Velvet Revolver Rock Am Ring

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Автор Emery Blue ( назад)
E no final chamar@o a polícia por causa do T M#bile...........Correria pra
esconde as petéca!

Автор Emery Blue ( назад)
Esse Show foi um oferecimentO aos amplificadores oK!

Автор Soothing90 ( назад)
poor scott, he looks sickly and skinny compared to the STP era.
must have been high as fuck in this performance, he acted like he had no

Автор Mario Reese ( назад)
I was working at hurricane fest, not expecting, that STP, cause of weiland,
will rock me as they did! his performance was mindblowing...what would you
do, so fuckin' brilliant? R.I.P.

Автор Miguel Simal ( назад)
"We are Velvet Revolver, and we still play motherfucking Rock n' Roll!"

That's what we lost when he died...

Автор Fernando Leão ( назад)
Mto bom!

Автор heavydude 74 ( назад)
the crowd is boring on this stage

Автор heavydude 74 ( назад)
Scott always had this mick Jagger vibe in his performance's the guy was
awesome, so sad to read of his passing, was hoping he would do another
album with velvet and stp.

Автор Dino Damian Modotti ( назад)
un frió en las tetas del publico jajaja ni sabían porque estaban ahí.

Автор kingbuhler ( назад)
That crowd had no idea what they were witnessing. What a bunch of pro's.

Автор Joe Perry ( назад)
for the fans and that stupid drug addled singer think he is Mick Jager and
Axl Pose what a loser all you LOSERS!!

Автор Kimberly Johnson ( назад)
And a little "SHOUT OUT" to MATT .... What's up baby!

Автор Kimberly Johnson ( назад)
Pure Rock Star... The "REAL" Deal Indeed.... Everyone of these guys are
kick rad real.... Love me some Rock N Roll...YEAH!!!!!

Автор RingerRacing ( назад)
sick fucking show and great speech @ 38min to try to awaken the crowd

Автор Shane Ernst ( назад)
12:04 HOLY FUCK!!!! Scott motherfucking Weiland!

Автор Pablo Desiderio ( назад)
scoott forever

Автор shinedown389 ( назад)
what is slash doing up there. gay as fuck.

Автор Shannon keightley ( назад)
What a showman. Scott had such a musical range. He could take you from 0 to
100 in under 3 seconds and then back again. A lot like how he lived his
life.You will never find another front man like him. I miss him so much. I
always thought he would dodge the bullet. I was wrong.

Автор Rhythmista ( назад)
There are only two words to describe Scott during this show..
Awkwardly energetic. The "mother fuckers" spewed after almost every song
was quite embarrassing..However, a dead German crowd is the true culprit
I've seen more energy during activity time at a retirement home..
Mind you, i'd be yelling out mother fuckers to this shit as crowd too if i
was in his shoes...

Автор alin adam ( назад)
Scott (RIP) is great but not better than Axl !

Автор SIMON THOMSON ( назад)
His voice was great here.

Автор Sammy Hewson ( назад)
It wouldve been so sick if they did some GNR covers here ( i defianetly
think Weiland could've done some of GNRs stuff )

Автор desmian sudamericano ( назад)
la ultima banda de hard rock.guns and roses chúpame la pija.en memoria de
Scott que en paz descanse

Автор Alvaro Andres Gomez Abarca ( назад)
no me canso de ver la energia entregada por el gran scoot weiland, siempre
me sorprendiste con tu carisma y frontman en el escenario.. vives en
nuestro recuerdo scoot

Автор Zsolt Rakovecz ( назад)
Guys, this was a brilliant concert. This is the real Rock and Roll.
Scott is very sorry that it happened. Great loss. Rest in peace.

Автор Debra Salinas ( назад)
they're were great because of his ability to the one badass frontman. ...he
had a way with capturing his audience's complete attention. ..yes the
musicans of ..STP &VR...had some great talent...but scott kept you
entertained with his energy and vocals. ..rip scott..

Автор Bryan wheels ( назад)
Awesome show. I seen them this same year in Maryland . Scott was an
ambassador for Rock music and a hell of a front man.

Автор beardownx2006 ( назад)
pathetic crowd. everyone is just standing around looking bored as hell.
you're at Rock Am Ring watching Velvet Revolver and acting like you're at a
damn funeral. unacceptable...this is scott at his best and they're all just
being damn zombies like dee da dee dumb fucks

Автор John Burns ( назад)
they totally ripped the old GnR intro.
but they were like a better GnR so we cool

Автор Mark Snell (1696 лет назад)
Scott is the modern day Mick Jagger.

Автор hrnjug ( назад)
RIP Scott Weiland

Автор John O'Dacre (OFFH) ( назад)

Автор Kevin C ( назад)
so glad i got to see VR and STP

Автор Garrett Breen ( назад)
sad! Amazing! missed! loved! Rip!

