Blender Tutorial: Sculpted Hair Mesh

A video tutorial for the 3D software "Blender". This shows how to create a sculpted mesh hair using curves and the sculpt tool.

the zbrush tip:

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Автор SD Machinima ( назад)
Awesome tutorial i have rewatched this like 6 times now but for converting
the curves into a mesh you hit alt+c now or go to object mode than hit
object and go all the way to the top to convert to and hit the second one
with the triangel symbol next to it :)

Автор skjames09 ( назад)

Автор IrvNation ( назад)
Great tutorial...but you should TOTALLY make an updated version 8D

Автор Simran Zenov ( назад)
Great tutorial! Thanks :)

Автор Roi Davidsen ( назад)
nice one

Автор Serah Farron ( назад)
Can you please tell me how to get a head into blender? Thanks
And love this video!

Автор Lindara Magic (Lind) ( назад)
Just like to say thanks for this tute, made making eyelashes so much easier

Автор Dylan Foregger ( назад)
Very good technique. Thank you!

Автор foist ( назад)
The point is to show you a technique for doing your own characters' hair.

Автор noneya biz ( назад)
Where do I get the head, and how do i add it to blender???

Автор ReijinBeauty ( назад)
Thank you very much. :D Your tut is wonderful.

Автор ReijinBeauty ( назад)
Oohh! thank you so much!

Автор jasmine k ( назад)
All you need to do in order to convert, press (alt+C) and then select, '
mesh from curve' . By the way i am also following this tuto. i could create
spiky hair for my model! Wonderful it is! Thanks Ward!

Автор the d-dub show ( назад)
in later versions, you can just click on the "object" option there at the
bottom of the 3D viewport, then go up to "convert to" and select "mesh from

Автор ReijinBeauty ( назад)
this vid is old, but wonderful technique. after watching it through and
then re-watching as I sculpt, I find I'm stuck at 6:17, the space bar in
blender 2.64b brings up a sort of search I did try and use the search, but
i wasn't able to find what you were talking about. I'm sure they just
changed the hot key. Might you happen to know what the hot key is for it
now? (though blender 2.65 came out yesterday, so who knows whats changed
now xD I was stuck at 1:15 before trying to turn fr/bk off)

Автор ReijinBeauty ( назад)
Parent/child association, should be able to do that. I'm new to blender
though, so you'll have to play around.

Автор quinxx12 ( назад)
Really nice :D Could use that

Автор Miika Kontio ( назад)
One of my favourite Blender tutorials!

Автор noneya biz ( назад)
where did you get the head from?

Автор vsmash2 ( назад)
The video may be old, but damn, its useful!

Автор Melina Fetuccio ( назад)
Oh could you tell me how do I find the default resolution in blender 2.63 ?
I dont see that option :((!

Автор Scott Jaromin ( назад)
Really awesome. I'm not a big fan of particle hair, so this is perfect or

Автор theonlyreallaz ( назад)
@6:20 you select all the curves in object mode,hit the space bar and a pop
up menu comes up with the option to convert them to a mesh,in 2.6 the pop
up menu has useless options.

Автор theonlyreallaz ( назад)
when I try to replicate your procedure I've this problem in 2.6,I select
both ends of the Bezier curve in edit mode,I press shift D and the
duplicated curve has both the selected points in common with the source
curve. Can it be simply a bug in your opinion?

Автор kirikagure ( назад)
Oh, this was very clever. Nice one, Ward.

Автор xxTraditionalsxx ( назад)
omg i just let a BIIIIG fart

Автор Fred Koning (1584 года назад)
Learnt a lot, thank you for the instruction, very helpful!

Автор SrMarceloAl ( назад)
Gostei bastante, obrigado pelo tutorial... I like it very much, thaks for
the tutorial...

Автор markyrhythm ( назад)
You've just saved me one hell of alot of time on my project.

Автор Fletcher Williams ( назад)
reminds me of guybrush threepwood..

Автор Cookie ( назад)
I been lpookign EBERYWHERE for a tutorial how to make this kind of hairXD
ah, finnaly found it, thank you so much for doing this^^

Автор DjTokenMusic ( назад)
well bez curves get my vote for most verstatile tool/object in blender

Автор 許少彥 ( назад)
how come i can only move entirly?

Автор Hachiko ( назад)
I want to make a beard. Is it possible to make it with this technique

Автор fartroids ( назад)
Awsome tutorial. Thank you. 

Автор Robbebeest ( назад)
never mind but i have another problem I only can do one curve at a time and
I have them all selected

Автор Robbebeest ( назад)
I have blender 2.5 and I can´t select the bottom from the curve at 5:22

Автор Olga Apostolidou (BubbleCloud) ( назад)
Oh, thank you! I didn't know you can do that with curve! (shy) I'll try it
right now! :D

Автор Fick Dich ( назад)
wow u r awesome :/ i installed blender yesterday...i watched about hundrets
tutorials... and i still have some thousands questions... may anybody add
me in skype to help me ? english and german pls 

Автор SwordStar ( назад)
@utfilms corpse bride?

Автор Daedalus Young ( назад)
@MrSamixOxo18 For sculpted prims, probably not. I haven't been inworld for
a while, but I read something about importing 3D objects. I don't know how
that is and if there are any restrictions, but with that I suppose it might
be possible.

Автор DerrickWayne Jr ( назад)
Before Corpse Bride!

Автор ondrisGTR ( назад)
@YOUnoobGER yeah, this head is the best head i have ever seen.. !

Автор nupp nupp ( назад)
Can you make a tuto how to make the head? Because this head is different to
your other ones.

