Pregnancy: Weeks 21-24 (Month #6)

Your baby's a bruiser: He or she will probably reach the 1 lb mark by week 25. What else is going on? ――――――――――――――――――――――― WATCH MORE PREGNANCY VIDEOS! Click Here: »»» http://pregnancy.healthguru.com/content/browse/cid/12/sid/20?261PregnancyMonth6YT

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Автор Dan O (1659 лет назад)
21 to 24 weeks isn't only the 5th month? I am confused !

Автор D. RaptureReady ( назад)
Jesus is real and God is the creator of all life. Please ignore the message at the start of the messages on this video. If you need proof, prayer etc... message me. I am currently Abt 24 weeks pregnant ...

Автор Cyndi Morones ( назад)
Due 9/12/14♡

Автор Adobie Honey ( назад)
I'm 4 months 2 weeks and I already have a black line on my belly

Автор michale rutherford ( назад)
GOD is NOT REAL & UNWANTED PREGNANCIES R bad 4 OUR society-SO don't join the welfare line: ABORT NOW.

There Will Be No Economic Recovery:v=bYkl3XlEneA
abortion: 16 grams of both VITAMIN C/L-TRYPTOPHAN/chicory root p/day,15-20 days

When Faith in God will kill you!
Ken Ham: Does the Bible PROVE God?

GOOGLE: Fetuses Can't Feel Pain Until 24 Weeks

galerouth blogspot com

Автор Dominique Murray ( назад)
Im due In April 2014

Автор lori smith ( назад)
GOD is NOT REAL & UNWANTED PREGNANCIES R bad 4 OUR society-SO don't join the welfare line: ABORT NOW.

There Will Be No Economic Recovery:v=bYkl3XlEneA

abortion: 15 grams of both VITAMIN C/L-TRYPTOPHAN/10 bai mudan tea bags p/day,15-20 days


GOOGLE: Fetuses Can't Feel Pain Until 24 Weeks

galerouth blogspot com

Автор Sary Karoon ( назад)
im deuing 22march:-)

Автор mono roma ( назад)
I'm due on the 25th of march! 

Автор Adriene Grigsby ( назад)
I. Am due in March 5;2014

Автор Raven Austin ( назад)
babay are so sweet I lovee my little one inside me 25 weeks..:)

Автор brandon gates ( назад)
GOD IS a MYTH & UNwanted pregnancies R bad for OUR society...So don't join the welfare line: ABORT NOW.


abortion: 15 grams of both VITAMIN C/L-TRYPTOPHAN & 8 Bai Mu dan tea bags aday, 15-20 days.

3.3.3. ATHEISM A HISTORY OF GOD: v=MlnnwbkMlbg
LAKE OF FIRE: v=7svc2J44IU

GOOGLE: Fetuses Can't Feel Pain Until 24 Weeks

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Автор jane smith ( назад)
"HUMAN FETUS IS NOT A BABY (HUMAN DEVELOPMENT CHART) but a parasite because of the biological relationship that's based on the behavior of one organism (FETUS) & how it relates to the woman's body: AS A ZYGOTE: it invaded the woman's uterus using its TROPHOBLAST CELLS, hijacked her immune system by using NEUROKININ B, HCG and 'INDOLEAMINE 2, 3-DIOXYGENASE' - so her body doesn't kill it, continue stealing her nutrients to survive & causing her harm or potential death"

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Автор jane smith ( назад)
"an animal or plant that lives IN/ON another from which it obtains nourishment. The host does not benefit from the association and is often HARMED by it"thefreedictionary com/parasite

"When individuals of the same species parasitize individuals of the same species, they are referred to as INTRASPECIFIC PARASITES"krohde wordpress com/article/parasitism-an-introduction


ABORTION/CRIME: v=zk6goeggViw

Автор jane smith ( назад)
"NO HUMAN has a right to life or any due process rights by the 14th amendment to use another human's body or body parts AGAINST their will, civil and constitutional rights: that's why you are NOT FORCED to donate your kidney&The HUMAN FETUS is no exception. This is supported by the equal protection clause of 14th & the 13th amendment, which makes reproduction slavery of UNCONSTITUTIONAL."

