Bunnies Can't Phone

Rayman and the Rabbids on mobile!

More information on this cool game for your mobile phone here:

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Длительность: 1:12
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Автор ojc138138 ( назад)
It is my ring tone!!

Автор big9j2 ( назад)
they look so cute (rabbit screams) AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH NEVER MIND

Автор KnucklesX4 ( назад)
Anyone know where I can get a ringtone of the rabbid?

Автор xdevilxduckyx ( назад)
i love rabbids!!! yes that's how it's spelled according to the game.

Автор Ned117 ( назад)
i have the game on my cell. only problem bunnies dont phone. THEY FLY!

Автор coolblueseric ( назад)
Do not eat the phones rabbids!

Автор DudeItsRichie ( назад)

Автор dancinginfernal ( назад)
daaaaaah DAAAAAAAAAAAAH daaaah *studies phone* daaaaaaaahhhh *eats phone*

Автор dancinginfernal ( назад)
daaaaaah DAAAAAAAAAAAAH daaaah *studies phone* daaaaaaaahhhh *eats phone*

Автор writerboy34 ( назад)

Автор dadwatchinson ( назад)

Автор 000090 ( назад)
Thats the way bunnies ment to be...

Автор 000090 ( назад)
I just love them...theyre helerius

Автор Matt Koester ( назад)
If he was smart defines the bunnies.

Автор 173game ( назад)
Too funny 5/5

Автор BabyMudkip2000 ( назад)
Bunnies cant phone.... But they can Fly! "daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!" Did you
really belevie that?

Автор elin111 ( назад)
bunnies are so crazy

Автор Jeraspat ( назад)
If he was smart, he wouldn't have flied after eating! LOL!

Автор LFSvidMan ( назад)
OH MY GOD - this is the funniest one I have seen yet watching 10th time now

Автор FlamingForce ( назад)
i love that psycho face he pulls while dong it xD

Автор xstephoxx ( назад)
dah stands for destroy all humans hes saying destroy all humans

Автор BryamRFire ( назад)
But they can Me: Dance 8D video: fly! me: WTF?! xD

Автор FourSwordsLord ( назад)
That would make a hiralious ring tone

Автор JadeGryphon ( назад)
Gah, I want the bunnies' scream as my ringtone...I don't think T-Mobile has
it though. -_-;

Автор KittyGabyIMEANGOAT ( назад)

Автор NioYagami ( назад)
Can you hear me now? >>> DAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

Автор chris16447 ( назад)
I actually made a ringtone like that.

Автор Aruc4rdo ( назад)
haha, This is my new ringtone (recorded it)

Автор Somasu ( назад)
Bahahaha xD I love how he's like.. imitating the phone

Автор bloop12345 ( назад)
hoe you get this video?

Автор Rinourin ( назад)
I love the bunnies, bunnies rule!

Автор TubeLoobMouse ( назад)
Yeah, that's nice ringtone! XD

Автор ZippZapp ( назад)
Cell Phones are delicious!

Автор samjomi ( назад)
lol. I'm proud of that flying bunny

Автор watkinzez ( назад)
Holy crap I want that ringtone.

Автор Oelaman ( назад)
Lol this video rocks! I want the bunny's on my phone not rayman!

Автор HatredEternal ( назад)
wow poor thing

Автор Drakaru ( назад)

Автор MalukuMix ( назад)
haha "but they can fly....Did you really believe that?":P This is the best
of them all.

Автор youtuberob ( назад)
looks like sonic when he role's

Автор Mimic Kairatta ( назад)
Those bunnies are hilarious.

Автор GameloftVideos ( назад)
These are only rumors :-)

Автор Bill Roe ( назад)
I hope the DS version is like the mobile one with the adventure part of it

Автор deadman72 ( назад)
It is true that Paris Hilton is dating the Bunny?

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