Ko Phi Phi & Railey, Thailand in 4K (Ultra HD)

The beaches of Ko Phi Phi Islands and the Railey peninsula are framed by stunning limestone cliffs. They are regularly listed between the top beaches in Thailand.

Phi Phi Leh island is famous as location of the movie "The Beach" (Leonardo DiCaprio). Phra Nang and Railey West are located on the Railey peninsula and are accessible only by boat.

Recorded February 2015 in 4K (Ultra HD) with Sony AX100. Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

zero-project - e-world: The ultimate edition - 04 - e-world
zero-project (www.zero-project.gr), licensed under the "Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License"

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Автор Cal Mai ( назад)
Ko Phi Phi looks amazing, reminds me of Ha Long Bay www.halongbaytours.com

Автор Joyce L. ( назад)

Автор Toon van Assouw ( назад)
Geweldig mooi. Moet je gezien hebben !

Автор Phil Speedy ( назад)
▀▄█▓▒░【 ★★★ºThank you for reality✿( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)✿Nice beautifull,Quebec,Canada.º★★★ 】░▒▓█▀▄

Автор Mauricio Tamayo ( назад)
Beautiful video. Next month I will be there!

Автор badnews ( назад)
I visited Thailand four times in the 80s when a late teen and in my early twenties.......unbelievable to see how populated it is now......back then it was like we had the whole country to ourselves.....never any foreigners who were not young backpackers and nothing but thatched huts for lodgings.....it really was a special time and I have wonderful memories from those days.....I wouldn't want to go back to see it like this......such a shame but I guess it is good for the Thai people so that is one bonus from the mass invasion of the aged travelers

Автор Travel_pd ( назад)
So cool!!!! 👌🏻keep going that nice work

Автор Жук Майский ( назад)
какая красота....рай на земле...

Автор Mattias Sjöborg ( назад)
This clip is copyed by Rusafa Trade Link on youtube in a comersial way . Report him ! Like your stuff in 4K // Mattias

Автор Claude Seguy ( назад)
Absolument fabuleux !!! Merci infiniment pour ce sublime partage
Bien cordialement Claude Seguy Reporter officiel pays touristique Corbières Minervois Aude ( France )

Автор Tauqeer mughal ( назад)
Nice natural place

Автор kikuš k ( назад)
úúúžasné 👍

Автор Rodrigo Pinheiro ( назад)

Автор John Gustafsson ( назад)
Ofcourse I will go there as a tourist. Thailand! I Love You!😍😍💝💝

Автор Isumaze Dam khu lue ( назад)

Автор Jones Jones ( назад)
Great footage!

Автор sagittario30 ( назад)

Автор wakeupscreaming ( назад)
What a way to ruin beautiful nature.
Too crowded. Too many boats. Too many people.

The location at the start, Hat Maya, Phi Phi Leh, is one of the locations used in the 2000 Leonardo DiCaprio movie "The Beach". And the movie was by coincidence, a commentary about foreign tourists trashing the naturally beautiful beaches of Thailand, with drunken all-night parties and rompy sex.

They should either limit the amount of people somehow, either attach a fee to be there, or do it by lottery.
Either way, the commercialism is ruining it.

Автор Friedrich Nowak ( назад)
Too many people - scares me !

Автор R HutcH ( назад)
just come back from Thailand and decided that I would never return after a very disappointing 3 weeks. I just watched your video and realised I'd forgot why I went to Thailand in the first place. planning Christmas 2017
thank you! fantastic brilliant

Автор Dax Owen ( назад)
Did they build a mall in Koh Phi Phi Don far left as you come into the pontoon?

Автор Edith willingshofer ( назад)
Hallo habe schöne Videos zum anschauen auf YouTube!

Автор El Brando ( назад)
beautiful--love your channel...cheers !

Автор 정채홍 ( назад)
감개무량 동영상 명승지

Автор Europа ( назад)
Красивейшие места и красивейшая музыка! Автору низкий поклон!

Автор Rob White ( назад)
Lived in Thailand from 90 to 2000 the movie The Beach destroyed phi phi island from tourism.....

Автор Street Food Adventures ( назад)
nice place i need to see thank for sharing

Автор Ralph Willems ( назад)

Автор Frode Inge Helland ( назад)
A real beautiful video!

Автор kittipon pantararat ( назад)

Автор Travel With My Dear ( назад)
Just beautiful.. What was your favourite island to film?

Автор Tanya Chandik ( назад)
Absolutely incredible footage - I cant imagine what this looks like in person

Автор Janejira Aimprasog ( назад)

Автор Peter Louis ( назад)
I will try to visit one by one according to your shoot.

Автор Chan ( назад)
absolutely stunning...

Автор Anurag Deuri ( назад)
I love this place its heaven on earth

Автор Poten D'Second ( назад)
hi i just wanna say this video helps me decide where to do my proposal.. Thanks again!

Автор Elvin Fortes ( назад)
Nice video. I just added a vlog made in bangkok and phuket myself. Next will be Ko Phi Phi. I love this place

Автор Bootlegger ( назад)
great video ,how many days do you recommend too stay on phi phi?

Автор Designguide.tv ( назад)
hm that place looks phuket by tourism

Автор Hundred ( назад)
hey guys, i dont know much about video
i wanted to ask, when details in a 4k shot look like they re moving, like the trees at 0:38, is it something u wanna avoid? can you?

Автор Vadim Balashov ( назад)
Is not 4k!

