Drunk girl at walmart

Drunk girl at walmart in a shopping cart.

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Автор michelle love ( назад)
is he not embarrassed by her

Автор michelle love ( назад)
lol lol wtf didnt he leave her in car. call police when see someone this
drunk in public

Автор Marko Markuezovic ( назад)
why he didn't just leave that bitch in the car is beyond me. hes a fucking
idiot. not something i would be proud of for everyone to see. especially
Walmart trash.

Автор Matt Newsome ( назад)
This gives a whole new meaning to "cart bitch." 😂

Автор enrique12345ish ( назад)
That was not his girlfriend.

Автор JR6 ( назад)
Bill Cosby.....anyone

Автор xYouthAttackx ( назад)
hhahhaa the funny part was him putting bags of food over her.

Автор Salvador Orozco ( назад)
Just leave her on the floor she is a lazy one

Автор AizenSamaKingX ( назад)
Lay her in a grave...

Автор myusernameislongMEOW ( назад)
It's walmart. What do u expect?

Автор aymie520 ( назад)
That's not alcohol related. That's got to be either drugs or she was
roofied and that guy is posing to be her bf. so sad. Poor girl.

Автор Jon Veliky ( назад)
Family Guy brought me here

Автор letseeitplease ( назад)
nahh somethings not right about this one, i think this girl was drugged by
that guy and i think she might be a kidnapped victim and nobody snapped to
it in time,
betcha 10 to 20

Автор ezfunshine ( назад)
You should have called the cops cuz that's someone's daughter and who knows
if she knew that dude or he just drugged her.IF that WAS his drunk
girlfriend than why didn't he just lock her in the car to sleep while he
went into the store???

Автор Bambam Rockhead ( назад)
He probably gave her a roofie and she passed out! Hell, look at him, he's
ugly as hell! Poor girl probably didn't know what was going on!

Автор PoutyLoki1 ( назад)
They are obviously on different wavelengths, she's passed out drunk but
he's so responsible to do the shopping and care for her like a toddler. His
demeanor tells me this happens occasionally. For some folks this would be a
deal breaker, but he's standing by his gal.

Автор bjorn joseph ( назад)
you can't beat those role back prices... that girl was probably marked down
from 19.99 to 9.99... WIIIIIIN!!!!

Автор AcyclicEarth ( назад)
Lol, I'd of left her in the shopping card with a price tag on her forehead
and or pussy if she were my gf. Obviously dumped =P lol

Автор Croc Jr ( назад)
How much for dis drunk bitch?

Автор Brad Thomlinson ( назад)
Check out aint shit compared to how much of a bitch it mustve been shopping
for all them groceries with her. Lol

Автор michiganriverman ( назад)
Since she was in the cart with the groceries, the cashier should have
looked for her barcode. 

Автор The Survivor ( назад)
he used her credit card obviously, lol.

Автор Maylin Area ( назад)
2 things. Love the star wars introduction, and why would you take her
INSIDE and pack her with groceries?

Автор powerinself ( назад)
This guy is a moron.

Автор Tom zxzu ( назад)
That dude has a very hot girl friend

Автор ᅚᅚ ᅚᅚᅚᅚ ᅚᅚ ( назад)

Автор donfritz0 ( назад)
Why the fuck do you bring her to walmart if she's drunk

Автор Foushee i ( назад)
I just love how everyone is just casual about the entire situation.

Автор bendyprissy ( назад)
So these are the people voting. That explains it!

Автор Gretta Bramblett ( назад)
are you kidding that b itch would of been arrested

Автор Tom Tom ( назад)
Pretty cool. Although having trouble.

Автор TONI BATSON ( назад)
someone should have called police...who knows if she was there willingly or
had been drugged or something. I hope she is okay and he wasn't trying to
humiliate her. 

Автор apparentlyimthatguy ( назад)
He probably didn't have a picture taken with her by the employee, nor
simulate a humping motion. Which is why both of these "incidents" are not
on camera. Sorry for that bit of reality I had to throw in there.

Автор 1134Panda ( назад)
Now that's a keeper!!! This would be a fun story to tell the kids! 

Автор Roger Luna ( назад)
WTF? I bet he raped her vagina and butt hole afterwards. 

Автор KingAlobar21 ( назад)
Sometimes I wish domestic terrorism was exclusive to Wal Mart's nation
wide. I'm proud to say that I have Wal Mart free for like 2 years. Well, I
do go there to steal pen's. That's all.

Автор pokerfiend360 ( назад)
That camera guy is a fucking fag!!!!!! 

Автор Kool Person ( назад)
I would have LOLED if he straight up put her on the belt.. that shit woulda
been funny 

Автор John Perales ( назад)
That shit too funny haha 

Автор Nafeeza J ( назад)
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who want to skype and get naughty have a look at this:

Автор Matt Johnson ( назад)
If I ever find this girl, I'm gonna propose to her. As long as she'll let
me do that to her every time we need groceries. 

Автор Bert M (Bert M.) ( назад)
She's a very kinky girl,the kind you don't take home to mother!

Автор Gavin Miller ( назад)
Wtf haha

Автор Mat Auprix ( назад)
damn you guys using youtube as your wank bank. found a site the other day
which is out of control just real horny girls who want to skype and get
naughty check this out: bit.ly/13Ch51F?=ygixa

Автор Nick R ( назад)
I need a price check on a drunk whore in aisle 9

Автор chico9mmgame ( назад)
at the door they asked (sir do you have your receipt for her

Автор Leonard Smith ( назад)
First class all around 

Автор Freddy Granados ( назад)

Автор pr1nc3sskr1ssy ( назад)
everythings normal people just sleepin on another fun night at walmart 

Автор JonBenait06 ( назад)
he was afraid if he left her alone she'd choke on her vomit.

