Velvet Revolver Rock Am Ring

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Автор Sina Kavuncu (3 месяца)
Matt looked much cooler than the GNR era

Автор Lud Marx (2 года)

Автор Cameron Kratzer (3 месяца)
Shit what is the second song they played? Anyone remember?

Автор Felipe Andrade (5 месяцев)
Worst crowd ever

Автор CIDdrums (2 месяца)
Weiland= M. Bison

Автор Paulo Ribeiro (4 дня)
sexy type thing !

Автор Alex Bobinski (6 месяцев)
the best frontman costume ever! "terroristik dicktator"

Автор richard salvator (1 месяц)
1:25 -sound-man figures out where to set the level for Scott"s mic. This
happens usually because someone other than Scott himself did sound-check
for that mic.

Автор Adam Correia (3 месяца)
When he yells "masturbation, OH YEAH" does he ever sound like Jim Morrison.
Fucking badass!

Автор empirikal09 (2 месяца)
The German crowds boring as always. Fucking lame mothefuckers

Автор CheshireCatband (3 месяца)
SW surprisingly strong here....

Автор nunja undnu (1 месяц)
Good stuff

Автор song6garden (29 дней)
I saw GnR open for Aerosmith around that time too in an arena local venue @
Mike person. 88ish? Had no idea who they were! I learned pdq I saw GnR USE
UR ILLUSION tour also aug 92 VR blew me away caught them 3x on tour. STP
2008ish. Last i heard, STP gave Scott the boot replacing him with Chester
Bennington Weilands got to be fcking up BIG time! VR live did STP GnR Tunes
so sweet w/out asshole singing.btw! VR did some sweet covers incl of all
things, Cheap Trick They fckn ROCKED! Heroin SUCKS!!!!!

Автор Music (8 месяцев)
+Vonbrosch I see what you mean by STP and GnR AND Velvet Revolver. They
got a hell of a show and prbably dont even know it!! I saw GnR at one of
thier first shows/tours. It was RIGHT after thier first album came out.
They were so unknown still, they played in a place that only held 200
people. They rocked that night and the sound crew had them CD perfect.
Was awesome!! 

Автор Rodrigo C. Jr. (8 месяцев)
Are these people aware they are in the presence of living rock music
legends? Are they aware they are in a rock concert? Fuck them, VR are

Автор Ecce Omar (6 месяцев)
the crowd is dead or what?

Автор Bagus Eko Retnadi (7 месяцев)
Let It Roll, Do It For The Kids, Sucker Train Blues, She Mine, Vasoline,
Fall To Pieces, Just Sixteen, It's So Easy, Sex Type Thing, She Builds
Quick Machines, Set Me Free, Psycho Killer, Mr. Brownstone, Slither.

Автор Garrett Kikta (6 месяцев)
This crowd are like statues.

Автор shadowgunmateus mateus (3 месяца)
he were best friends

Автор juliano alves (1 месяц)
do caralho.......

Автор Raul Fernando (5 месяцев)
Weiland = Jesse Pinkman

Автор CheshireCatband (3 месяца)
Sausage Fest!!

Автор Music (8 месяцев)
+Diego Amorim Not really. The crowd wasnt as crazy as Americans. They
were as almost like tamed puppy dogs, lol.

Автор Partypaddo (7 месяцев)
Great concert but c'mon...motherf*ckers isn't the only word in the world!
And no, cursing isn't a part of rock.

Автор Mika Ojanaho (1 год)

Автор Shannon Long (5 месяцев)
This crowd is soooo fucking lame!!!!

Автор Manny Manner (3 месяца)
Scott sounds so synthetic. I haven't heard him sing without auto tune since
the mid 90's. 

Автор Phil-76 (6 месяцев)
Scott is so fucking gay,it's sick.

Автор Duff Elwell (7 месяцев)
I miss Scott.

Автор boogiechillen123 (8 месяцев)
They played their asses off the crowd sat on theirs.

Автор unclebugspayton (2 месяца)
Now THIS is fucking MUSIC!!!!

Автор Johnny Marlin (7 месяцев)
What a Gig.Shame they are not still together!!

Автор keith s (6 месяцев)
lol slash singing into the mic is great at 29:40

Автор sllitheer (1 год)

Автор Lluis Farga (1 год)
VR doesnt exists anymore!!!

Автор Marcos Ifran (10 месяцев)
is assumed that all the people there is rock???who closed that night?? one
direction???? for God's sake! VELVET REVOLVER RINGIN MAN!! BREAK

Автор aleex argento (1 год)
agree with you're absolutely right GREETINGS FROM ARGENTINA

Автор john246877 (1 год)
Do you mean the new band?? Cuz i agree lol

Автор Mike Hudson (11 месяцев)
The crowd can go and fuck themself, ungreatfull bitches!

Автор szymek6667 (1 год)
Yeah, Fuck G`n`R, because they are fucking posers with no respect for fans,
so fuck them, and if any one disagree with what I`m saying I don`t give a
fuck, so fuck You! Peace!

Автор alwi husain (1 год)
slash you are the best

Автор Isaah Stephens (1 год)

Автор Tammy Howard (1 год)
Fall To Pieces gets me every time! Amazing song, amazing singer!

Автор Viktor Beleusch (1 год)
Guns and roses

Автор Pablo SC (1 год)
agree with that

Автор Franco Radlovachki (1 год)
el mejor final que escuche y vi

Автор Ollie Frost (1 год)
Velvet Revolver- Do it for the kids

Автор mrawesomeness997 (1 год)
mabey if you read Slash's book, you would understand. That being said, YOU
sir, are irrelevant. Nice try though, please play again.

Автор Giovane Dalmaso (1 год)
Where's Dirty Little Thing?

Автор paule720 (1 год)
crowd is sleeping

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