NFS Carbon Secret

A secret on the canyon course, Eternity Pass.

***Disclaimer: At first, people like me used to believe that this was a connection of the three cities used in each NFS game. It has been uncovered and proved that what you see is actually Fortuna, Kempton, Silverton, and Downtown Palmont City.

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Автор Cross ( назад)
İts NOT Secret Track Cross Chases Player

Автор Gameboys34 ( назад)

Автор Krzysztof Bajorski ( назад)
sory but NOPE

Автор Валерий Логинов ( назад)

Автор Camisamera ( назад)
oh my godh i know i know omg omg i am going to do something...

Автор dani simeonov ( назад)
he says true that video is true look lejt cit yand rigth cit bayviw had the
big ligths look right and will see bayview and the left is rockport

Автор thestig818 ( назад)
NFS World is still under Costruction....

Автор Armand Klein ( назад)

Автор brian redo ( назад)
really you can see rockport but there's no bayview go see NFS world map

Автор iLuvWolfs455 ( назад)
Masud hasan ur a stupid yeller complainer bitch u always think ur right
somehow get a life and let what people think i also think its what the
crowd says and ur all like NO ITS NOT! My ass dewd let what the people
think if they r right then let them be right dewd u alwaya keep commenting
on all videos related to nfsc get a life dewd and let wat the people think
stupid man!

Автор Chethan gowda ( назад)
So stupid...!! U just lost that's it...:)

Автор Win3Apollo - (TS) ( назад)
It's a Challenge Series event.

Автор Win3Apollo - (TS) ( назад)
You forgot Olympic.

Автор Havocado ( назад)
if they release the bayview and their computer will blown up... you know ?
over 2mill ppl playing nfsw across country with big map (bigger than
carbon, but 95% same to carbon) with all the chatter,racing
server,duel..etc... and ultimately great graphics and a lot of cars i dont
think so... just saying :D

Автор :o ( назад)
YOu Are PLAYing as Cross?!

Автор Masud Hasan ( назад)
I found more proof on this when I noticed in the end of the Commercial drag
track, the track ends with a road to nowhere like the canyons

Автор Masud Hasan ( назад)
But Olympic City is not finished as big parts of it are not shown and only
the racing parts are shown

Автор Masud Hasan ( назад)
Don't double post, it is breaking the rules.

Автор Masud Hasan ( назад)
What a late reply. Also, could you make a video that how will all of NFS
Carbon Beta City will look like if you made it looking like as if was a
completed city.

Автор Egzec (ClassicNFS) ( назад)
Ahem. San Juan NFS Carbon Beta City Palmont

Автор TheCalinstelistu ( назад)
I think they are rockport and bview.

Автор Masud Hasan ( назад)
SHUT UP STUPIDS! Olympic City,Bayview and Rockport is not in the game The
cities you see from the canyons are MYSTERY CITY/UNKNOWN CITY and PALMONT

Автор -KM- ( назад)
there is its called nfs world its free on pc

Автор jonzxcv ( назад)
i realized it after i uploaded the video lol

Автор st dbz ( назад)
because nfsu2 was at night and rog says ''let's see how you do in the day

Автор st dbz ( назад)
i think you're right.

Автор 1bullet2dead ( назад)
the amount of people that have seen this i dont think it is a secret now lol

Автор Ares Margautomo (383 года назад)
well you guys probably never play NFS World in there, you can see ALL the
connection to rockport, seacrest (tri-state) and Palmont

Автор Jimmy Lopez ( назад)
Its all right man i used to think the same thing and i was so determined to
reach bayview. Well at least we know the truth is official

Автор jonzxcv ( назад)
@xijim101 I know. I realized that shortly after uploading it

Автор Jimmy Lopez ( назад)
Its just palmont. My proof????? Watch dillano609's truth of eternity pass

Автор neerajmjj ( назад)
Best secret to win a canyon race, get the corvette car modify it (gearbox
max acceleration and turbo low rpm is better). On the very first corner,
overtake the opponent and stay in front for 10 seconds. You win easily.

Автор Dipply ( назад)
@BortaMaga that city is the end of vid movie!

Автор Yepizul ( назад)
@Lasgati44 No.

Автор firebloxice1 ( назад)
@flairy11 You can download the game for free,but you have to pay to get
awesome cars

Автор Sgt. Daniel S. Phillips ( назад)
@Lasgati44 No, its free.

