Velvet Revolver Rock Am Ring

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Автор flashy5150 ( назад)
That was cool when they did "Psycho Killer" by "The Talking Heads" --
really cool song and band -- David Byrne .

Автор Johnny Charisma ( назад)
That's what I call a rock n roll show man

Автор Annie cress ( назад)
Billy Idol makes these lot look like pure amatures... LOVE BILLLYYY!!!!

Автор Steven Jones ( назад)
fucking twat head camera men and editors trying to make a name for
themselves, zooming, in and out of focus and changing camera every fucking
second. Fucked it right out of the ball park. TWATS! I really can't
emphasize enough what a bunch of fuck-ups they truly are. honestly.

Автор Patrick Lynn (1212 года назад)
For all you Scott's just a junkie watch and learn what a true rock frontman
is. He made STP what it is,legendary, and turned this band into a face

Автор daveeeed ( назад)
'kitty kitty kitty kitty ki-tty - ow...let it roll let it roll.'

Автор olly3700 ( назад)
GNR is girl's and pussy's "rock".VR Play hard rock'n roll in an
existentialistic way like it's for their lives.SW is crazy but great. (not
all great singers are a bit crazy, eren't they?)the Music Slash Plays with
MK and the conspirators is meaningless. that's just my 50ct...

Автор Patrick Walker (620 лет назад)
This should be a DVD. weiland sounds awesome !

Автор Relax Rock Music ( назад)
Great show great times yeah \mm/ rock!

Автор Ivan Nikolov ( назад)
Scott is good .It no easy to singing in this agresiv midle range

Автор Ivan Nikolov ( назад)
very stupid man on the mixer in this live.The Band is great and he fuck the

Автор reffoelcnu alouncelal ( назад)
Ooh he swears 

Автор carldawgh ( назад)
why arent ppl fking moshing jesus christ?

Автор Mr Garces ( назад)
I can't breathe

Автор GustavoSG Tutoriais ( назад)
sem comentarios, perfeito.

Автор Alvaro Crisóstomo Caro ( назад)
El público, a excepción de los que estaban primero, terrible fomeeee!!

Автор Juval González ( назад)
Amazing concert!!

Автор Kevin Gavalis ( назад)
One of the best frontmen to take a stage.

Автор the devil cried ( назад)
sound like billy idol on a bad day

Автор Robert “TYRANNY” Mirabilio ( назад)
Scott and I Had The Same PROBATION OFFICER, Back when He Was Going Through
Some Hard Time's. At least when We went to Santa Monica They Would Have The
Time Set to Where There Was NO ONE At The Place, When we First Met.
He tried to Jump in front of me Unreal Like it was only the two of us and
my Son David Mirabilio, T.M.Z. Was Always Up Our Ass. Once when Robert was
getting his Mourning Starbucks. Like 50 Mile's away from Santa Monica And
M.S. Johnson, I Had A Methadone Info Packet and that was it. I Told him
to Stop Fucking Around, But No He Had to Play Hard ASS,,
Well Life's a TRIP To This day I Wonder Who Threw that Methadone Info In
Front Of All The Parasites (T.M.Z.) And The Rest
Is History,, You Made It So Fucking Easy, Easy, Then you found Out that
I Write And Arrange The Music For So Many, See
Growing Up In Malibu and Being The LiL Well Known Person In Our Industry
Suck's HUH????? Oh Robert Looked in Great
Prime Shape.. Like Malibu West Took it's Toll. The G, BUSY Curse,,, Lives'
On, Point Being That the 2 year's that we would
talk. Could be the 2 year's that should have Never BEEN,,,,,,, Robert
Mirabilio "TYRANNY" i.e. Piano Player For The "DUDE" Jeff Bridges.

Автор nike warner ( назад)
weiland gave a shit here......just a lame bunch of songs.....really.

Автор tukanrock ( назад)
I Hate Weiland Moves !!! 

Автор Pierre Angers (1637 лет назад)
Velvet revolver c'est un band d'exeption that it

Автор ayamasa8 ( назад)

Автор Jacob Heavenfire ( назад)
I see you standing there, you think you're so cool, why don't you just...
Fuck off!!!

Автор herbie0408 (288 лет назад)
57:01 well they are awkward size maraca's...

