Tossing The Salad In Jail - Life In American Prison

Tossing The Salad

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Автор kggtty ( назад)
Sucking a mans dick in a closet just so you could get him alone and cut him

what a life!

Автор tribemaster101 ( назад)
What does he mean by cutting him? Cutting his dick off?

Автор Herreken ( назад)
I will automatically get hard, right?

Автор maaly8111 ( назад)
Truthfully, if this don't make you stay away from a life of crime, or keep
you from doing something that will get you put in jail, you gay......

Автор LeRoy Jackson ( назад)
Prison is making everybody in it "hard"...

Автор Reflexez ( назад)
i want to reach my climate and feel this sensation feelin

Автор frick poo ( назад)

Автор Woody Long ( назад)
I wonder how much Jelly this mofo has gone through in the 6 years since
this is uploaded.

Автор Bert Dee ( назад)
A gay guy sucking dick in the CLOSET,... in the CLOSET...get it..?

Автор Kevin Carpenter ( назад)
I want someone to suck my ass with jelly for ten minutes or longer.

Автор DanjaMawf2006 ( назад)
"It's like a pussy, the only difference is, it's not"

Автор Klarg ( назад)
'splain that to the ministration

Автор Dominick M ( назад)
He forgot to say "No Homo" at the end to make it okay.

Автор ruben parker ( назад)
Bruh I just vomited

Автор fergoesdayton ( назад)
Daym dis brutha gotz som expertise

Автор Gentle Poo ( назад)
let him eat me and we straight.

Автор Johnny Handsome ( назад)
Filthy nasty animals. My dog is better.

Автор Bluff Creek1967 ( назад)
Brought to you by the wonderful world of negroes!

Автор billy smith ( назад)
chris rock wasnt lieing lol

Автор Carey Conley ( назад)

Автор Shirlena Patterson ( назад)
This shit is nasty and funny as hell

Автор Brian K. Turner ( назад)
I always thought Chris Rock was making this shit up. It's 2016 & I'm
finally seeing this. Lmao

Автор LuckyLucy ( назад)
Another good reason to avoid prison if possible.

Автор ToonandBBfan ( назад)
Its a bum rap!

Автор 4VON88BERGGSBORG22 ( назад)
at the end he says 'how could he explain it to the administration' and the
guard behind him picks up the phone like.....you just explained it nigga

Автор jordanaug81 ( назад)
Ok I changed my mind, we DO need climate control!

Автор X. THEBOY ( назад)
He helpless he hard I'm suckin on it 😂😂

Автор John Wiseman (998 лет назад)
Somehow I wish Fleece Johnson would make him his booty slave.

Автор thugga thugga ( назад)
i like 2 get my booty ate while i stroke my dick but no homo

Автор NotRoyJonesJr ( назад)
0:53 boner

Автор Leonard Katz ( назад)
Ayyy this is what Chris Rock was talking about

Автор 999HATE999 ( назад)
It all sounds so reasonable the way he explains it

Автор Scott Macleay ( назад)

Автор Sam Sonn ( назад)
He prefers jelly. lmfao

Автор Hot Pizza Spirit ( назад)
wait until he tries it with watermelon jelly... Am I too late?

Автор BReyes1995 ( назад)
H.P.I.N.T.- Homosexual Prison Inmates Ninja Tactics.

Автор Dave Melody ( назад)
Too much honesty lol

Автор Didier Laurent ( назад)
These niggas adds some vinaigrette ?

Автор Didier Laurent ( назад)
No homo

Автор Brandon M ( назад)
I see a lot of hypocrites in this comment section...

Автор Brandon M ( назад)
I see a lot of hypocrites in this comment section...

Автор Harris Pj ( назад)
Very informative.

Автор Don Johnson ( назад)
*Toss my salad. Let him eat me, you know, and we straight*

No my good sir. That, you are not.

Автор Smash Or Nah ( назад)
This sick guy right here is explaining tossing someones salad like a
salesmans would try persuade someone to buy a house.

Автор moomoo hakim ( назад)
No wonder dudes rush back to get with this shit after getting out...Fuck

Автор d3monz ( назад)

Автор Wil Iams ( назад)
sex ...prison sex. yes sir...

Автор Black ( назад)
he said he cums when he gets his ass sucked .. damn

Автор whatsthematta “nupp” parramatta ( назад)
so all gangsters are really faggots?

Автор JPMcFly1985Two #FeelTheBern ( назад)
Thumbs up if Chris Rock's Bring the Pain brought you here!! Damn this
already has a lot of views, can you imagine if there was a Youtube and
social media in 1996 when it was new? #TossMySalad would've been trending
nonstop, lol.

Автор Omari Morgan ( назад)
this dude needs to be shot

Автор Wil Iams ( назад)
the best sex I ever had was in Joliet prison when I did a 5 year bit, my
cellmate became my soulmate, I was upset that I made early parole, he did
look like the singer el debate,with the pretty hair and the co co
skin...yes sir I miss hitting that..

