Ilias Iliadis -90kg Greece

Suni Clay - My Hood (Instrumental)
Styles of Beyond - Nine Thou (Instrumental)

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Длительность: 7:10
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Автор SDSen ( назад)
How would this guy fare against Tyson, in a ring with both being allowed to
use hands and legs and throws with a few rules like no punching in the
balls etc.

Автор Solomon Yoon ( назад)
is the move at 4:05 still allowed to do in competitions? because you cant
grab the leg anymore

Автор Saba Chitauri ( назад)
the avtandil wrikishvili aim georgia and the pro

Автор WitX916 ( назад)
I went to his clinic in San Jose 2 months after I started judo, and I
honestly think I'm addicted to judo because of him.

Автор Abdulkadir elyiğit ( назад)

Автор Γιαννος Γιαννούλης ( назад)

Автор venom89890 ( назад)
need for speed most wanted soundtrack ;)

Автор Gio Iberi ( назад)
He`s ethnically Georgian. His real name is Jarji Zviadauri.

Автор James D ( назад)
i do judo myself use to do wrestling

Автор James D ( назад)
what is the name of the last song in this video i like it?

Автор Tarik Moumene ( назад)
judo mdrr

Автор Bika Masaarn ( назад)
he can turn anything into a throw can't he. He's built for this stuff head
to toe.

Автор Amalia Syakirah ( назад)
Ahh so sexy

Автор Gio Papiashvili ( назад)

Автор ‫فولاذ الملتهب‬‎ ( назад)
fer nice

Автор Luka Gamrekelashvili ( назад)
and do judo too

Автор Luka Gamrekelashvili ( назад)
Killer i am Georgian too

Автор TheHead Chopp3r ( назад)
Iliadis i whould fight you :D ( PS ; i am u16 ;P)

Автор Zachary Pridemore ( назад)
1:12 are you not entertained?!

Автор DesertSmeagle ( назад)
soooo what if there is no shirt to grab???

Автор Joke2292 ( назад)
Do georgians have super low self-esteem or why do people keep saying he is
georgian. Yes he was born there but he trained in Greece, changed his name
and represents Greece as a country. 

Автор tom thomas ( назад)
Love his lightning fast transitions. The guy is a genius.

Автор Zoubaïr Belayachi ( назад)
Trop fort.

Автор Sultan nucik ( назад)
Греческая машина

Автор 이원상 ( назад)
U suck madafuka

Автор nikos azanouridis (1372 года назад)
stop writting that he is georgian,all greeks know that he is georgian

Автор Harlampii Politidis ( назад)

Автор risc7 ( назад)

Автор MrJapanese25 ( назад)
3:40 is really impressive! And the rest also...

Автор PONTOS RODS ( назад)
he is PONTOS GREEK so enoguh for today

Автор theo konstantellos ( назад)
Simple (or at least he makes it look simple), compact, super strong.

Автор stelakis teliakis ( назад)
the best judo player

Автор Carlos Eduardo Ishisawa ( назад)
Trilha sonora do Need For Speed Most Wanted haha

Автор Deger forse (1128 лет назад)
Rishod Sabirov the best

Автор kar pat ( назад)
es xalxi gadamrevs bicho raebs weren...mgonia ro logikas evropis farglebs
garet ar gaughwevia da es amerikelebi sxva metodebit msjeloben

Автор kar pat ( назад)

Автор Alexander Monteagudo Orban ( назад)
buena combinacion,fuerza y tecnica,elemento esencial para el judo

Автор Geo's Heart ( назад)
wtf are you talking about
hes gerogian ZVIADAURI

Автор Amir Selhanov ( назад)
it is true, that he georgian?

Автор Zarra Jester ( назад)

Автор Kinky Matee ( назад)
my name is ilias

Автор Ermeson Gouveia ( назад)
Pica !!!

Автор margyvals ( назад)
5:26 (!!!!!!!)
super athlet and also kind and gentle person

Автор beks m ( назад)
ქართველია, მგელია. 

Автор jerachin ( назад)
by the way can you let us know which songs are using?

Автор Giorgi Khabeishvili ( назад)


Автор Mr pox ( назад)
etsi re hlia palikari teleise tous re!!

Автор jerachin ( назад)
georgian and gorgeous! maybe he has a greek spitit:)

Автор jerachin ( назад)
He is georgian adopted by Nikos Hliadhs

Автор crazyjames1233 ( назад)
If Karelin did Judo this is what he would have looked like. Dude is just
picking up and slamming people.

Автор bterz ( назад)
He changed his name and chooses to call himself Greek. That's what he
thinks of Georgia.

Автор nuc nuciko ( назад)
georgian jarji zviadauri,no greec

Автор Irakli Gaprindashvili ( назад)
he born georgian, he was georgian, but everyone makes a choice for himself.
Jarji made a choice. maybe that was caused by material component, i mean
wealthfare, but for his real country-for georgia he is useless now. no
matter how high u r - the person who tought u how to throw is modebadze!
remember that "greek" throwing machine!

