How To Make an Omelette

Today I show you how to prepare the perfect omelette! I have been working on perfecting this omelette recipe for quite a while now, but it was definitely worth the wait! This delicious omelette is excellent for a quick breakfast, light meal or even a snack! It is by far the best omelette recipe you will EVER come across!
If you liked this unique omelette recipe ensure you share it around! I've found that all the other omelette recipe videos on the internet are made by people who have no idea how to cook! and if you do follow their recipe's you will produce an omelette that is far less tasty than this one!

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Автор Finessin Papi ( назад)
Shoutout all my niggas who was lookin to make an omelette but came across
this piece of shit video

Автор Unknown Someone ( назад)
such a retarded person f$@/!^-/@/@^ wasting food

Автор Victor Serrano ( назад)
Man I just wanted to know how to make an omelette

Автор Shirose Fathima ( назад)
why do you waste so much food huh

Автор Kawaii Friends ( назад)
No wonder mine have been burning I've been doing it wrong

Автор Miguel Fajardo ( назад)
Wtf is wrong with you

Автор Max Hernandez ( назад)
i actually clicked the video thinking it would be a cooking channel and
then i remembered lol

Автор Thomas McCoy ( назад)
Wasting food isn't really funny.

Автор Blobfish Llama ( назад)

Автор Amit Sharma ( назад)

Автор Andy BG (Andyy23) ( назад)
i tried this recipe and it didnt taste very well....

Автор Xgamerx XplayX ( назад)

Автор salma said ( назад)
you are really an asshole

Автор jeanny sineus ( назад)
this is gross\

Автор Kendree Sparkle ( назад)

Автор KombatPro123 ( назад)
Exatcly the same thing i did

Автор Tia Temmie ( назад)
why her like eggs so much?

Автор Robert Hill ( назад)
people do dumb retarded slow things some times😐 this shit not even funny

Автор mal anders ( назад)
what a load of shit. get a life fella...

Автор Dwyane Wade Miami Version ( назад)
rip to all the people who have shaken this guys hand

Автор Willow Rae ( назад)
I was looking for a recipe and this came up. But this could work to. 😂👌

Автор Best in class ( назад)
I was looking for a real recipe and I noticed it how to basic

Автор Kimberly Bermingham ( назад)
This is not the omelette I'm looking for :(

Автор Julie Nguyen ( назад)
well then ..

Автор flbmx98 ( назад)
Nooooo 😂😂😂 the picture looked so good fml I was so ready to make a dank
ass omelette

Автор Mahesh Kale ( назад)
me to

Автор SirCaptainWaffles 27 ( назад)
You guys are sick for subing to this. I was looking for a real recipe D:

Автор Kulo Ren ( назад)
Honesly ,looks delicious for me

Автор Shaun Conley ( назад)
Wow! I never new that making the perfect omelette was so quick and easy!

Автор Joshua A ( назад)
i clicked on this thinking it was actually legit

Автор Jack the Titan ( назад)
what howtobasic is evolving...congratulations your howtobasic evolved into
a howtobesick

Автор Christopher Martone (Starcrescendo) ( назад)
People actually find this entertaining? Thanks for wasting my time while
looking for a real recipe.

Автор Birdy Videos ( назад)

Автор Plants vs Zombies Network ( назад)
people on the earth in usa stupid

Автор Xxneptun3_ Gam3rxX ( назад)
R.I.P how to basic's toilet

Автор Snow Black ( назад)

Автор Shelby Treaster ( назад)
omg! it took me 10 seconds to realize this was a fake silly video 😂😂😂 I
was like what is going on??

Автор Tae's Ass ( назад)
I thought it was How to cook that

Автор Julio Flores ( назад)
This is very pathetic.

