Pregnancy: Weeks 21-24 (Month #6)

Your baby's a bruiser: He or she will probably reach the 1 lb mark by week 25. What else is going on? ――――――――――――――――――――――― WATCH MORE PREGNANCY VIDEOS! Click Here: »»» http://pregnancy.healthguru.com/content/browse/cid/12/sid/20?261PregnancyMonth6YT

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**FOLLOW/READ MY NEW BLOG!!! (copy/paste this link in ur browser): 13andpregnantwithtwins.tumblr.com also my FB name is now just Madison Marie...


Автор Adobie Honey (7 месяцев)
I'm 4 months 2 weeks and I already have a black line on my belly

Автор Cyndi Morones (6 месяцев)
Due 9/12/14♡

Автор michale rutherford (8 месяцев)
GOD is NOT REAL & UNWANTED PREGNANCIES R bad 4 OUR society-SO don't join
the welfare line: ABORT NOW.

There Will Be No Economic Recovery:v=bYkl3XlEneA

abortion: 16 grams of both VITAMIN C/L-TRYPTOPHAN/chicory root p/day,15-20

When Faith in God will kill you!
Ken Ham: Does the Bible PROVE God?

GOOGLE: Fetuses Can't Feel Pain Until 24 Weeks

galerouth blogspot com

Автор dime dime (10 месяцев)
Im due In April 2014

Автор lori smith (11 месяцев)
GOD is NOT REAL & UNWANTED PREGNANCIES R bad 4 OUR society-SO don't join
the welfare line: ABORT NOW.

There Will Be No Economic Recovery:v=bYkl3XlEneA

abortion: 15 grams of both VITAMIN C/L-TRYPTOPHAN/10 bai mudan tea bags
p/day,15-20 days


GOOGLE: Fetuses Can't Feel Pain Until 24 Weeks

galerouth blogspot com

Автор Sary Karoon (1 год)
im deuing 22march:-) 

Автор mono roma (1 год)
I'm due on the 25th of march! 

Автор Adriene Grigsby (1 год)
I. Am due in March 5;2014

Автор TheDorkVariety (6 лет)
Yeah you can. Just use a condom and be safe, if it causes any pain at all,

Автор herbalshealthshop (1 год)
nice video

Автор littlexstereo (2 года)
@Dkarlosmom lol I'm due june 26tth. do you know what you're having?

Автор Natosha69 (5 лет)
im only 6 weeks

Автор NabeehaSimayah (5 лет)
I felt the same way. Its not to worry. I was hospitalized due to pain and
they told me i need to start force feeding myself to make sure my baby is
getting enough nutrients. Its not that I dont feel hungry, I just forget
sometimes cause I am so busy at work. But you'll be ok. Dont worry.

Автор CheyenneMatrix (4 года)
At 16 how could my friend be 180 pounds? Its kinda hard to say...sorry

Автор holypreperation (5 лет)
Haha people are nuts. Its not an ENTERTAINMENT video! Its informative.
Nutto's. Anyways I like the video.

Автор Quana Robinson (5 лет)
im week 8 and i cant wait until this baby get out because u are so right it
is just to hot ive been so sick for the past 3 weeks everytime i go outside
because of the heat lord jesus who new it would be like this im happy but i
cant wait until january

Автор weeam5 (2 года)
im 21 weeks still dont know what im having i am dying to know

Автор 2FleetCaddie8 (5 лет)
you are aware with not eating while your pregnant means your baby could be
starving and its harmfull for you and your baby, you should talk to your
doctor, or i hope you have.

Автор CheyenneMatrix (5 лет)
I was worried about my friend during her pregnancy. She was pregnant at 16
and she told me she weighed about 180 pounds, but her little girl only
weighed 7 pounds and 11 ounces at birth. Now her baby is 9 months old. How
could this be?

Автор Valerie Powers (5 лет)
I'm 21 weeks pregnant. And occording to a certain site I am 5 months
pregnant. Is these videos right? I am pregnant with a 1pound girl. I want
to know if videos are right? And can you here the baby's heart beat with a
prenantal heart listener? I am a little overweight and was wondering what
the best time was to listen to her heart beat?

