M 1000 TURBO!


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Автор anonymzs ( назад)
put a helmet on you look like a fucking queer

Автор joshthursday88 ( назад)
That has a bigger turbo then my car

Автор 13craj ( назад)
the way he rides it lmfao

Автор TheSupersample ( назад)
around here if i saw that many long tracks in one place id freak out

Автор ripjoebg1 ( назад)
@niggasjit also drivin lik an homo fag lol

Автор niggasjit ( назад)
@sirlonghair Yea thats true enough man.. hehe. You hit a solid bump at 100
you`d be fucked backwards, haha ;-)

Автор niggasjit ( назад)
@yamahaman1234 Hehe yea bud, you go for something new now, you hear? `s
gonna be awesome

Автор Bill Corbett ( назад)
learn to sit on the damn thing u fucking jackass

Автор Abby Sweiger ( назад)
My triple six sounds better than that!

Автор yamahaman1234 ( назад)
@niggasjit right... I sit regular on my 76 panther and im to big for it i
need a different one more newer.

Автор xXFmxKingXx ( назад)
turbos on 2 stroke snowmobiles are pointless..

Автор tsns1 ( назад)
This thing just ate that hill for a snack!

Автор Farmboy011 ( назад)
How much does this beast weigh?

Автор sirlonghair ( назад)
@niggasjit weakest? you had to be a man to go over 100 on those old sleds
2" suspension travel isn't very forgiving on your body at full speed

Автор Dag Frøland ( назад)
how ugly instruments is it posible to make! polaris..shame on you!! damn

Автор niggasjit ( назад)
@kalzx Heeheh, right on bud!

Автор kalzx ( назад)
@niggasjit I was thinking the same thing!!! HAHA

Автор PFFxGAMING ( назад)

Автор dv6426ca ( назад)
@niggasjit I'd like to see how you ride that sled.

Автор Gibsongoon ( назад)
Damn I didn't even know that you could put a turbo on a 2 stroke

Автор supermranthony ( назад)
man hes like 10 ..who would give a ten year old that sled

Автор Purexxpower1 ( назад)
he made arctic cat look bad by sitting like that..

Автор Flamed440 ( назад)
@MrZr440 yes i am on both. i rarely use this channel though. my new channel
is ArcticCat137 and i am Murray137 on arctic chat and on hardcoresledder

Автор Snowmobilekid100 ( назад)
you have yo bisness on that sled

Автор 1TheMadBiker1 ( назад)

Автор MrZr440 ( назад)
@Flamed440 are u on arctic chat or hardcore sledder cause i swear i`ve saw
that user name somewhere else before.

Автор disfan14 ( назад)
@katderja1123 a kid could ride better

Автор tommystyle17 ( назад)
界隈№1のヒルクライムスペシャル。i agree

Автор streetracer13440 ( назад)
little guy big sled

Автор MistakenMedia087 ( назад)
Sled is awsome, rider not so much :thumbsdown:

Автор Jayn Daz ( назад)

Автор Jayn Daz ( назад)

Автор Jayn Daz ( назад)
cats rule

Автор Derrek Palmisano ( назад)
it looks like a lil kid to tell u the truth!

Автор puffyhuber ( назад)
@gun7878 m series

Автор codyadams500 ( назад)
@gun7878 id say the crossfire

Автор bykerboy223 ( назад)
compensation, tons of it

Автор TheOfficialKC ( назад)
How does the turbo work on a 2-stroke? How reliable? And how narrow is the

Автор niggasjit ( назад)
@icedttly Heheh.. true man, true.

Автор Colby Gahagan ( назад)
@niggasjit yeah but there a fucking homo with a load of cash. rofl

Автор Flamed440 ( назад)
and whats the point in telling me that paragraph when i dont own a 440?

Автор IveGotTheNuts ( назад)
@Flamed440 Montrose look guy you cant ome on here telling us how to sled
the Bombay summit. haha a 440 wouldnt even get you up the trails we go. You
cant switch back cause it is threw the trees one shot straight up weaving.
One mistake your in the trees and digging for an hour . The way out is
easier air a big cornice and ride a huge slope then alder bash over some
hidden creeks and alder pillows. Sorry a 440 wouldnt have even made it
threw the trees except melt freeze in the spring.

Автор carkids123 ( назад)
arty crap

Автор rallyramone ( назад)
Two stroke turbo, that thing has to be thirsty! How much fuel that uses?

Автор KingKoodles ( назад)
For shame......the Doo looks down on you!

Автор codycellison ( назад)
i just got a boner. and im a skidoo fan!

Автор MrZr440 ( назад)
@Flamed440 yeah i live in the city limits

Автор Flamed440 ( назад)
no im series, because i live in Montrose

Автор MrZr440 ( назад)
@Flamed440 if thats supposed to be a smart ass comment than fuck off.

Автор Flamed440 ( назад)
do u live in clio michigan?

Автор WyryhaSports ( назад)
please watch my video and subscribe! :)

Автор moeboy435 ( назад)
Well no shit retard an apex would also push about 12 more pounds of boost.
There crazy when you turbo them, Not saying that i have but i have seen
people with them up riding and they just eat any hill. literaly a point an

Автор waterfordjim ( назад)
Yea but that RX-1 ton derivative weighs at least 100 pounds more than these
2 strokes and floatation is the name of the game in the back country. Eat

Автор Felix Even ( назад)
he looks like an idiot...

Автор Travis Hill ( назад)

Автор MrZr440 ( назад)
@HATERADExrs800 thats pretty good

Автор MrZr440 ( назад)
@169zack is it possible you live in clio michigan

Автор MrZr440 ( назад)
@GearHead156 yeah if its setup to run lean

Автор MrZr440 ( назад)
@travoy01 if you could keep up with it. and if you would probobaly crush it
based on how heavy those junk piles are.