Автор Angry Persian Princess ( назад)
Scott was an amazing lead guitarist and the combination of him , Slash and
Duff was just incredible.

RIP Scott .. we miss you..and long live GN'R , so happy they re-united :D

Автор Roxxane D'troyt ( назад)
better than fucking axl will be wait and see

Автор Diego Medina Iriarte ( назад)
Duff LaCagaN

Автор Dan Kavanagh ( назад)
Prime Scott, whole band kicked ass and that crowd barely lifted a finger
throughout. Fuckers didn't realize they should have given the energy back
to the band.

Автор Franklin Vasquez ( назад)
Front Man School!

Автор Pedro Pazmiño ( назад)
is it just me or the crowd fucking sucks!

Автор Thomas McGhee ( назад)
RIP this guy had the Balls to Live Life and man what a Voice !!!

Автор xslipnotx47 ( назад)


Автор rich hash ( назад)
appreciate the music fuckers . come on really now you people talk shit
about this guys private life like you knew him . get over the bullshit take
it for what it is pussies. there is so many assholes in that biz still
alive that would make this dude seem decent. you fuckin pieces of shit have
no idea . btw didn't know him but i know enough that i think its time to go
fuck yourselves.

Автор Jesse Pinkman ( назад)
scott wasted but notbody can mess with slash opening a show

Автор GraffitiPhysical ( назад)
The audio engineering? What happened with the vocal volume in the beginning
of the song, you couldn't hear the singing. I mean, just turn him the fuck
up. I that shit.

Автор starwoodbirdsmilk ( назад)
Deliver me from the 20th century. I expected a lot more.

Автор WorldofLos ( назад)
No one will ever do it better than Weiland.

Автор PJ Neslo (1962 года назад)
jojomellon There is nothing more ignorant than jo jo mellon coming on this
thread running his or her suck, talking like they know who Scott was, what
he spent his money on etc.. People like this tool jojo seem to forget that
Scott toured so much was so he could provide for his ex and his kids, he
said records don't sell, but yet this scumbag JoJo has to come on here and
try to be Mr. or Mrs. right thinking she or he personally knew Scott, the
fcking moron only hears what the tabloids say and instead of just saying
something good seeing that Scott is dead now, or to not even post at all
but comes on here running their man pleaser.... Nobody cares what you have
to say, especially like we're supposed to sit here and let you kid the guy
when he's down for good..I think not motherfucker, go take your good for
nothing mouth elsewhere..... Nobody can be perfect like JoJo, you fucking
hypocritical piece of shit !!

Автор SHAPELESS ( назад)
Ditto Pat. Dude is a Goliath....a good one. He gave A LOT to millions and
millions of people. Not an easy task. I saw STP live twice. They were
better performing live in concert than in their perfectly engineered
albums. Scott had legions trying to swallow him....big money pounding at
his doornfor decades to feed him to the crowds. He should have taken a long
hiatus on an island somewhere.....then came back to STP. The "BLASTER"
Album shows Scott hadnt lost an inch. Top form. A tragic loss. Always hope
characters like him will find a way to die old and grey. The world needs
people like him, healthy....he sold his soul....his fight was not able to
regain and secure control. He fought the money and the machine for a long
long time......Stp bros betraying him over money didnt help. Fuck the
money. You assholes all had too much money and lost sight of why you all
made music. Now Scott is gone. Stop figuring shit out too late.

Автор Aaron #80sRocked ( назад)
Irony, Heroin addict singer picks the ONE song of his Supergroups band
mates other bands that is about Heroin ! Paradise City , Patience , Welcome
to the Jungle, You Could Be Mine ect ...... Dude was talented no doubt but
for those of you think he was a great Front man need to realize his stage
presence was a mix of Iggy Pop, Jagger & Tyler , Roth even !! His voice is
what made him stand out !

Автор matt fogt ( назад)
Scott was our generations Elvis

Автор Phaellos ( назад)
42:00 orgasm

Автор Matthew Barrett ( назад)
We all know he was a great performer but what about the fact he chose doing
dope over taking care of his wife(ex) and spending time with his kid, he
shouldnt be praised he should be shunned along with this kind of behavior
and all people do is sit here and glorify a person who couldnt even make a
positive influence on the one person he should and that is his child.

Автор ‫אופק עזריה‬‎ ( назад)
41:15 - 42:15

R.I.P Big Scott!

