Big Harley 's wheelie - Intermot 2006


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Автор Justin Golden ( назад)
Stupid harley.

Автор Mr99cr250 ( назад)
Some people must not understand what tourqe will do,or what a v-twin
produces freakin NOOOBS!!!!!!!!

Автор Star Rider ( назад)

Автор 4579z ( назад)
moddified more likely

Автор federicowt ( назад)
the trick?... weight on the rear box.

Автор kenny1020304050 ( назад)
crazy mother chicken lool xD

Автор Aaron Christopher ( назад)
lmao yes!

Автор kneeslider93 ( назад)
This guy is awesome. Would love to watch him trash the crappy old harley on
purpose and watch all the fat old men cry!!

Автор harleyultra1550 ( назад)
He is one hell of a rider, knows what he's doing.

Автор KrazyKarl86 ( назад)
Those boxes on the rear of his bike must be weighted.

Автор ClassicFIHD (1390 лет назад)

Автор sackcheck (856 лет назад)
Cream or Scream? LOL!

Автор Trevor St. McGoodbody (398 лет назад)
Id probably cream if i saw that..

Автор sackcheck ( назад)
Now lets see him do a stoppy. LOL

Автор PhotoJohnFL ( назад)
I can pull wheelies on my bagger with no problem, and I'm not a geezer.
Most of you crotch rocket riders will eventually be splattered dead doing
this crap on the road anyway. Hopefully it will be before you reproduce.

kiroc89 "you don't actually think it's just sheer power lifting that front
wheel do you?" Let's see you pick up the front of a HD bagger if you think
you can. That is a 850 lb bike plus rider. It takes a lot of torque to pull
that off. Remember also that when that much weight is in the air, he still
can't see where he is going because of the fairing. Try doing it on your
bike blind folded. Pretty impressive!

Автор Kyle Lowery ( назад)
every fuckin harley wheelie video is of these full dressers with 3 big
boxes on the back. you don't actually think it's just sheer power lifting
that front wheel do you? that shit in the back is loaded down with lead
weights lol

Автор apexvin (1074 года назад)
they let u breed?

Автор caseman86 ( назад)
harley wheelies re so badass

Автор cyclecrazydave ( назад)
John Deer would be proud

Автор ropermachine ( назад)
now that's talent!!! i don't care what bike he's on, i THINK he has some

Автор mailesdad ( назад)
Must be nice to talk shit while you hide behind the computers that your
mommies bought you. Tell you what, when you little cocksucking bitches grow
a pair take a little trip to the 50th state and look me up. Then I'll show
who the bitch is. I've been riding motorcycles and doing wheelies since
before your daddy shot a load in your mommy as she was ass up on the coffee
table and squeezed you bitches out. So stop jerking off to internet porn
and man up you little bitches and pray I don't find you.

Автор ta22sleeka ( назад)
you all need to buy a ktm. i can go from 10k an hour to 140k on the back
wheel. and its only a 450

Автор fizzman2008 ( назад)
I cant get enough of a Harley riding wheelies. FUCKIN AWSOME

Автор nerdywhiteboy ( назад)
YOU HAVE TOYOTA in your name, and your calling other people lame? Dipshit.

Автор Brian Snyder (893 года назад)
I hope staying in your house covered in bubble wrap and duct tape works out
for you, ya pansy fuck, give me the open road on a dyna wide glide

Автор flipbird868686 ( назад)
you are a little bitch mailesdad, i hope some day someone doing a wheelie
kills you dead. cause you are a fat bigot asshole. a shithead. you chop up
poop and blow it like cocaine

Автор hotddogman ( назад)
koolest harley wheelie ever

Автор Wes Wiggins ( назад)
Your a pussy for saying that mailesdad

Автор John Ratko ( назад)

Автор mailesdad ( назад)
What's the matter with you people? Harley or Crotch Rocket. No matter what
you ride you will die the same way. Pulling wheelies like that will kill
you even quicker.

Автор nerdywhiteboy ( назад)
rthing. Dont knock down real bikes. Jap crap bikes are easy to do wheelies
on, because they are made out of paper. Hell, you can pick up the front
wheel and hold it over your head with one hand, try that with a full
dresser, that does better wheelies on its own, plus actually sounds good.

