UFC 206: Top 5 Main Card Fighter Finishes

Take a look at 5 of the top finishes from some of the fighters featured on the UFC 206 main card including Anthony "Showtime" Pettis, Max Holloway, Donald Cerrone, and Matt Brown!

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Автор Ecap ( назад)
Lol it just so happens that 1 and 2 happen to be fighting! I didn't know I
was watching an ad. The ads keep on getting smarter.

Автор Yarai Sahll ( назад)
who's 12 years

Автор ninetythree ( назад)
Finishing Benson on the ground like that is damn impressive!

Автор lancellott1 ( назад)
nr.5 video was the best.. the rest is shit.. :)

Автор SEECH7 ( назад)
If its all UFC 206 how come there are like 3 different canvases ?

Автор Faye Mccarty ( назад)
Eventually flash pastor purple better end black

Автор joe shmoe ( назад)
this was 206? 207 is on friday? i cant even find this on the web

Автор Byrd Thegreatbeast ( назад)
Cowboy is so legit at WW.

Автор dfvideos ( назад)
ben henderson girou pro lado errado

Автор too dam good im ( назад)

Автор leafargalvao ( назад)

Автор Greig Mitchell ( назад)
check out lando vanattas wheel kick finish. and when he nearly finished
ferguson. holy shit. what a start to his ufc career.

Автор emery254 ( назад)
Do you actually call this stuff a Sport ? One person beating the crap out
of another until he or she surrenders ? Get me a seat near the front !

Автор Blanqa Mutter ( назад)
cerrone= tekken

Автор Sharmilan Balachandran ( назад)

Автор Sharmilan Balachandran ( назад)
its like dec almost 2 years wtf I'm about too0

Автор Sharmilan Balachandran ( назад)
snice when november

Автор Sharmilan Balachandran ( назад)
I don't want Nicole I got my title

Автор Sharmilan Balachandran ( назад)
I fucked chu right

Автор Sharmilan Balachandran ( назад)
merry chirstmas hahhahahha suck my dick

Автор KungFatty ( назад)
Monster energy drinks are focking disgusting

Автор Lord Dabs ( назад)

Автор Vince Lee ( назад)
Sucky fighters make other sucky fighters look like pure GOLD!

Автор Mike_HVAC ( назад)

Автор Cameron Foster ( назад)
Shared guilty alive trust number fan.

Автор Keyboard Mouse ( назад)
The funny thing is, I learned the exact combo that cowboy did. Wtf..

Автор CON E ( назад)

Автор Sean Schonberger ( назад)
I'll choke em' out at 178, and knock em' out at 185. - Kelvin "Fat Boy"

Автор Eddy Cusani ( назад)
Cerrone at #5? That was the most ridiculous combo ever. definitely should
have been #1

Автор Nerch Fritzsche ( назад)
all the finishers were amazing, those submissions were so nasty and
dangerous, hope ufc looks carefully after them serious injury can be done
with those...

Автор Apóçalypse WoW ( назад)
cowboy speechless combo wow

Автор kimberly champlin ( назад)
Soon not from ufc 206. Thanks for nothing

Автор ja sc ( назад)
this is not ufc 206

Автор Frisco Frisco ( назад)
Wait all of a sudden ufc made pettis finish top 1
I think pettis tapping henderson was TOP NOTCH but funny how the ufc
insults the viewers knowledge...
smh..and sadly conors fluke finish over aldo should be #1 bc of who conor
beat, and how he beat him, phsyc tactics and a sweet left, sadly.

Автор John Tyrrell ( назад)
Cowboy got robbed of a bonus cause of the MMAAA lol

Автор BIG D ( назад)
Goldie is retarded how was that set up by the head kick.The combo to the
head and the body set up the head kick

Автор Amy Turner ( назад)
That Combination of Cowboy though

Автор Codproski ( назад)
i bet pettis is missing his belt...

Автор LocChokingVMorningG ( назад)
anybody else notice Cerrone's body looking different against brown?

Автор Lorenzo Quijas ( назад)
How ironic the cover is cowboy head kicking

Автор skyefox ( назад)
When a Cowboy KO is number 5 out of 5, it's gonna be a good list.

Автор HipHop Anonymous ( назад)
WOW Holloway is a straight beast. He was one of the only people to give
McGregor a good fight and he seems much more dangerous now.

Автор BLOND ( назад)
Follow on Instagram: @kylepolar

Автор NukeWand ( назад)
Cowboy coming in hot with that combo

Автор Алтынай Сисенбаева ( назад)
Gastelum otlichno

Автор Алтынай Сисенбаева ( назад)
Choi good

Автор Алтынай Сисенбаева ( назад)
Cowboy nice

Автор Dylan Haklar ( назад)
that Cerrone combo was pure art

Автор 50nuccio ( назад)
Artist and song at end of video?

