NFS Carbon how to make a cop car

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Автор talonatorman ( назад)
This is one of the videos that I like but many others hate

Автор Toni Čehok ( назад)
2:16 its a formula from f1

Автор 蔡 卓霖 ( назад)
idiots you can unlock police car in normal way in game...

Автор Dj Reaky ( назад)
What the f**k........

Автор NooBooS ( назад)
россия форева

Автор Alexia Estes ( назад)
No art motherfucker

Автор Cynuh ( назад)
U lost me art watch carefully

Автор Antonio Taylor ( назад)
English stupid

Автор Avinash Misir ( назад)
This is like 2003

Автор JustinRM ( назад)
You russian?ορ στολε α ωιδεο*

Автор SuperWillzilla1 ( назад)
it is the sequel. in the beginning, you are still in the escape scene from
the end of MW

Автор marjan ahmed ( назад)
this game is like most wanted in 2005

Автор Erika Soledad ( назад)
no men cant costumize R8 in ps2 only in PC why his have a mod

Автор Gabriel Griffin ( назад)
How to customize R8 in PS2 version?

Автор purplegill10 ( назад)

Автор pianicata4 ( назад)
how to turn on siren??

Автор Agar Orion ( назад)
that is cool

Автор Agar Orion ( назад)

Автор Agar Orion ( назад)

Автор Agar Orion ( назад)
the police rhino is hummer

Автор Agar Orion ( назад)
i already

Автор erik1580 ( назад)
I had a mod installed.

Автор Tanvir Kabir ( назад)
where did u got at cop car at 3:05?

Автор tyecht07 ( назад)
NO! ur working for the enemy lol

Автор Some Dude ( назад)
Potomushto emu zahotelos poigrat po ruski? Problem?

Автор Chloé Marie ( назад)
hey only you could do that you erick the jerk, how can we do that if the
vinyls and the other stuffs are made from optional you fucking idiot!!!

Автор gtaracer 123RSN ( назад)
police crusier in nfs underground 2?

Автор HighOctaneFuel ( назад)
2:20 fail wheel positions.

Автор anjopag31 (646 лет назад)
2:13 Wth

Автор Marco Túlio Delareti ( назад)
Why do people always ask the names of the songs? It's right below how many
likes and dislikes. You fucking idiots.

Автор Paul91415 ( назад)
the good, old, police chopper.

Автор FellianTheDragon ( назад)
You're the idiot

Автор T Series Gaming ( назад)
hey idiot is this nfsu2

Автор Tomas Palavecino ( назад)
como hago para conseguir el audi lemans modo carrera???

Автор 13metal1 ( назад)
Got to nfsnet , this site got patches for all the NFS games for PC.. Also
car generators. Of course they work!

Автор Rex Mercer ( назад)
that's it?

Автор exxon095 ( назад)
2:54 u forgot something to follow Rachel's car...

Автор XXXBARAKAXXX ( назад)
fucking piece of shit

Автор brianoconner2501 ( назад)
4:37 cool!!!!!!

Автор Zo0mah ( назад)
@wowzo99 LOL

Автор Aaron Holt ( назад)
looks nothing like a police car, looks more like a killer whale in car

Автор TheMercedescls63 ( назад)
can you give me the link to download audi r8? plz

Автор Mike Hilfigure ( назад)
how you able to customize the r8? wont let me with the ps2 version

Автор taten007 ( назад)
well it dosent help much tht its in russian

Автор Peelster1 ( назад)
Where did you get that cop mod for Underground 2?

Автор Anal Rocket Fury ( назад)
@UrgeforSurge it's a trap! the russians are brainwashing you!

Автор Anal Rocket Fury ( назад)
@erik1580 i've heard on that site, that you can even get a helicopter 8 )

Автор Zdeněk Klišč ( назад)
wtf?? cops in u2??

Автор 83fantasma ( назад)
stupid song

Автор erik1580 ( назад)
@Pastramuchka 30 seconds to mars - kings and queens

Автор UrgeforSurge ( назад)
Who thot a black and white car is a cop car?

Автор Stanislav Tismenetski ( назад)
what's the name of the song please?

Автор Don Gambino ( назад)
what is the name of this awesome song

Автор jamrobot24245 ( назад)
what is with the helicopter/jet thing? how did you get that?

Автор Beizish ( назад)

Автор Maxwell Hauser ( назад)

Автор LEGOSandNFSW ( назад)
must every fucking how to video for Need for Speed Carbon be in fucking

Автор F1CODNFS ( назад)

Автор Stephen Raj ( назад)
@Tuddec that Hummer is on Underground 2 not Carbon. look at the background

Автор xxsupersoulxx ( назад)
this doesnt look even close to a cop car

Автор dmr844 ( назад)
У России говорят? я сделать немного but there it ends xD

Автор DjStreetSound ( назад)
@SuperCodzombies hey I did a vid with a gallardo :)

Автор SuperCodzombies ( назад)
can you show us how to do it with the gallardo that would be good for me

Автор EMAN MaGEE ( назад)

Автор erik1580 ( назад)
@xXEDGARXxify My dad send it from russia to me :)

Автор Edgar Burdin ( назад)
you have nfs carbon rus versio why???

Автор Wiz Khalifa ( назад)
@evilhi4life U cant do it on gamecube only comp

Автор evilhi4life ( назад)
@erik1580 i've got it it for game cube

Автор erik1580 ( назад)
@evilhi4life you go to nfscars.net and you download a savegame or i can
just download you the savegame through email.

Автор evilhi4life ( назад)
how do u get the adio or wat ever the hell the cars name and custimize it
plz reply a.s.a.p

Автор gtaspecialist900 ( назад)
making a cop car is quite simple, black paint job, white doors, cop emblem.
doesn't have to be black & white it could be plain black with cop light
vinyls or white with the cop emblem, just get creative ::)

Автор Mega_G ( назад)
try to put 5-0 on your hood

Автор erik1580 ( назад)
@MyWilg eagle logo the one i put on the audi

Автор Wil Trevor ( назад)
@erik1580 what vinyl is it

Автор erik1580 ( назад)
@MyWilg if you mean the white one just paint it white and put the vinyl

Автор Wil Trevor ( назад)
what about a federal pursuit vehicle

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