mom and son fight

my mom and brother randomly fighting

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Автор FirstNationsMovies ( назад)
& she probably wonders why hes gay

Автор Minnie Neri ( назад)
"What is she doing?" "Get out of here" LOL

Автор abspen55 ( назад)
too funny....your mom isn't that good a wrestler....your bro wasn't even
trying......I'll pay $500 to your mom if your mom wins a match where the
other person is really trying.....i'll make no excuses if she wins...i'll
just pay up

Автор euphoriumkid1988 ( назад)
Haha that must be so entertaining. So fun to watch. Do you ever wrestle
with her or your brother?

Автор Firstdad Lastes ( назад)
Mr duck

Автор olo po ( назад)

Автор Jiltedin2007 ( назад)
Was that Your Mom wrestling Your Brother? Lol

Автор leslee lam ( назад)
how old is he?

Автор AMiNE MeD ( назад)
your mom is so hard and sweet if i were in your place i would banage her
but you is a good man

Автор Mohammed Adheil ( назад)

Автор Kassandra Warnke (1929 лет назад)
@christinetinycote haha agreed greatest thing ever!

Автор christinetinycote ( назад)
I love your mom, this was awesome!

Автор rjd9902 ( назад)
Me thinks Mom may have had one too many egg noggs on that particular
evening...Fourteen minutes of "play fighting" and ready for round two! Rest
easy, kid! The next time Mom wants to beat you up call me and I'll fight
her for ya! I think I'm in love!...LOL!

Автор Kassandra Warnke ( назад)
@101canucksrule what?

Автор Jiltedin2007 ( назад)
@kassandramitchell How I would have loved to have a "Mom" to wrestle with.

Автор Kassandra Warnke ( назад)
@Jiltedin2007 its quite funny when they get like this, especially mom

Автор Jiltedin2007 ( назад)
Mom: Knock Knock Son: Who's there? Mom: Mom Son: Mom who? Mom: Mom is gonna
kick your mother fucking ass Bitch! Oh, nice! Has anyone here on You Tube
ever fantasized of having a Mom like that? Someone who'll talk to you the
same way your "Boys" would talk to you? A Trash Talking Mom, that has to be
the ultimate. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Автор gondal4 ( назад)
in round 2 submission wrestling plz.

Автор gondal4 ( назад)
round 2 son should fight back.then lets see whos boss.

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