Автор Triangulove ( назад)
He's going to be at the Judo school I attend this Sunday. Gonna be amazing.

Автор ferid mamedov ( назад)
aze judo

Автор Sascha Müller ( назад)
5:25 Good old days !!!

Автор live2lovepeace ( назад)
okok ILIAS ILIADIS sounds georgian to me too NOT! :P

Автор live2lovepeace ( назад)
lol im swiss born. still my blood in me is greek!

Автор Mark Brand ( назад)
I'm greek!!!! were so pro despite the sucky government we still have an
amazing judo team.

Автор Grant Bogdanove ( назад)

Автор ivan jimenez muñoz ( назад)
iliadis es el mejor de todos es un ejemplo a seguir

Автор MrClarinetsm ( назад)
stupid comment... he jsut born in georgia but he is greek

Автор 2010Nodari ( назад)
And you are silly to the bone. He represents Greece, that doesnt mean he's
Greek. If you think this way, then all those foreign country players of
Germany's football team are Germans. Nawp.

Автор yoyo6734 ( назад)
If he was Georgian he would play for Georgia. Wearing the greek coat of
arms, standing at attention when the greek national anthem plays and
representing Greece in Olympics means he is Greek to the bone. Maybe you
are Georgian but he is not.

Автор Gio Iberi ( назад)
აბა რა უნდა ექნა ? აქ უნდა დარჩენილიყო და შიმშილით ამოძრომოდა სული ? აგერ
ლევან თედიაშვილი თავისი სახლის პადვალში ცხოვრობს მათხოვარივით და კაცი
2-გზის ოლიმპიური და 5-გზის მსოფლიო ჩემპიონია. იგივე კახი კახიაშვილი,
ელემენტარული პირობები არ ჰქონდა ადამიანს რომ ევარჯიშა. კაცი შტანგისტი იყო
და შტანგები არ ჰქონდა. წავიდოდა აბა რას იზამდა ? და მერე 3-გზის ოლიმპიური
ჩემპიონი რომ გახდა მერე დაიწყო ხალხმა ლაპარაკი, სხვისი სახელით რატომ
გამოდისო. ჩვენ არ ვიცით ჩვენი დიდი შვილების დაფასება და მოფრთხილება.

Автор 77katon ( назад)
he's coming in quebec in winter eager to see my idol ahaah

Автор Martin Meikleham ( назад)
Superb thrower, his strength and control is enormous, a credit to the sport
of Judo.

Автор GlebaStyle ( назад)
trenuje judo dlatego to fajne

Автор Indra Syahfirul ( назад)
He is one of zeus sons...

made in georgia ZVIADAURI

Автор cenzocock dabeast ( назад)
ellinas einai gamo to xristo sou blaka

Автор maryo aristiawan ( назад)
awesome power :)

Автор judokadu71 ( назад)
sode tsuri komi goshi

Автор Sushynator Production ( назад)
It doesn't matter. Awesome Judoka.

Автор samir soufiane ( назад)
1:42 what the fuck !!! imposible this !!!

Автор นาคา อาลัย ( назад)
butiful ura nage

Автор นาคา อาลัย ( назад)
He is god of judo -90

Автор Irakli Barnabishvili ( назад)
შევარცხვინე ის ქართველი ყველას რომ ბერძენი გონია

Автор hadjiadamou ( назад)
he is greek his nationality is georgian

Автор TheOchopintre ( назад)
I say in 2004 when he win the Olympics he doesn't know a word in greek ;)

Автор gabriel pol ( назад)
Random comment.!You dont know what you are talking about man.Really..If i
prove to you that Ilias Iliadis can speak the Greek language,will you
delete your channel?

Автор TheOchopintre ( назад)
first time when he win the Olympics in 2004 he doesn't now a word in greek !

Автор gabriel pol ( назад)
He is born in Georgia but he starts judo in Greece in the school "Φίλιππος
Αμυνταίου"..He wants to represent Greece cause he is Greek and he feels
Greek,he could choose to represent Georgia if he wants it;) Also hes father
is our national judo trainer.So man please,think first then write^^

Автор TheOchopintre ( назад)
and he use some georgian chidaoba technic :)

Автор TheOchopintre ( назад)
/watch?v=6YzCKd0nmXk look this vidéo at the end he speak in georgian. :)

Автор TheOchopintre ( назад)
he speak very bad in greek he have a big accent and he speak very good in
georgian because is georgian :)

Автор Dim Sour ( назад)
dont be an idiot wtf he lives in greece so many years ofc and he knows greek

Автор boounta ( назад)
xaxax very funny xaxax

Автор asa ssdsada ( назад)
music ?

Автор Diego Linconado ( назад)
Georgia, Grecia, etc de donde sea es un maestro !!!

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