
close and loud and fun.

Автор Jesse The_Cutie ( назад)

Автор Eduardo Alvarez ( назад)
his sister is kinda pretty

Автор Ronald Gonzalez ( назад)
His sister did not look happy.

Автор Minthycal ( назад)
My results:
Bitch, you white.

Автор winstonrussa ( назад)
what's her mom's maiden name? can't hear it clearly. 

Автор Reverse back at cha ( назад)
IM 80% MEMES!!!

Автор Lps Yellow ( назад)
I'm a filipino to ✌🏼😝

Автор Posidean ( назад)

Автор Phoenix Crusader ( назад)
Did anyone get an Ancestry ad before the video started?

Автор Lucasx Robinson ( назад)
First time seeing Dom wow

Автор PVPLegend ( назад)
This is what some people would say can I post myself to your house LOL

Автор FaZe Randex ( назад)
this is a next gen animation!!!

Автор J.T.J.C. ( назад)
when you didn't know domics is Asian :O

Автор Potato Versiom of lilymaymac ( назад)

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