Автор George Kenning ( назад)
as much as i love VR, weiland kinda sucks ass here, his voice cracks and
drops out of key too much, i know he wasn't the best vocalist but he
sounded much better in early VR days when he also looked like he gave a
shit :/

Автор Doug M ( назад)
This was a pretty decent show. I used to be into Velvet Revolver when the
band was active. Honestly though, Guns N' Roses Rock Am Ring performance
from 2006 was so much better than this.

Автор Joseph Coughlin ( назад)
last of the real rock stars... 

Автор john small ( назад)
Amazing ba. Shame the broke up. personally I think Slash just doesnt get on
with singers who are as wild as Axl or Scott. Myles sucks

Автор ldm101598 ( назад)
Damn weiland can put hell of a show and he sounds good too hes a fricken

Автор Eugenia Gomez (718 лет назад)
Duff Slash.........

Автор The WIse One ( назад)
I think it's funny when people talk shit about Scott or anyone else in
these bands for that matter...They've been famous and done more than you
have in your entire life, so who are you to judge...everyone has they're
shitty moments. These guys have more talent in their pinky finger than the
people talking shit sitting in their basement watching these videos...just

Автор The WIse One ( назад)
I think it's funny when people talk shit about Scott or anyone else in
these bands for that matter...They've been famous and done more than you
have in your entire life, so who are you to judge...everyone has they're
shitty moments. These guys have more talent in their pinky finger than the
people talking shit sitting in their basement watching these videos...just

Автор mr sedition (517 лет назад)
show time for strangers

Автор Djonatan Matheus ( назад)
Mr.Brownstone , It's so easy only

Автор Djonatan Matheus ( назад)
this band has only fame by former members of Guns n roses, only That is why

Автор mikelgravez ( назад)
You can have "American Idol". I'll take large doses of this please.

Автор Bill Baxton ( назад)

Автор JeffersonDinedAlone ( назад)
Wretchedly bad.

Автор marcelo way ( назад)
A pausa instrumental repentina no final de Sucker train blues foi perfeita

Автор SNAKE PLISSKEN ( назад)

Автор maddog76 ( назад)
58:00 epic fuck up lol.

Автор Diego Amorim ( назад)
I guess they take off the crowd sound !!!!

Автор David Niven ( назад)
I'd love to see Argentina. I had some friends from Chile in High School.

Автор David Niven ( назад)
Then you suck too.

Автор BrianRoses ( назад)
would have that have played in argentina

Автор BrianRoses ( назад)
when was this concert?

Автор Rich Wolfson ( назад)
love this band. Saw them on their first tour. They killed it

Автор 7judas77 ( назад)
I regret that I never did. I saw STP at HOB for the No4 tour and it was
phenominal. Seeing this makes me sick I never saw them in person. Glad you
got to though! It's a shame it didn't work out with Weiland and them.

Автор Josh McGuire ( назад)
I fucking love this band!!

Автор Rikardo Hurtado ( назад)
TATOOOOOOOOOOO NOW ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Автор nick2gunsnroses ( назад)
The Ending Lol Jackass

Автор Janny Schattefor ( назад)
very nice concert whit great sokgs

Автор vhans gonzales ( назад)
i love guns and roses and velvet revolver thats it... no matter what...

Автор Vonbrosch ( назад)
i've had the pleasure of watching these guys twice. plain and simple, they
put on a great show!,. scotts voice is very technical, and perfect for
arenas. STP and GNR combo...what more would you ask for.? i ask. the past
is the past, and what we have is what we have. i embrace it and just wait
for more music to be made by the bands i like.

Автор Phaellos ( назад)
Except Chinese Democracy has its upsides... Your uprage wont bring the
original line-up any closer together so should we just listen to rock n'
roll and leave whining to r'n'b hipsters

Автор NassguI ( назад)
Vaseline..........how I miss STP.

Автор Regis Lima ( назад)
the best fucking showwwwwwwwwwwwww.........

Автор Harlen Crier ( назад)
Noice.. I was looking for this, bump bump mothatruckers!! :P

Автор Harlen Crier ( назад)

Автор Harlen Crier ( назад)
A track would be nice, if one exists then a bump would be exceptional :P

Автор TruthIsAllThatMatters ( назад)
I would like to ask the members of that band all who have performed for
many years before huge and small audiences, WHAT is the worst, most
unresponsive audience you ever had in all the time of your performing? I
bet it is the audience in this video.