Автор wood1155 ( назад)
Holy shit they rocked hard

Автор MVMBanda ( назад)

Автор the ghost ( назад)
Patrick Lynn fuck what other people say Scott was (is) a great front man
his personal problems have nothing to do with anything when you put his
records on I mean look at MEATPLOW jesus that is immense not to mention all
the other stuff

Автор voodoopat1 ( назад)
From a crowd of 75 000 for this show in 2007 to a crowd of 75 at his last
(cancelled) show in 2015. This must have been one hellish downward spiral.

Автор olly3700 ( назад)
RIP Scott....Too sad...

Автор magi ( назад)
Scott Weiland! RIP man...This is how a true rocker perform....Truly

Автор sticksman1979 ( назад)
Guns N' Roses + Scott Weiland = Pretty Fucking Cool. So sad he's gone.

Автор Gregory Williams ( назад)
R.I.P. Scott!!!

Автор Harvey Shaper ( назад)
He was a gifted artist and this band was no side project. They were truly a
great band with great songs. The disease of addiction doesn't discriminate
about who it takes.

Автор InScaneMusic ( назад)
is this the best the heroin brotherhood has to offer?

Автор Daniel de Marins ( назад)
R.I.P. Scott Weiland. You were awesome.

Автор The Bipolar Bear ( назад)
I know why you did it Scott. See you soon. Time to rest. Brendon

Автор Maria L (1669 лет назад)
Grupo de Exposiçao Artesanal Superior da Policia Forence Medicina da
Holografia de Levitaçao e Carreata de 3000 Cursos Superiores do Miguel
Arcanjo. Maria Zèlia.

Автор wattage2007 ( назад)
Supergroup? Christ, I've heard tighter school bands.

Автор Mark Sinn ( назад)
One of my fav rock bands,Scott you have been set free..RIP

Автор clement burette ( назад)


Let It Roll
Do It For The Kids
Sucker Train Blues
She Mine
Fall To Pieces
Just Sixteen
It's So Easy
Sex Type Thing
She Builds Quick Machines
Set Me Free
Psycho Killer
Mr. Brownstone

Автор Ricky Swindle (1836 лет назад)
RIP Scott. Truly one of the greatest talents to ever take the stage. This
video says it all really. So happy we got the VR years on top of STP.

Автор ThinkReal ( назад)
R.I.P. Scott Weiland 1967-2015

Автор Mario Neto ( назад)
RIP Scott Weiland

Автор Juan Alonso ( назад)
RIP Scott Weiland

Автор Mike P ( назад)
his best music was when he was rocked out of his mind...will be
missed....thank you for giving us music that will last for decades

Автор Valter Carvalho ( назад)
Saudades eternas Scott ...
Descanse em paz .

Автор Michael Robert ( назад)
Awesome Slither at the very end. Good job Scott

Автор 4kirin4 ( назад)
I'll miss him

Автор Steve Thurley ( назад)
Awesome performance Scotty - will be sorely missed

Автор Brack Cool ( назад)
Rip weiland

Автор ares0wept ( назад)

Автор Scott Weiland ( назад)
R.I.P. Scott! Keep on rockin' from the sky

Автор Adam Smith ( назад)
RIP Scott Weiland

Автор walter kersting ( назад)
Ssso, that guy wuz on DRUGS????!!!!

Автор Marcel Lambert ( назад)
those add on the screen suck

Автор ian mouer ( назад)

Автор Lucas Ariza ( назад)
good bye scott U_u te extrañaremos

Автор Guillermo Lagos ( назад)
i will miss you scott...GREAT MAN

Автор Jorge Carvajal ( назад)
RIP Scott Weiland we'll always love u

Автор DarthSithZero ( назад)
I guess there's no chance for more Velvet Revolver.
RIP Scott Weiland.

Автор El Viejo Gaucho ( назад)

Автор Lynne Jumawan ( назад)
Great man...made STP and Velvet Revolver legend.. Miss u Scott..May u rest
in peace

Автор PJ Neslo ( назад)
Just learned about the passing of Scott Weiland. I don't know what to say
other than I feel extremely sad. Scott now you can finally find the peace
you fought your whole life, but thankyou for being such a huge inspiration
to me growing up. I will forever be grateful for that. Rest in Peace my
brother, love you m

Автор Joe Fowler ( назад)

Автор Rafa Llamas ( назад)
Nothing, just sad as fuck watching this cool nostalgic shit

RIP Scott

Автор OttremaNiA1219 ( назад)
RIP, Scott...thanks for the music and memories..

Автор Luis Merlin Gutierrez Jr. ( назад)
Scott Wieland is & will always be STP's & Velvet Revolver's
frontman RIP Scott ( 1967 - 2015 )

Автор gazza suffolk ( назад)
well as an oldie I have to say I really enjoy this band pity they are no

Автор flashy5150 ( назад)
That was cool when they did "Psycho Killer" by "The Talking Heads" --
really cool song and band -- David Byrne .

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