Автор Lili'sLifeDIY ( назад)
I look up how to make an omelette and this is what I find..... What has
YouTube come to LOL

Автор Bbygirl Tay ( назад)
Ugh clickbate 🙄🙄

Автор beyonce taylor ( назад)
So stupid

Автор Linda Berry ( назад)

Автор Lily Mcgilloway ( назад)
I'm scared

Автор jorge soriano ( назад)
I was looking for a recipe and i didnt know how to basic was i thought it
was easy basic omlette 😂

Автор Mimi Chelley ( назад)
this is crazy

Автор Darius Daves ( назад)
lol dying laughin

Автор jacob ( назад)
holy fucking shit i finally found the recipe i was looking for thank you so

Автор Julian Ashford ( назад)
The sad part is I really wanted an i'm omelette

Автор Hoppy Cox ( назад)
your gonna eat your foot

Автор Sal Salz ( назад)
Go wank ur self and shove that foot up your dads backside

Автор Chicago Vago ( назад)
im just glad i wassent ricked rolled

Автор Leidy M ( назад)
What a waste

Автор hien vu ( назад)
it always have eggs

Автор BouncinBerries95 ( назад)
wtf is wrong with this guy

Автор Gixxxer138 ( назад)
Just dumb!

Автор Aimee Brandt ( назад)
He's an egg lover

Автор Sunny Singh ( назад)
WTF did I just watch?

Автор Liz Thurgar ( назад)
That moment when you are looking at pancake art and then see a video
'explaining' how to make it and then it turns out to be how to basic and
then watch to many more Than a human should be able to handle

Автор Jennifer Skaggs ( назад)
Poor plate:(

Автор Jennifer Skaggs ( назад)
Poor toilet :(

Автор Kati W. ( назад)

Автор Ranistha Myko ( назад)

Автор Rerose Roro ( назад)
This is the first time I've watched How To Basic and this physically pained
me 😩

Автор Kawaii Undertale Fan Who Hasnt Played Undertale ( назад)
I think i am abput to eat dinner soon...

Автор Chavez Wells ( назад)
How did i fall for this when i knew who this guy was.

Автор Monete bennett ( назад)

Автор Valery Ambriz ( назад)
but its funny

Автор Valery Ambriz ( назад)
thats a waste of food

Автор FunnyArab69 ( назад)
you need jesus

Автор elijah underwood ( назад)
I really need an omlette

Автор Steven I ( назад)
Whoever made this video is an idiot.

Автор Anthony Train ( назад)
I thought this was serious, I'm hungry 😭

Автор Dalya Guemri ( назад)
i was actually looking for a omlette recipie..shame

Автор Bob Jones ( назад)
God it's funny but this guy is so wasteful I hate it😭

Автор Marcel Polska ( назад)

Автор muhammad abbas maswanganyi ( назад)
I'm in the right place, I've been looking for this omelette recipe for
years now. thanks a million. keep up the good work.

Автор Lincoln Thompson ( назад)

Автор Anjali Goolcharan ( назад)

Автор Justin Pizzitola ( назад)

Автор Jakxzombie Games ( назад)
is the toilet important

Автор Cynthia Chen ( назад)
Wtf... Ur wasting eggs

Автор Sean Merritt ( назад)
Wtf my appetite is ruined now, thanks! Lol

Автор JS Monroe ( назад)
You are so immature. People come here to learn how to make stuff and all
you give them is a stupid way to get sick. That video was disgusting.

Автор Brandon Arceneaux ( назад)
Who gave him the knife in the beginning? that thing just slid out there

Автор Cupcake Moon 12 AJ ( назад)

Автор Kandy Kute ( назад)
what's up with them and the eggs

Автор Dont waste time 2 read name ( назад)
best omlette ever 😋

Автор Sunit Yadav (Mannu) ( назад)
Fuck you.

Автор Alexander34x ( назад)
Guess his mom won't be prud of him.

Автор Zulaikha Khan ( назад)

Автор Julio Hernandez ( назад)
Lmao omg

Автор SimplyAnna ( назад)
Yo you need to film a video named 'HOW TO SPEND 100 DOLLARS IN 1 MINUTE'
and show yourself doing these videos:)

Автор Tim Cullen ( назад)

Автор Julz Burdzel ( назад)
I fucking hate you. The beginning picture looked so good.

Автор Jaylen Bellanger ( назад)
what was the purpsoe of this video?

Автор francisco euresti ( назад)
sick fuck

Автор tiphany robinson ( назад)
woah what did I just watch.

Автор Abrilxox productions ( назад)
I was actually follow wing the instructions and then I realized it was a
howtobasic video ......

Автор V.P. TIWARI ( назад)
Very bad

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