Автор Stephanie Manjarrez (1 год)
Lol im 21 weeks and im not as far as her you could hardly notice

Автор whitesongs73 (3 года)
@mjrocsmysoc lol. lmfao

Автор Catherine9041 (4 года)
@81shelbay A boys name..... Chad is nice :) Joseph Alexander Well, it
mostly depends on your last name as well, you wanna make sure that the name
cant get the kid teased like if your last name was Urgie (Made that one up
on the spot) and you named him Peter, put thoe innitials together and you
have.. P.U But ether way, I wish you the best of luck with your teeny tiny
angel :-3

Автор hermioneboo (2 года)
due March 2013! 13 is a great number for me, couldn't have timed it better

Автор tashwba08 (3 года)
My feet are already a size 8!!! don't grow no more :( plkzzzzz lool

Автор eonkshabonk (1 год)
thats not true. you should gain about thirty pounds in your entire
pregnancy! Alot of women dont show as fast as others.

Автор precioustarah (6 лет)
I'm about to sleep... LOL

Автор Jennifer W. Jones (6 лет)
I thought week 20-24 is 5 months and week 25-29 is 6 months!

Автор Chansw11 (6 лет)
im 21 weeks & this woman is boring the hell out of me!!!

Автор luvthahaterz (3 года)

Автор magdalena7 (5 лет)
freeze bottles of water before you go to bed at night. ice cold water helps
with morning sickness and stops your from overheating. it helped me at
least :) ps congrats

Автор WeMakeTV (2 года)
Hey guys come and check out my pregnancy video!! on my channel.

Автор QweenKilla (4 года)
need more detail to answer your question. Not sure what you're asking.

Автор jacobandsarahdemont1 (4 года)
what r u really supose to eat?

Автор nopseudosleft56 (3 года)
Can you imagine keeping an extra shoe size after birth? What do you do with
your shoe collection??! lol!

Автор WooFMewMew (5 лет)
Lol I'm the same way. I wont have heartburn or acid all day and ill wake up
in the middle of the night with my throat and chest burning so bad. :(

Автор alysemacxo (5 лет)
Haha, seriously.

Автор monagogia (3 года)
@Nileylover108 wow.. identical twins....congratulations.... i prayed to God
so much for twins but hard luck

Автор Lilonesince1996 (5 лет)
She talks to freakin slow damn!!!!

Автор ThePrettygirl73 (5 лет)
LOL she is reading and speaking.

Автор Tamara Allery (4 года)
My last docs appointment was Feb, 1st and I was freaking out that I was
gaining 'too much' weight because I was technically overweight before i was
pregnant (when I mean that like 15 pounds was what I had to loose) and
supposidly you shouldn't gain more than 25 pounds. Well low and behold I
went to my appointment and said that I weighed the EXACT SAME since over a
month ago! I still can't get over it especially after eating alot,

Автор Michelle King (4 года)
I am 20 weeks pregnant and only weigh 8st. I lost a bit weight with bad
morning sickness my usual weight is around 8st 3lb my boobs are massive
though. Roll on my due date 17th Nov can't wait to meet my little baby boy.
Anyone know any cool boy's names leave me a comment or something I would
love to hear them as I am struggling to find one I like so please help!!!!!

Автор MyaMe2009 (5 лет)
thats so good to hear im 24 weeks pregnant with a boy too!:) i was 103lbs
and so worried about being underweight im now 110 and my baby is healthy
its good to know u can have healthy babies when u r on the small side. what
was ur end weight when u gave birth to ur babygirl?

Автор AimeeAmandaTurner (5 лет)
i used to wear a size 7.5 shoe now i wear a size 9 my feet didnt go back to
their normal size i wonder why that is.. but it doesnt bother me at all.
whatever my body has to go through to bring my beautiful child into this
world then i'm ok with that :)

Автор Tab Vlogs (5 лет)
My baby girl broke the 1lb mark at my 20 week ultrasound. Guess she is
ahead of the game....

Автор Nileylover108 (3 года)
@monagogia Thank you.

Автор ohshitLAURA (2 года)
i'm 24 weeks, i thought i just started my 6th month, how is it the end of
it already? i'm due in June.

Автор Bre Stuckey (2 года)
Talk about boring... Umm can u say enthusiasm

Автор ALeyRAM Sesli (3 года)
prangnancy wekks teşekkürler. sohbetarkadaslik[DOT]com

Автор QweenKilla (4 года)
at age 16 i believe i was around that weight also if not more. It's

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