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Автор Farah Joseph (9 месяцев)
You are teaching me how to apply make up thanks girl 

Автор Farah Joseph (9 месяцев)
You are beautiful with and without make up that's a blessing from god girl
I love all Ur videos btw #Subbie 

Автор Karen Richards (10 месяцев)
Thanks Ms.Ivy for all your videos...Girl you need to take that talent to
make it official run don't walk! Yah heard meh?

Автор Kay ya (1 год)
I am wanting to try a new foundation would this mac foundation give me a
good coverage because I have some acne scars ?

Автор Hannah Snowdon (10 месяцев)
Love your nails!!

Автор Lovely Dyshawn (10 месяцев)
Can you do a update of this video? 

Автор Aimeelvpink (3 месяца)
Could you possibly give me a waterproof foundation brand because I work out
6 days a week and I have a lot of scars to cover and sometimes I literally
look like I'm melting down my neck I usually catch it in time but it's so
embarrassing to think someone might see. And I refuse to go out without
makeup. I like looking clear even though I'm not I'm good at doing my
makeup but at the gym i drip sweat for 2 hours everyday.???

Автор Sun Reigns (1 год)
You give some awesome tips. Also thank you for telling me when to start
watching. :) 

Автор Nail Polish Lover (10 месяцев)
You look so good! I love it

Автор Catrina Broadwater (1 год)
Can you give us the name of the lipstick?

Автор Ivy Dear (1 год)
i didnt lmao..this is my color girl i love my brown skin thanks

Автор Samantha Mz. Lace Burks (1 год)
Love it!

Автор NeeMarie1 (1 год)
Lol it's pronounced teer-a-me-sue

Gorgeous. Glad I found your channel!

Автор C800388 (1 год)
Great video you are amazing drfinite hair tut please

Автор Squid (1 год)
Just to get a final price how much would all this stuff come up to if i was
to get them at once

Автор vamperz7 (1 год)
That hair though!!! Wow, so beautiful!

Автор Polite (1 год)
Can someone Help me, I'm loreal true match n8, what Mac shade would I be,
I'm new to makeup, and what is a good under eye highlight Mac concealer

Автор Tolani A.V (1 год)
raww african sheaa butter prevents darkspots!!! trust me, changed my life

Автор Ivy Dear (1 год)
thanks :-)

Автор Valencia Vanity (1 год)
PLEASE HELP ME!! Iv'e had to make a whole new beauty channel (this one)
because my old channel was experiencing complications. Iv'e went from 4,000
views and 106 Subbies to well... NOTHING. I WOULD BE SO GRATEFUL IF YOU ALL

Автор Kyeta S (1 год)
Not an expert at all but so far based on various youtube vids etc. The
rules for makeup and hair are fading . people are getting more and more
creative by the day. And to each his own. Do what works best for you. There
are a zillion techniques and ways to create and achieve. Shake the box. And
let the chips fall as they may. Kudos to anyone sharing info. Its helping

Автор The World of Francheska (1 год)
You would have to go to a MAC counter and get matched.. just tell them you
want to find your shades and hopefully you'll get someone who likes to play
in makeup and they'll do your whole face like they did mine:)

Автор nickyfs7 (1 год)
u should make another vid or you top 5 fave hair companies!!

Автор Heather Paige Cohn (1 год)
Girl, I love your personality! xoxo great makeup tips!

Автор SimplyE88 (1 год)
Gorgeous Ivy loved the routine. Stay beautiful. Love the hair and makeup

Автор MONALOC06 (1 год)
love it gyrly very natural looking perfect for a everyday look -moemoe

Автор 021Blessings (1 год)
omggg you do not need makeup !!!! your skin is flawless girl , love it !

Автор Tamika Dukes (1 год)
Your own hair blends so well!!!!!

Автор SAVANNAH1352 (1 год)
I wish I had your accent...

Автор Ashley Lynnae (1 год)
Glad ur happy! Pretty!

Автор nacora1trini (1 год)
Very pretty ivy

Автор yanni2498 (1 год)
Your so pretty :)

Автор Mariana Lewis (1 год)
Looooove it!!!

Автор justlikebarbee (1 год)
Cute! Love it!

Автор Ash Renae (1 год)
gorrrrregous :)

Автор carolyn1301977 (1 год)
Kryolan fixing spray ... That's all I need , new subbie u r beautiful!!!

Автор ahknandasacai (1 год)
Perfect.... love every of ur Tutorial

Автор ReecieBaybiTv (1 год)
i NEED too pick up these products i just moved to atl and i have really
oily skin , the humidity is NOT my friend lol sucks lol. this was a great
tutorial thanks ivy

Автор MsPacheco Speaks (1 год)
U. Should ttry nc47

Автор Ivy Dear (1 год)
girl trial and error :-)

Автор brandy bgood (1 год)
"Red bottoms" of hair... Love it!!! I'm lovin the details

Автор louieloveslondon11 (1 год)
giirrl bye.

Автор Ivy Dear (1 год)
ive had a gap since i was 5 :-)

Автор Selina Amalia (1 год)
i think its bikini so teeny by essie

Автор Ivy Dear (1 год)
oh thats nature there is nothing u can do lol

Автор elepoant12 (1 год)
Your so pretty

Автор Jae Rich-Cooper (1 год)
Y'all need to watch the video she clearly shows what she uses on her face.
And who cares if her nose ring is turned that's so irrelevant. Ivy ur vids
are so helpful love u gurl

Автор Chansmi23 (1 год)
Love it!!

Автор PurpleKisses303 (1 год)
You always have your hair looking perfect. You're a very beautiful woman.

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