Автор Monscent ( назад)
conor vs northcutt lets get it on

Автор Free Bee ( назад)
Tonight holloway is gonna win, and then he beats aldo, and then we can have
the best 145 fight ever rematch holloway vs mcgregor

Автор Leonardo Donato (DarkPosts) ( назад)
The Fuck! You can NOT show Showtime without showing the Showtime Kick! I
get that it wasn't a finish but who fuckin cares! I can watch him Ninja Off
that fuckin Cage and kick Benson in the fuckin face over and over and over
and over and......

Автор Charlestone Catli ( назад)
fuck'in combo!

Автор Edward Fernandez ( назад)
gsp save 206 please. ..

Автор speedy9313 ( назад)
Donald Cerrone was easily no 1 with that street fighter combo

Автор Highlight Reel ( назад)
Even if they aren't the best fighters. I wish Benson Henderson and Josh
Thomson were still in the UFC. The lightweight division is stacked but it
would be stacked from #20 to #1.

Автор Highlight Reel ( назад)
Cowboys combo is one of the best i've seen

Автор jdh22 ( назад)
damn cowboy

Автор Fabrizio Garreta ( назад)
Well time to get rid of this cause of pettis

Автор Tim C ( назад)
Wasn't toronto a premium location for the ufc back in the day? 206 is such
a weak card....remends me of a card you'd see in austrailia - lame

Автор Mc Mc ( назад)
I'd like to see Stephens vs Choi that would be fireworks.

Автор XxGameManiaxX ( назад)

Автор Artem Lobov ( назад)
Cowboys finish overrated as fook.

Автор fezdbizzle ( назад)
Are these backwards? 5 the best 1 the worst.

Автор Newbie Yamaha ( назад)
The Cowboy Combo was the best one!

Автор ViciousTriangle ( назад)
Mc Fatty Fat Gastelum submitting Jake the choke ellengberger was higher on
this than Cowboy? Who made this shit

Автор Brunei Brawler ( назад)
Man, no matter what people say about kelvin, the way he choked out Jake
Ellenberger was clean and quick af. Demian Maia would deffo approve

Автор logic109 ( назад)

Автор Edgar Chacon Flores ( назад)
That Cerrone combo !!

Автор jabbawookie19 ( назад)
Is Matt menstruating ?

Автор Darius Razeghi ( назад)
if i had to pick a new ringtone.. it would be the combination from cowboy
on Story

Автор Murdered Yakuza ( назад)
Can you imagine if that last head kick of cerrone was a immediate ko

Автор David Wyz ( назад)
Cowboy with the precision

Автор KhAlid BhAt ( назад)
Man Cowboy looks so good at 170..!!

Автор MMA Montages ( назад)
I did a video on that LMAO

Автор Sports Epic ( назад)
Artistic Combo.

Автор Dan B ( назад)

Автор Chris Storm ( назад)
Man the UFC loves to use ever chance they can get to show of that sick
Cowboy combo

Автор GameBlockFilms ( назад)
eeeee where is Emil Valhalla Meek`s TKO on Palhares?

Автор ronisworld2 ( назад)
what happened to #1!?

Автор Soul Intent ( назад)
why the hell is pettis going down to featherweight? All the people below
lightweight suck and can hardly take punches.

Автор 12 ( назад)
2:43 Will Chope looks like He hasn't eat in 12 years lol

Автор kikato ( назад)
aldo vs Holloway

Автор Joelington ( назад)
No Matt Brown? I'm triggered.

Автор L ( назад)
I hope pettis win, after that will be aldo vs pettis and is gonna be a
crazy fight to see

Автор accelerate08 ( назад)
Just happens to be a Pettis and Holloway knockout in here ahaha

Автор Bello ( назад)
Only disliked because Cowboy wasn't number 1.

Автор Play Doh ( назад)
Cowboy's combo is like from a playstation. Wow!

Автор Cabin Boy ( назад)
Those were all nice finishes, but Cerrone's stood out with that nice combo.

Автор Kyle Sprague ( назад)
Will Chope? Gtfoh

Автор Yannet Torres ( назад)
Buen top 5, me gusta como pelea el ¨¨Cowboys¨ Cerrone. para mi seria el top
numero 1. referente a Benson Henderson, Me gusta la actuación que esta
teniendo en bellator mma.

Автор cobratrick96 ( назад)
Whoever the dumbass is that picked the rankings in this video deserves to
be ko'd...

Автор Shogun Powered ( назад)
How is cowboy's finish at 5?

Автор Godo ( назад)
I'm hyped for this card!

Автор Arturo Stacey ( назад)
The order is a disaster, Cowboy #1

Автор Vito ( назад)
no matter what happens cowgirl can never beat nathan.

Автор Doug Johnson ( назад)
we all fookin know Conors KO of Aldo is #1.

Автор Recharge Richard ( назад)
holloway is coming to shit all over aldo

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