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LAKE OF FIRE: v=7svc2yJ44IU

Автор jane smith ( назад)
Evolution of mammalian pregnancy in the presence of the
maternal immune system

Автор Sonnenschein ( назад)
thats not true. you should gain about thirty pounds in your entire pregnancy! Alot of women dont show as fast as others.

Автор Nanase Haruka ( назад)
that's a bad thing.. your ment to gain about 30 pounds.. so yeah

Автор Stephanie Manjarrez ( назад)
Lol im 21 weeks and im not as far as her you could hardly notice

Автор Hege Forland ( назад)
her voice makes me wanna sleep...

Автор Scott Blogs ( назад)
@bmpqvff sure is right. i really needed a baby girl, lucky i decided it well. Listen many of my colleagues got a baby boy because they followed the secret routines while pregnancy. all im talkin about is described in this video : bit.ly/KPgogL?=ffgbtm

Автор littlexstereo ( назад)
@Dkarlosmom lol I'm due june 26tth. do you know what you're having?

Автор littlexstereo ( назад)
@ohshitLAURA You just started your 6th month, I am 24 weeks as well

Автор ohshitLAURA ( назад)
i'm 24 weeks, i thought i just started my 6th month, how is it the end of it already? i'm due in June.

Автор Bre Stuckey ( назад)
Talk about boring... Umm can u say enthusiasm

Автор Nikita Love ( назад)
@mezmorize16 lol u due march funny me too yeah well am confuse too but i think u r 6 month cause jan is gonna be 7 feb gonna be 8 and march 9 idk if am right i think so anyways what date in march u due? am 26 of march

Автор anna Ristick ( назад)
22 weeks prggo and my feet are the same size..this video lied

Автор Melony Sharp ( назад)
I'm now 29 weeks, and my feet havent grown at all :)

Автор nopseudosleft56 ( назад)
Can you imagine keeping an extra shoe size after birth? What do you do with your shoe collection??! lol!

Автор ALeyRAM Sesli ( назад)
prangnancy wekks teşekkürler. sohbetarkadaslik[DOT]com

Автор whitesongs73 ( назад)
lol. lmfao

Автор redneckstyle ( назад)
damn, dem bitches need to lose weight

Автор Shashi Prashanth ( назад)
Very educative and must watch one for mom & fathers to be....

Автор fabulouss2009 ( назад)
@Catherine9041 lol P.U.

Автор Catherine9041 ( назад)
@81shelbay A boys name.....
Chad is nice :)

Well, it mostly depends on your last name as well, you wanna make sure that the name cant get the kid teased like if your last name was Urgie (Made that one up on the spot) and you named him Peter, put thoe innitials together and you have..


But ether way, I wish you the best of luck with your teeny tiny angel :-3

Автор Michelle King ( назад)
I am 20 weeks pregnant and only weigh 8st. I lost a bit weight with bad morning sickness my usual weight is around 8st 3lb my boobs are massive though. Roll on my due date 17th Nov can't wait to meet my little baby boy. Anyone know any cool boy's names leave me a comment or something I would love to hear them as I am struggling to find one I like so please help!!!!!

Автор Nace Y ( назад)
linea nigger?

Автор Jenine Scott ( назад)

totally! lol

Автор Tamara Allery ( назад)
My last docs appointment was Feb, 1st and I was freaking out that I was gaining 'too much' weight because I was technically overweight before i was pregnant (when I mean that like 15 pounds was what I had to loose) and supposidly you shouldn't gain more than 25 pounds. Well low and behold I went to my appointment and said that I weighed the EXACT SAME since over a month ago! I still can't get over it especially after eating alot, weird...lol

Автор SWANGERZ C ( назад)
DO you smoke weed? lol sounds like it

Автор QweenKilla ( назад)
at age 16 i believe i was around that weight also if not more. It's possible.

Автор TheTsundereMatrix ( назад)
At 16 how could my friend be 180 pounds? Its kinda hard to say...sorry

Автор QweenKilla ( назад)
need more detail to answer your question. Not sure what you're asking.