Автор Dill Clinton ( назад)
god he does look like MLKs evil brother

Автор Samantha Derrick ( назад)
In prisons around the world this is non existent, men are just put
together! only in amurikkka does this happen
and these are soo called thugs?

Автор UndeadDipper 418 ( назад)
WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор iLLestFlow Tv ( назад)
No disrespect but Nigga look like MLK

Автор I fight for my friends. ( назад)
Are you a straight-laced guy? No problems, enjoy a good life. Are you a
thug? Better loosen up that asshole now, mang.

Автор Jacquan Brown ( назад)
He owed you money yet he got his dick sucked?

Автор Turd Ferguson ( назад)

Автор TruNYC1 (484 года назад)
This shit fucked me up. Don't even want to hustle anymore.

Автор Henry Wallace ( назад)
gayes. shit. ever. smh

Автор Ryan Rasmussen ( назад)
this guy's a living south park episode. Suck his dick and THEN stab him?
You couldn't just say you were going to, walk in the closet and stab him
after you shut the door?

Автор Michael Cartagena ( назад)
The gangster is faggot ever

Автор Don Johnson ( назад)
both these niggas in they prime, who winning in a fist fight fleece or

Автор Tyler Hacker ( назад)
This dude is explaining the entire thing like he's explaining how to solve
a math equation. It's so normal to him. XD

Автор Tennessee Beauty ( назад)
niggers are funny!

Автор THE ASS (1140 лет назад)
wft did just

Автор Will da man (1533 года назад)
With Jelly or Without Jelly

Автор Chad Zeller ( назад)
So prison literally sucks ass...

Автор queensgambit ( назад)
"It's a sensational feeling. and it makes you feel real good."

Автор queensgambit ( назад)
"First of all. Right? If he's a newcomer. Right? I'd like him to lick my
ass with jelly"

Автор Matt Waldrop ( назад)
this is terrifying

Автор boycottlemonspls ( назад)
The only ass I tried to eat was my girlfriends and it was a shitty

Автор Joe Rich ( назад)
young thug type of nigga that toss the salad for free

Автор Casper Jean Rimbaud ( назад)
0:23 10 minutes? Why oh why did I buy that half ounce of weed?

Автор Jj Jones (402 года назад)
Did he say that nigga owed him money so he sucked his dick in a closet?

Автор Ishbu101 ( назад)

Автор super Ant ( назад)
This is the most blunt, gayest shit I've ever watched. I have to analyze
that shit........,
He likes to get his anal licked with jelly smh.
The anal is for removing waste. It's no where as clean as a woman's vagina.
I think that fool has screwed or been screwed by too many homosexuals in
prison. That fool is a straight ass- a- holic :-)
That was the all time gayest shit I have ever heard or watched smh :-)

Автор PhiloBedo (1865 лет назад)
00:37 lolololololollolol

Автор Boondock Saint ( назад)
he will reach his climate with the sensation feeling

Автор Anime Sucks ( назад)
"We straight"


you aint straight

Автор DeathAngel7030 ( назад)
A peanut butter jelly and asshole sandwich...but Tom here, is gonna call
that lunch... Lmfao

Автор Chocolate Thunder Cherry ( назад)
#LMAO this crazy & funny oh wow I think men who go to jail & turn gay are
just weak & disgusting shoutout to the real men in jail who refuse to turn
gay !!!!!!

Автор TheDar2Dar ( назад)
I was just looking for a few salad recipes and saw this and thought,cooking
in prison eh?Lets have a look

Автор BrokAsSexual Chocolate ( назад)
This always makes me gag.

bitch ass nigga

Автор MishuTaste ( назад)
I am extremely grateful I'm not in prison!!!

Автор Shylock Shekelsteingoldmanblatberg ( назад)
I preferred it when they ate watermelon.

Автор talllikelurchis ( назад)
He sucked his dick gangsta style..

Автор talllikelurchis ( назад)
It's like a pussy??? Whooooaa!! Never knew a woman that could take a shit
out of her pussy!!

Автор riddim3456 ( назад)
All HOMOS will suffer by God. I hope Buju Banton is safe from those

Автор Gilbert Cossley ( назад)
Wtf did I just here?sumthing about a closet ewwwwww

Автор Rayvyn007 ( назад)
If this shit isn't enough to make you stay in school kids, nothing is!

Автор Will T. Baghard ( назад)
I can't wait for those fake ass black panthers comment on this video and
oh we black people do this , because the white men taught us this nasty
or white people do it too...hahahahah

Автор Lorne Armstrong - 222830 ( назад)
Sucking on this guy's anus is the cleanest, best pleasure.

Автор MoneyOverFame ( назад)
How could he Splain? LOL. HE COULDNT Splain it to the administration. 

Автор salad-Nach0 (27 лет назад)
I will reach mah climate

Автор mscarmenjones ( назад)
Who's the guy with the fronts? 😆😂

Автор xxxdannyxxx ( назад)
watching this vid made me clean up my act...NEVER BREAKING THE LAW EVER

...nasty motherfucker! This guy is completely out of his noodle.

Автор niggergotswag ( назад)
I like how he's explaining it like it's the most normal thing ever

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