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This video is huge spoiler, it includes All Diablo 3 Cinematics and storyline from Act I to Act IV, with Final Cinematic Videos!

Act 2 cinematic - Justice falls upon the world of man
Act 4 cinematic - Diablo the Prime Evil


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Автор Fei Hong Wong (6 месяцев)
So I guess the humans in Diablo's world must be made of substance stronger
than steel. How else would they explain Tyrael changing to a mortal and
falling down like a meteor, but yet managed to survive the thousands of
megaton strong impact? Better still, the meteor hit frail old fart Cain,
and yet he survived, just to be sexually harassed by the skeleton king?

Great writing Blizz, or should I say, Chris Metzen.

Автор Prince jlee (6 месяцев)
Can a diablo nerd explain to me something, when diablo died at the end, is
he completely dead or is he just temporarily dead and will come back in the
future? I saw the cartoon he was vanquished before and he returned for
diablo 3.

Автор jpmcam35 (6 месяцев)
When will hardcore fans of any game series realize they are the minority? I
consider myself to be a hardcore gamer, but I realize that the developers's
job is to make a fun game that anyone can play & enjoy, not just the
hardcore fans, which is why series usually get easier as they progress &
become more popular, you see this all the time, in the end it is still a
product made for the majority, if you are not going to make a game
yourself, then stfu & enjoy the game for what it is & be grateful that the
series is still alive at all, there are several great games that die too

Автор Brony Powerlifter (3 месяца)
Will there be more Diablo games? :(

Автор Malvo0ovlaM (4 месяца)
Well i never played this game, i refused too, i mean after watching some
guy kill Diablo, without being hit because the mighty lord of terror could
not kill someone inside a cloud of smoke... anyway, i digress...the
cenimatics are great but the last two where kind of poor, and why did
Diablo looked like that, because he possessed a women he was all curvy
shaped, and walked like a model?

I understand games need to evolve etc, but this was not an evolution...I
know you die hard fans (like i used too) defend it, and i commend you for
that, but "blind faith" as i like to call it is not good for anyone.

People must realize that 20h for a game of a pedigree of Diablo, is
extremely poor, and even though he might be extremely polished, for that
kind of life, 60$ is far too much. Also internet connection requirement is
just silly!

But what really bothers me is that if they shut down the servers that's it,
no more diablo 3 for anyone, since most of the game info/code etc comes
from their server so, if someone feels like playing in say 10 years from
now, thwy probably won't be able.... really sad i say!

Автор Culchie Revived (7 месяцев)
Why blizzard is hiring actors for the wow movie is beyond me when they can
produce this 

Автор Chukey (3 месяца)
I just wish I could listen to the music that starts at 18:50 forever...

Автор Victoria Lotus (22 часа)
Has diablo ever actually made a movie?

Автор ChaosCollection (1 месяц)
Tyrael had such an epic voice in D2... even that is lost in D3

Автор Jogoe (1 месяц)
Put your cursor away!

Автор Falamu445 (2 месяца)
American game was really not so horrible at beginning, but as nation's
foreign policy worsened, so, too, did choice of game concepts

Автор Rafael López (2 месяца)
Poor Deckard =(

Автор Commander Woffle (4 месяца)
Poor leah

Автор Aidan Page (4 месяца)
16:57... Diablo's like "don't mind me... just taking a casual stroll into
the heart of Heaven..." :D I love this game, and I'm so glad R.O.S released
today (hence why I am re-watching all of these cinematics)

Автор Taomasa Uchiha (3 месяца)
So there is only 20 minutes of cinematic in Diablo 3? . . i expected more.

Автор Conal Maclochlainn (1 год)
Genre:Action adventure fantasy
Producer: Blizzard Entertainment
Diablo III All Cinematics

Автор Marios Nikolaou (7 месяцев)
Compared to d2, there is something i believe is missing from d3

Автор ashiinsane90 (6 месяцев)
I blame tyrael for the fall of heaven, if he listened to imperius and
stayed in heaven, they would have probably killed diablo together instead
of imperius facing diablo alone.. poor guy he he payed for everyone's
mistakes and died defending heaven

Автор Sarosetsu (4 месяца)
11:20 here i believe that azmodan is talking to Diablo rather than leah.
he says, "our brethren" he may be referring to Diablo betraying his
brothers to become the prime evil

Автор Karlos Harutyunyan (1 месяц)
Angels are stronger than demons,stronger than men.Arch angels are stronger
than Diablo,this is bullshit man and where is the god? The creater of all?
Bullshit story and bullshit game.

Автор John Robson (2 месяца)
anybody knows good android live wallpapers with Diablo 3 artwork?
I've seen many static images on Google Play though - what i want some
animated image, like Moon Knight Fantasy Live wallpaper...

Автор Đuro Razbojnik (6 месяцев)
"...and cast out the prime evil...forever....until another expansion"...

Автор Alexey Simonenko (2 года)
Blizzard молодцы.

Автор Alex Johnson (5 месяцев)
Poor Imperius, he was a douchebag with Tyrael but he's so badass! I'm the
only one who don't hate Imperius? :P

Автор Silver (7 месяцев)
so tyrael becomes the angel of wisdom?

