You can't resist laughing while watching animals - Funny animal compilation

Animals are just the best at making us laugh! Nobody can resist laughing while watching funny animals! They make us laugh with their funny behavior, ridiculous sound, playing, failing... Just look all these cats, kittens, dogs, puppies, parrots, hypos, penguins, bears,... What is your favourite clip? :) Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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"Whiskey on the Mississippi, Beach Bum, Monkeys Spinning Monkeys" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Автор SuperWu ( назад)
bear scratchin his balls like ain't nobody there. mad respect

Автор Daily Cute Videos ( назад)

Автор FuriousPixel ( назад)
0:35 - Me

Автор Guinea pig love Kitty cat loves u & me ( назад)
6:04 me trying to stay awake in math class

Автор Terence K 1234 ( назад)
8:16 cat: this weed is making me trip on a nother level

Автор Star _ Fox ( назад)
the 2nd to last one is.... uhhhhh ewwwww.....

Автор Daniel Cohen ( назад)
I am more of an owl lover but that was cute

Автор Roxaho ( назад)
The dog at 6:58 plays Super Mario 63 theme, when bowser appears :D

Автор HarmonicSymphony ( назад)
Sorry but I can't help but mention this. Our 16 year old Cairn Terrier died
earlier this week, so when the clip at 2:26 played I not only laughed but
cried a little, ad it helped my move on with her death a bit. Thank you
T.P. for this video.

Автор Extinction ( назад)
Do you dumb fucks not realize that humans are animals to dumb stupid fucks

Автор Revision Radical ( назад)
I hate to be that guy, but I don't think it's funny what is happening in
5:07. It's dangerous.

Автор barbara chipley ( назад)
Little Bostie is going to give that pit a challenge.

Автор Tom - Henry Coursow ( назад)
oh ist das sssssssssssssssüüüüüüüüüüüüüüßßßßßßßßßß!!!!

Автор laughing monkey ( назад)
@8:32 when u tell ur kids they can invite a couple friends over

Автор Ludicolo and Talonflame Gaming ( назад)
This video has copyright infringement. The segment with the Yorkie chasing
the ball up the slide belongs to me and my family, and has been used
without our knowledge or permission.

Автор vicky stevenson ( назад)
It does makes me smile...

Автор Brianna B ( назад)
amen lle Tyy

Автор A.M. ( назад)
If you're happy and you know it, say meow. Finally made me laugh.

Автор nika chomaxa ( назад)
I'm watching this in 2017 who else?

Автор Twice the Dicer gaming1675 ( назад)
good job tiger productions on getting over 1,000,000 subscribers! you are
amazing and you make videos that make me laugh! Keep up the good work!

Автор Toy Box_ ( назад)
What breed is the dog at 9:05 ?

Автор Kadija Bocoum ( назад)
@8:59 it took me a moment to realize that was his underwear😂😂

Автор Senseless Hallucinations ( назад)
2:25 was it

Автор StarLasticStars ( назад)
I never laughed

Автор Hi Please ( назад)
WHAT DOG IS THAT AT 9:19 ?!?!?!?

Автор Marija Miletic ( назад)
Cats are stupid.. Hahaha

Автор Juan Jaimes ( назад)
8:58 I thought that was his bed at first lmao 😂😂😂

Автор Lily Mcloughlin ( назад)
I love animals

Автор Lily Mcloughlin ( назад)
I totally laughed! It was adorable!

Автор MrZeroExe ( назад)
Stupid little white cunt with the poor cat. The cat has its ears back and
the meow sounds unhappy. KIDS SHOULD NOT HAVE PETS.

Автор Metrion77 ( назад)
5:20. It's cute until you realize the chickens are trying to peck the eyes
out of the bear costume.

Автор TheAmazing8ux ( назад)

Автор Quirks WithPerks ( назад)
the three different dogs looking in at 5:29 got me

Автор Sylphadora ( назад)
The last cat and and the cat assaulted by puppies were so fat! 😰 Their
owners should be more responsible!

Автор Melanie Antunes ( назад)
Why whould you add a guy on the toilet?????????????????
To me that's retarded........

Автор Luke Todd ( назад)
So funny watching like 8 puppies crawl all over a cat. The look on the
cat's face is always "so I guess this is just my life now".

Автор charterlau ( назад)

Автор The icey Gamer ( назад)
7:13 how midis are made

Автор David Swain ( назад)
funny stuff

Автор Natalie Leal ( назад)

Автор Chandler Tripp ( назад)
1:03 so sad 😣

Автор Chandler Tripp ( назад)
1:44 what is this!!!

