Tossing The Salad In Jail - Life In American Prison

Tossing The Salad

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Добавлено: 4 года
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Автор DIRTYSPRITE (1 месяц)
Drake sent me here 😂😂😂😂

Автор integr1ty (1 месяц)
"I sucked his dick", well you really showed him.

Автор Pedro Vaz (1 месяц)
Gay Niggers from Outerspace

Автор Catrina Botelho (2 месяца)
Having your asshole licked feels so amazing

Автор joyfulvulture (2 месяца)
niggers in a nutshell

Автор DataSlam (3 месяца)
It's like a pussy, but it's NOT a pussy...

Автор alex burke (2 минуты)
This is the most gangsta shit I've ever heard.

Автор chipsandcheesecurlz (3 дня)
Lmao that dude looks like Charlie Murphy

Автор Yugen A (4 дня)
Yeah i did too

Автор Abby94 (3 месяца)
So tossing the salad is sucking someone's sick?

Автор Jimmy Hollywood (9 дней)
You have to know this guy's gonna die of AIDS in jail...

Автор yagrakherif (3 месяца)
"It's just like a pussy, but the only difference is, it's not..." lol

Автор dznutz1971 (13 дней)
Its a pussy...that shit comes out of. Go head faggots...play Russian
Roulette with your mouth.

Автор Richard Rowe (17 дней)
Thanks, Chris Rock...I'm not sure I needed to watch this. 

Автор jetboy1985 (17 дней)
I think this vid sect helped keep a lot of people on the right side of the
law...myself included LOLOLOLOL 

Автор PONCHODAGOD (20 дней)
He helpless, thats it, he helpless, his dick hard, I'm suckin on it, I come
up and cut him, 1:16. I'll never go to jail.

Автор ARHicks00 (21 день)
This made scream in my pill as a kid when I first saw this.

Автор BananaKen298 (1 месяц)
lol this was on boondocks 

Автор Donnie Brasco (1 месяц)
Yo I was about to rob my local 7/11 but know that i seen this im cool i'll
just be broke 

Автор omjayboy (1 месяц)
Came here because of Drake

Автор kilroy abdullah (1 месяц)
Brother on the low down

Автор D-LLOYD THA KiiiNG (1 месяц)

Автор kakarot cabage (1 месяц)
he needs to be killed. majority of those prisoners need to die

Автор Juan Felipe Rosales (1 месяц)
The mother fucker looks like "Charlie Murphy" hahahahha the best interview

Автор richard broadus (1 месяц)
it is not anyway

Автор GuppyPal (1 месяц)
Dear God I hope I never go to jail.

Автор Chikken Mcquitten (1 месяц)
How did the Cameraman not die of laughter? 

Автор RootAccess (1 месяц)
anyone here from Chris Rock?

Автор chickenwityamz (5 месяцев)
Not only is this dude Gay as shit, the Fuckin Camera Man is gay as shit

Автор GUNNSTARZ (1 месяц)
Someone owed him money....so he sucked his dick.....not the most sense in
this approach

Автор Steddy Leauga (1 месяц)
I'm sorry but I can't take this seriously...you would think it was a movie,
in fact you would HOPE, hope is the word. 

Автор etha s (2 месяца)
this 1 min 36secs is over 9000 times better than orange is the new black

Автор Raymond Johnson (5 месяцев)
lol, whats with that random clip at 0:37?

Автор J Sambo (2 месяца)
I don't know man.. call me crazy but 10 min seems like a long time to be
sucking ass... aint nobody got time to be doing all that

Автор Will Hung (5 месяцев)
i know this is a bit messed up but the whole sucking dick then cutting the
dude idea is actually really good

Автор Suicideclub (2 месяца)
I couldn't SPLAIN how many times he said "right"

Автор Robert Ward (3 месяца)
What a asshole, he wants a bat over his head

Автор Mike Lopez (3 месяца)
can u still do this if your not gay? with your wife or girlfriend? has
anyone tried it?

Автор Soul Fist (3 месяца)
what a faggot

Автор Dart Feld (3 месяца)
That logic is mind-blowing. 

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I will reach my climate
It's a sensation feeling

Автор HYE powered (3 месяца)

Автор Shawn Warmington (3 месяца)

Автор SayNoToTroll (3 месяца)
JESUS CHRIST I was hoping that Chris Rock made this up 

Автор Art Vandalay (3 месяца)
How exactly can the dude E-Splain how he got cut while getting head??? It's
a lose/lose situation.

Автор ChocolateAssMilk (3 месяца)
I love how he makes it sound like using jelly (or syrup) is a given.

Автор M45terMiNd (3 месяца)
1:08...so let me get this straight...a dude owed him money so he got him in
a closet and SUCKED HIS DICK? I thought he was going to say he made the guy
suck his dick because he owed him money, but it was the other way around.

Автор Fleece Johnson (3 месяца)
I prefer molasses myself.

Автор Ohsnapzdawg (4 месяца)
"You know what they make you do in county? Toss the salad." - Jay and
silent bob

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