Simple Watermelon Flower Style - Int Lesson 1 By Mutita Art Of Fruit And Vegetable Carving Video

The Simple Watermelon Flower - If You Master This Pattern You Will Be Able To Do Any Fruit And Vegetable Carving Or Design Your Own.

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There are 3 levels of carvings:

Beginners Level - you will learn how to apply quick and simple design to the different fruit and vegetable.  

Intermediate Level - you will progress onto more detailed carving design for larger display

Advanced Level - How to carve Rose flower and more flowers.  After you master all these flowers - you can apply to larger Fruit and Vegetable such as Watermelon and Pumpkins. 

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Автор soundara rajan ( назад)
It so beautiful 😻😝

Автор Hannah Dumlao (1958 лет назад)
Why am I watching so many food art videos?

Автор 49 Ninjananja ( назад)
YOU ARE SO AMAZING 😆😆😆 only thing to work on is skipping ahead so people
dont have to watch you do each step over and over again, it gets
MORE ❤️❤️😘

Автор Van Do ( назад)
You are the best at art I've ever seen wow it's incredible 😉☺️

Автор Cooper Gildon ( назад)
I dont know how I got here but this is stunning!

Автор Brianna Mary ( назад)
I though this was a drawing when I saw the thumb nail oops lol

Автор CaitRenee06 ( назад)
This is simple yet beautiful! Thanks for uploading

Автор Aiden Derr ( назад)

Автор Annie Marquisa ( назад)
Oh my goodness.. This is so pretty! You were blessed with a true gift, my
friend! Embrace it to the best of your ability :)

Автор zoie henry ( назад)
1st of all HOWD I GET HERE????... 2nd I'm not very patient so if u could
cut or fast forward after you show what to do that'd be great

Автор barbiewoman73 ( назад)
MIND.BLOWN! 😮😯🙏🏻👐🏻🙏🏻👐🏻🙏🏻👐🏻🙏🏻

Автор Miranda Duh ( назад)
MAN THIS IS AWESOME but how long did it take you?? 😯

Автор Pika GM cast ( назад)

Автор Pickles & Pie (1988 лет назад)
I mean you could add some music

Автор Prasad Sudanga (531 год назад)
Very beautiful thanks

Автор Simply Kelly ( назад)
By the time you finish it won't be good to eat

Автор LS CB ( назад)
this looks amazing. I wish I could do this but I'm no good at art. keep up
the good work

Автор Chandelle ( назад)
Why am I watching this

Автор Shrimp Neko MiMi ( назад)

Автор Abby Webb ( назад)
These are so cool! Super jealous of your talent 😍 it looks amazing! Keep
doing what your doing!

Автор carving fruit ( назад)
I learned a lot from your videos
now I can carving fruit easy: https://youtu.be/WctvjPHCQ98

Автор Ana Burt ( назад)
This was really cool☺️

Автор dana abril huerta ( назад)
buuuuuuuuuu se tarda

Автор Anastasia Sims ( назад)
Wow this is amazing you should be a worlds record of making beautiful
watermelon art I love it

Автор Adrielly Oliveira ( назад)
muito incrível 👉👈😍💗

Автор Evelyn Brooks ( назад)
i started at emoji bookmarks and ended up here

Автор Carolina Vieira ( назад)

Автор Atitaya Nopyod ( назад)
อาทิตย์หน้าหนูต้องสอบแล้ว แต่ยังทำไใม่ได้เลยค่ะ 😞

Автор Easteen Davis ( назад)
could you do designs on pumpkins please? Not halloween carvings

Автор Mohamed Iskandar kani ( назад)
awesome madam

Автор Disney girl ( назад)

Автор Alejandra “Supernova” Rosales ( назад)
so cool

Автор Noemi Ramirez ( назад)

Автор Disney girl ( назад)
Imaginative how did you come up with that pattern? Simply beautiful!

Автор LifeWithPaula ( назад)
this is so statisfieing

Автор Noemi Ramirez ( назад)
nice to dice it

Автор Ramil Dacuyan ( назад)
wow you r an inspiration to my wife! a very good job. thnx to u!

Автор Ramil Dacuyan ( назад)
wow you r an inspiration to my wife! a very good job. thnx to u!

Автор Ramil Dacuyan ( назад)
wow you r an inspiration to my wife! a very good job. thnx to u!

Автор Stephanie Guerrero ( назад)
that was amazing it looks like a realistic flower but on a fruit or a type
of food

Автор Secret McCrimmon ( назад)
I love you

Автор virak uotdom (1185 лет назад)

Автор Jose Hernandez ( назад)
I could of sworn i started of by watching magic trick videos and now idk
how i ended up watching watermelon carving lessons...

Автор Micah Quarles ( назад)
I love your carving u should start a show!

