A Cure for Wellness | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

An ambitious young executive is sent to retrieve his company’s CEO from an idyllic but mysterious “wellness center” at a remote location in the Swiss Alps. He soon suspects that the spa’s miraculous treatments are not what they seem. When he begins to unravel its terrifying secrets, his sanity is tested, as he finds himself diagnosed with the same curious illness that keeps all the guests here longing for the cure. From Gore Verbinski, the visionary director of THE RING, comes the new psychological thriller, A CURE FOR WELLNESS.

Enjoy a complimentary meditation at: http://ACureForWellness.com

In Theaters - February 17, 2017

Cast: Dane DeHaan, Jason Isaacs, Mia Goth

Directed by Gore Verbinski

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A Cure for Wellness | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

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Автор Aaron stax ( назад)
omg it's the guy who played Spider-Man in 2002!!

Автор katie P ( назад)
y'all those meditations at first are all relaxing, and then it gets CREEPY.
definitely recommend! lol

Автор Noah King ( назад)
republican sea engage commission potentially knowledge monthly volunteer

Автор Jose Melendez ( назад)
This guy seems like the next DeCaprio

Автор xisobelx373 ( назад)
reminds me of shutter Island with nanobots

Автор xisobelx373 ( назад)
hell yes

Автор Nick BMS ( назад)
I wish Leo was in here it would be like a spinoff of shutter island

Автор is everybody in * ( назад)
Gore verbinski has such a dramatic heart

Автор William Nicolas ( назад)
Respond type potato tank head assert teenage prosecutor mutual.

Автор Tori Wisdom ( назад)
Tom? Tom Riddle?

Автор French Manners ( назад)
This looks like a Shutter Island spin-off lol.

Автор envycruz ( назад)
looks like an average movie,. wow they make the average movies look
good...I won't have 2 hours to spare... looks like a yawner

Автор shadowskill111 ( назад)
Las Plagas from Resident Evil 4,..

Автор Parker Queenan ( назад)
Omg this is literally a new Shutter Island, a guy goes to a weird island
where he can't leave, with crazy doctors, and they are trying to make him
think he's insane so he stays...woooow

Автор blueworldization ( назад)
Leonardo Dicaprio sure looks different

Автор Crazy Mezy ( назад)
I thought this movie would be a twin tower movie because of the two

Автор Reginaldus Moes moon ( назад)
Not gonna lie after watch this trailer, I was scared out of my mind.

Автор Akira Kurosawa ( назад)
shutter up and take my scorsese... but definitely worth a look ;-)

Автор TheLastHylianTitan ( назад)
that leech water clip has my insides squirming. disgusting. i have to watch
this movie.

Автор Juan Herrera ( назад)
They should rename this "Extreme Closeups of Very Pale People."

Автор FreakyLynx ( назад)
This looks pretty interesting.

Автор Omar Juarez ( назад)

Автор Neo DC ( назад)
This would be cool if it was a Resident Evil reboot/prequel. A more serious
tone than the current films.

Автор Louis Cyphre (LouisTheCyphre) ( назад)
Jason Isaacs is the god of psychological thrillers!!! Can't wait to see
this masterpiece.

Автор PropertyOfHoliness ( назад)
This reminds me of the "Outlast" horror game.

Автор thenotorious ong ( назад)
This trailer reminds me of "Inside".

Автор Preston Fun Time ( назад)
The OA movie???

Автор CokeBlue ( назад)
I think there's something in the water

Автор Tyler L ( назад)
This is the stupidest trailer I have ever seen.

Автор Aj Q ( назад)
Is anybody else getting an apocalypse now/heart of darkness vibe?

Автор Super User ( назад)
and goblin junior still in the deep prison and become toy

Автор David Alejandro ( назад)
Hap is experimenting again, in another dimension. He had amnesia, but his
true self still remains

Автор Jose Figueroa ( назад)
shutter island 2?

Автор sipinii ( назад)
This could've been bioshock movie...

Автор Candi Sugacube ( назад)
while all the couples after Valentines day settle and snuggle up imma be
watching a movie about mental asylums. true love XD

Автор Chris Castro ( назад)
Reminds me of shutter island..

Автор Griffin Files ( назад)
This movie looks beautiful, literally every shoot is brilliant

Автор Bubbles ( назад)
well that just spoiled the whole movie

Автор Kayla S ( назад)
Hap's NDE experiments are getting worse.

Автор farnetic ( назад)
Really? The OA's mad doctor here too. Still as a mad doctor? Really?!

Автор kitty purry ( назад)
the people who is saying this looks like Shutter Island haven't watched
enough films.

Автор leah breah ( назад)
This is giving me ahs season 2 asylum vibes

Автор Jannis Tenbrink ( назад)
Reminds me of Shutter Island. Which is a very good thing.

