Accelerating Mazda RX-8 0-100 km/h

Accelerating a Mazda RX-8 during a test drive from 0 to 100 km/h and up to 140..

Nice car..

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Автор Valy Deea ( назад)
6.5 sec 0-100

Автор Michael Vezina ( назад)
lol turbocharge that shit dude

Автор julio bayany galvan benitez ( назад)
I'm selling my mazda 3 and buy a rx8 is perfect

Автор Jimmy Tan ( назад)
8 sec 0-100kmh...

Автор Figo John ( назад)
wow thats slow

Автор Michael Aristide ( назад)
Yes. In nominal engine displacement 1.3L is correct. However, in effective displacement (which takes frequency of power cycles in account) the nominal displacement is multiplied by 2 which results in 2.6 liters. Why multiply by two? Because the Wankel rotary has twice the number of power cycles relative to its displacement compared to a reciprocating engine. Both rotors go through a power cycle for every single e-shaft revolution, compared to once every two crank revs in a recip. Exactly double.

Автор Jakob Woods ( назад)
my commodore is faster than that

Автор Trichome Farmer ( назад)
ROFL 8 seconds flat

Автор Braden Huffman ( назад)
Its actually 660cc x 2 = 1.3L

Автор funkydonkey11051989 ( назад)
i hate that annoying beep sound for upshifting >.>

Автор pacrat90 ( назад)
You're looking at it from the wrong perspective, you cant compare engine displacement between piston and rotary engines like that.

Автор veljkoblv (554 года назад)
Man, it is 1.3 l engine, it counts like 2.6 because of its unfair power compared to piston engines.

Автор Assad Ali ( назад)
about 8 sec to 100? Something must be wrong i'd expect it to be faster than that.

Автор Unlimited Gaming & Motorsport ( назад)
stop saying stupid stuff like it equals to 2.6. This shit is 1.3, that's why it can only produce around 160 of torque. saying V6 LoL

Автор SaintsRow1177 ( назад)
I counted 8.5

Автор bojana dakskofler ( назад)
sry but i have to correct you. the engine is a 1.3, period. the rule to multiply the displacement x2 is there just to give the otto engines a fighting chance in bhp comparrison and similar comparisons.

for example: the honda s2000 produces 120bhp/l, and is one of the best N/A engines, but the rx8 produces 177bhp/l

the rotary only has 2 problems:
1:low torque, but can be solved by a turbo
2:drinks a LOT of fuel

Автор Ben Power ( назад)
8 sec

Автор Lyubomir Harizanov ( назад)
@mrflipydip12 yeah right, and if you squeeze it just a little more, it will do 100 in 2 seconds and will beat a Veyron...It does 0-100 in 6,2 seconds WITH trashing. Let's say factory figures are conservative, so 6 in reality. And that's it. People around here are not as dumb as you might think, trashing a car won't bring it two seconds below factory figures, otherwise why would people give XX.XXX more money to get a car in the four-seconds club?

Автор sTTu ( назад)
@mrflipydip12 Huh dude? He starts on ONE second and hits 100 at TEN seconds. That makes NINE seconds. EVEN if you are kind and give him a rolling start from 2 seconds, that's still 8 0-100kph - which (imho) for a sports car is a tad on the sloooow side!!

Автор Mario sp ( назад)
@19danflo and why is not impressive? rx8 is the funniest car to drive from the above you mentioned and a better car overall. its driving feel its unique

Автор Mario sp ( назад)
bad start

Автор Frank Decenzo ( назад)
@greenmadrid1000 but if u compare prices, the rx8 is a better car

Автор Theo Scheepers ( назад)
looooooool 0-100 in 9 seconds? thats pretty damn slow

Автор Kayanat Sarkar ( назад)
Mitsubishi lancer evolution x is better

Автор gohabsgo1fan ( назад)
this is gonna be my first car idc bout gass or oil i want this car !!

Автор GreenJeepMac ( назад)
boy it is definatley not the fastest thing in the world, but it does sound great!

Автор extremepsychogamer ( назад)
wtf are you talking about? this rx8 has a 1.3L, thats right, 1.3 L rotary engine that produces 230 HP. The 350z has a 3.5 L V6 and only produces about 300 HP

Автор APO6 ( назад)
@DK99824 while the engine may be lighter than cars of it's class, that advantage still doesn't make up for the lack of power and torque. if you look at the RX8's supposed rival the 350Z, the 350 is heavier overall but still walks the RX8 on straights because it has the torque. In the handling aspect, because the RX8 is lighter, it is better than a 350. not bashing the RX8. I'm just saying an 8 isn't meant for a straight line.

