Top 10 ELF Products

Some of my favorite products from ELF! available in select stores, and the full line can be found at http://www.eyeslipsface.com

*Many of the items are only $1



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Автор Crystal Dahmen ( назад)
Just got my first ELF products in the mail today. I definitely
underestimated them. Of what I got, I love the lip exfoliator best. It's in
a lipstick tube form with sugar, avocado oil, grape seed oil, etc. It made
my lips really smooth after one use.

Автор Starla Tompkins ( назад)
I swear she sounds like a weather person..

Автор sparklesugarskittles ( назад)
Well, for one, they don't advertise. The packaging is simple, and it's
sorta of like how generic brands of stuff work.

Автор Efthimia18 ( назад)
I'm so glad I found vegan and above all affordable make-up. Not only that,
but their masacara is the best one ever. I hope I'm not the only one.

Автор lvanessa213 ( назад)
great vid!

Автор Carmen S ( назад)
I love your videos :)

Автор Selina Hallinan ( назад)
Ha! She IS a news presenter...or are you being sarky :) cos she is!

Автор Patrícia Narciso ( назад)
love your eye makeup!! so pretty!

Автор http. ema ( назад)
Well she is ! Hahahahahahaha

Автор Crystothetal ( назад)
@Kiki Pressman she did, search for updated elf top ten :)

Автор Crystothetal ( назад)
Baaaa baaaa we are sheep. Must. Buy. Lancome. Because. Michelle. Phan.
Says. To. I just gotta have that $50 MAC brush in my video tutorials
because otherwise nobody will take me seriously if I use an EcoTools
equivalent (that usually works better). We are all sheep, but ELF reminds
us that most our purchases are DUMB. The expensive stuff will NEVER MAKE US
SUPERMODELS. Models aren't even themselves in real life!

Автор sumsum881 ( назад)
gtfo. that is so old.. and still really stupid.. so just shut up.

Автор Lib8281 ( назад)
Thumbs up i you're still watching this in 2012 <3

Автор Sophia Haywood ( назад)
you remind me of sarah palin...

Автор Nikita Pressman ( назад)
Please could you update this? thanks :)

Автор bailey pierce ( назад)
thats exactly what i was thinking

Автор skgreviews ( назад)
she is a news anchor for a local channel, and they do not have makeup
artists. She does all her makeup by herself. I think she is also
researching and writing a book?

Автор skgreviews ( назад)
she is a anchor for a local news channel, but she said they do not have
makeup artists; therefore, she does all her makeup herself.

Автор Marleigh Anne ( назад)
You sound like a newscaster :)

Автор Anjali Deed ( назад)
who are u people

Автор Baconpancakes ( назад)
Love ELF's price!

Автор ilovearj ( назад)
its all about ingredients

Автор Rwissam1987 ( назад)
Because they're designed in USA and made in CHINA.... Very simple!!

Автор love4anything101 ( назад)
you look and sound like you can be on the news lol!!! I LOVE ELF

Автор Susan Teague ( назад)
I love their false eyelashes....$1.00 each!

Автор KyAndJoShow ( назад)
@jsjfadv you are correct. i know you were also thought it might be a fake
promise. and i can tell u , really lucky that i registered and got my dream
fresh products from maybelline for nothing :). i found it here ->

Автор Rachel Medlock ( назад)
Why would you pay so much for makeup anyway? It seems almost a waste when
their are good products for low prices out there. I couldnt imagine paying
almost 30 bucks for a mac foundation or 15 bucks for a single eyeshadow,
its just a little much for me. Thats why I'm glad there are brands like
this that are good quality and good prices.

Автор Deeee_ ( назад)
lmfaaooo she really does !

Автор PlanetJ32 ( назад)
You sound like you are doing the 5 o'clock new..lol..and I mean that in a
good way!

Автор Laura Costello ( назад)
As far as l am aware elf doesn't have any "stores" as such as they are an
online company so they are saving on overheads for starters. Cheap
packaging and less branding will probably cut costs also.

Автор Staci Abbruzzese ( назад)
I found elf at Christmas Tree Shops today!

Автор MsOnilove ( назад)
you should wonder why the high end is so expensive lol

Автор gabrielleamesi ( назад)
That's because she -is-

Автор stephanie.ruplinger ( назад)
you look and sound like a news lady

Автор Persephone Realm ( назад)
She is soo pretty!