Автор framboisine241 ( назад)
Thank's for this beautiful video. I've been there in February 2015. It's exactly like that... marvellous and so nice. I miss Thailand. RMarie

Автор Ia Valdez ( назад)
Me dan ganas de echar alas y llegar volando internarme y para siempre.

Автор Игорь Валентинов ( назад)
That's great! I'm so proud of you.

Автор GERMANLOVER7000 ( назад)
hello to all of you...who been in Phuket in december?....good month to visit or it,s , much better from january to march?

Автор ZapZa Mr ( назад)
so many pp..when i child not much pp like this

Автор tong220113 ( назад)
beautiful..... Thank You. Amazing Places on Our Planet.

Автор ahmed zroug ( назад)
روووووووعه مشاء الله

Автор aofsie ( назад)
lucky people who has been there wow i'm getting jealous

Автор Thiago Coutinho ( назад)

Автор Thailand only ( назад)

Автор John Power ( назад)
Wau nice vid;)

Автор david kennedy ( назад)
Looks overrun with tourists. A shame

Автор Samsung S4 Zoom ( назад)
ya'll should come to perhentian island too..its a paradise in malaysia..same like phuket and krabi

Автор Fabrice GLEIZE ( назад)
Really amazing!!! Good job!!!

Автор Natalia Stepanova ( назад)
wooooooow very nice video. I miss for Thailand so much.

Автор JUNNY WANG ( назад)
thank a lot for video, welcome to Thailand. from Thai^^🏖🏖🏖🏖

Автор Gordypats Gordypats ( назад)
nice one mate.
Lipe is my no.1 followed by this place.
off to ko mak ko kut this month as lm told theyre great.

Автор Limdrone phooh ( назад)
no drone??

Автор Virtual Trip ( назад)
really great videos!!

Автор johnnypocketrocket ( назад)
Why does everyone spoil their youtube videos with daft music, just want to hear the natural sound of the place....

Автор Tommy Magnusson ( назад)
Amazing and beautiful video

Автор Ron morales ( назад)
beatifuI video, i can use some footage for a music video? thanks!

Автор Saeed ( назад)
im having a hard time deciding between doing koh samui, koh tao OR railey, koh phi phi side of thailand....which has the nicest most scenic beaches and mountains?

Автор Travel Phiphi ( назад)
Very Beaufiful !!!

Автор Ali Kherfi ( назад)
superbes plages !!! encore plus belles en AOUT

Автор schoofs159des ( назад)
Where did you book the tour?

Автор minh cuong Le ( назад)
Thiên nhiên đẹp quá

Автор Thai Girl Adventures - ( назад)
WOW Super beauitful the lake I will try visit sometime I was love my home Thailand and super great vidoso much guy.

Автор Marta Arias ( назад)
buen video

Автор Муслим Шашов ( назад)
It's really nice to see Thailand and I like you

Автор Toon van Assouw ( назад)
Prachtig daar. een echt paradijs.

Автор Cadno'r Cwm ( назад)
Hey, what a brilliant video buddy. Memories of my 3 weeks in paradise.....

Автор Ajmal shah ( назад)
incredible ,, amazing scenery ,, soon to visit it ,, charmfull

Автор P Prehn ( назад)
I'm glad I didn't do these...great photography, though

That's fantastic! How many years have you been making vids? Check out my videos.

Автор MrPCHM ( назад)
Nice video...

Автор P 2543 ( назад)
I'm Thai but I never visit T_T I want to go there.

Автор ahmad ferow ( назад)
good video

Автор Marcus Lutchman ( назад)
one day

Автор Heliclops ( назад)
Muito showw de bola hem, fantastico maravilhoso trabalho.

Автор Johan VDB ( назад)
Hi Milos. This must be one of the finest videos I've ever seen. Great work!!
What did you do in post-production (in Ad.Pr)? The image is amazingly fluid.

Автор Bart Man ( назад)
good job mate!!!

Автор raj kumar ( назад)

Автор sani madhani ( назад)
which month better for visit this island

Автор nguyễn nam ( назад)
đẹp quá ước một lần đượ tới nơi này

Автор El señor del castillo ( назад)
Tailandia un país exotico

Автор Samad gazi ( назад)
land of Origination

Автор Lorenzo TIRABOSCHI ( назад)
Un video con riprese bellissime in luoghi di una bellezza meravigliosa, complimenti Milosh. Ciao, Lorenzo.

Автор Brandon Pryor ( назад)
How come when I download these and then watch them on my Samsung UHD TV they are not in 4K? I donr get it I keep trying.

Автор GlobalTraveler.TV ( назад)
Wow, very impressive! Thumbs up for your video, thanks for sharing!

Автор ok ( назад)
Des bateaux qui arrivent jusqu'à la plage !! Avec toute cette foule de touriste en masse !! Ça gâche tout dans ce coin de paradis !!

Автор Indria Salim ( назад)

Автор ALPER ( назад)
in 4K... ERROR 404 video not play

Автор Christian Wheatley ( назад)
Ok, after reading the comments I have my answers, thanks for sharing :)

Автор Christian Wheatley ( назад)
Wow! what an amazing place completely spoiled by tourism. Is it like that every day there? or was that just a busy day. Also, is that the spot where they filmed "The Beach". Great video though, nice work! :)

Автор Rall R ( назад)
Great place!

Автор tippaya Kosalawit ( назад)
Amazing Thailand !
very beautiful i love so much my thailand

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