There Is A War On Christmas

Arguer: Fox News
Argument: Christmas is under attack because the religious aspects of the holiday are being removed from the public square.
Counter-Argument: The religious aspects of Christmas are being removed from the public square, but it's not being done unfairly nor unconstitutionally.
Arguers' Fault: Ignorance of civics and appeals to emotion.

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Автор username101299 ( назад)
Hey can you make a video on holocaust denial?

Автор Carl Mohr ( назад)
well the proplem with any propaganda is that some people can be redirected
to think the way another wants them to think. CIA spends a lot of money on
propaganda to change the thoughts of unsuspecting citizens. Check it out.

Автор Carlos Diaz ( назад)
There is this video called "Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace". I
wonder what you guys think about it.

Автор muhhamed al-Kaḏḏāb ( назад)
Fox news' main strategy is to bully people who disagree with them

Автор muhhamed al-Kaḏḏāb ( назад)
The war on Christmas is a facade of the Christian victim complex

Автор Benjie Leshansky ( назад)
Will you respond to PragerU's new video about the war on Christmas? They
actually make a good point there

Автор Mr Spelly ( назад)
"Happy Heart-attack". My new favorit christmas greeting.

Автор 2upacalypsenow ( назад)
lol fuck that shit..somone gets offended from me wishing them a merry
christmas and ill wish them 100 more!! BAM! throw some holly in yo motha
fuckin face! BOOM! eggnog dick right up yo ass!!!

Автор TheGamingFrog ( назад)
Anyone wanna talk about Nibiru? Am I just paranoid and gullible? I'm just
kinda worried, you know I fancy not being stuck on a planet doomed to be
obliterated by another new Jupiter sized planet. I hope that's just
conspiracy theorists talking...

Автор Niall Owens ( назад)
You missed the fast Happy Holidays refers to Xmas and New Years anyway, it
has nothing to do with a war on Xmas, ffs far more "Christian" countries
(eg Italy) have been saying happy holidays (buone feste) for ages.

Автор Deacon Verter ( назад)
C'mon Christians. Play the game. You don't like your religious display
being taken off public property? Put one in your yard!

Автор Heavenol ( назад)
Wait, what happened to your youtube account? Did you reupload everything?

Автор Richard Castaldo ( назад)
christmas has no business what soever in the public sphere.

Автор Thomas Kornerup ( назад)
Could you do a video about the debate between Trevor Noah and Tomi Lauren
about BLM and The KKK? Could be interesting

Автор MattFrame ( назад)
"Christians" have long lived under the delusion that they have the right to
ram their chosen religious lifestyle down everyone else's throats, by force
if necessary, and they become hysterical with rage when they are told NO.
They are perfectly within their right to celebrate their lifestyle in their
own personal lives, in their own homes and churches, but that is not
enough. They demand acquiescence and submission from every rational and
educated person across the country as well. What's worse, they demand the
right to invade public schools and indoctrinate innocent children with
their propaganda. When they have to target kids for indoctrination, you
know there's a problem.

Автор ERod Heras ( назад)
Every time I see Sean Hannity's face, I want to punch it.

Автор TheGuess2D ( назад)
As an agnostic with Catholic baggage, I needed to watch this video. Thanks.

Автор Mark Broadhurst ( назад)
so the war on Christmas in the UK actually is slightly different in that we
have a large Muslim population who are asking that Christmas is not
celebrated in shops, lights etc.
this is particularly odd since the UK's national religion is Christianity.

Автор Mr. Unholy ( назад)
there is no war on Christmas, this is just right wing sjw-ism

Автор Robert Sorenson ( назад)
1st Amendment says "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment
of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" Nativity scenes on
public property is fine until Congress passes a law saying you must.

Автор The_Brutal_King ( назад)
In your video you say that on public property that on public property you
are not allowed to bring about religion, or that religious items are not to
be allowed on public property. The truth of the matter is if it endorses
said religion. A religious item on public, government property does not
exactly endorse said government's ideology, because if it is public and a
display of religious iconography on a public space, it isn't necessarily
illegal or wrong.