Автор Sara Starr ( назад)
Ha anytime someone asked me how many weeks I was I would just tell them how many months..and say "however many weeks that is is how many weeks i am pregnant"

Автор UglyPinkMachine ( назад)
22 weeks along. I want to start eating veggies so I don't have to fuss with my son to eat them later, but I don't like them either. what a dilemma. lol

Автор Singaway2009 ( назад)
I Feel like that's perfectLy normal . however , i'm not pregnant & i eat like a cow & i weigh Like 120 ! so yeah ..but idk i feel like you should weigh more tho But hey everyone's body is diffferent !

Автор TheTsundereMatrix ( назад)
I was worried about my friend during her pregnancy. She was pregnant at 16 and she told me she weighed about 180 pounds, but her little girl only weighed 7 pounds and 11 ounces at birth. Now her baby is 9 months old. How could this be?

Автор Valerie Powers ( назад)
Well see I bought this prenatal Heart lisenter from wal mart and was wondering if I could use it right now or should I wait? Cause I tried it once and heard something going on in there but no heart beat but my own. I'm 23 weeks pregnant.

Автор Valerie Powers ( назад)
I'm 21 weeks pregnant. And occording to a certain site I am 5 months pregnant. Is these videos right? I am pregnant with a 1pound girl. I want to know if videos are right? And can you here the baby's heart beat with a prenantal heart listener? I am a little overweight and was wondering what the best time was to listen to her heart beat?

Автор Diana Rodriguez ( назад)
i always get heartburn!! agh it feels like imma vomit fire or something!!... im 23 today yay almost done hehehe!! =D

Автор Haley Evans ( назад)
i haven't gotten heart burn yet... im 20 weeks today. due feb 12th. i can't wait that long!! lol but i will have to :(

Автор thecrazyalb16 ( назад)
I only get heartburn at night... but it comes BAD! I have to keep a bottle of tums by my bed. I'm due Feb. 8th :) Having a boy!

Автор tightlipped01 ( назад)
i am 20 weeks and 5 days today with a due date of jan. 20th we are having a girl and this is our first child....i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Kirsty Jayne McPherson ( назад)
my baby boy is due 2nd of january so i'm 22 weeks! and also i don't know if anyone else started to get heartburn around this time, but i have so be warned ladies x

Автор Quana Robinson ( назад)
they are saying late january or february but thanks for the advice but girl i cant drink water that comes up to im stuck eating ice and fruit and ramen noodles when are u due

Автор Quana Robinson ( назад)
im week 8 and i cant wait until this baby get out because u are so right it is just to hot ive been so sick for the past 3 weeks everytime i go outside because of the heat lord jesus who new it would be like this im happy but i cant wait until january

Автор Family Of Seven ( назад)
i feel u. it is getting to 105 here and i am 23 weeks. The humidity is horrible!

Автор Deanna Breezy ( назад)
im 21 weeks and i cant wait either its 2 hot to b pregnannt

Автор nicksbabygirl420 ( назад)
24 weeks.... I can't wait til this is over!

Автор Camille's Weight Loss Journey ( назад)
That salad looks sssooo good right about now lol...aaww I'm in week 7...got a long ways to go lol

Автор alysemacxo ( назад)
Just a little strawberrie. :]

Автор alysemacxo ( назад)
Haha, seriously.

Автор Tab Vlogs ( назад)
My baby girl broke the 1lb mark at my 20 week ultrasound. Guess she is ahead of the game....

Автор Ira Golden ( назад)
My goodness, people are hard to please. You guys are more focused on deliver rather than the actual message at hand. Not everyone in life will be as entertaining as you'd like. Get over it, already. The actual content is good.....and her "reading" might suck, but if she got her MD, I'm not really going to complain. I don't have an MD, do you? Didn't think so.

Автор AkinaWaters ( назад)
God her reading sucks.

Автор Zoom Zoom ( назад)
actually, the lady is right because it's not your fifth month, it's after the fifth month leading up to the sixth month. She's knows what she's talking about

Автор alphaq40 ( назад)
I like to do it in the butt. Its my favorite.

Автор Renji Hayashi ( назад)

Автор Chansw11 ( назад)
im 21 weeks & this woman is boring the hell out of me!!!

Автор dominic970 ( назад)
damn bitch.WRAP IT UP!!!

Автор Jennifer W. Jones ( назад)
I thought week 20-24 is 5 months and week 25-29 is 6 months!

Автор alphaq40 ( назад)
can you have anal sex when you are pregnant?

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