homemade airgun

this is my first homemade airgun, i made this from pvc pipe, bycycle pump, garden hose adapter and radio antenna for the barrel, i just dry shot one time because i did'nt have pellet that time .next time i will make video shooting this airgun, to show you how is the triggers work. hope u like it!

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Автор Israel David ( назад)
nice design, very compact n beaultiful

Автор Accretia111 ( назад)

Автор jhaydee hunter ( назад)
thats not airgun!! that is a airsoft!!

Автор Bradley Tomashek ( назад)
I'm diggin' the creed man!

Автор jontee amorado ( назад)
watch?v=Qf4t9EnXxrs here's are something like that trigger he just take it
to the higher level of trigger :D

Автор GamePhysics ( назад)
Hello Julius! This air gun is great! I have designed my own design in
microsoft paint and then I found yours and saw that it looks a bit similar
to what I am trying to make. Is there any way I can send you a picture of
my design so you can say what is good and what is bad about the design!

Автор edinho ferrari ( назад)
The homie have the tutorial on how you did it to me, my email is
edinho.cf@hotmail.com make this favor

Автор bravootome ( назад)
it look really great ! is it 6 mm barrel ?

Автор MrHPNetbook ( назад)
Iba din yung kay joel maganda din kaso hindi nya sinabi lahat ang parte sa
kanyang air gun nalilito ako kunti but aus din ok lng, tol tanong ko lang
semi-automatic bayan? Kompara kai semi auto kc un, thnx

Автор MrHPNetbook ( назад)
Aus ang ganda iba din ang style nang homemade air gun salamt sa vid mo tol,
sana tol mag video karin nang step by step kung pano ginawa at ipakita mo
sana ung lahat nang parte sa air gun mas malaking thank you kung gagawin mo

Автор Jeff Price ( назад)
whats with the faggy music

Автор Daniel Wong ( назад)
how does it work

Автор mrtozo ( назад)
who said anything about beiber? never read that anywhere on here

Автор drextrey ( назад)
Wow are U Bieber fans ahhaha. And he says creed gay LOL

Автор Joeaft ( назад)
what caliber is that

Автор KRAYSLiCK999 ( назад)
u got my view because of the song ;P

Автор mrtozo ( назад)
would have been a great video if it wasnt for this gay ass song...

Автор Cesar Palacio ( назад)
el menor proyecto que visto de rifle de aire comprimido ... creo que hare
un rifle igual para ... tenerlo en mi cuarto

Автор wyz2285 ( назад)
congratulations, Very well made bolt action and trigger!

Автор luke schempf ( назад)
sorry foriners but i hate it when i see the comments

Автор blowgunking1994 ( назад)
cool,it reminds me of the airforce tallon ss

Автор SS10111011 ( назад)
im impressed, that gun looks really good for a homemade. very nice job

Автор lynnch55 (1484 года назад)
What is this amazing song called

Автор julius072109 ( назад)
@luisgustavons look the other video bout trigger mecanism, tnx:D

Автор luis gustavo nunes schwenck ( назад)
firstly congratulations, absolutly perfect project. could you help us about
the trigger system? thanks!

Автор joukebmw ( назад)
verry nice look like an airforce condor how much did it cost to make?

Автор Costas Papadopoulos ( назад)
re ma ise poustis peeeeee

Автор julius072109 ( назад)
@FliaParedes2285 y a ti que carajo te importa?

Автор coool759 ( назад)
you ar verry slomow

name of the song pls

Автор HiddeBoers ( назад)
nice, i like the upper part, it kinda looks like a famas tbh

Автор suckerfreelatino1 ( назад)
@julius072109 what did u use for the trigger??

Автор suckerfreelatino1 ( назад)
@julius072109 what did u suse for the trigger??

Автор emac424 ( назад)
lol i made my first a couple days ago urs is WAY better

Автор bobiffer0123 ( назад)
dude, this thing is beast

Автор julius072109 ( назад)
i didnt use ball valve in it.

Автор zulu king ( назад)
yeah do so the trigger luks nice...the ball valves r kinda bulky

Автор niksechtniks ( назад)
he like as a famas

Автор Mike Jones ( назад)
looks like an AUG

Автор shadowkn1ght ( назад)
hi im looking to make a new airgun and i would like to know if you could
send me the blueprints of this gun. i would really appreciate it if you do.

Автор julius072109 ( назад)
yes, i put a bicycle valve to the air tank, just wait im going to make a
video of how i made the trigger system. thanks

Автор Liew wc ( назад)
erm,,,i found 1 similar pump, but hw can i pump the air to the air tank
without air leakage? hw u connect the tube to the air tank? u applied any
bicycle valve on the air tank? and hw u setup ur trigger system? i made 2
air gun, one of the air gun i made is garden hose as the trigger system,
another 1 is juz a simple water pipe valve

Автор Anton Kooistra ( назад)
Lawl, why not just buy a an Airforce. :p

Автор acr2121 ( назад)
airsoft gun?

Автор julius072109 ( назад)
i bought it, its just a simple bicycle pump glued to the air tank.

Автор Liew wc ( назад)
where u get the pump?

Автор julius072109 ( назад)
one last breath by Creed

Автор CannonPros ( назад)
6 feet under or 6 feet from the edge by Creed

Автор Streetfire ( назад)
whats the song?

Автор julius072109 ( назад)
intatare hacer un plano y pasartelo, porque este proyecto lo hize sin
plano, solo pensar y mirar otros videos para tener alguna idea cada dia que
me didico a hacer este proyecto, gracias.

Автор brayankx ( назад)
men pidrias pasarme los planos

Автор julius072109 ( назад)
ung trigger ko nkkonect s air valve kya wla n syang hammer, kya pg piniga
ko ung trigger bubukas ung valve.

Автор viel german ( назад)
pinoy ka din pala tingnan mu ung video ko at ni executioner225, panu mu
ginawa ung trigger

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