For example, in the court case Allegheny v. ACLU the court ruled that the
display of a Christmas tree and a menorah were primarily acceptable, yet,
the display of a menorah signifies Hanukkah, a predominately Jewish
holiday, which promotes Judaism. In this sense, one's religious tradition
is censored while another is allowed. This is a double standard.

Автор Binyamin Tsadik ( назад)
This was too hard to watch... I made it to the end.
I can't stand watching Fox idiots and they are all over the place here...

Автор Joshua Shilling ( назад)
Fuck O'Reilly.

Автор Jessica Lynn Colter ( назад)
Oh come on....These atheist billboards were put up after Bill O'Reilly's
proclamation that there was a WAR on Christmas.

Автор Bradley Wiseman ( назад)
Please do a counter argument to "2016 Sucked", I'm annoyed people keep
talking about it being one of the worse years ever.

Автор Rohan Naik ( назад)
Jesus Christ blood is red

Автор jslasher5330 ( назад)
wait, wasn't this reuploaded? why was that?

Автор Irreantum ( назад)
Christian here. Don't worry, not all of us are this level of crazy. I
understand if you disagree with our beliefs, but let it be known that there
are a healthy amount of christians who shake their heads when they have to
listen to the idiotic ramblings of some of the vocal ones. There's a reason
why I hardly watch Fox news, and why Happy Holidays has never bothered

Автор Humble Evidence Accepter ( назад)
"religious bric-a-brac" Love it.

Автор Richard Gates ( назад)
How about if we say Happy Holidays in RED, will that make Bill happy? Bill
again proves he's a moron, maybe if we stop talking about him then he'll go
Happy New Year every body!

Автор Luis Hernandez ( назад)
Unsubscribed !! Another Christmas hater !! Merry Christmas 🎄

Автор jb888888888 ( назад)
I like how that one guy says he "tricked" Starbucks into putting Merry
Christmas on his cup. Like they didn't notice? Obviously they were OK with
it, since they did it. He didn't mention that they gave him any grief for
it, and if they had I'm sure he would have. Also, while an edict *may* have
come from On High not to say MC, the low-level employees have no say in
that matter and may not give a shit one way or the other.

Автор Russell Brown ( назад)
I like you, but you're wrong:

Congress shall make no LAW respecting an ESTABLISHMENT of religion, or
prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

Displaying a Nativity scene is not a LAW, nor is it an ESTABLISHMENT of

Sorry, bud, you failed there. In actuality, specifically preventing a
Nativity scene on public property on the basis of its religious symbolism
alone could be interpreted as prohibiting the free exercise of religion.

Автор Russell Brown ( назад)
Santa is even being discouraged by colleges now as insensitive.

Children aren't allowed to sing Christmas songs in school.

Governments in Europe are telling people they can't display Christmas
iconography in public, because it will enrage Muslim migrants.

Muslims are allowed to pray in school but Christian students are told they
can't bring in cross necklaces.

Автор Rylan Patry ( назад)
I'm pretty sure I saw this months ago.

Автор BluP1CKL Sing ( назад)
why was this on my reccomended

Автор postshift19 ( назад)
Keep mas in xmas.

Автор MrMFM420 ( назад)
about the public square scenes:

in boca raton, a church put one up in a public park, so satanic temple got
to put one up too. naturally, it got vandalized.

so of course, a christian site insisted that the true victim in all this is
the church, not the person who's property was damaged (it also came out the
guy who donated the thing to satanic temple is a public high school
teacher, so of course, they want him fired )

went and did a 5 second google search. number of churches in boca raton: 49

that meant they had 49 places they could have put up a nativity scene
(which, like 99 percent of the ones people put up, mixed up the 2 versions
the bible mentions) and atheists couldn't do a damn thing about it.

but no, christards have to cram their stuff down everyone's throat, then
play the "poor, persecuted me" card when they told they're no longer
allowed to do something they shouldn't have been allowed to do in the first

(and here's where i'll say, not all christians. not all of them, but as
bill maher once put "we're not judged by our best and brightest, but by the
biggest loudmouths in the room")

Автор BigFatCock ( назад)
"I'M NOT ANGRY!!!!$#!$#@*$^#@*"

Автор Javier Barrios ( назад)
In Mexico we just say "Feliz Navidad"

Автор Yaacov Steinberg ( назад)
10:18 Besides for the numerous problems with the generalization of history
as a whole that the term Judeo-Christian creates, as a jew, in "scripture"
it says that cannabis was used in the daily incense in the temple. O'Reily,
stop twisting facts into garbage.

