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This video is huge spoiler, it includes All Diablo 3 Cinematics and storyline from Act I to Act IV, with Final Cinematic Videos!

Act 2 cinematic - Justice falls upon the world of man
Act 4 cinematic - Diablo the Prime Evil


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Автор iksarguards ( назад)
If you're an angelic being and you find yourself in an argument with the
physical embodiment of justice, it's maybe time to reevaluate your world

That said, I'm glad Imperius never became a boss.

Автор Razid M.S. ( назад)
So... If an Archangel rip off his/hers wings, then they become human? Or
nephalem? Or something else? Wat? And wouldn't Tyreal have been at least 10
times more useful if he had kept his angel powers? Instead of just being a
damsel in distress, who needs to be recued, and does nothing the entire
game, but talk?

I miss the Diablo II-Tyreal. D2 had a much better story than D3. D3 has too
much bullshit, conflicting with lore established in D1 and D2, pulled out
of it's ass.

Автор Malik Che ( назад)

Автор fmoa ( назад)
next diablo game should be like witcher or dragon age

Автор Antonio Escobar Becerril ( назад)
esta genial esta también ps 4

Автор Toy Mintus ( назад)
Where is my illarian and belet?

Автор Blood Now ( назад)
Imperius is awesome

Автор acs197 ( назад)
I really enjoyed this game, even though many did not. I appreciated the
symbolism in the story line; only humanity can save itself, heavenly beings
need not interfere. Something we all need to realize.

Автор KrazyDanProductions ( назад)
In the beginning I was psyched for this game, then everything got dumbed
down and by the time i tried the demo, good lord it was crap. The narration
of Diablo 2 was infinitely better, being told from Marius' perspective;
this sounds too over the top. Cinematics are great though.

Автор Ethan Pohl (479 лет назад)
if you could be diablo or the angel of death who would you be

Автор carlos eduardo (1533 года назад)
dude, i never understand one thing, Where is God in this game, he fight
like the others or he is too overpower for them

Автор The_Fr0sty_Bl0Ck ( назад)
Does imperius die?

Автор Joshua Villarante ( назад)
Yah. i agree to those saying its better if they do this a movie. but make
sure that its base on the game too. i love it. and also they should be a
warriors. like the different hero we can use

Автор hyper ( назад)
Maybe in the next diablo we save leah....

Автор Signor Winter ( назад)
Azmodan has man tits.

Автор Oyun Yorumcusu ( назад)
Diablo 2 is better

Автор Freydis Heidarsdottir ( назад)
what happend to Leah?

Автор Arles Tippie ( назад)
Stay a while and listen.

Автор The Nampalm Nerd ( назад)
song 1:47 ?

Автор Rodrigo Duarte ( назад)
Awesome game since Patch 2.3...

Автор Eric Wetzel ( назад)
why have they not made a movie of this? Are they that dumb. It would be a

Автор hawk6111 ( назад)
what a shit story

Автор bowy101 ( назад)
long time diablo and d2 player and pretty sure d3 was a huge waste of money
cant even bring my self to play this half assed product bring back B.N and
allow them to make a real game

Автор Nalsii ( назад)
Wow, compared to everything else Blizzard (Including Diablo 1+2) , Diablo 3
lore SUCKS.

Автор Edward Gulmatico ( назад)
play witcher 3 instead

Автор DOOM101010 ( назад)
The angel is a black man lol

Автор Patrick Quito (673 года назад)
this might sound weird but for me, liah's hot :3
anyone else? :3
didnt mean to be rude :3

Автор Star-Lord ( назад)
I always thought that an epic trilogy of angels & humans vs. demons would
make an awesome story.

Автор prime xodus ( назад)
Color blind this shit. Never gonna do like this colors. Colors.

Автор much wow ( назад)
Heroes of the Storm ripped off Asmodan :/
I want to summon dis : 12:05

Автор M. A. Packer ( назад)
"I will defeat you, Imperius!" "No, it is I who will defeat YOU!" Look, I
can write just like the staff at Blizzard. "Arg, I shall not be defeated!
I will be doing the defeating!"

Автор M. A. Packer ( назад)
Not the BLACK soul stone! Seriously, the writing in Diablo3 is just so
much cheese, it's like a lousy anime fan fiction written by Ash Catchem's
angry bitch.

Автор scientist368 ( назад)
great cinematics stupid game

Автор Bora Global ( назад)
What program is that/cd? You have all those options in the start of the

Автор God of Virginity ( назад)
Diablo has a damn nice ass. 11/10, would play through more to fap again-IGN

Автор Flavius Alexandru ( назад)
Looks great! Any specifications?