Автор hardik patel ( назад)

Автор legacyandlegend ( назад)

Автор TheGeneralRay ( назад)
Black girl: "White people..."

Автор Wait to Start ( назад)
I'm going to bury my girlfriend with groceries

Автор Milli W ( назад)
How do we know its his gf. For all we know he drugged her and is going to
rape and murder her. My boyfriend would never humiliate me like that
regardless of how much of a douche I act.

Автор tibuking ( назад)
Ese hombre es el mas hijo de puta que he visto en mi vida!

Автор A40HourTrain ( назад)
why weren't the cops called?? This could also be a date rape to the max

Автор Simon ( назад)
That was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not as good as I anticipated.

Автор somebodyepic4 ( назад)
if he left her in the car we wouldnt have this video! lol

Автор santaclaus152 ( назад)
lol who ever made the video is obviously making that stuff up...

Автор TheFreshJunior ( назад)
I go drunk with my girlfriend all the time but were never that shitfaced

Автор gabriella gonzalez ( назад)
who in the heck takes there drunk girl friend into A WALMART !! ?

Автор allydrama ( назад)
Why the fuck didn't the employees kick them out? 

Автор akenterprises ( назад)
I need to see episode V to determine if I should laugh at this or not.
Could be a hilarious comedy, or the opening scene to a disturbing horror.

Автор Mindalina23 ( назад)
Hahaha! Good luck with your life!

Автор Trisha K ( назад)
So do they have a Youtube account or something? Is she okay now and doing
well? or did he really drugged her or something?

Автор Trisha K ( назад)
Reading at the old comments, yup. I think she's drugged. Douchebag.

Автор Trisha K ( назад)
So what if she's drunk? People can have a party and get drunk. The shit
thing is, her boyfriend wouldn't even think about leaving her in the car
for few minutes? or at home/dorm? Like really, you would display you're
girl in public like that. what a douchebag.

Автор kg02170 ( назад)
Cameraman is a fag!!

Автор philmiller99 ( назад)
Excuse me...what isle do you keep the hot, drunk, half passed out women in?

Автор cisco11049 ( назад)
I wish my girl was as easy to handle as that

Автор TheBekahhbaybee ( назад)
Shes drugged

Автор jinnykswee ( назад)
I know that guy!!!!!! Sup from Matt and Jen! Bahaaha

Автор jehovahuponyou ( назад)

Автор SafariLuvMed ( назад)

Автор IgotSoMuchTroubleonMyMind ( назад)
He found that dirty bitch in a parking lot somewhere. He's gonna make sure
to take home and rape her in her filty butt hole.

Автор nujazzplay ( назад)
How much was she, and what isle can i find one of those? 

Автор keraelizabeth ( назад)
Good luck with your life... lmao.

Автор jhebe v ( назад)
Only on walmart...

Автор Lauren Stief ( назад)
i highly doubt she would have been able to respond

Автор Trisha K ( назад)
I kinda expert to know if you are drunk or drugged, I'm not kidding. some
actions are different from being drugged and drunk, the movements of arms
and some parts of the body. I'm really worried cause i'm 100% sure she's
drugged. Like did the guys took all her money and go shopping, pretend that
he's her boyfriend or whatever?

Автор Trisha K ( назад)
I wanna know how is she now? Seriously, SHE'S DRUGGED.. 

Автор Richard gross ( назад)
What aisle do you get those in...would love to take one of those home for
the night...but I would take her back the next day slightly used lol

Автор Emy Reyes ( назад)
Wow what a dumb ass he just wanted to bee seen shopping with a hot chick so
he drugged one and went shopping

Автор kenneth bouscher ( назад)
fucking a im totally in rehab with that dude GHB is a motherfucker 

Автор Peetry Geisha ( назад)
at what piont was it more important to go nd get grocerys then it was to to
take ur girlfriends drunk ass home 

Автор boredgemini ( назад)
Boyfriend... You drink too much! Girlfriend... NO I ###### DON'T!!!!
Boyfriend... Oh yeah. Watch this. ;)

Автор johnydangerously1 ( назад)
she's hot as hell, of course she can be drunk anywhere. Yay chicks!

Автор Ricky P ( назад)
Did you find her in the Clearance aisle? If so how much was she?

Автор magua4 ( назад)
he was probably worried that if he left her in the car she would find her
way out and fuck rando's

Автор FeTti lOw (340 лет назад)
It would have bin super funny if at the end all the groceries would have
bin in the cart with her and she threw up all over them good job on
catching this on phone hahaa

Автор Alxjeffs ( назад)

Автор Alxjeffs ( назад)
on special!!!

Автор pezcore68 ( назад)
surely she coulda stayed in the car? lol ... n how are people not giggling
while this is going on? 

Автор SerenitYbass ( назад)
Hi, Im here to return some Rohiphnal and this prostitute. I checked her i.d
and she is only 10

Автор ollie rocker ( назад)

Автор Aaron M ( назад)
someone shouldv'e called the fuckin cops -.-'

Автор Aaron M ( назад)
She's drugged i have never seen someone so incoherent even whilst being

Автор ninjafyed23 ( назад)

Автор Boo Chura ( назад)
I have to hand it to you, this is one of the best produced videos I have
seen on YouTube. Very clever setup. Amblin couldn't do better.

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