Автор iTeCnus ( назад)
Can you do one on abortion next?

Автор cff121 ( назад)
The title of this video seems to contradict your conclusions.

Автор DoubleGoon ( назад)
This channel is so backwards.

Автор Cuntrary Cuntrarian ( назад)
Someone say merry Christmas to to you, who cares?
Someone alternatively says Happy Holidays to you, who cares?

War on Christmas over

Автор Paul Democritou ( назад)
This video is actually very interesting.

Автор Epic Face ( назад)
There IS a war on christianity in general not just christmas. Why are
places saying that Christianity is unconstitutional while they allow islam
and even fuckin satanism to be practiced. Clearly there is discrimination
against christians

Автор Simon Jude ( назад)
Nollag Shona Dhuit!

Автор Philip Arnold ( назад)
Some home owner was sued into removing his nativity scene by his hoa. I
realize the hoa sets the rules but still thought it was crummy. I grew up
baptist. Now Idk wth is real anymore.

Автор Cryptid Films ( назад)
Lol, Christmas wasn't even a Christian holiday originally.

Автор Sleepwalk No More ( назад)
Christmas is NOT Christian at all. Nimrod was born on December 25th. Not
Christ. The Roman Catholic church is responsible for attributing December
25th as Christ's birthday. There is no command in Scripture at all to
celebrate Christmas. In fact, Scripture talks AGAINST having a Christmas
Tree - Check out Jeremiah 10. Santa is Satan. Do a little research instead
of letting the talking heads on the television to determine your world
view. Google, "Nimrod reindeer".

Автор Zenn Exile ( назад)
Christmas as it is celebrated in the United States is a fucking travesty of
religious indoctrination and social manipulation. It is a fundamentally
evil and disgusting cultural cancer. This is no ancient tradition, no
storied and fulfilling religious practice. IT WAS A PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN


Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus, or Christianity. At all. That was
all fabricated to fit the Pagan winter celebration which was an effort to
convince Pagans that Christianity won't take away their winter party time.

So there is no War on Christmas. BECAUSE IT DOES NOT FUCKING EXIST YOU

There is no Christmas. You stupid fucktards.

Автор Douglas Mwonzora ( назад)
Your belief that PC culture is not erasing the religiosity of Christmas is
naïve and hubristic. Christianity is not preferred by PC culture and is an
easy punching bag for the PC narrative .It is a social war not a
governmental one

Автор USA man ( назад)
Merry Christmas libtards

Автор ElectricTV ( назад)
Is this video a reupload it said it was uploaded 2 days ago but I've
watched this before

Автор Angel medrano ( назад)
This Liberal is annoying

Автор Jayspock myworld ( назад)
Bill O Reilly created this bullshit lmao

Автор Global Elite ( назад)
Some of these people will try hard as fuck to look like the victims in any
way possible

Автор John Smith ( назад)
Fuck Jesus fuck Christmas and fuck people who have red hair

Автор Dalton Thompson ( назад)
Okay that was pretty funny. My name is merry Christmas

Автор Dalton Thompson ( назад)
You're damn right I'm anti Christian

Автор TSMSnation ( назад)
under god ah?

Автор mad kobra ( назад)
wants proof from scientists, doesnt have any proof for his religion.
scumbag religious guy strikes again...

Автор RoadTripVidz ( назад)
Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus Christ. Never has been about Christ.

Автор Mojo Mixns ( назад)
It's a freaking headache listening to this snobbery. Now you want to hang
santa on a cross.

Автор Brett Boudreau ( назад)
No way Counter Arguments got on trending. Keep doing what your doing man
you are the best at what you do.

Автор daniel Nikonova ( назад)
this is happening in the whole world ,but Christians have to be strong of
all the things people say about Christmas.