Автор 17cityblocks ( назад)

Автор InsertCleverNameHere ( назад)
This actually seems like a very interesting movie. It kind of reminds me of
the book the Scourge. Except in the book there was no desease and the
government made it up.

Автор Mohammed Althani ( назад)
Shutter island vibes!

Автор Sarah Shepherd ( назад)
Is this the guy that was Harry Osborne in Amazing Spiderman? I forgot about
him tbh but his performance in that was very good and the trailer for this
looks exciting. Can't wait!

Автор LimitedPixel ( назад)
I wished this was like a prequel to outlast...

Автор babyjp x ( назад)
Switzerland horror story: Asylum

Автор Wveth ( назад)
Finally a movie showing how much alternative medicine is bullshit!

Автор danny gregory ( назад)
Anyone know the music after the crash?

Автор Kirigaya Kazuto ( назад)
Can anyone explain any of this to me?

Автор Melinda Dee ( назад)
14:21 *A Cure for Wellness* ᴴ ᴰ - f u l l m o v i e -

Автор Tatiana S ( назад)
очередной бред сивой кобылы

Автор Agustina ( назад)

Автор Cười Rụng Răng ( назад)
my favorite Christmas movie of all times

Автор Sedd ( назад)
Before outlast there was this.

Автор DocDoomClassic 52 ( назад)
Well it looks like we know what happened to Harry back in Ravencroft...

Автор KraydonK ( назад)
how about that cure osborn does it fit you

Автор Fish Line CreatiVlog ( назад)
Oscorp... go to Oscorp, you'll find the cure there. Ask "Petaaaaaa" !!!!

Автор Gino Agostini ( назад)
Best film ever nowadays.

Автор turbotape ( назад)
Thanks! Now I don't need to see the movie.

Автор Dragos Z ( назад)
what's with this disgusting obsession for worms? Every scifi movies in the
last year has worms in it

Автор Jim R ( назад)
The Shutter Island version I watched wasn't about a secret society preying
on rich eccentrics by intoxicating them in eel larva, bodily fluids and
suicidal thoughts... But the majority here seems to think otherwise.
Anyway, the cinematography is impeccable, will be watching it 100%.

Автор K.M. Karthik ( назад)
4,511,906th viewer on 02/Jan/2017. Lets see how long it goes :)

Автор David Smith ( назад)
Cure for wellness = Trump presidency. This movie is kinda redundant

Автор Golden Age Vlogs ( назад)

Автор Aass1111 Aaa ( назад)

Автор Nina Willems ( назад)
northwest terrorist stage eliminate night.

Автор unit104099032 ( назад)
This dude looks like a baby version of current Leonardo DiCaprio lol.

Автор Mel Anisiobi ( назад)
This is not shutter island. its clearly different! looks great!

Автор Rachel Brown ( назад)
Instagram brought me here

Автор Connor Lawrence ( назад)
Possibility initiative display over strike graduate romance occasional.

Автор SuFFeRRoRR ( назад)
Ai love tentacles. Gotta see!

Автор sekar lintang hapsari ( назад)
Shutter Island meets AHS Asylum. But its quite interesting tbh

Автор Eny Beatric ( назад)
14:17 *A Cure for Wellness* ᴴᴰ - f u l l m o v i e -

Автор David Navrátil ( назад)
this psycho asylums trend is getting old

Автор Twinleaf2623 Channel ( назад)
Okay, Fox! You have my attention!

Автор Sayok Kirat ( назад)
am i the only one getting the ''Shutter Island'' vibe?

Автор Jonathan Pardoll ( назад)
4:49 *A Cure for Wellness* ᴴᴰ - f u l l m o v i e - https://pocket.co/sMRhTH

Автор ecavil 1905 ( назад)
at 0:34 does anybody know where the location is? planning a trip to
swtizerland-germany in october and would love to visit these scenery

Автор Dobled ( назад)
The OA in movie form? Hopefully.

Автор alexander3699 ( назад)
Can't wait to see it!!!

Автор david burrus ( назад)
It would help if they hadn't cast a dicaprio lookalike

Автор Varad Raigaonkar ( назад)
looks like Gore Verbinski finally learnt how to make a good movie

Автор alexander3333333 ( назад)
The Faculty has officially been remade.

Автор Rafsan Zilani ( назад)
Shutter HIGH-Land

Автор International Cockroach ( назад)
This movie reminds me of the silenced lol

Автор Jeho Do Carmo (OfficialBros) ( назад)
The film is just, visually stunning, I can't wait to see how this film and
the shot at 0:34 look on IMAX. But from this trailer, it looks like this
film's plot is too similar to Shutter Island.

Автор Lorenzo Ortega ( назад)
♥🎬 *You Can Stream All The Newest Movies Easy Guys! Check it out Here - *

Автор Shane Fry ( назад)
Mk ultra

Автор Correct! ( назад)
2017 will be Lit asf!!! Look at The images and effects in all of them it's
much better and professional.

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