Автор FreshGuy555 ( назад)
do you have to pay to play nfs world on pc?

Автор Yepizul ( назад)
he reaplaced cars

Автор JohannGTR ( назад)
@stertingen right and where is the bayview sign

Автор JohannGTR ( назад)
@GeneralSkywalker1569 what about tri-city and seacrest county?

Автор schuleistbloed ( назад)
The city on the right isnt Bayview. Its Silverton. And the the city on the
left is Downtown (from Palmont City).

Автор stertingen ( назад)
im not sure wheter its true. 1:02 you can see ist perfectly, when the hud
disappears. the city on the right has these big lamps, so it could be
baview. BUT baview has in underground 2 bigger and higher towers. and there
are the jackson heighs. the city in the left could be rockport... but i
think, these cities are palmont. (fortuna, downtown, kempton, etc)

Автор CelanSniper ( назад)
Holy SHIT!

Автор Loaf Cult Member ( назад)
@jonzxcv You know carbon takes place in palmont so you alwasy see palmont

Автор Natural_Hype ( назад)
@GeneralSkywalker1569 And what about (for the first time) Olympic City?

Автор Ryan Babin ( назад)
@Flamebeow what did i say?

Автор André Pina ( назад)

Автор 22Titus22 ( назад)
@GeneralSkywalker1569 underground 1 city is olimpic city

Автор carlosfcomen ( назад)

Автор carlosfcomen ( назад)
is not a secret track,is the track of the canyon duel of the last boss

Автор Ryan Babin ( назад)
@jonzxcv sorry but your wrong! i have it for the 360!

Автор 22Titus22 ( назад)
what is bayview?

Автор schuleistbloed ( назад)
On the left its Downtown Palmont and on the right is Silverton. Behind
Downtown, there is Kempton with the red crans (or whatever), and on the
right from Downtown there is Fortuna. So *ThumbsDown*.

Автор elexxander r ( назад)
is pc o ps2

Автор stertingen ( назад)
@jonzxcv it will contain bawiev, too. but in a time far away...

Автор jonzxcv ( назад)
@flairy11 nope, only pc.

Автор ARXGames ( назад)
@jonzxcv is world for XBOX 360 or only PC

Автор ARXGames ( назад)
@jonzxcv is it for xbox 360 by the way i tryed that and thats wierd and cool

Автор jonzxcv ( назад)
@GeneralSkywalker1569 maybe... I don't know. I hope

Автор GeneralSkywalker1569 ( назад)
@jonzxcv Same.

Автор GeneralSkywalker1569 ( назад)
@jonzxcv I know that, I have the game now. And are they gonna add Bayview?

Автор jonzxcv ( назад)
@GeneralSkywalker1569 that's now possible. EA released NFS World, Palmont
and Rockport put together with a day/night cycle and you race online with
other players. the only exception is that it doesn't include

Автор jonzxcv ( назад)
@flairy11 that's now possible. EA released NFS World, Palmont and Rockport
put together with a day/night cycle and you race online with other players.
the only exception is that it doesn't include Bayview.....yet....

Автор ARXGames ( назад)
It would be cool if there was a need for speed where rockport palmont and
bayview were all together because it's the same person throughout
underground to carbon

Автор gth3andatvs60 ( назад)

Автор jonzxcv ( назад)
@Shicbs Bayview is supposed to be on the west coast and Rockport on the
east. Palmont is somewhere like Arizona or New Mexico. We're not sure
exactly how the cities are in relation to one another, but it has been
disproven that these cities are the ones from previous NFS games.

Автор 11tonius ( назад)
@FallenSaintsINC They did confirm this in the past, but I forgot when.

Автор Peelster1 ( назад)
@11tonius Cool! When did they confirm this?

Автор 11tonius ( назад)
@FallenSaintsINC True. But the World will expand over time. EA confirmed
that the first expansion of the World will be the canyons.

Автор jonzxcv ( назад)
@Shicbs it actually makes more sense that because the canyons are right on
the outskirts of Palmont that they would be the four cities of Palmont.
originally, that's what everyone thought they were: Olympic City, Bayview,
and Rockport. it then got disproven by facts of common knowledge, and if
you get your information from a wiki, which is written by one or two
people, sometimes more, then it's probably wrong. just a heads up

Автор Peelster1 ( назад)
@GeneralSkywalker1569 I agree but instead of having opposite of what the
cities already had for time of day I think the time of day should be real
time depending on your time zone.