Автор APO6 ( назад)
@DK99824 rx8s aren't that light.

Автор poutwa arxidia ( назад)
this car is very slow for 240hp... but cause it gots 9.300 rpm, can get really good tuning! stock rx8 is a shit, tuned is much better than other tuned cars!

Автор Domagoj176 ( назад)
i got mazda 323f (protage5) 2001 jear and it has 1,4ccm 89 hp, and 0-100 its about 9.9 sec dam its soo good :D XD

Автор JAMinguitardude1 ( назад)
@19danflo you are right about it not being a piston engine, however, you are wrong about the displacement, since its a rotary, and not a piston, you cant get an approx displacement conversion. people always say, noooo you have to multiply by 2, or 3. fact is that its a 1.3, and people need to find an excuse to come up with after they get passed by one. last time i checked a 6 litre v8 doesnt equal a 3 litre rotary...

Автор Gorax90 ( назад)
Nice, fast, gorgeous looking car. Shame it sounds like a 1.25 fiesta.

Автор Zero Relativity ( назад)
crap that haters, i just love this car. mazda rx-8. <3

Автор Andrewh1994 ( назад)
@Sorayan13 yea that's probably true!

Автор Sorayan13 ( назад)
@bertrab87 Ur mums ass is so big, not only a 1.3 rotary engine would fit in, a whole RX8 would!

Автор CRAZYSTOO ( назад)
i wish people would stop repeating obvious facts about rotaries on every rotary video.

Автор Tod Hunter ( назад)
title should be "Accelerating Mazda RX-8 0-139km/h

Автор Andrewh1994 (308 лет назад)
my microwave has more torque..

Автор Adam ZarZar ( назад)
@mattc867 Yeah, but I just know within a day of owning one i'll turn the car on and off and flood the engine because I don't think about that stuff. Plus the gas mileage is not great for me. I'd love to own one though.

Автор passion:driving ( назад)
@HBXTQ1990 Oh yeah, the Z is VERY rough.. but that's ok, too. It has a different character. But in any case it cannot get an RX8 on a twisty road. Thats one thing that makes the RX8 so fun and yes: furthermore it's quite comfortable and the interior is way better and more beautiful than in the 350Z. Anyways: I really like both cars.

Автор ZeroSkillJustLuck ( назад)
@vortex3k you know what you are talking about. I have met a lot of people saying the RX-8 is too slow and they would rather have a 350z. Of course the 350z is a nice car too, but boy is it hard... the rx-8's suspension is really really soft for a sports car because of its low centre of gravity. I also drive an S2000 and that similar to the 350z has more punch but it sure is uncomfortable to drive compared to the rx-8 :D And due to its suspension and COG you can corner like a beast with it :)

Автор Pandemonium Lig ( назад)
The red color tuned RX-8 is not here now :-(
and I dont saw his owner to ask to him the power of engine and if I could take photos to show it to you :-(
so, thanks for my Clio 2 RS1 :-)
Sure it is a little rocket ^^
I beging any little mods to increase the engine power to 178-180hp now at 192-200hp
With its light weight, 930kg about (reservoir empty) it is and it will be more a nice ratio "Weight / Power" who give a funny "little" sport car to drive know me ^^ ;-)

Автор passion:driving ( назад)
@cumbas Oh yes, it is a great car indeed. I wouldn't want to own one though, but it IS a very fun car. BTW: i love the RS clios :D all renault RS models are astonishing! just ordered a megane 3 rs 250 last month :)

Uhm.. good question. I think there are only slight differences in the interior (other seats) and a rev counter to 10k rpm for the 231hp model, also 5 vs 6 speed gearbox and AFAIK only the 231hp version has headlight washers.

Автор Pandemonium Lig ( назад)
ah OK ^^
It is a very beautiful car and an engine
Strange coincidence but in this moment on parking lot in front of my apartment just to the right of my car ^^ (Sport Clio 2 RS1 Renault) it has of oone RX-8 red color and slightly tuned, it is very beautiful.
How to know by seeing it if it is the 192 or the 231hp??

Автор passion:driving ( назад)
@cumbas It's the 231hp version.

Автор Pandemonium Lig ( назад)
Actually is it the 192 or the 231hp version there ?

Автор Pandemonium Lig ( назад)
2x 1.3L so --> 220hp /2 = 110hp by rotor 1.3L an not 220hp
it is less taht you said but very nice always ^^ :-)
& I like this car also :-)

Автор Callan Klimtschuck ( назад)
@vortex3k Amen to that!

Автор Adam ZarZar ( назад)
I'd love one of these but the heavy problems with it scares me...