Автор Joel Nilsson (1299 лет назад)
Game sucks. Cinematics get me hard

Автор K Iversen (120 лет назад)
A movie franchise to the Diablo games or other of Blizzards games would be

Автор Lorelei ( назад)
It's a really big shame that Blizzard can create such incredible music and
cutscenes and produce such horrible games then not give a shit about
feedback from their player-bases.

Автор Cayden1988 ( назад)
Thought it was Morgan Freeman narrating for a second, but then I realized
he wasn't talking about mammals.

Автор Johan Dale (1898 лет назад)
"You cannot judge me... i am justice itself !"
The line is a little cheesy, but awesome at the same time.

Автор JPNDovahkiin ( назад)
The Diablo games are just... way too repetitive. I think Blizzard is better
at making cinematics than games.

Автор Tak 'Vakamai ( назад)
I bought Diablo 3 because I liked Diablo 2, but when I heard the
necromancer wouldn't return I lost interest so I never touched it.

A few months down the line I decided to install SC: Brood War to my new
computer, only to find out I couldn't access my blizzard account. Going
into my email, a quick keyword search brought up a bunch of letters from
Blizzard saying someone kept getting my password wrong. The final email was
one confirming that someone had changed the email associated with the
account. I immediately went to Blizzard support and got someone in a chat
program with me. I managed to prove that my account had been hijacked and
got it back.

When I logged on, I saw that I was now banned from downloading or playing
diablo 3, and I had never touched it. At all. I got into contact with
someone again and managed to prove that it had been locked while I had been
hacked. To my glee, they restored it and I booted up Diablo 3 for the first

And that's the story of how with zero effort on my part I logged on to find
all characters maxed out with epic gear.

Автор Denis Elezovic ( назад)

pure badass.

Автор greybigshark ( назад)
i hate this game. its like blizzard became fat lazy bums. the only reason
why i like it now is because it has angels init, and they're fighting
against demons. that part is cool. but why they go and slaughter the game

Автор Keith Echols (600 лет назад)
Diablo 3 is still better than Torchlight. I Love Torchlight, in just about
every aspect but Diablo 3 is still superior. Can't wait to get playing
again. It would be pleasant when Blizzo gets their heads out of their
asses, however. They need to treat their fans with more respect. Bunch of
goddamn thugs. Watch their hitmen gay boys hit me up for this comment.
Needs a fed bath but games still rock.

Автор Falamu445 ( назад)
I have several questions:
1. What exactly did the Leah's vision mean exactly? Was it a dream of the
past or the future? It doesn't seem to make sense as a premonition, since
Tyrael is already a mortal in the game.
2. Why didn't the other members of the Angiris Council try to help Imperius
against Diablo?
3. Why didn't Diablo as the Prime Evil just destroy the Council, instead
opting to "imprison" Auriel after she was defeated and apparently ignoring
Itherael altogether?

Автор Salazar ( назад)
I dont think that this is the right look for Tyrael i mean he was my
favourite character in D2 and that black bold guy doesnt feel like him.
Blizzard could made him a little more angelic :D

Автор Francixco Robles ( назад)
OK you people who hate this game so much because of it's title. You do
realize that the whole point of this game IS TO KILL DIABLO AKA SATAN

Автор Crosby4hyg ( назад)
I always wished I could fight Imperius in the story mode. Guy seems like
kind of a dick.

Автор Zenon Goorol ( назад)
It was all just stories... I just fought undead, deamons and all kind of
evil scourge, but yeah it was all just stories...

Автор Daniel Kim ( назад)
Wait, so you are telling me that the king of the angles and the guardian of
the heavens just got beaten by a tail? FUKC TIS

Автор Chrono Force ( назад)
Please check out my new gaming channel 

Автор Jordan Her ( назад)
Make a DAMN MOVIE!!!!!!!

Автор najinov bel ( назад)

Автор gentlemancoates ( назад)
The bit where Tyrael fights Imperius and chooses to become human is my

Автор archimodes ( назад)
Just plain horrid. Diablo 2 > Diablo 3.

Автор Bada Bing Bada Boom ( назад)
Idea for Diablo 4: they should ditch the Diablo 3 story and continue where
Diablo 2 left off, and that is, the story starts with Deckard Cain, in
Diablo 2 you found him hanging in a cage in Tristram, well... I'm sure you
wondered how did he get up there, everyone was killed... only 2 were left
"alive", Deckard Cain and Griswold (not exactly "alive" but still walking
around). So, why did Diablo spare Cain's life? Eh, here is where Diablo 4
story will begin, Deckard Cain is a "spy" for the evil forces, he is there
to sabotage the human race, corrupt people, he actually helped the Prime
Evil in Diablo 2 but the main protagonist never knew that... untill Diablo
4. The Worldstone is destroyed, so are the Soulstones. They are not needed
anyways, Deckard Cain, once part of the Horradrim, now corrupted with evil,
manages to revive Diablo and his brothers. What will happen next? Will the
player be able to fight him and cleanse him of the evil corruption?

