Simple Watermelon Flower Style - Int Lesson 1 By Mutita Art Of Fruit And Vegetable Carving Video

The Simple Watermelon Flower - If You Master This Pattern You Will Be Able To Do Any Fruit And Vegetable Carving Or Design Your Own.

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There are 3 levels of carvings:

Beginners Level - you will learn how to apply quick and simple design to the different fruit and vegetable.  

Intermediate Level - you will progress onto more detailed carving design for larger display

Advanced Level - How to carve Rose flower and more flowers.  After you master all these flowers - you can apply to larger Fruit and Vegetable such as Watermelon and Pumpkins. 

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Автор Mutita EdibleArt (3 месяца)

All the best :)

Автор Hannah Woodall (11 дней)
You are Very talented, this is beautiful!

Автор Johan Sundström (17 дней)
Water melons make a pretty cool art medium for pink scale masterpieces.

Автор AnimalsGirlful (3 месяца)
it looks like she is eating the melon while she is doing it :) that would
be me too lol

Автор chanell alcantara (4 месяца)
Simple Watermelon Flower - Int Lesson 1 - Mutita …:
http://youtu.be/J0Ozl_SRGVE @fruit#art#simple

Автор Fletcher Theobald (5 месяцев)
This makes me hungry

Автор Marija TheMacka (2 месяца)
Im not trying to hate or anything,but,why is the watermelon white?

Anyways loved the video,your very good at what youre doing.All the best :)

Автор 12TimmyProductions43 (6 месяцев)

Автор tori tart (3 месяца)
You have so much talent! Praise the fruits indeed!

Автор giota silvy (1 месяц)
omg, i m going to make it RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Esther Joseph (4 дня)
What do you call the knife that you are using?

Автор Jackieisabel (6 месяцев)
Love your work, thank you for sharing and demonstrating this technique, I
will try it... 

Автор Annie Tipton (7 месяцев)
wow, I knew that watermelons TASTED beautiful, and now they LOOK beautiful
too! I am going to attempt this next time we get watermelons. Thank You! :D

Автор Fairuz Ahmed (7 месяцев)
Dear , to start, how do I get the watermelon prepared? do you use a peeler
/ vegetable peeler to peel the green part?

Автор TheNylon100 (6 месяцев)
Where can I buy one of these white balls?

Автор synergraf syn (4 месяца)
What watermelon is this

Автор Larry Opissinow (3 месяца)
Are you asian?!

Автор Iram Bhatti (2 месяца)
I loved it very beautiful. Just one question watermelon are green how your
is not. If you have peeled it please show how. I need way to make my son
eat fruits and I think its wonderful idea. Please reply thanks

Автор lefteris Platis (29 дней)
You are very talented.but,the audio is a problem.please fix it.
you are awesome

Автор QueenKinah (3 месяца)
Wow, so beautiful

Автор niveditha jana (2 месяца)

Автор Rarity Diamond (4 месяца)

Автор CellistForeva1998 (6 месяцев)
This is amazing. How can you carve fruit without getting cut?

Автор garnet isajewel (2 месяца)
wonderful!!!! thanks for your idea and tutorial!!!

Автор LVXMotive (7 месяцев)
beautiful presentation mutita.

very creative

Автор Mahmoud Moustafa (3 месяца)
Great Artist :)

Автор Emily Parker (5 месяцев)
this is stunning!! if only I had the skills to do that : /

Автор darking2jarlie (1 месяц)
okay it was so beautiful..

but what's use of it? 

Автор ZoEDLPNCTVSE(ZKNGamer) (1 месяц)
that look awesome

Автор Nunu Roxzz (5 месяцев)
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its INCREDABLE

Автор ikkila (1 месяц)
This is so beautiful!

Автор em dzir (1 месяц)
pery pery beritifol 

Автор GileRGames (2 дня)
It looks really beautiful, but I rather to eat it lol

Автор DJMarkCornelius (13 дней)

Автор Sam Kuri (14 дней)
The only part I don't like is that it's edible.... It's just too beautiful
to eat! Wow!

Автор Naomy Quiñones (13 дней)
This is absolutely excellent. Thank you! 

Автор yemen amayrani salgado chavez (1 месяц)
hermoso muy lindo muchas felicidades 

Автор lahum Rohman (5 месяцев)
sharp knifes...

Автор bbgun ballancieka (1 месяц)
thailand only

Автор ryuu amar (1 месяц)
i can barely cut a melon normally with stright lines!! this is really cool

Автор Candelaria Lira (3 месяца)
wow its so so so so beutifull ^_^

Автор Ezgi Dilki (19 дней)
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Автор Xiuxiu Gabriela (1 месяц)
Amazing really cool ,where do you from btw

Автор RobertsDigital (7 месяцев)
Suitable for a king's table.

Автор violeta vanesa (2 месяца)
This marvellous!! So beautiful!! incredible!! <3

Автор Christian Fernandez (3 месяца)
Just kiding

Автор Elle Vy (7 месяцев)
Where'd you get that knife?

Автор María F.L. (3 месяца)
:0 so cool! :D

Автор Limeverte Game (5 месяцев)
So cool :D <3

Автор Gloria Granoble (2 месяца)
Mucho talento y avilidad

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