Автор chawness ( назад)
weighted bags

Автор R-Thing R ( назад)
Fuck fat fuckers like u people on ur harleys japapneese bikes rule all the
way so fuck u all u fat gay lords

Автор Saeid II Momtahan ( назад)
lehoom Man, take some drugs and chill. All bike are cool. I 'm on my second
Harley and am about to buy a third one. But i also own a yamaha which i
absoloutley love. You don;t have to shit on people because they ride
simething you don't like. From Iran

Автор hinano666 ( назад)
FUCK HARLEY!!!!!!!!!!

Автор 42ADENT ( назад)
no it really is cool ! i ask you if you want to pull a wheelie would a
harley be top of your list ? much kudos : )

Автор Christopher Fehrenbacher ( назад)
Wow..ignorance. i own a Ducati Monster S2R. Not because of how much it
costs but because it is my passion. Why can't riders just respect each
other for what they ride? Forget the hate and ride. we all share a common
bond...an ire for four wheels.

Автор paulebaker ( назад)
Wow! that was Soooo coool. amazing how only a harley could make a wheelie
look lame, at least he had on a helmet and leathers. funny how all the hog
riders want no helmet laws, but the 30-50 year old male 1300 cc and up
harley/cruiser demographic remain the largest accident/medical claim groupe
in the US. according to 2006 federal d.m.v statistics. I think they need
the helet laws. Pathetic!

Автор dennyb21220 ( назад)
i want to see you do 1 at 95 mph now your talking real shit

Автор jmjr68 ( назад)
You are a true blue biker there Lenny! You will get a chance to meet me @
Sturgiss 2008 I will be there preforming stunts on my roadglide! Ride on
with your 883 Hugger. Dont forget your latte! It's been fun! But I's got to

Автор jmjr68 ( назад)
So you flip people off while they fly by you. I'm the guy you would flip
off cause I would fly by you laughing on 1 wheel on my bagger at 95 mph!
That is real! And when you see that happen you will have to pull over to
change your under roos!!!! DO hate! cauese i don't hate!

Автор jmjr68 ( назад)
all I said in the first comment. give the guy props for doing the wheelie
on the bagger 80% is the rider! 20% is the bike! Sport bike are 50%rider
50% bike! But they still can ride great talented riders. Like myself! LOOK

Автор jmjr68 ( назад)
Jenny, Lenny, Denny Whatever! You are not getting it. I owne a 2000
roadglide one of he fastest 95 incher around. You been riding H/D since you
were 9. Great! That is all good! I will say this slowly since you are a bit
slower then u were at 45 years of age.

Автор dennyb21220 ( назад)
shit lips im 54 years old i have had hd at the age of 9 from dirt to street
there is no other bike . yes im the guy that gives you the finger when you
pass me on what do you call them sport bikes roflmao give me a break

Автор jmjr68 ( назад)
I had to just tell you not to hit any street signs next time you ride your
883 hugger with the WILD HOGS! little buddy!

Автор jmjr68 ( назад)
Then you get on your high horse typing shit about peps. you didnt read what
I typed in the first place so, that be as it said, As you check your email
while you are sitting in starbucks sipping your vanilla half half latte
with your (WILD HOGS) brothers reading this.

Автор jmjr68 ( назад)
Look @ the redwood run 2007 video. That be me riding the bagger with some
girl i have never met. Doing what I do cause thats how i roll! By the way!
every one who reads this knows you are rolling an 883 hugger H/D. So Jenny
lenny denny whatever! when you get out of your first pair of under roos!
then you could be mature enough to have style and finess like the rest of
the H/D riders. I'll be here all week! see ya!

Автор jmjr68 ( назад)
check it out denny lenny jenny what ever! you ride the H/D? how long? You
probaly just bought it with your first leather jacket,leather chaps and
gloves. with your full face shoie helmet. If you would have read what I
typed about in the comment it was a compliment to the H/D rider in the

Автор dennyb21220 ( назад)
oh is that waht they call them sport bikes i call them junk wanta be bikers
. that cant afford a harley come on get real ass hole

Автор dennyb21220 ( назад)
no my dick is in your mothers mouth and in your sisters ass your just
pissed because u want to suck my dick i dont like fags ask your father he
wanted to suck my cock and i bet the shit out of him you fucken fag

Автор jmjr68 ( назад)
Hey Denny, You have some issues you need to talk to a counsler So he can
get out what you are holding in. Most people who no how to ride know what
i'm typing about. You see what you are holding inside you is that DICK IN
YOUR ASS. You must have got it stuck up there whein you were a child. DONT

Автор Valiant325 ( назад)
i have a cbr f4 and sadly i agree with you. all you guys need to put up or
shut up it gets really annoying

Автор dennyb21220 ( назад)
shut up dick head

Автор jmjr68 ( назад)
Check this other video.. slow joe wheelie 2.... This guy has talent he is
all over you tube

Автор jmjr68 ( назад)
Damn! I guy dose a stunt on an Harley and read all the hate. You rider a
sport bike, good for you. The guy on the harley knows how to do stunts give
him props. That takes Talent 80% of it is the rider 20% is the bike
(harley). On a sport bike its is 50% bike 50% rider. 50% of you make a
derogatory comments can't ride any way!

