Ilias Iliadis -90kg Greece

Suni Clay - My Hood (Instrumental)
Styles of Beyond - Nine Thou (Instrumental)

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Добавлено: 1 год
Длительность: 7:10
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Автор Xaris Kalanidis (3 дня)
yes he is from georgia but he dont have moneys for bus to go trainning!

Автор Giorgi Nadareishvili (5 дней)
He is Georgian!

Автор Zarra Jester (1 месяц)

Автор Theofanidis Konstantinos (2 месяца)

Автор Amir Selhanov (1 месяц)
it is true, that he georgian?

Автор Komnenos1234 (4 месяца)
Is he of Greek descent though.

Автор Ermeson Gouveia (2 месяца)
Pica !!!

Автор DeathRising George (1 месяц)
my name is ilias

Автор monk3y777 (2 месяца)
he have to go to the ufc

Автор Giorgi Khabeishvili (2 месяца)


Автор Irakli Gaprindashvili (5 месяцев)
he born georgian, he was georgian, but everyone makes a choice for himself.
Jarji made a choice. maybe that was caused by material component, i mean
wealthfare, but for his real country-for georgia he is useless now. no
matter how high u r - the person who tought u how to throw is modebadze!
remember that "greek" throwing machine!

Автор jerachin (3 месяца)
He is georgian adopted by Nikos Hliadhs

Автор nuc nuciko (5 месяцев)
georgian jarji zviadauri,no greec

Автор Fabrice Bouvart (1 год)
Iliadis the beast !

Автор vaza garaklidis (9 месяцев)
ilias iliadis

Автор jerachin (3 месяца)
georgian and gorgeous! maybe he has a greek spitit:)

Автор jerachin (2 месяца)
by the way can you let us know which songs are using?

Автор margyvals (2 месяца)
5:26 (!!!!!!!)
super athlet and also kind and gentle person

Автор crazyjames1233 (3 месяца)
If Karelin did Judo this is what he would have looked like. Dude is just
picking up and slamming people.

Автор bterz (4 месяца)
He changed his name and chooses to call himself Greek. That's what he
thinks of Georgia.

Автор Triangulove (5 месяцев)
He's going to be at the Judo school I attend this Sunday. Gonna be amazing.

Автор Stas Stanislav (1 год)
I like fighting Ilias Iliadis, and respect for his opponent! Takih as Ilias
Ilidas little, I can even say that he is the only fighter worthy of
respect! He boritsya for fans!

Автор wolf rockele (1 год)
the best judoka in the world!!!!

Автор judo hernandez (11 месяцев)
He's a beast'

Автор levani dedabrishviili (1 год)
And do not be appropriated

Автор Hera Cross (1 год)
Great job!

Автор Teo Sar (1 год)
he is the best judoka in the world!!!

Автор Aldo Romeo (1 год)
iliadis is a natural born killer !

Автор dosdadio siapa (9 месяцев)
If you are big and good you will be very good in judo. if you are small and
good you can not be as iliades. he is not even using pure technique but raw
muscle power. But since he wins in the competition he is the best
naturally. I want to see greeks whose size are like asians and they can
still defeat those guys of sizes as the one thrown by iliades. if that
happens may judo is really a technical martial sport.

Автор joni y (1 год)
its an tsuri-goshi

Автор TheVengo111 (1 год)
Totally agree with that. Plus he was adopted by a man called Nikos Iliades,
his greek foster father. Whatever led to his estrangement with his family,
he found a new home and an identity he's proud of. But that seems too much
for those people to tolerate... Let alone the fact, that if he wasnt so
successful nobody would give a rats hairy ass...! Get a life people

Автор Ondra Judoka Kašík (1 год)
I love this judoka! and the music is from NFS Most Wanted :D

Автор JoachimderZweite (1 год)
I like his sportsmanship and his good character as well as his terrific

Автор kat82381 (10 месяцев)
he's georgian and at his 16 his greek coach adopted him:)

Автор Gio Iberi (6 месяцев)
აბა რა უნდა ექნა ? აქ უნდა დარჩენილიყო და შიმშილით ამოძრომოდა სული ? აგერ
ლევან თედიაშვილი თავისი სახლის პადვალში ცხოვრობს მათხოვარივით და კაცი
2-გზის ოლიმპიური და 5-გზის მსოფლიო ჩემპიონია. იგივე კახი კახიაშვილი,
ელემენტარული პირობები არ ჰქონდა ადამიანს რომ ევარჯიშა. კაცი შტანგისტი იყო
და შტანგები არ ჰქონდა. წავიდოდა აბა რას იზამდა ? და მერე 3-გზის ოლიმპიური
ჩემპიონი რომ გახდა მერე დაიწყო ხალხმა ლაპარაკი, სხვისი სახელით რატომ
გამოდისო. ჩვენ არ ვიცით ჩვენი დიდი შვილების დაფასება და მოფრთხილება.

Автор 2010Nodari (5 месяцев)
And you are silly to the bone. He represents Greece, that doesnt mean he's
Greek. If you think this way, then all those foreign country players of
Germany's football team are Germans. Nawp.

Автор MrClarinetsm (5 месяцев)
stupid comment... he jsut born in georgia but he is greek

Автор Gloria Mancini (1 год)

Автор gabriel pol (7 месяцев)
He is born in Georgia but he starts judo in Greece in the school "Φίλιππος
Αμυνταίου"..He wants to represent Greece cause he is Greek and he feels
Greek,he could choose to represent Georgia if he wants it;) Also hes father
is our national judo trainer.So man please,think first then write^^

Автор SuperJudo12345 (1 год)
keep the compilations coming your the best on YouTube.

Автор glendalebears6632 (1 год)
I must learn the throw at 3:42

Автор loudenvier (1 год)
He is an amazing competitor. Personally I don't like his judo that much
because most of his throws need a lot of strength (which he has in
abundance, so it is not at all wrong "for him" to rely on his own
characteristics). I prefer a more subtle kind of Judo. But, as a
competitor, he is really at the top the cream!

Автор maryo aristiawan (7 месяцев)
awesome power :)

Автор MisterLovahLovah (1 год)
If he wasn't good at judo he would be called "illegal immigrant" and
everyone would want him out of Greece...

Автор Diego Linconado (8 месяцев)
Georgia, Grecia, etc de donde sea es un maestro !!!

Автор levani dedabrishviili (1 год)
This man Is from Georgian.....his name is Jarji Zviadauri

Автор mate khurtsidze (9 месяцев)
from greece, but GEORGIAN!

Автор george fassoulopoulos (11 месяцев)
one is judo specialised the other is mma champion. how?

Автор boounta (8 месяцев)
xaxax very funny xaxax

Автор yoyo6734 (6 месяцев)
If he was Georgian he would play for Georgia. Wearing the greek coat of
arms, standing at attention when the greek national anthem plays and
representing Greece in Olympics means he is Greek to the bone. Maybe you
are Georgian but he is not.

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