Автор Your Dose of Entertainment ( назад)
I wonder if Counter Arguments is an Atheist. Hmm.

Автор junkmail ( назад)
Wars that are being fought to this day:
...... submit other wars that were waged this year

Автор dylan yoko ( назад)
*no Santa Claus no more*
*To bring you Christmas cheer*
*Cause what he represents is really greed*
*And the need to purchase shit from corporations*
*That make a killin' because they feed*
*On the wallets of the poor who be knockin' on they door*

Автор Nobel Playes ( назад)
I've never seen anyone get pissed because someone said merry Christmas too
then when they celebrate something else but I've seen Christians get mad
and start yelling because someone said happy holidays. It's almost as if
these Christians are butthurt crybabies who can't stand being equal

Автор Philip Johnson ( назад)
Yep... that's Fox news in a nut shell. And "traditional" "Americans",
whatever the fuck that means.

Автор Nobel Playes ( назад)
Happy Holidays!

Автор Liberals Lost Hahahaha ( назад)
Sorry, Trump still won.

Автор Mr B ( назад)
this is the stupidest thing ever. not the video, that was great, the shit
people get hung up on these days, its insane.

Автор Serco Warrior ( назад)
Exists Only in the tortured demented shell of a crazy Christian's mind

Автор Brooke Taylor ( назад)
Ugh. My preacher almost chastises us on Christmas. The church pews are
FULL. Like where did all you people come from? Church isn't more important
on Christmas (if you prefer to go to church.) Nothing special about
Christmas. NOTHING! You aren't extra saved on Christmas. Sins don't count
more on Christmas.

If you are Christian then celebrate God equally each and everyday. Nothing
special about Christmas.

Автор Nicky Nosser ( назад)
Why is this trending?

Автор Miss Adjusted ( назад)
536 Trump supporters and counting.

Автор Travis Rogers ( назад)
Protip for American Christians: American culture today is steeped in right
wing "Christo-fascist" propaganda. Christians are the fascists in America
and in Europe TODAY. You can engage in psychological projection all you
like. It doesn't make you correct.

Автор Travis Rogers ( назад)
The less religion in "X-mas" the better. The fewer Christians in America
overall, The better. Protip for Christians: YOU STOLE CHRISTMAS FROM THE

Автор Travis Rogers ( назад)
The less religion in "X-mas" the better. The fewer Christians in America
overall, The better. Protip for Christians: YOU STOLE CHRISTMAS FROM THE

Автор geromino97 ( назад)
at least this whole changing the meaning of christmas only happens in this
country, everywhere else in the world christians celebrate it for the birth
of Jesus

Автор Ching Chong ( назад)
i drew a dick in my bible when i was 6, yeah, uh i stopped going to church
at rhe age of 8 because i found religon stupid. I found a new saving grace,
video games.

Автор Loki Da Vinci ( назад)
Hey congrats on getting #19 on trending

Автор andrew spilotras ( назад)
Welcome to the United States of America. Where to celebrate a Christian
holiday is to celebrate a national holiday but to celebrate any other
religious holidays you are not recognized.

Автор Levi Covey ( назад)
Okay at first I was like eh this isn't so much true but yes the Christian
holiday is being overtaken by commercialism but then I looked at his other
video called atheist have no morals watched it and think he's just looking
for Christian click bait. as an atheist/agnostic this guy has no common
sense. I don't go calling all Catholic priest kiddy touchers or Jewish
people as the world's punching bag and I don't make those broad statements
based on religion. I'm not offended or triggered just raising my hand and
announcing calmly your wrong.

Автор Tim Blanchard ( назад)
Santa Claus is a lie, I think we should stop repeating the myth of Santa.
We should still celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Автор .̇ ͜ʟ ̇ ( назад)
RIP Carrie Fisher :'(

Автор therealpixie ( назад)
If there is a war on Christmas, I hope the Christians lose it. So selfish
to jam their holiday down the throats of millions of people who do not
share their belief system.

Автор AntiReligious ( назад)
Well done. Had to subscribe.

Автор Untapped Happiness ( назад)

Автор Sycotic Deninard ( назад)
Haha, Love the Athiests billboards.

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