Автор Rios Wong ( назад)
'THE' coolest one liner of Blizzard.
But the best one is still "FOR THE HORDE!!"

Автор josey king of the wells ( назад)
Never played any of the othe diablo games. I jumped into diablo 3 as dave
the barbarian ( yes the cartoon character thought it was hilarious) i found
out i am in love with diablo and plan on playing the other games. But no
hatred here for the game execept i wish ur stash was unlimited. 20 pieces
is kinda harsh to narrow it down to what i wanna keep and get rid of. But
back to diablo i love 3's story and the expansion which i havent got to yet
looks amazing. I love how were suposedly a super race of what ever the n
word was. ( nephal-something) i love my barbarian and playing through the
story with my friends it makes it so much better. Wish most games had multi
player story mode. Thank u blizzard. I love ur product. And one last thing
all the treasure bandits can suck my balls ( cartmen voice)

Автор OUTYS2313 ( назад)



Автор Laura Austin ( назад)
Good luck

Автор huy nguyễn ( назад)
ko pit dow dc ko nghi~

Автор Robert Antoni ( назад)
there is no god, its alien story based on lies (Hell aliens who want to
rule). Truth is hell what devil rules is by gods protection. Hell itself
dont have endless space like cosmos. It have walls. Endless walls but the
bubble is growing because of humans got more untricivilized and not good. I
saw dream what devil showed me hell. Devil himself is archengel and if he
is bored to rule other archangel going to hell becomeing a new devil. But
even human have its own demons. 

Автор Jeff Jiang ( назад)
Humans are superior to gods, demons, immortals, etc in every way.

Автор Timmy Taco ( назад)
If you guys want to try out Diablo 3 check out my channel where I'm doing a
giveaway, I'm giving away guest passes for, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, World of
Warcraft, and a code for Heroes of Warcraft. Giveaway ends April 2nd, 2015.

Автор Dreez76 ( назад)
Cinematics, the only good things about D3. The rest was a disappointment.

Автор Kai Tendo ( назад)
15:17 Gosh. So cool.

Автор BILLY LOPEZ ( назад)
How did Diablo die 

Автор ◢Crimson◤ ( назад)
Bitchy bitch bitch bytci

Автор Punisher4bmw ( назад)
Shatered Mountan army orcs trolls? WTF Lord of the Rings Copy XD JEEEZ
Blizzard i thaught u were better than thisXD u disapoint me

Автор inigo137 ( назад)
It´s funny cause this game stole my money

Автор Amani “Queen Balini” N. Chowdhury ( назад)
Who is Diablo again? LOL I forgot.

Автор Greimo ( назад)
The cinematic in heaven with Diablo and Imperius is the most epic and
amazing trailer I've seen in my entire life.

Автор Balistick51 ( назад)
Diablo 3 is amazing

Автор Ivan Panov ( назад)
3:25 AWSM!!

Автор Steam Trader Helper ( назад)

Автор Angel of Sarcasm ( назад)
Where is God in all this?

Автор Josh Bell ( назад)
LightMyFire910 GT add me to join the adventure of hell

Автор nasargiel creep ( назад)
so fail and fake......... 

Автор Carlos Tering ( назад)
They should make a game about when Inarius and Lilith stole the world
stone, you could be one of the renegade angels or demons maybe even one of
the first nephelem 

Автор Chee Kiat Teo ( назад)
It must really suck to live in Tristram. I'd move if i were them.

Автор reyshakquit ( назад)
I would actually prefer to see a Diablo 3 movie than to play the game! Holy
shit! The game was so dissapointing but the cutscenes were so good!!

Автор Willan Wong ( назад)
i like it

Автор Matt de rap Raponi ( назад)
who is the Nephalem. what does that mean? Ive played throughout the whole
game with it being mentioned. All I know is it was put towards as me,
diablo says it, everybody says it. What does it mean ?

Автор deepdragon2 ( назад)
Hey the narrator is Zeratul voice......

Автор Cana duh! ( назад)
An Ultralisk would wipe the floor with Diablo's face.

Автор Ricardo green ( назад)

Diablo 3 guide!!

Автор Ricardo green ( назад)
Earn money by playing games


Автор 2009worstyearever ( назад)
So in 2 fights, imperious got his ass handed to him twice, even though he
is supposed to be the best angel fighter? 

Автор Vanessa Ayala ( назад)

Автор garrett casperson ( назад)
Tyrael's sacrifice is among the best cinematic's of all games

Автор İshak Kacman ( назад)
Süper. Birşey 

Автор Brandon Linthicum ( назад)
need help getting armor and gear for level 60 wizard vary new at this game
i have the original diablo 3 not ROS if u can help me add me

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