Автор Shenelia Johnson ( назад)
Simply amazing. You should start a business! Keep up the great work :)

Автор Caroline Munoz ( назад)

Автор Azize Ozturk ( назад)
azize ozturk

Автор Hary Soewarno ( назад)
If I able to do this, i would just play with all the fruits i can think of
all the time, it's such a beautiful art and you are very talented. I going
to give a go, if i can do this sort of things. Wow.

Автор horrorstor AJ ( назад)
whoa.... 0.0

Автор yaoi verres ( назад)
This is so beautiful ! Amazing work

Автор Luis Paulo ( назад)
Amazing ,)

Автор Clara Cho ( назад)
I was all dazed through out the video.

Автор Marie Büchler ( назад)
how do you remove the green part of the watermelon?

Автор Marie Büchler ( назад)
how do you remove the green part of the watermelon?

Автор คมกริช คำลาพิช ( назад)
สวัสดีค่ะ เหมือนคนไทย เลยเป็นคนไทยป่าว

Автор Alis Dillon ( назад)
I spend hours on my drawing and painting how long did this beautiful piece
of art take you

Автор Ezяα Cуαη ( назад)

Автор Kelly Jansema ( назад)
I have just found your videos and I wanted to say thank you for taking the
time to make and share. I enjoy trying new food decor so you will be of
great asset to me.

Thank you for your lovely work!

Автор HauntingGems ( назад)

Автор Ava Haun ( назад)
Don't know how I got here but I am very amazed at her work!! 😍 I really
should try this sometime

Автор Maria Luz ( назад)
What do you do with it once it's done? I mean you can't just let the food

Автор Bunny Cakes ( назад)
How simple

Автор Gilbert Chavez ( назад)
WOW 😱😱😱

Автор Cute Things ( назад)
Is is so artistic and well BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

Автор melissa123mely ( назад)
I am inspired to do fruit art now! 

Автор Coryn Cummings ( назад)

Автор Waraphorn Sriphorm ( назад)

Автор Mikayla Phillips ( назад)
+Mutita EdibleArt do you cover the watermelon in fondont first
or........just how do you get it white first????

Автор Darly Lisabel Prado ( назад)
too gorgous Omg i just loved it ima watch all your videos so i can try
doing this😍

Автор ROUE INTAN ( назад)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Автор Shashree Samuel ( назад)

Автор charmaine charles ( назад)
Charmaine Charles I Love it very nice and very easy to do. .

Автор CrystaLPoP ( назад)
+Mutita EdibleArt how did you remove the skin (Green) of the watermelon?
did you used peeler?

Автор Zoe Smith ( назад)
Oh wow that's fabulous! It looks absolutely brilliant!

Автор Jacob Dotson ( назад)
Imagine if the WATERMALON was ur skin 😉

Автор Mike Wester ( назад)
I like the desing and the way u say watermelon and petal no clue y but I do
its probally b'cuz u have an accient and I don't lol

Автор africanqueen555 ( назад)
Beautiful!!!!! You go girl!

Автор Leahs Vlog Channel LVC ( назад)
This is amazing! If I could do this as well as you can I would most
certainly do this all the time. Good job!

Автор Ronido Dragoni Dragoni ( назад)

Автор Karina Min ( назад)
Great thank you. . 😍😍😍😍

Автор Oso Gommy ( назад)
Por que no traducirlo en español muy interesantes

Автор Stephen Kiran ( назад)

Автор ʎɯɯıɾ ɔ ( назад)
How long till it dries out?

Автор Evelynn Yang ( назад)
Awesome! I should try to do that.😃😯👌🏻 

Автор Mckenzee coursey ( назад)
It's nice but all your doing is wasting the thing :/.But it's amazing!!!!!

Автор marleny ortiz ( назад)
muy hermosos y elaborados trabajos, gracias por compartirlos

Автор Carly Skittle ( назад)
It's Funny That She's Giving Instructions To People Who Are Not Going To Do
The Same Beautiful Designs And Carvings Like She Is Doing. I Wish I Can Do
That. xD

Автор Kyilee&Kaitlin 1208 ( назад)
bueatiful work

Автор Joseph Shifflett ( назад)

Автор 恭子渡辺 ( назад)

Автор Juultje ! ( назад)
Eart= eat

Автор Juultje ! ( назад)
How have you eart this!!!!😱😷😶😵😰

Автор ilyOcean Queen ( назад)
That is amazing and accurate work with steady hands !!!! 🎊🔥😈💖😍

Автор Joselyn Flores ( назад)
How'd I end up here 

Автор Mariam Sargsyan ( назад)
Очень красиво 

Автор ThatGeekery Kitty ( назад)
Its amazing😱

Автор Esther Joseph ( назад)
Where can I buy the carving knifes that you are using?

Автор Hannah Obrien ( назад)
What kind of knife are you using?

Автор MIGHTYMAN1256 ( назад)
Great video""

Автор Beatriz Leonil ( назад)
Ficou muito bom o seu serviso

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