Автор passion:driving (1540 лет назад)
@cal04450 That's because most people only judge sports cars in terms of acceleration, 0-60, top speed and so on. But that's just one side.. the most important part of a sports car is how it corner's, how it handles and how it allows the driver to position it into a corner to achieve maximum speed. Corners are what separates the boys from men and the powerful cars from fast cars.

Автор Callan Klimtschuck ( назад)
great job. I love my rotary... fast car, especially around the corners... i just hate how everyone compares their car to mine with 0-60 times!! If they could just understand that this car is fast in its own right... i really think its underrated as a sports car!

Автор ZanarSargamathA ( назад)
@MultiGrzenio learn to count

Автор Ahmed Siddiqi ( назад)
my civic vtec gives me 120kph on the second gear. accelerates to 100 in approx. 8 seconds

Автор passion:driving ( назад)
@TCoops I got the concept of high-rev cars ;) I just messed up with that start. And yes.. it's really fun to drive. Much more corner-friendly than a 350Z!

Автор T Coops ( назад)
Neat car too. Driving is more than just dragging in a straight line(yawn), so arguing about microseconds on 0-100 times just becomes redundant. This thing looks great to corner! Really want to test one out

Автор T Coops ( назад)
rev higher before slipping off the clutch, feed the power on while maintaining high revs (feather it). Very important for little engines or engines lacking torque. You totally "bogged down" on that takeoff and could have launched faster. A v-8 it aint, you really gotta peg that narrow power band. That's the beauty of having a clutch- full utilization and control of the power delivery. Are motorcyclists the only people who get this concept?

Автор grey91pl ( назад)
very bad start and shifting

Автор Marc-André Blais ( назад)
This is in Km/h... it's between 6.5 and 7 seconds 0-100.

Автор dan ( назад)
@Romanno14 it was 100 km/h read the description. 100 km/h is the same as 60 mph

Автор Saajoh0783 ( назад)
@SG02JATT 0-60 KM/H not mph

Автор upbeatmantis86 ( назад)
there goes 1 liter of fuel.. XD

Автор passion:driving ( назад)
@SG02JATT its kph, not mph :) I think it has been a 2008 RX-8, but I'm not sure, it wasn't mine.

Автор Jose Escauriza ( назад)
@CougarChile pres the DSC buton 8 secons... and than is realy disengage..

Автор versus4582 ( назад)
Dude come 9+ seconds to reach 100!!!!!?????????
Revved it or Not you NEED PRACTISE MAN ...

Автор Dragos Adrian ( назад)
it`s more lower than an dacia logan 1.6 16v.T

Автор abodigibine69 ( назад)
@vortex3k yeah bruz, rotary, rev the fuck out of it haha

Автор versus4582 ( назад)
You need some serious practice ...

Автор cbstrei108 ( назад)
i have a celica gt-s and i love it i also like the rx-8. but they are no faster then the celicas. my brother just bought one... havent seen it yet. what you thinkg would win in a race?

Автор Billllk ( назад)
yeah i agree but u don't compare these cars with mine!U see VW group got supercharged engines only Golf,Scirocco,Tiguan etc and Audi A5 A4 A3 supercharged too it's easy thing for me to modify my engine by adding turbo but that's not the point.Besides Nissan GT-R beats 'em all having 1/3 the price!

Автор Billllk ( назад)
LF-A say something?

Автор Billllk ( назад)
noone can beat my celica ts 0-100 6.2 secs!!!Check out my video Toyota Celica sti Vouliagmemis and see what happens in Greece!Celica TS rules!!!

Автор kurec86 ( назад)
i have the Vector 2.0T 210Hp...

Автор Francisco Jiménez ( назад)
Ahh, ok, sorry mate ;)
I had the luck to test a friend's RX8 on a track, and is really awesome, hoping buy my own soon :P

Автор passion:driving ( назад)
I've already written it so many times:
traction control has been disabled, but an RX8 requires 6.000rpm+ to have a good start..

I simply reved not enough ;)

Автор Francisco Jiménez ( назад)
He must disengage the traccion control, that's the problem.

Автор krilaztomasz ( назад)
??? 8 sec ? my peugeot 306 xsi 2.0 136HP have the same time ..

Автор l2EDeSTiS ( назад)
@kurec86 What kind of saab you have and how many kw?

Автор APO6 ( назад)
the fact is that stock rotaries lack low rev power and torque which is why they can't launch like other cars.
RX8s are better cornering cars than straight line cars.