Автор Marcos Ifran ( назад)
is assumed that all the people there is rock???who closed that night?? one
direction???? for God's sake! VELVET REVOLVER RINGIN MAN!! BREAK

Автор Jeff DiDonato ( назад)
With STP that is.

Автор Jeff DiDonato ( назад)
I definitely agree with you . Chester Bennington works and sounds better
live. I have not heard the new Album yet. It should be interesting.

Автор Marick Music ( назад)
I´m german, but this crowd is a shame man WTF?!

Автор Mike Hudson ( назад)
The crowd can go and fuck themself, ungreatfull bitches!

Автор sam hanson ( назад)
You can't take away something someone has already done fool!! STP and
Velvet Revolver both have EPIC albums thanks to Scott Weiland. Your a
nobody who can't say the same Fuckhead.

Автор Hendri Irawan ( назад)
Mother fucker !!!

Автор Omar J. Nicho ( назад)
worse crowd ever...

Автор Mehdi Ben ( назад)
hahahahaha xD

Автор Manny Manner ( назад)
Scott Weiland just didn't have a strong enough voice to make this an epic
band. It's well-known that he's been using auto-tune and vocal tracks for
years. He's so into himself that he doesn't even have a band at this point.

Автор Oliver K ( назад)
always when i come to random rock am ring video i see comment " the crowd

Автор goncalo mk ( назад)
The crowd doasnt motivate tham! it sucks to be on stage and have on one
motivating us!!

Автор Leonardo Gonçalves de Andrade ( назад)
Scott Weiland is the M. Bison.

Автор epibeast885 ( назад)
there is more action going on at the art gallery than in this crowd wtff

Автор slashsaulhudson123 ( назад)
doesn't exist*

Автор Lluis Farga ( назад)
VR doesnt exists anymore!!!

Автор Lluis Farga ( назад)

Автор Engle_D20 ( назад)
Why are people saying Scott sucks? Obviously he doesn't because he is very
successful. You jealousy is blinding you

Автор Orpheas Protopsaltis ( назад)
Φιλε αυτο που λες για συμβολαια ειναι μπαρουφα ,δεν ξερω καν απο που το
'χει παρει το αυτι σου.Ο Slash και ο Duff φυγανε επειδη δεν ήθελαν να
παρουν μερος σε ενα industrial-techno rock album οπως σχεδιαζε ο Axl και
δευτερον σιχαθηκαν πια να βρισκονται επι 3 χρονια σε αναμονη για το τι θα
γινει με το album και τη αναποφασιστικοτητα του Axl.o Slash μαλιστα πιστευε
οτι θα ξαναγυρναγε συντομα στους guns μετα απο λιγους μηνες.Μη ξεχνας οτι
τα δικαιωματα του ονοματος τα απεκτησε ο Axl μολις το 1997

Автор Axcess Player ( назад)

Автор Axcess Player ( назад)
Guns and roses

Автор hoochipappie75 ( назад)
these mutha fuckas ROCK....FUCK AXLE WHO.???? Scott is a badass

Автор Tobbelulle ( назад)
FINALLY! I'm not the only one who has seen it! I thank you my friend!

Автор aquafckface ( назад)
So you like the bash crowds don't you? Then here have whole carton of

Автор elduende112 ( назад)
fuck... amazing.

Автор samtattooargentina ( назад)

Автор mrtioguapo ( назад)
12:00 o'clock bad sex with your mom

Автор Ben Wright ( назад)
Velvet Revolver > Modern GnR That's just a fact mate, Slash's solo stuff is
miles better too.

Автор uryuu rayleigh ( назад)
setlist 1. Let It Roll 2. Do It For The Kids 3. Sucker Train Blues 4. She
Mine 5. Vasoline 6. Fall To Pieces 7. Just Sixteen 8. It's So Easy 9. Sex
Type Thing 10. She Builds Quick Machines 11. Set Me Free 12. Psycho Killer
13. Mr. Brownstone 14. Slither

Автор Sávio Freire ( назад)
This crowd suckkkkkkkkkkkkks!

Автор Franco Radlovachki ( назад)
el mejor final que escuche y vi

Автор samtattooargentina ( назад)

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