How To Make an Omelette

Today I show you how to prepare the perfect omelette! I have been working on perfecting this omelette recipe for quite a while now, but it was definitely worth the wait! This delicious omelette is excellent for a quick breakfast, light meal or even a snack! It is by far the best omelette recipe you will EVER come across!
If you liked this unique omelette recipe ensure you share it around! I've found that all the other omelette recipe videos on the internet are made by people who have no idea how to cook! and if you do follow their recipe's you will produce an omelette that is far less tasty than this one!

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Автор luca mulholland (2 месяца)
Was actually looking for how to make an omelette
Got this instead
Wtf lol enough internet for today

Автор Tarzar Stickman (2 месяца)
Not cool man.Kids in Austrailia could've eaten that toilet


Автор DANA Y (26 дней)
It's like 3am & I was actually looking up how to make an omelette. This was
randomly hilarious and amazing. Thanks for the instructional! ^^

Автор Varun Kiragi (3 месяца)
waste of food 

Автор Night Winds (1 месяц)
I see you here again,wasting the perfectly good foot the African children
could have eaten

Автор Carol Huang (1 месяц)
Sad how people all around the world are starving and ur just wasting some
perfectly fine food....

Автор Flammula Colei (7 месяцев)
Playing in the toilet is the best way to pass time, especially when it
assists you in the endeavors of making a delicious omelette!

Автор mamayo76 (8 часов)
OMG, some ppl are starving and some ppl playing with food !

Автор RobloxianVideos (2 месяца)
I think watch the wrong video😓

Автор NicoNicoMikkun (1 месяц)
I lost my shit at the delicate placement of the garnish, followed by that
one final slam.

Автор Johnny Daniels (5 дней)
People find this funny? What a waste you ungrateful little shit. 

Автор Lola Gomez (2 дня)
what its your problem with the eggs ?

Автор Norman Dale (3 дня)
Kids in Africa are starving.... while you do these stupid things...

Автор Gabi kittycimi (3 месяца)
How many times did you buy a new toilet?

Автор Alex Mašlejová (11 дней)
To je tak, keď všetci zabudneme na jazykovke rozdiel medzi omeletou a
hemendexom. Učiteľ nájde návod na nete a pustí nám ho. My v očakávaní.....

Автор Jacq Chan (14 дней)
Just STAHP making comments about 'children in Africa could have eaten that

Автор Robert Saif (6 дней)
Man ur obsessed with eggs that's so funny😝😝😝😝

Автор Kyle Hallam (9 месяцев)
Why does he waste so much food, every single video is just a waste of food.
Give this to poor people or some shit and to those people who say this is
funny yeah sure the first video like this but to have a whole channel with
basically just this is fucking dumb. You mouth breathers seriously are
entertained by this repetition? 

Автор tyler6606 (8 дней)

Автор Sweet2Rani (3 месяца)

Автор GjVj (17 дней)
Ha-Ha! Holy shit, haven't laughed so hard in weeks. Epic.

Автор Tereza Muchova (1 месяц)
That's just nasty when he wash,take those things from da toilet

Автор Tiffany Osborne (28 дней)
I wonder how much money he spends on eggs each week?

Автор iDream NColor (2 месяца)

Автор feng wei (28 дней)
Is a waste of food when you have no food than will know the pain i bet if
you no food you will eat the egg from the toilet bow

Автор Kerine Knowles-Rutty (26 дней)
Im so confused im just speechless 😵😵😵😐😐😐😐😶😱

Автор bethbybeauty x (21 день)
thats the most pathetic thing ever incase yu know people are starving iin
this world

Автор AlexanderTheGreat Rapper (29 дней)
Lmao I was definitely not expecting that

Автор Hector Lopez (20 дней)
Howtobasic is fucking racist

Автор Triston Shelley (1 месяц)
You added salt AND soy sauce? That is way too salty. Maybe liven it up with
a pinch of rosemary.

Автор Ivan Neznam (1 месяц)
There are 2 types of people:
The "Kids in Africa" ones, and the "Food is expired" ones

Автор TheGaming Bros (28 дней)

Автор dragonflyzMC (4 месяца)
My uncle would cry if he saw this video xD he's a famousish chef 

Автор Abhi BANDI (1 месяц)
True that Looming4Life Carol

Автор Aqila Zahra Rahmani (1 месяц)
Your just waisting it like that?!?! Think of other ppl that can't eat

Автор Malek A (1 месяц)
it'd funny to see how many people in Africa would literally die to eat
anything, while u here play with food like it'd never end. A BIG (DISLIKE)

Автор Samantha Weaving (3 месяца)
I think ive just pissed myself laughing .very good i liked that .

Автор Kian Theyers (2 месяца)
Hm..i tried his omellete, but i think it might need a few more toilet
eggs......but other than that, great recipe!

Автор Andre nash (1 месяц)
I laughed sooooo hard omg.

Автор Homer . J. Simpson (12 дней)

Автор sidd coutto (1 месяц)
Ahahahhahahha you sick guy. 

Автор Izzy Tv (2 месяца)
The thumbnail is total troll 😂😂

Автор john papple (3 месяца)
THANK YOU for finding a use for all of this expired food that would have
otherwise gone to waste. You are a good man and I hope to one day try one
of your amazing dishes.

Автор Datonerainbow (1 месяц)
I love omelettes but.... I'm not so sure about a foot omlettee..... 0.0

Автор Daniel Woodz (2 месяца)
Seriously, a fricking waste of money and life.

Автор conleth mcshane (2 месяца)
Ur such a gay and queer fucker

Автор NEEKZ81 (2 месяца)
Dumb fuck, u owe me 1:13 of my life back... 

Автор SamIsWeird101 (11 дней)

Автор c.b (3 месяца)
Someone just asked me how to make an omlette...

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