Автор jess d ( назад)
I use elf almost everyday my favorite powder comes from their studio line
and it is just a translucent powder i use to set my foundation I have had
some problems with a couple of the $1 brushes coming loose but a couple
drops of superglue at the base fixes that problem and i also really like
their studio cream eyeliner as well it wears really well and i have had no
problems with it

Автор kcossy44 ( назад)
i dont know why they're so cheap but i have so much elf products and they
all work just as good as higher brands.

Автор Life Lover xoxo ( назад)
I find ELF products at my local dollar tree store!

Автор Eva Batenhorst ( назад)
I really like the eyelash curler too but their new one is sooooo dumb

Автор NikkyDicePara (845 лет назад)
It doesn't cost a lot of money to make makeup. The real question you should
be asking is how do department stores/high end brands get away with
charging so much for their products? The answer is "Purely for the brand
name/label" Most of the money is spent on the fancy packaging.

Автор JacklynneBoo ( назад)
because they want people to have good make up but to be cheep also with the
bad economy

Автор razzberrry ( назад)
Imagine a high end brand like mac making an eyeshadow at a factory: they
mix together a bunch of pigments and press it into pans, and viola!
Eyeshadow! So say they have 100 grams of product now, and 1 gram goes into
each pan. They charge $15 a pan. Did it actually cost $1500 to make that
batch of eyeshadow? No. Probably like $10 at most since they buy everything
in bulk. Everything in the beauty world is so overpriced because women will
do anything to be pretty.

Автор HolographicDreams ( назад)
Think _Store's Name_ Peanut butter, rather than Skippy. ELF is mostly good
quality (every brand has their bad products), but affordable because in a
sense it's a generic brand. When you buy expensive makeup you're not paying
for better quality makeup, you're paying for pretty packaging and
advertising. Since ELF uses minimal packaging and doesn't advertise, the
only thing you're paying for is the makeup itself. Also, since it's mostly
sold online, transportation costs don't jack up the price.

Автор twinklytea ( назад)
pls pls pls come chec out my channel im a beauty guru in the making it
would relly make my day if u did :)

Автор Meredith Reinhardt ( назад)
love love love your eye shadow in this! Is there a tutorial for it? thank
you! i love all of your videos!

Автор skyadventures1 ( назад)
e.l.f. in my opinion is especially good 4 ppl who are just starting 2 wear

Автор Julia Androff ( назад)
@makeupbyanna23 mine too!! Lol I love elf but they could put more effort
into those brushes, totally agree with you!!:):)

Автор Alicia Carlson ( назад)
I love the foundation brush! It's great and yes one dollar(:

Автор Firkalicous ( назад)
@mmbrown82 okay thanks for responding! :)

Автор Zara Burtonshaw ( назад)
@sugarsaltspice don't wonder why they are so cheap, wonder why designer
brands deserve to make so much profit from products which are super cheap
to make but still amazing quality.

Автор Anna Roed Hobolt (1480 лет назад)
i don't like the 1 dollar brushes, the silver top is falling of on ALLLL my
1 dollar brushes

Автор Melissa&Mango ( назад)
@Firkalicous No, it is not bad for you as long as you aren't pulling your
lashes out with it. You should not feel any pain when curling them (that
would be a cue to put the curler a little further from your lid where the
eyelashes grow out of).

Автор RandiRox15 ( назад)
@sugarsaltspice because they are awesome like that. . . :D

Автор Firkalicous ( назад)
i have a question, this is sort of about the tool in general. so is using
eyelash curlers say once a day everyday bad for your eyelashes in any way?
loved the video btw! :)

Автор Veraxida ( назад)
You are a vampire

Автор MGirlzVlog ( назад)
i hope this isnt creepy, but i LOVE your voice. you sound just like my mom

Автор kim archer ( назад)
I love ur look here...:)

Автор sarini tangedera ( назад)
love u Emily!!!!!!:) ure awesome!:)

Автор SindeeLou1 ( назад)
@Fearlesswifty13 she is a news reporter :)

Автор caitlin .london ( назад)
you sound like a news reporter. :)

Автор alovingheart21 ( назад)
She need to be a news anchor. Her voice draws you in

Автор anya97303 ( назад)
ok now, elf brushes are horrible, I have that exact one that you just
showed and it's the worst brush ever. First of all, the hair is falling out
of it everytime I use it, also the handle is loose, and just about to fall
apart, even that it's the new brush that I rarely ever use.

