Honda Urban Express NU50 performance mods

There goes the neighborhood. Made this to show how I transformed my Honda Urban Express NU50 from a stock noped that only got up to 26 MPH, to a speed devil heathen straight from the gates of hell! Ok, so I increased its top speed by only 10 but that's a pretty good start. This video shows the trial I went through to do that.

upgraded parts:

belt: Napa BX31
exhaust: Proma Circuit for PA50 (modded to fit)
air filter: K&N RE-0200

Keep in mind that I am not an expert on these bikes and got MUCHO help from the boys over at MopedArmy.com. Taped from an Iphone 4.

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Автор anubis1100 ( назад)
did you try different roller weights?

Автор Lance ( назад)
These will bore out to .120 over so if you'll bore it say .60 it will run
I had 3 of these and they went to .120 and last one I built went 70mph and
this was in 1982 lolo . Just a gutted muffler lolo

Автор Richard Paglia ( назад)
What i have found is : the belt increases top speed to 35
The exhaust causes low end power to diminish noticeably, takes forever to
reach 30
Less restrictive air cleaner is a plus on amy application
Upjetting with this carburetor is tricky!
Save yourself the time and headache.
Remember its still a noped!

Автор TimODon87 ( назад)
did u upjet?

Автор Matthew Forster ( назад)
So +jcterzin what did you do for a kickstand? I added the same muffler,
but am kinda stuck on what to do about a kickstand.

Автор TheScooterdude80 ( назад)
I'm rockin summertime on my urban express.

Автор MemorysMystic ( назад)
You have to tune the carb with new jets. The air filter won't do a whole
lot if you leave stock jets in the carb.

Автор TheScooterdude80 ( назад)
yeah,I have 1 Iowa urban deluxe,and 1 regular urban deluxe.The deluxe part
just means I have electric start and a bigger battery.

Автор jcterzin ( назад)
yes! It did help. The whole variator was covered in old grease so I cleaned
it out as well and replaced that grease with graphite lube.

Автор jcterzin ( назад)
magically! :)

Автор jcterzin ( назад)

Автор jcterzin ( назад)
How'd you guess?

Автор jcterzin ( назад)
I don't believe so. I don't think you can mess with the variation on the
IOWA editions, though I could be wrong.

Автор jcterzin ( назад)
no, its still good to go! Just be sure to check the fuel mixture and make
sure it's not running too lean or rich. 

Автор jortiz69mp ( назад)
Did pushing it to go that fast mess it up in time.

Автор TheScooterdude80 ( назад)
Is your bike the urban express Iowa?

Автор kellsarah ( назад)
I'm not remembering the number for the belt, but every year I change my
belt with a cheap Mastercraft belt from Orielly, it runs about 6 or 7
bucks, and with a fresh belt and everything else stock I get 32mph. I
usually know it is time change out the belts when my top speed is only
28mph. I bought 2 Urban Expresses in 2009 one only had 1200 miles on it,
and they both had been parked since 1991. I ended up selling one because my
wife didn't enjoy riding them, but I still have the other.

Автор Tr3v0rUnKn0wN ( назад)
nice MGS1 music :p.. 

Автор Chris B. ( назад)
Sir this is amazing. I'm buying one but I think the motor is shot, If I can
bring it back to life, Im doing these mods, if not im just frankensteining
a 150cc motor in it

Автор TaystieNaydes ( назад)

Автор Armin Prnjavorac ( назад)
that "audience" is so annoying 

Автор James Crabtree ( назад)
where'd you get the exhaust?

Автор James Wicks ( назад)
I have an Urban Express 1982, I have stripped it of its original front and
back fenders. I added an after market exhaust that I picked up online for
60 bucks. I cleaned air filter and tuned brakes. I use Amsoil premium
2stroke interceptor oil. After I put the new exhaust on I tuned the
carburetor. The little thing does 40Mph top speed.

Автор mcfrisbie ( назад)
I've had one of these on and off since 1984. Lots of fun and much cooler
looking than any scoot made today. I do recommend you make sure your brakes
are in TOP shape. The cables stretch and sometimes stick and they weren't
engineered for anything more than the minimum speed so BE CAREFUL (and have

Автор 93sundance ( назад)
I got one of these new back in 1983 and it would top out at 35mph all day,
a steep hill I could do 38. It was governered to 35 but it felt like it had
more. If you did all those mods just to get to 34 then seems to me there is
a mechanical issue.

Автор jcterzin ( назад)
yea, it does help too

Автор joe muncey ( назад)
did you try useing three variator weights instead of six? i have and it
helps restore bottom end power

Автор jcterzin ( назад)
Yes, I've been real careful to monitor and check my plug for signs of
lean-ness (for lack of a better term). So far the bike has been running
pretty well without having to worry about it, but I think in the next month
I will add a larger jet and test it just for kicks.

Автор jcterzin ( назад)
My BX31 does decrease power on the low end, so my acceleration is less now
from the stops. I like the Top end increase though, especially with the new
exhaust to add power.

Автор Brian Jones ( назад)
No, video on youtube... Honda nu50 dreamcycle

Автор jcterzin ( назад)
holy crap dude! Does it feel like it's going to explode?

Автор Brian Jones ( назад)
Px malossi race gears and makuni 22mm carb, honda mb5 .004mm reeds, notch
variator, 6.5g roller weights, malossi 70cc kit, proma exhaust, and some
secret tuning skills.... gps @ 68mph..

Автор joe muncey ( назад)
i regret my last comment , my belt just snapped , how well dose the BX31
track on the drive faces ? dose it decrease bottom end power? im concerened
if i get the BX30 it will fall off

Автор Patrick Leonard ( назад)
You may want to re jet the carb after changing the filter, most of the
honda scooters and bikes like the express have tuned air filters and if
removed will cause the motor to run very lean and burn up a piston in a
real hurry. So you need a larger main jet. 

Автор pizzasluter3652 ( назад)
sorry it dose 45mph now not no

Автор pizzasluter3652 ( назад)
i went all out on my nu50 it dose 45mph no i put my hole tax return in to
it in january over 650$ and it was worth every penny and taco. there is a
very poor video of mine call honda nu50m irken express that tells all the
parts i have on it. the only thing is your bike is in very good shape i am
very jealous 

Автор jcterzin ( назад)
The outer diameter on my carb, which I'm quite sure was the original, is 1

Автор lukethekanefan ( назад)
the filters giving it more air the exhausts helping get the gasses out and
thats has made the diffrence but change the carb jets so it gets more
petrol to take advantage of the mods on the bike it shud ggive an extra 5
mph to 10mph to the 10mph you LREADY GOT

Автор heygianni ( назад)
Awesome! I'm doing the same thing in the summer. Thanks for the insight.

Автор Evan Warren ( назад)
great video! very in depth. im looking to up my nu50 as well. im ordering
the DR 70cc kit but i also would like to get a new air filter (i dont have
one right now). what size was the flange on the carb so i know what size
filter to get?

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