Автор Travis Hill ( назад)
My Yamaha turbo Apex would walk all over that Cat!

Автор Sleddinggolfer22 ( назад)
@GearHead156 yea no burnt pistons yet(Knock on wood)! Yea i have done a lot
of clutching and gearing part of the problems with the 900 were that they
reved to high so they lost power as well as vents and stuff keeping it
cool=Keeping it longer

Автор GearHead156 ( назад)
Rite on man, No melted pistons yet?? Twostrokes with turbos are soooo
unpredictable.. but if you install the right tuning equipment to keep the
exaust temp below melt down temperatures , your laughin. Detonation sensors
help big time too,

Автор Sleddinggolfer22 ( назад)
@GearHead156 your wrong on that i have a 2006 900 RMK bad enough as is but
i changed out crank bearings and and got billet crank ends made plus put a
turbo on it 2500 miles and its still stong

Автор GearHead156 ( назад)
1000cc twins engines have a hard time stayin together stock... this sled
would last a wooping 10 minutes then you have to rebuild it haha, Any
turbo'd Twostroke is a tickin time bomb!

Автор a6763w ( назад)
to big of a sled for me i like to have like a 440 or a 550 just to much
power and i dont ride in the mountians just ditches and groomed trails

Автор HATERADExrs800 ( назад)
I dont think its a kid...maybe a little asian man

Автор Aleksandras Lasys ( назад)
it is 2t witch turbo ????? I see pipe and turbo wtf????

Автор niggasjit ( назад)
Whoever drives that M1000 sits like a fuckin HOMO :p Jeezuz. Weakass gay
people should stick to early 1990`s 400ccm models.

Автор Remi Bonmaster ( назад)
wheres your helmet..with a sled like that you might want to wear one

Автор akrid609 ( назад)
lol the m8s are making the same power as the m1s now

Автор BassPlayer121692 ( назад)
ha, that guy get jerked around by that thing so easy! *touch the throttle*
"Oh shiit!!" lol

Автор Jake Hutchinson ( назад)
that engine looks sick!

Автор MNBullet ( назад)
no helmet!

Автор elplinket ( назад)
your a dumb ass no point in that much power dumb chinese.

Автор zbadass650 ( назад)
@DrSkipper1000 hahha prob 100

Автор zbadass650 ( назад)
@77sledneck hey tard my rx1 does snow drags and turns 138 in 1000 ft

Автор zbadass650 ( назад)
@livingontheedge07 amen brooski

Автор zbadass650 ( назад)
@thetaxlienspecialist no not rly

Автор Shade Ferre ( назад)
Arctic Cat M series are the best sleds on the mountain hands down.

Автор livingontheedge07 ( назад)
2008 snow pro 600 and like i said i went pond crossing and walked away from
it. There JUNK........ALL ARCTIC CATS ARE!!!!!

Автор livingontheedge07 ( назад)
artic cats are good for one thing, pond crossing........watching them sink
and walking away.

Автор livingontheedge07 ( назад)
77sledneck your joking right, try riding a real sled and not your kids
kitty cat

Автор Bryan D ( назад)
K, I have a zr 600 efi and its a great sled... but I would rather own a
ski-doo.. Only way id own a polaris is if you gave me one.

Автор DrSkipper1000 ( назад)
How many miles before that M1000 blew up?

Автор 1995chevytrucks ( назад)
you are stupid as hell, i have a zr900 big bore and..... by god it says
suzuki right on the engine....wtf the dealer must of put a sticker on it or

Автор 1995chevytrucks ( назад)
would fuck up your peice of shit pollurass

Автор 1995chevytrucks ( назад)
fuck ski doo

Автор 1995chevytrucks ( назад)
cause that cat would kick your fucking ass

Автор 若林 翼 ( назад)
Thank you for commenting expressly though I do not like it. I throw this
video open for a man of leisure.

Автор SL3DN3CK27 ( назад)
just ignor him. he may have those sleds but hes probly just one of those
guys that puts around on a trail or field all day.

Автор sk8trgod ( назад)
stand up u douch bag. u ride like a faggot

Автор david m ( назад)
cut me a break man. i just got it like 3 years ago. last year sucked and i
got it with 2300 miles on it... im working on it man..lol

Автор Turbojeep23 ( назад)
8 years old with 6000 miles, thats it? lol my 95 ZR 580 has 10,000 miles on
it and my dads 98 ZR 600 limited edition has 12,500 miles on it. he is the
original owner of both sleds. though my dad finally broke down and got a
new sled its a 07 leftover F6 sno pro.

Автор keithryan1025 ( назад)
Who says aint and furthermore who refers to it as a cat get out more tex

Автор Matt Thier ( назад)
why would you buy a turbo when they cant even ride by the way it looks in
the vid i guess someones got alittle money

Автор sledboy123456789 ( назад)
Your an idiot, you can see the whole system done over top of the exaust,
the radiator looking thing, theres the turbo XD Learn your stuff! Go rotax!
go skidoo!

Автор pUnKrOcKeRMILLER ( назад)
holy shit its on steroids

Автор david m ( назад)
sick fucking sled man. arctic cat all the way. i need to upgrade. i just
cant seem to part with my zr800. it wont die so i keep riding it. next
winter i will be forced to upgrade. its 8 years old with 6000 miles. but
still burns ski doos

Автор Jangle121 . ( назад)
at 0:29 you see the turbo....... its called modesty not every one does dck
measurments like you on the internet.

Автор timewellwastedbyme ( назад)
wow you really are a retard

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