Автор Mesmerized 4Life ( назад)
Omg I want the baby raccoons

Автор coolenderdragon 472 ( назад)

Автор Ava Rochford ( назад)
omg the bear!!!:))))

Автор WandaII ( назад)
PUPPY POWER @ 3.01 !
SEQUEL @ 8.07 !

Автор Martin Svendsen ( назад)
Yet language theater characterize gym tradition yesterday.

Автор Amanda L Dashner ( назад)
It not funny but so cute animals

Автор Crew Gaming ( назад)

Автор MrChipmunksStudio ( назад)
4:08 the cat was like shut the fuck up kid!

Автор Laura Peeters ( назад)
pant glance shooting about card improve anybody.

Автор William Delk ( назад)
I never left laughed

Автор Cheyanne Plays! ( назад)
I just watched Curtis Lepores dog die and this made me happy.. Lol

Автор M E ( назад)
is it ok to mislead baby racoons?

Автор ISaachpA ( назад)
EPIC 2:26

Автор Hazfrog18 ( назад)
if anybody gives me 21 likes i will bye all of you fifa 17

Автор Forest Sky my Pony OC ( назад)

Автор Natalie Delong ( назад)
did not laugh

Автор Sophie Snook ( назад)
cool if you like my coment please click like ⚘⚘⚘

Автор PUPPYDOG ( назад)

Автор OfficialMaddeck ( назад)
Girl: - If you are happy and you know it say Meow!
Cat: - HELP!

Автор Amazing Gamer11 ( назад)
we are animals -_-

Автор _partyrocker_ ( назад)
1:47 i got triggered by that manspreading

Автор Assassin girl ( назад)

Автор Gracie Mccourt ( назад)
cat have no idea what a marshmallow is lol lol lol

Автор katri. lps. 122 l ( назад)
cuul 👍

Автор Owl Jay ( назад)
8:23 what dog breed is it?

Автор Dannie Jensen ( назад)
5:20 - This is extremely dangerous for the child. Do NOT do this ever,
chickens are known to peck your eye.

Автор Funny Animals - Videoclips ( назад)
03:13 dental care for dogs :-D

Автор PitbullOfLove 92 ( назад)

Автор PitbullOfLove 92 ( назад)
6:12 me in a nutshell

Автор Aidan Graziano ( назад)

Автор Aidan Graziano ( назад)
0:27 is HILARIOUS 😂

Автор Isabelle Booth ( назад)
0:48 give the dog some food

Автор Luleå Spotlight ( назад)
2.32 😂

Автор stephen burke ( назад)

Автор Jaz Moore ( назад)
Maybe give credit to the composer Kevin Macleod who's music you used in the

Автор ineedmoney ( назад)

Автор DMD Kardas ( назад)
easy not laugh this video not funny

Автор The. Gaming .Carrot ( назад)
My cat tries to climb on my head wen I'm playing videogames or just
relaxing on the couch

Автор Connor McReynolds ( назад)

Автор Monae Ramirez ( назад)
That's nasty at 9:00, thats elligal, and you could go to jail for that

Автор Isaac Cook ( назад)
That dog plays the piano better than I do :(

Автор pen91un ( назад)
5:37 "Oh, there's another one!" Idky but that part just kills me.

Автор maaddy ( назад)
ewww in his underwear

Автор Tou Tou ( назад)
I guess I'm dead inside, I didn't laugh

Автор 5 princess Bui ( назад)
4:34 Penguin's remake of Mr Bean

Автор The_Amazing_Imptini ( назад)
Hey look it's Muta!

Автор Yelitza Camacho ( назад)

Автор Rainbow_Llamas_for_life ( назад)
9:00 wtf ..... the dogs adorable af but ...just why...

Автор Pearl Garcia ( назад)
at 8:20 I feel like the cats gonna plan its revenge at one point

Автор Pearl Garcia ( назад)
I think a few of these animals are ma soul animal trust ma

Автор Claire Ezzelle ( назад)
My Dog Does The Same But would also beg For me to throw his toys XD

Автор Kim Cornell ( назад)
Sorry to say, but at 6:55 if I had a dog that showed its teeth to my
daughter; then the dog has to go away!!

Автор Love Joaquin ( назад)
Don't watch these videos at night because you'll be like me and keep
clicking until it's 4 am

Автор Av3NgER 2.0 ( назад)
9:00 I feel bad for that lil' pup.

Автор Tonya Landreth ( назад)
8:24 so cute

Автор saran saran ( назад)
ayyyo pavam la

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