Автор kurec86 ( назад)
OMG....both cars are slow...9 sec from 0-60Mph...thats slow man...my fukin Saab goes 7.4 from 0-60...and its old its 2003...thats slow man...sorry

Автор Hajduk ( назад)
yeh is that in the states? they are the same in the UK. In New Zealand they don't tax on your enigine? you pay for in insurance for owning a 'sports car' though

Автор passion:driving ( назад)
PS: oversaw the e89. If not yet been sitting in a e89 or driving one, so I cannot say something about it ;)

Автор passion:driving ( назад)
6,5 feet. And I really don't feel comfortable in a Z4 because the wind-shield's top is at my eyes height ;) It's a great car though but a bit too small for me. My smart roadster offers a bit more space but is of course not as luxury and valuable as the z4.

Автор passion:driving ( назад)
As already said: the car was nearly factory new and my start was shitty ;) But the main advantage to an z4 is: I do fit into the RX8 whilst driving in a Z4 is like sardins in a can ;-) And I drive a smart roadster :P

Автор passion:driving ( назад)
So, it not rated as 2.6 "just because 231bhp from a 1.3 are not the norm". Otherwise you would have to say a turbo charged engine with 1.6l and 300bhp would need to be rated as a 3.0l "just because 300bhp are not normal for a 1.6l".

Rated as 2.6 is just based on the fact that 2.6 is the cylinder capacity equivalent to the 1.3l rotary.

But as already mentioned, in Germany it will be rated based on it's weight, because of the fact, that there is no cylinder capacity.

Автор passion:driving ( назад)
Well.. it's actually not the same in Germany :D Since it is a rotary and therefore actually has no cylinder capacity (which cars in Germany are being taxed by) it is actually being taxed as a truck. That means it will be taxed on it's weight, so only double as high taxes as my smart :D Thats awesome!

Anyhow: because it has no cylinder capacity (because there are no cylinders), it is rated as 2.6l in other countries.

Автор Hajduk ( назад)
more like a 2.6 i read.

Автор DruidB19 ( назад)
Actually its worse on fuel than a modern 3.9l v6... When you compare it to piston engines its comparable to a 2.6L 4cyl due to its combustion cycle.. But the total volume is 3.9L..

The reason posts like mine get thumbs down is that many people who love the Rotary don't like to hear the actual facts and prefer to pretend its a 1.3.. just like Mazda has been getting away with for years..

Автор Bibazavr ( назад)
Why would i give you thumbs down if you just told me new interesting information ?
So it drains fuel as fast as 3.9 L ?

Автор DruidB19 ( назад)
If you determine the size of the rotary with the same formula used to determine the size of your polo's engine, you will find that the rotary is actualy a 3.9L engine..

and before you give me a thumbs down go do some research of your own.

Автор passion:driving ( назад)
Don't forget, the car was completely new. It was only about 400km old, so not yet the whole performance available.

Автор kou ouhiro ( назад)
too slow the shifting

Автор Bibazavr ( назад)
Great car . 1.3 and so much 220+ hp . My polo classic has 1.4 and it gives only 65. Go Wankel engine.

Автор passion:driving ( назад)
Thanks mate! ;) Another nice clean launch: O6yISw5E5LQ

Автор ambientflier ( назад)
Probably because it's only quick if you redline it, which means that unless you're driving it very hard, it's not going to feel quick. It does lack torque, however, it's still a nice car.

Автор upbeatmantis86 ( назад)
i dont know why many car mag reviews say this car lacks torque/power... seems fast enough for me... 8.6 secs is pretty fast (0-100kmph)...

Автор Chris Biz ( назад)
The video ID to watch is "ztSqBWlbClw". Just add that to the end of a youtube video link.

I forgot that URLs can't be posted in comments.

Автор Chris Biz ( назад)
Here is a good video demonstrating what I mean if my comment was not clear to some people.

Since it is in Japanese, let me translate what each run is.

1st run - DSC on
2nd run - DSC off by just pressing the button (You can see it kick on as soon as he hits the brakes, the steering wheel snaps to the right)
3rd run- DSC off by holding the button for 7 seconds
4th run - Showing the difference in suspension between a normal RX8 and a Mazdaspeed RX8 (Spec-A) with DSC switched off entirely.

Автор passion:driving ( назад)
Thanks for pointing this out!

Автор Chris Biz ( назад)
Pressing the button disables traction control and some of the DSC functions. This will allow you to do burn outs and drift the car. If you hold the button for 7 seconds, it will completely turn off DSC. Without holding the button, DSC will kick on when you start sliding with the brakes applied, but will keep it off if you slide with the gas on (drifting)

In this video, the guy had TC off. If it was on, you would see the TC symbol flash above the tach when his tires started spinning at launch.

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