WoW GM Morph ID's

Another GM morph ID video I decided to make. Enjoy

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Song - New Divide by Linkin Park

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Автор Vadunchee ( назад)
Thank you for the Mini Diablo morph. Do you know
the one for Mini Tyrael by chance?

Автор Mista _Wo ( назад)
How do you let other player view your morphs while online

Автор Christian Nilsson ( назад)
lich king is .morph 24191

Автор Neqtor ( назад)
Could you find the scavenging Geist? or Vault Geist?

Автор MetalPinkiePie ( назад)
Mine works.. but then i mount onto The Lich Kings sword.. really awkward.
Hopefully a fix exists.

Автор Bnimal ( назад)
okay I try any of these and it says I can not do it but I can do the levels
and shit. And my authority is set to az so I'm admin

Автор USF Bjorn Parkour ( назад)
I know that ;p

Автор Shinigami Senpai ( назад)
there morph programs that lets you morph armor, mount, appearance and spell
effects on live servers its just client side. 5.0.5

Автор USF Bjorn Parkour ( назад)
Private servers*

Автор Ghostarrest21 ( назад)
u have to type .modify morph (id)

Автор tyuy100 ( назад)
yhis is not fake its from a private server. some have .morph commands and
some have .mod disp commands

Автор Cap big ( назад)
its not fake I am doing it in live servers.

Автор alison lily ( назад)
how you become a gm?

Автор Kouta Tsuchiya ( назад)
What's the name of the private server is it working??

Автор AKzident907 ( назад)
@kikkin55 Game Master

Автор Stormrage32 ( назад)
Good codes but you dont have to wait so long, viewers can pause. you just
need to scroll down at a slow, steady pace and itll be fine

Автор kuaraba ( назад)

Автор Justjordigamer NL ( назад)
2:10 omg this remembers me of the movie the mist...

Автор Damn Son ( назад)
awesome ^^

Автор kikkin55 ( назад)
whats a gm!

Автор David Spice ( назад)
.mod display (/ by 0)

Автор Janekings1 ( назад)
hail baby monkey

Автор MrAlexRIpper . ( назад)
NEW DIVIDE!!!!!!!!!!

Автор TheCrippz ( назад)

Автор Just True ( назад)
@killall220 nope

Автор The Arrow ( назад)
if u not a gm can u typ in thes and u morph

Автор Mangio Leapi ( назад)
new server HAMACHI SET REALMLIST pass:.. the first 5 will
become GM Test Account name:test pass:test

Автор lichearking ( назад)
.mid dis

Автор Mark Guzman ( назад)
@Vinnydes134 Do you Get to Attack with them?

Автор narutodamp ( назад)
in my server its .modify morph

Автор battlebear1 ( назад)
22235 - The Lich King without his helmet on 22234 - The Lich King With his
Helmet on 24978 - Penguin!! 23946 - PolarBearCub 24240 - SiegeTank
Tauren/Dwarf Male: 53 Tauren/Dwarf Female: 54 Tauren/Nelf Male: 55
Tauren/Nelf Female: 56 Tauren/Undead Male: 57 Tauren/Undead Female: 58
Tauren/Orc Male: 51 Tauren/Orc Female: 52 Tauren/Human Male: 49
Tauren/Human Female: 50 Tauren/Blood Elf Female: 303 Undead/Forest Troll:
316 & 317 Tauren/Blood Elf Male: 15476 Tauren/Troll Male: 1478

Автор FAJSAAAAA ( назад)
witch one is lich king?

Автор TheTobsen12 ( назад)
.modify morph (id)

Автор klodwas ( назад)
not fake

Автор ras1610 ( назад)
this work for me this not fake

Автор patryxful ( назад)
try .m m id ;) XD

Автор Viggo Marminge ( назад)
try .mod display

Автор subscriber288 ( назад)
do .mod dis

Автор daniel karassavidis ( назад)
@R0gueSpartan7 type .mod dis ID

Автор Jon C. ( назад)
@Vinnydes134 Or .char displayid ID ?

Автор Ludz Svärd ( назад)

Автор Polar JediMaster ( назад)
very good video, nice one. what is peoples feelings on the new wow cheats
on wowcheatsYnet (replace Y with . ) ? theyve helped me a lot but i was so
shocked these people were given away at no cost, ridiculous.

Автор m3l3m0nz ( назад)
u always have morphs i dont have alrdy :S now ihave like 100 thankz

Автор tás BILHA ( назад)
its .mod display. if not .mod mo then id

Автор Worgen Freeman ( назад)
@R0gueSpartan7 did u try .mod display (id)

Автор R0gueSpartan7 ( назад)
i know it is buts its not working.... i type .morph then the id not working

Автор Worgen Freeman ( назад)
@R0gueSpartan7 its a private server but ok.....

Автор R0gueSpartan7 ( назад)
this is fake

Автор Lewis Bloomfield ( назад)
lol Ownage morphs and an ownage tune to go with it nice vid =)

Автор Worgen Freeman ( назад)

Автор Despairerproductions ( назад)
What do you use to record your videos? RESPOND PLEASE

Автор Dudedudemoney ( назад)
Get to the private servers (website for the Realmlist) it should have the
realmlist somewhere.Then.go into your World of Warcraft folder. Start/My
Computer/Local Disk C:/Program Files/World of Warcraft/Data/EnUS/Right
click realmlist and click open with/select program from list/notepad or
wordpad/ click OK then it should bring the realmlist up. It should already
have the Original WoW realmlist on there.. just place ; infront on every
line.push "enter" a couple times and put the private server in

Автор Worgen Freeman ( назад)
it is just the top of the DK starting point

Автор draaisma100 ( назад)
can you tell me what recall port this place is

Автор Worgen Freeman ( назад)

Автор draaisma100 ( назад)
srry , = .

Автор Worgen Freeman ( назад)

Автор Worgen Freeman ( назад)
Usually just go around WoW and find cool things to use. Also some people
send me messages with cool ID's in em

Автор Worgen Freeman ( назад)
i used fraps which records it but makes it come out not so clear so i use
sony vegas pro to edit my videos and make them HD

Автор azzxikk (1735 лет назад)
what cam did u use ? 5/5

Автор Keath Commoned ( назад)
Nice vid ! Thanks for ID's! 5/5

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