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Автор Edourado SarmEntoS (7 месяцев)
Rock Am Ring de qual ano?

Автор nike warner (2 месяца)
weiland gave a shit here......just a lame bunch of songs.....really.

Автор Robert “TYRANNY” Mirabilio (2 месяца)
Scott and I Had The Same PROBATION OFFICER, Back when He Was Going Through
Some Hard Time's. At least when We went to Santa Monica They Would Have The
Time Set to Where There Was NO ONE At The Place, When we First Met.
He tried to Jump in front of me Unreal Like it was only the two of us and
my Son David Mirabilio, T.M.Z. Was Always Up Our Ass. Once when Robert was
getting his Mourning Starbucks. Like 50 Mile's away from Santa Monica And
M.S. Johnson, I Had A Methadone Info Packet and that was it. I Told him
to Stop Fucking Around, But No He Had to Play Hard ASS,,
Well Life's a TRIP To This day I Wonder Who Threw that Methadone Info In
Front Of All The Parasites (T.M.Z.) And The Rest
Is History,, You Made It So Fucking Easy, Easy, Then you found Out that
I Write And Arrange The Music For So Many, See
Growing Up In Malibu and Being The LiL Well Known Person In Our Industry
Suck's HUH????? Oh Robert Looked in Great
Prime Shape.. Like Malibu West Took it's Toll. The G, BUSY Curse,,, Lives'
On, Point Being That the 2 year's that we would
talk. Could be the 2 year's that should have Never BEEN,,,,,,, Robert
Mirabilio "TYRANNY" i.e. Piano Player For The "DUDE" Jeff Bridges.

Автор Alvaro Crisóstomo Caro (13 дней)
El público, a excepción de los que estaban primero, terrible fomeeee!!

Автор rick Comstock (3 месяца)
Well and is the king. Plain and simple. I wish he could stay sober. He has
been part of 2 amazing bands. His solo stuff is top rate too. Hopefully he
can get back with one of the 2 bands.

Автор GustavoSG Tutoriais (2 дня)
sem comentarios, perfeito.

Автор Juval González (1 месяц)
Amazing concert!!

Автор tukanrock (3 месяца)
I Hate Weiland Moves !!! 

Автор marcelo way (6 месяцев)
A pausa instrumental repentina no final de Sucker train blues foi perfeita

Автор Kevin Gavalis (1 месяц)
One of the best frontmen to take a stage.

Автор ldm101598 (4 месяца)
Damn weiland can put hell of a show and he sounds good too hes a fricken

Автор Djonatan Matheus (4 месяца)
this band has only fame by former members of Guns n roses, only That is why

Автор Anxo Doce Cubeiro (6 месяцев)
Velvet Revolver Rock Am Ring: http://youtu.be/Iayc4jrJUT0

Автор mr sedition (4 месяца)
show time for strangers

Автор herbie0408 (3 месяца)
57:01 well they are awkward size maraca's...

Автор Joseph Coughlin (3 месяца)
last of the real rock stars... 

Автор ayamasa8 (3 месяца)

Автор Pierre Angers (3 месяца)
Velvet revolver c'est un band d'exeption that it

Автор mikelgravez (5 месяцев)
You can have "American Idol". I'll take large doses of this please.

Автор uryuu rayleigh (9 месяцев)

Let It Roll
Do It For The Kids
Sucker Train Blues
She Mine
Fall To Pieces
Just Sixteen
It's So Easy
Sex Type Thing
She Builds Quick Machines
Set Me Free
Psycho Killer
Mr. Brownstone

Автор Jacob Heavenfire (3 месяца)
I see you standing there, you think you're so cool, why don't you just...
Fuck off!!!

Автор Ecce Omar (1 год)
the crowd is dead or what?

Автор Liu Grey (9 месяцев)
taba mas duro que el diego y el charly juntos

Автор George Kenning (3 месяца)
as much as i love VR, weiland kinda sucks ass here, his voice cracks and
drops out of key too much, i know he wasn't the best vocalist but he
sounded much better in early VR days when he also looked like he gave a
shit :/

Автор Djonatan Matheus (4 месяца)
Mr.Brownstone , It's so easy only

Автор SNAKE PLISSKEN (6 месяцев)

Автор Mr Garces (2 дня)
I can't breathe

Автор Eugenia Gomez (4 месяца)
Duff Slash.........

Автор SERGIO MELICIO (6 месяцев)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Автор Juan Manuel Latorre (9 месяцев)
Shitty crowd...

Автор Antonio carlos andre (11 месяцев)

Автор Makoto Ogasawara (7 месяцев)

Автор john small (4 месяца)
Amazing ba. Shame the broke up. personally I think Slash just doesnt get on
with singers who are as wild as Axl or Scott. Myles sucks

Автор Carl Pallini (7 месяцев)
Exciting show,Weiland singing not terrific.Symbol on the hat pretty bad.

Автор CIDdrums (1 год)
Weiland= M. Bison

Автор Adam Correia (1 год)
When he yells "masturbation, OH YEAH" does he ever sound like Jim Morrison.
Fucking badass!

Автор Ion Tudor Bernaz (8 месяцев)
i think slash was fucking drunk during this show.or there was something
wrong with his guitar.out of tuned or something.all his solos sound fucking
stupid.out of tune its like the guitar was passed out

Автор dregs1983 (7 месяцев)
self indulgent smack head singer again...

Автор Bill Baxton (5 месяцев)

Автор JohnAllanification (8 месяцев)
if Slash took off a tonne of hair those sun-glasses and half the leather

Автор Diego Fransisco (9 месяцев)
que buena banda VR, lastima que se separaron. Scott le daba Rock a la

Автор Doug M (3 месяца)
This was a pretty decent show. I used to be into Velvet Revolver when the
band was active. Honestly though, Guns N' Roses Rock Am Ring performance
from 2006 was so much better than this.

Автор Anderson Pereira (9 месяцев)
guns é lixo essa banda é luxo !

Автор Luis Delgado (7 месяцев)
this was an awesome line up i am glad i got to see both tours 

Автор thaddeus rex (9 месяцев)
the fucking real deal, fully authentic rock music played live-- hats off to
VR..what else, aside from family and friends and good health is there in
this fucking crazy world? 

Автор Cheri Veinot (7 месяцев)

Автор completelyclay (6 месяцев)

Автор Paulo Ribeiro (10 месяцев)
sexy type thing !

Автор Felipe Andrade (1 год)
Worst crowd ever

Автор The WIse One (4 месяца)
I think it's funny when people talk shit about Scott or anyone else in
these bands for that matter...They've been famous and done more than you
have in your entire life, so who are you to judge...everyone has they're
shitty moments. These guys have more talent in their pinky finger than the
people talking shit sitting in their basement watching these videos...just

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