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Автор xanthologist (3 года)
what's the name of the blonde

Автор mahmoud salous (2 года)
your are sooo right man..

Автор Russell Munson (3 года)
no spaces, the word "period" is actually a . squirting mastery period com
back slash vid underscore toon 3 period h t m l remember, no spaces and
anywhere. if your smart enough to figure this out you can watch the kinda
cool cartoon flash vid/ad for this thing

Автор 3TNT3 (3 года)
So where is the darn follow up to this??? The website above does NOT work.

Автор Hugecannonballs (2 года)
Dude... have you no furniture in this house or something? The echoing in
that joint is a pain in the ass to listen to

Автор Saint Hawke (2 года)
how to you get rid of the marcus london porn audio virus? it keeps talking
about squirting orgasms, and i am really annoyed, please answer this, i
hate porn audio viruses i can't stop

Автор Phil Ken Sebben (2 года)
This is creepy. Ha ha! Multiple entendre!

Автор Russell Munson (3 года)
sorry. no spaces anywhere (forget that word "and" i mis-typed in there) :)

Автор theSEGAtwistisover9k (2 года)
Anyone know if the squirting mastery is free anywhere ???

Автор Frank Chan (2 года)
you are a fucking idiot... who still gets virus from watching porn these

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who cares there all butt rough ugly

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You already know that horrible event when your friend (who’s been a loser
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it was me. He smiled as he told me he used the Cupid Love System (Google
it). I wanna disappear inside a cave at present...

Автор jwallz1 (2 года)
thats a porn house for ya, for sure

Автор Russell Munson (3 года)
lmao. if you really wanna know about this marcus london squirting mastery
thing he's pitching (with torii black the porn star) go here.. (ill try and
type the addy in, but youtube blocks these links. lemme see if i can sneak
it in)

Автор rorolilred (1 год)
Looooooooooool he thinks he created female ejaculation?! Yeah, right, he
changed biology...

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The audio is terrible!!!

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