Автор Tio Kwan (5 месяцев)
seriously, Diablo died in the last scene and I thought he absorbed the
black soul stone when he reborn, so the logical outcome should be the stone
was destroyed with him. How on earth did Tyrael retrace the stone and hide
it away from the angles in the Reaper of Souls? Doesn't make any sense.
Moreover, I thought there was already an archangel of Wisdom? How can
Tyrael replace him with the previous archangel still present on the throne
of Wisdom?

Автор MadMax052 (7 месяцев)
Diablo 3 is a causal pandering, sideways stepping, pvpless, casual
pandering piece of shit.
There's no trading system, the pvp was completely absent, meanwhile you
can't play offline! Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to make D3
always online, but at the same time remove all of the best online features?
In place of that we get a stupid fucking auction house?? Because that's
super fun :D You never have to worry about finding good items because the
drop rate I so low, just buying them is way more exciting right? PAY2WIN

They spent 13 years on this fucking game and didn't take one single step
forwards. All they did was "make it more accessible". AKA they ruined it
for hardcore fans by causaling it up. I generously consider this a step
sideways, but for many it's a step backwards. They completely fuck up the
game balancing of D3 to "encourage cooperative play" Which they only want
to do in order to make it seem like the fact we always have to play online
isn't a completely redundant feature.

Honestly after 13 years what have they accomplished? They "improved" the
graphics? Okay well in the process they completely changed the graphic
style to a more cartoony looking WOWish type, which completely shits all
over the darker, depressing, more serious atmosphere that the older games
had pulled off better than any game that had come before them.

I liked D2 for; the excitement of retrieving my corpse. I liked having
limited potion slots with no lazy cool down time system (and actually
having to use the potions during my first run of the game, and I liked
actually being able to die sometimes which I didn't in D3 until Hell). I
loved actually having to you know... LEVEL UP MY OWN CHARACTER! But no D3
does that for you.. and you call it an RPG... a sequel to one of the
greatest RPG's of all time...

All of these changes were made simply to appeal to a larger audience. In
doing so they've ruined something that was special to many others. Had they
made no changes at all it would have been a better game. Not saying that
there aren't ways of improving upon D2. But NONE of the changes they chose
to make improve the experience of the game what so ever. Had this game not
been called D3, or have the ridiculous budget it did, it would have been
completely ignored by original D2 fans. Fuck Diablo 3.

Автор Artem Serov (3 месяца)
omg best cinematics better wht all wow games cinematics

Автор Jerzy Chojnowski (8 месяцев)
Spoiler below
It's funny when you realise that Asmodan is not talking to Lea, but to
Diablo inside her.

Автор flavius rotaru (8 месяцев)
Even in the heart of heaven angels can still feel me!

Автор doddy dwi a (8 месяцев)
Angel, human and evil...sounds like protos, terran and zerg to me :)

Автор TheFluSwine (6 месяцев)
Hold the fuck up. Can we talk about how Leah's hand fits around one of
Tyrael's fingers? Like is this motherfucker the equivalent of Shaq or is
Leah a goddamn midget?

Автор Jay Gatsby (4 месяца)
Move your fucking mouse 

Автор Gustav Larsson (6 месяцев)
What I like about D3 is that it's one of few games that actaully is alike
the trailers and cinematics

Автор Hoopla Llama (4 месяца)
Everyone who watches Blizzard cut scenes be like "MOOOARRRRRRRR"

Автор Nostalgic Moose (6 месяцев)
Diablo did what every pre-pubescent teenager wanted to do, getting inside

Автор IGOR GORELIK (17 дней)
Hey, I watch want to doesn't work try again later fck.

Автор Mohammad Ali (5 месяцев)
Sick as Fuk, even tho I've never touch diablo

Автор Joseph mut (2 месяца)
this is none other than a portrayal of satan s wet dream of conquering the
heavens and over throwing "I am". disgusting, who comes up with this stuff
any way?

Автор Vanja Filipov (1 месяц)
Angels are SO cool!!! :D

Автор KillerGummyBear (6 месяцев)
Anyone who enjoys Diablo 3 and other PC games please go check out my

Автор Brian Nguyen (4 месяца)
The new patch of Diablo 3 is very good. It brought back the feeling of
Diablo 2 much better and Reaper of Souls looks very promising

Автор donjezza10 (1 месяц)
I just notices Adriacraft has 666 videos

Автор aethelweard12 (4 месяца)
Quick question. When Diablo was defeated in D3, is he still the Prime Evil
(singularly) inside the soulstone? Or have they resplit back into the seven
lords of hell?

Автор YoitsJoeee (7 месяцев)
Does anyone else think that Blizzard should starting making films

Автор ResuriZ (8 месяцев)
Amazing cinematics

Автор Panz3rGr3nadier (4 месяца)
Leah has big breasts, what a waste of a good female.

Автор RaisuunTV (22 дня)
D2 cine's > D3 cine's ;)

Автор Adrián Stvorecz (2 месяца)
what a cheesy ending

Автор namanicha (4 месяца)
Those hips

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