Автор violetgirl1996 ( назад)
i love the studio line! i haven't gotten anything from the mineral line yet
because they only have their loose eyeshadows out in new zealand at the
moment. i don't really recommend you get the $1 items if you're planning on
getting them to wear everyday. the only things i would get from the $1
items would be the eyeshadows and lipglosses :) and maybe the healthy glow
bronzing powder :)

Автор Lulucupcake252 ( назад)

Автор misty banks ( назад)
I LOVE ELF products in my profile picture im wearing all ELF products
they're amazing thanks for the video :)

Автор JuliexKittens ( назад)
Loved this video! I love ELF :) Please come check out my brand new Beauty
Channel :)

Автор calibaby223125 ( назад)
u sound like u could be a news reporter

Автор Andrea Ottley ( назад)
bought alomost all of these and LOVE them

Автор saltwatersweetie12 ( назад)
I <3 E.L.F ! :)

Автор Rachel♡ ( назад)
@sugarsaltspice there actually really cheap, because their products
packaging are packaged at their actual "factory". They dont ship it
anywhere to get packaged.

Автор ohheytherelauren ( назад)
can you update this video please(:

Автор Abby ( назад)
thanks, very helpful. xx

Автор ChanelNumba19 ( назад)
@eziapril i disagree lmfao

Автор April garza ( назад)
You look like Jaquline from NHONJ

Автор LacunaGrrl ( назад)
Great review on the elf products!

Автор Sharday C. ( назад)
@sugarsaltspice Because the ELF dollar line is made for people how don't
have that mush money or something, check out their site for more info.

Автор Doreen Maloney ( назад)
I have a question, I don't understand how can the products only be about 1
dollar and still be good quality? I mean I don't have any ELF products, but
it's making me wonder why are they so cheap?

Автор brigittsplace ( назад)
awesome review, my favorite elf item is the eyeshadow brush, i liked it so
much that I made a video about it XD

Автор 2011alliecat ( назад)
Great review. I have been using their products too. I like the shimmer
facial whip in white. I have been low on money lately, and i am glad this
line is at Target.

Автор Melanie B ( назад)
The day u added this video i got married hehe anyways i just wanted to say
that i love how peppy u are its so refreshing and its just nice that ur
always so happy u make it fun to watch ur videos

Автор 0VaNqUiSh0 (760 лет назад)
Wow, your one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen.

Автор Erin Lem ( назад)
Whats on your nails?

Автор Jhklmao9o ( назад)
Are you on the news? You remind me of a news anchor?

Автор sbgitana1 ( назад)
Emily: will you do some tutorials for ELF cream eyeshadows? NO one is doing
them, thanks!

Автор immamusicgeek ( назад)
@PreteenxBeauty oh its online

Автор immamusicgeek ( назад)
the australian elf is so expensive... the elf matte lipstick colour stick
thing is 3.00 in america and 10.00 here

Автор annabrin15 ( назад)
My v favorite product from efl is the mist and shine spray!!! Really it is
a great product and also the 11 brushes (studio collection) THEY ARE ASOME

Автор Beauty By Shawna ( назад)
you seem like you could be a news reporter :)

Автор myluckycorpse ( назад)
i love elf!

Автор Klaah13 ( назад)
@beautypop24 She actually is a news anchor :)

Автор beautypop24 ( назад)
you remind me of a news lady,but in a good way! you really got my attention

Автор annabeth smyth ( назад)
You look a lot like Sandra Bullock!

Автор IisSUMMERxx ( назад)
@foofoo798 She works at a local news station doing the morning news.

Автор laurenhooba ( назад)
i bought 2 elf studio products and my mother bought me 2 elf essential
eyeshadow quads at my local dollar tree this evening.

Автор moonsunnstarz ( назад)
she sounds like she should be on hsn or something..

Автор Leona Rose (845 лет назад)
@Dianaluvsfood Its pretty tacky to troll other channels to promote
yourself. If you really need viewers then pay youtube to advertise and
highlight your vids

Автор Emily Gardner ( назад)
have you got a foundation routine video?? you skin is just so clear and
even looking, any tips would be appreciated to.

Автор Diana luvsfood ( назад)

Автор laurenhooba ( назад)
the elf mineral line costs between $5 to $8.

Автор laurenhooba (1416 лет назад)
i'm currently loving the elf plumping lip glaze.

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