Tossing The Salad In Jail - Life In American Prison

Tossing The Salad

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Автор Jaliyl Bruessard (1 месяц)
1:12 WTF??? They need women In there bad. How the hell..... I can't even.
Thats fucked up but funny on so many levels. I Wonder did they get him to
say that for shock value. I've heard some weird shit, but that tool the

Автор Matt Steiger (1 месяц)

How the fuck did I get here.....right? Why the fuck did I watch this
video.....right? I could've gone my entire life without knowing this and
gotten along just fine.....right? I am now scarred for life.....right?

Автор jetboy1985 (2 месяца)
I think this vid sect helped keep a lot of people on the right side of the
law...myself included LOLOLOLOL 

Автор DIRTYSPRITE (3 месяца)
Drake sent me here 😂😂😂😂

Автор Abby94 (5 месяцев)
So tossing the salad is sucking someone's sick?

Автор warren the TROLL DETECTOR Who thinks he is a god (1 месяц)
chris rock brot me here this shit is funny as hell

Автор chipsandcheesecurlz (2 месяца)
Lmao that dude looks like Charlie Murphy

Автор DataSlam (5 месяцев)
It's like a pussy, but it's NOT a pussy...

Автор teknomogul (2 месяца)
"first of all...I want him to suck my ass with some jelly." if that's the
FIRST thing you do, where do you go from there? sure you dont wanna save
that for the second date, big guy? i mean, what's NEXT after sugar coated
ass sucking?

Автор CariX0 (5 дней)
This Nigga from Boondocks 

Автор PONCHODAGOD (2 месяца)
He helpless, thats it, he helpless, his dick hard, I'm suckin on it, I come
up and cut him, 1:16. I'll never go to jail.

Автор DeeNice681 (6 дней)
Only cam here because Chris Rock mentioned it in his stand up. I thought he
made it up at first but I see thsi really exists. Make's me never ever want
to go to prison!

Автор integr1ty (3 месяца)
"I sucked his dick", well you really showed him.

Автор gtivan (7 дней)

Автор BananaKen298 (3 месяца)
lol this was on boondocks 

Автор Catrina Botelho (4 месяца)
Having your asshole licked feels so amazing

Автор dakillyo (8 дней)
0:53 nigga got boner 

Автор zahir pierce (16 дней)
I prefer jelly 😂😂

Автор straightuptripp (26 дней)
how can I find the full documentary

Автор chickenwityamz (7 месяцев)
Not only is this dude Gay as shit, the Fuckin Camera Man is gay as shit

Автор Frank James Bonarrigo (6 месяцев)
he lost me at Jelly. if it was an artisan jam from the hill tops of
Switzerland. maybe we can talk. there are wonderful compotes at wholefoods
made from acai berry which has excellent health benefits too. 

Автор joyfulvulture (4 месяца)
niggers in a nutshell

Автор Joy Schaffrin (1 месяц)
Why does it matter to him whether or not they use jelly or syrup?? Is he
sucking his own ass too?

Автор Cletus Kasady (1 месяц)
What kind of pussy was he fuckin with in the past that would make an man's
asshole cleaner by comparison? smh

Автор bill291212 (1 месяц)
Jelly over syrup?! What a freak

Автор etha s (4 месяца)
this 1 min 36secs is over 9000 times better than orange is the new black

Автор straightuptripp (26 дней)
real shit right here

Автор Raymond Johnson (7 месяцев)
lol, whats with that random clip at 0:37?

Автор Will Hung (7 месяцев)
i know this is a bit messed up but the whole sucking dick then cutting the
dude idea is actually really good

Автор alex burke (2 месяца)
This is the most gangsta shit I've ever heard.

Автор Yugen A (2 месяца)
Yeah i did too

Автор Richard Rowe (2 месяца)
Thanks, Chris Rock...I'm not sure I needed to watch this. 

Автор dznutz1971 (2 месяца)
Its a pussy...that shit comes out of. Go head faggots...play Russian
Roulette with your mouth.

Автор yagrakherif (5 месяцев)
"It's just like a pussy, but the only difference is, it's not..." lol

Автор WildBillHabiki (5 месяцев)
I will reach my climate
It's a sensation feeling

Автор Underrated Critic (8 месяцев)
I prefer Nutella.

Автор HYE powered (5 месяцев)

Автор Donnie Brasco (3 месяца)
Yo I was about to rob my local 7/11 but know that i seen this im cool i'll
just be broke 

Автор ChocolateAssMilk (5 месяцев)
I love how he makes it sound like using jelly (or syrup) is a given.

Автор D-LLOYD THA KiiiNG (3 месяца)

Автор GuppyPal (3 месяца)
Dear God I hope I never go to jail.

Автор omjayboy (3 месяца)
Came here because of Drake

Автор Chikken Mcquitten (3 месяца)
How did the Cameraman not die of laughter? 

Автор richard broadus (3 месяца)
it is not anyway

Автор Juan Felipe Rosales (3 месяца)
The mother fucker looks like "Charlie Murphy" hahahahha the best interview

Автор Ohsnapzdawg (6 месяцев)
"You know what they make you do in county? Toss the salad." - Jay and
silent bob

Автор RootAccess (3 месяца)
anyone here from Chris Rock?

Автор 2000oblivion (6 месяцев)
His logic is amazing.

Автор JayBoogie950 (6 месяцев)
Most all gays DOO DAT.

Автор GUNNSTARZ (3 месяца)
Someone owed him money....so he sucked his dick.....not the most sense in
this approach

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