Автор yvonika ( назад)
what version is this? 2.6.2??

Автор Gamerdad81 ( назад)
Dave you rock keep it up!

Автор Leanan Sidhe ( назад)
will this help if your making sculpted hairs on secondlife?

Автор Tucker Cubbon ( назад)
i am trying to make a person hold a gun in my animation. is there a way to
move the arm and have the gun go with it?

Автор Futurepathic ( назад)
"but they're the one's making millions" lol

Автор rokyfox ( назад)
hey how do you make the camera "track" the object like you said u did?

Автор aralox ( назад)
thanks for this tutorial, you are magic

Автор x1expert1x ( назад)
DOOMSDAY HAS 349 or so maps and 35 different charectars. I COULDNT FUCKING
FIND HOW TO MAKE HAIR!! i mite patent that game and sell it the graphics
are realisticso ya YOU ARE MY SAVIOR!

Автор PudimDeCarne ( назад)
hi! thanks for tutorial

Автор SeayDragon85 ( назад)
wow that is incredible that will work really well with anime chaters like
the ones I'm doing that tut will help me alot cuz I suck at doing the hair
particle thing XP

Автор bryce mate ( назад)
wow this is good, ur very good, well in my eyes at least, im not sure what
could be better, top stuff mate (Y)

Автор Chatlander ( назад)
thats pretty nice man! I might try that.

Автор the d-dub show ( назад)
@ElectroGilberto 2.5 is still in production (and it's a total re-write), so
it doesn't have some of the features installed yet.

Автор SwiftVIII ( назад)
How did you make the head :U

Автор Seveleniumus ( назад)
@mysticfirestarter Works for me...

Автор Lusa5 ( назад)
lol Nice one!!

Автор the d-dub show ( назад)
no i'm living with YOUR mother :D

Автор OtterPops ( назад)
Another great one. Thanks Dave.

Автор Carlimuslis ( назад)
this is a great tutorial!

Автор James Adams ( назад)
AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Tutorial! Thank you sooo much! 5 stars:-)

Автор ChiliCh33z ( назад)
easiest way to make corn rows lol

Автор Rueyen ( назад)
great tutorial, how would you add physics to the hair though, to make it
bouncy and wavy, like maybe a breeze comes by or something. This may seem
like a dumb question but im new to blender and 3d modeling in general =/

Автор king creole ( назад)
another idea could be giving the hair a texture like you do when you
texture an eyeball: start a new scene add a plane and hair on that plane
model the hair a bit and add some randomness to it then render it as a
picture and use it on the hair (maybe use some bump-maps too i think this
way of modelling hair is a great way to make the rendering faster i didn't
try it jet but i think soon i will ^^ maybe to make modelling easyer you
could start with low resolution curves and add subsurf later.

Автор king creole ( назад)
if you want the end to be invisible you could (after shrinking the ends)
add faces at the ends but thats lots of work

Автор Ayoub M ( назад)
hi this is JKY. you dide a lote of good tutorial. but im asking you to make
a tut about the sky. and for me you're the best in blender. thank you

Автор Littledude514 ( назад)
That is pretty cool! I could have used it on MY models before...oh
well...better luck next time! Nice tutorial!

Автор AyaneMatrix Designs ( назад)
Argh! I wished I had known about that zbrush link when I started modeling
hair not too long ago. It would have made my life so much easier! Also, to
save on unnecessary polygons and verts, why not use remove doubles for
areas that overlap? Also, I realize that the same technique can be used on
normal polygon based modeling so long as you have the base mesh already
planned out and use multi-res to up the subdivisions to sculpt the model,
then delete the higher ones when you have it just right.

Автор Simon Orsborn ( назад)
That... is *awesome* :)

Автор the d-dub show ( назад)
@animecloudman maya is mainstream, has guarantees, techsupport, etc. and
can grant licenses and such.

Автор the d-dub show ( назад)
@WeatbixZ could probably just use a normal rig setup

Автор Inpei Futsuni ( назад)
lol they just got money to waste

Автор Salien1999 ( назад)
Because maya can do more, I would use blender(and do) because it's easier
to use.

Автор WeatbixZ ( назад)
Do you know how to animate this kind of hair yet?

Автор the d-dub show ( назад)
@animecloudman sure, it stacks up just fine. can do just about everything
the mainstream programs can, sometimes more.

Автор tirotsu ( назад)
hmmm may be able to do this low poly for games.... thanks didnt want to use
too much memory with particles

Автор Jesus Stk ( назад)
you have great talent

Автор the d-dub show ( назад)
procedural textures would be a piece of cake, but as far as actual UV
mapped textures, yeah, it for sure can be done, but might get a little
hairy when it comes to adding seams. certainly worth it if you have the
patience :D

Автор the d-dub show ( назад)
@gionikola i haven't used 3ds max in about 3 years :P sorry :(

Автор the d-dub show ( назад)
@carlosandlexi thanks :D exactly the look i was going for :)

Автор the d-dub show ( назад)
@stkjes i have not used the GE much, altho it IS one of my new years
resolutions, to become more familiar with it :D

Автор WeatbixZ ( назад)
Woah nice stuff bro btw is blender your main animations tool or?

Автор Deiphiz ( назад)
nice! My problem is actually modeling the head. I'll probably check out
your Johnny Blender tutorials for that.

Автор carlos limon ( назад)
wow good stuff. looks like tim burtons characters.

Автор Jesus Stk ( назад)
great video, also know how to use the game engine blender bge?

Автор el científico ( назад)
hello! tanks you very much! is very fast an very effective form for model
hair... nice to meet you:} Alf!Q

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