Автор Peelster1 ( назад)
@Dynamite35 But you can only go to Rockport and Palmont, both being at
daytime only.

Автор jonzxcv ( назад)
@honey0807D you can tell by the lights, but this theory has been disproven.
it's the four cities of Palmont.

Автор SuperJim64 ( назад)
@Dynamite35 i used to have it i miss it WAAAAH IT WAS MY FAVE NFS GAME

Автор Dynamite35 ( назад)
That place reminds me nfsu2 o_o

Автор Dynamite35 ( назад)
@GeneralSkywalker1569 EA Already made that game its called " NFS WORLD "

Автор Shoikat Rahman ( назад)
@Francidede the secret is driving on hte other side of the barrier

Автор mrlipux ( назад)
@HKMP5BUYER i've seen only 2 letters, the rest are in light so i didn't see

Автор ShadowPowerPowa ( назад)
It's not a secret, this is a falling, this is fool...

Автор LukixXx2 ( назад)

Автор Ghost Dragon676 ( назад)
@GeneralSkywalker1569 EA already made that kind of nfs its called NEED FOR

Автор 35eyal ( назад)
mistake i see it to the right but no hights

Автор 35eyal ( назад)
i see the bayview sign to the left

Автор jonzxcv ( назад)
@HKMP5BUYER it's not the 3 other cities from the other NFS games. It's the
4 sections of Palmont.

Автор ShadowPowerPowa ( назад)

Автор jonzxcv ( назад)
its not. it has been proven wrong that its olympic city, bayview and

Автор Joseph Ivan ( назад)
hey its true

Автор jonzxcv ( назад)
its not trainers

Автор skateboard0pro ( назад)

Автор jonzxcv ( назад)
@skully720 Yeah, those cities are the rest of the Palmont

Автор Carlos Salinas ( назад)
I think those are the other cities bcuz when you arrive from rockport after
the last pursuit you cross the bridge... You drive through carbon canyon
cuz of the tight turns but you don't realize cuz of the incredible handling
of the Beamer and wen your at the bottom of carbon canyon you see palmont
much closer than those far cities in the back

Автор shawezy ( назад)
could be a secret but who knows

Автор 1clkgtramg ( назад)
@CI7AY2 do you have the link the the rumor (or evidence) i cant find it?

Автор jonzxcv ( назад)
I know it's not a secret. Did you read the disclaimer? Besides, the truth
was discovered a while ago.

Автор narutocosplayX ( назад)
you're a dumbass there is only palmont involved in this game its only
kempton, silverton, downtown and fortuna those are those so called "cities"
stupid and whoever said "in rockport when the game raises the brightness
you can see the lightspots" i'll check it out to see if it's true or not.

Автор Rodrigo S. P. dos Santos ( назад)
Continued from before - And only one other thing (sorry about spamming).
Darius knew Cross indeed. And he also knew Cooper (or whatever the hell
he's called). And Cooper already knew Kenji, Angie, Wolf and Nikki too. He
started in Palmont, run away because of a setup (armed by Darius) and
return to escape from Cross.

Автор Rodrigo S. P. dos Santos ( назад)
Continued from before - Also, Rockport is near Palmont... and Bayview can
also be seen near Rockport... When the game raises a little the brightness
you can spot Bayview's Lightspots. And BTW, if you take literally, the one
from UG1 is the same from UG2, and the one from MW is the same from Carbon,
but the both aren't supposed to be the same. The first drove a Skyline, the
second, a BMW.

Автор Rodrigo S. P. dos Santos ( назад)
@CI7AY2 No, wait... I didn't mean the city was called Tri-City Bay because
it involved the other cities... I meant it was called that because it was
inspired by the three. Ride a little and you find a bit of Palmont, a bit
of Rockport and a bit of Bayview in it. The scenarios are almost the same.
And... I just call them with the same name, since nobody ever said it.
Also, the announcer says "Cooper left the street illegal races and now is
making a name in the pro scene." or something like that.

Автор jonzxcv ( назад)
Sway - Hype Boys

Автор iamtehgame ( назад)
Whats the music in the starting video

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