Автор John Lawrence ( назад)
not even those harleys have like 1500 cc's it is rediculous

Автор toadpecker ( назад)
he must have some weight in the bags on the back to lift up the front

Автор bazrippa ( назад)
dll4h5 you are a retard, I have ridden Motorcycles since i was 4 and
competed in Trials, MotoX, Enduro and road racing. If i wanted to have an
enjoyable cruise somewhere then i would take a convertable car over a
Harley anyday and be able to hear my stereo! I mean i would be goin as fast
as Harley in the car anyway! All the best bikes are Japanese so stop waving
the star spangled and get yourself to McDonalds!!!

Автор dll4h5 ( назад)
You leave a trail of stupid...it's kind of funny! You think the two styles
of mc's are sport and touring. Yeah because choppers, cruisers, etc. don't
exist. And you are definitely right....being hunched over on a rocket is
the only mc you can have an enjoyable ride on... thanks, i'm sure I will
catch up with your fucking retarded comments later

Автор psyduck85 ( назад)
i can do it

Автор gamereye ( назад)
yep metric here too, harleys are the exact same fuckin thing except they're
made in a factory on american soil and just like a nike shoe - they cost a
lot more because they have a brandname attached..harley's are so fuckin
boring..every redneck wants one and they all think they're so original.
what a laugh.

Автор smobag ( назад)

Автор bazrippa ( назад)
Wrong mate! I ride my GSXR to have an adrenaline filled ride! Who cares
where you go its about how much fun you have on the way there. Ride touring
bikes to get from A 2 B! On a sports bike the 2 is the fun part!

Автор mrmoe6596 ( назад)
you sportbike riders ride fast to get to where you wanna be. Harley riders
are already where we wanna be.

Автор lowmanslyric79 ( назад)
Yeah the baggers ain't real quick. . .That's why them call 'em CRUISERS. .
. You can't beat a Harley. . . People build sportsters that'll run 200. . .
That's plenty for the road. . . And if you don't like Harleys why in hell
are you watching the videos? Go ride your fuckin japanese plastic bike. . .

Автор MBilliaert ( назад)
i have done this on a 1985 gold wing it was osem

Автор adrenalinepassx ( назад)
A wheelie on a bagger? That is cool.

Автор Smeddie ( назад)
We're talking about motorcycles now!? I thought you were talking about
Harleys ..

Автор Smeddie ( назад)
Pfffft ..

Автор Otis Roundtree ( назад)
I bet your a fag...that just wants to ride and suck a dick? We are talking
about motorcycles and you think of penis size. You are gay, do not fight
it, gargle and die bitch!

Автор Smeddie ( назад)
I bet you have a small penis as well ..

Автор John Ratko ( назад)
Rida of course you hate, youre a fruit. Hate = Fear chum. Scared little
swisher, arent you? Bad ass video KALINO. 5 STARS! FTW

Автор pbmax ( назад)
Get a Sportbike, any Sportbike made by anyone, and blow by a Hardley rider.
There's your revenge.

Автор fatboy40ate ( назад)
Metric crusier whats that about. An overweight rice burner. If you want to
buy a crusier buy a HD...not a copy. METRIC a poors mans copy.

Автор Otis Roundtree ( назад)
Metric suck...thats why you got it half-off and you still want a Harley
dont you! Look in envy asshole as I ride by on my Street Glide and money it
the bank, shorty what ya thank?

Автор mickeydougal ( назад)
"hardly any money left" after you buy one, too. i have a 1500cc v-twin
cruiser, but it's a metric. cost me just around half of what the harley
would have and got it brand new.

Автор nedwreck ( назад)
Hate all you want. It's not like I care what you think.

Автор bikarida ( назад)
god its soo easy to hate these bikes hardly movingsons i like to call em...

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