Curator's Corner: Gen. Patton's Pocket Pistols

The pocket pistols carried by General George S. Patton, Colt Model 1908, Detective Special, and Remington Model 51. Discussed on NRATV's Curator's Corner with Phil Schreier and John Popp. http://nramuseum.com

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Автор Christian DeJohn ( назад)
New book on the M4 Sherman tank-

“For Want Of A Gun: The Sherman Tank Scandal of WWII”



Автор ShoreDude105 ( назад)
It wasn't a Messerschmitt in the movie, it was 2 Heinkel HE 111 medium

Автор Smiddy Wesson ( назад)
Actually, the belt Patton is wearing in that picture over your shoulder is
a LOT more rare, because it's one of ten brown belts. All other such belts
were black, only the highest generals of WWII had the brown ones. I forget
what they are called, they had a gold globe and laurel buckle with an
eagle. Ike got one, Omar Bradley got one, Patton got one, and I have one of
those ten right here in my hands, right now, and it looks like new. In the
holster is a Colt 1908 pocket pistol in .380. This gun hasn't been stripped
in 80 years, so for giggles I took it out of it's case, and took it down.
There was NO corrosion on it, and it looks like it's never been fired,
brandy new. Getting it back together was another matter. The tolerances on
an unfired gun must be tighter, but 45 minutes later, it's all back
together, and it looks great in its presentation case.

Автор Omnihil777 ( назад)
I'm pretty sure that there were HE-111 planes George C. Scott as Gen.
Patton fired at in the movie, no Messerschmidts.

Автор arrlmember ( назад)
This video brought back memories of one of the guns I could kick myself for
selling. Sometime during the 1960's I purchased, new in the box, from a
dealer, a Colt .32 pocket pistol that I believe was part of the lend-lease
program. It was parkerized instead of blued, it had larger square sights
(instead of the little round ones) and it had British proof marks on the
barrel. I never fired it, and I certainly hope that whoever owns it now
hasn't fired it either. I have never seen such an item before or since. 

Автор Patrick Slevin ( назад)
I have a M51 Remington in 380 caliber in excellent condition. I love that
pistol, think I've only shot around 20 rounds through it as I'm afraid I
might break something. It's so accurate for a gun made almost 90 years ago
and, in my opinion is much better than the Colt offering. I have nothing
against the Colt at all but the Remington is far and away a better designed
pistol firing from a semi locked breech....did I say its really accurate?
What a find, bought it brand new in the box about 10 years ago.

Автор speedyspooley ( назад)
Kinda wish you would had shown the pictures.

Автор wbmack10 ( назад)
Wish they showed those particular photos of Patton with his "insurance"

Автор MrZacfisher ( назад)
i want the pocket hammerless .380

Автор Ken ibn Anak ( назад)
Remington has reintroduced a Model 51 in 9mm. It looks kind of similar.

Автор D5quared91 ( назад)
Remington R-51 brought me here.

Автор pinz2022 ( назад)
Those were the "Spanish Heinkels". Franco's military used the Heinkel and
manufactured it for years after WWII.

Автор SOCAL3800 ( назад)
i was just talking bout that the other day. 

Автор Gostwriterindisguise ( назад)
Remington should start making the 51 again.

Автор mario hernandez ( назад)
it does!

Автор ERRN1953 ( назад)
Nice gun. I have my Grandfather's mod 51 .380 circa 1920 that he bought
during the US Steel strike for personal protection. 

Автор BabbyThor ( назад)
Cool story bro. Can't help but love Patton's insurance.

Автор LizardKillerAdamLanza ( назад)
I want that remington 51!!!

Автор TheUberShock ( назад)
that is such a beast office!

Автор John S ( назад)
In Africa the planes he shot at were Heinkel 111's surely?

Автор dawson patton ( назад)
general patton is my cousin well hes kind 2 me or one of my anc ienters 

Автор Jaremy Golightly ( назад)
What about the Remington Model 53 or M1917 that went up against the M1911
for a Navy contract? Does anybody know what happened to the gun used in the

Автор Cpl. Gadway USMC (1455 лет назад)
jeez Philip is getting old

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