What If We Have A Nuclear War?

What would happen if a nuclear weapon was dropped near you?
How To Survive A Nuclear War: https://youtu.be/iONIkV0IHOc
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Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
Written by: Rachel Salt, Greg Brown and Mitchell Moffit
Illustrated: by: Max Simmons
Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot

Nuclear footage from atomcentral.com

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Автор RumboYoutube ( назад)
Trump must see this

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
See why do I want to be in this world with all these scary threats? Being dead would be better cause then I won't have to worry about all this shit.

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
1:42 that shit got blown away

Автор TT Is a Crybaby ( назад)
Can some super smart person give me facts that will reassure me that we won't die in nuclear war?

Автор Saymic ( назад)
makes me wanna play New Vegas again

Автор angel Garcia ( назад)
no video shows where to go if it nuclear war broke out smh

Автор TSS Studios ( назад)
Why did I end up here. I'm in middle of class the teacher is talking about ww2

Автор Kelsey Lynn ( назад)
I wish nuclear weapons were never invented

Автор ElfyThe GamingElf ( назад)

Автор benelli vinci ( назад)
fukushima you dumbfucks

Автор 1023media ( назад)
why are we using KM in this video. aren't we in America?

Автор manny ( назад)
hmm something tells me that we will have a nuclear war....

Автор Joek81 ( назад)
ill personally assassinate anyone who drops a nuclear bomb

Автор MMediocah YT ( назад)
And these are the bombs we know about :)

Автор 1spore2 ( назад)
well we are good at killing ourselves

Автор Orange Tortoise ( назад)
If Kim Jong Un fired a nuclear missile Kante would intercept it

Автор Sm0g - ( назад)
You forgot the part about Electromagnetic pulses, frying all electronic devices. Imagine being completely cut off from the outside world. No way of knowing if your family and friends are still alive. Id rather live near ground zero

Автор Alienman1212 ( назад)

Автор wolf lovergur3 ( назад)
hey why do we got to hav war or nuclear boms? why do we kill lands and oders? i dont understand plz tell me

Автор TheLepec93 ( назад)
You should really include miles and Fahrenheit. Half the video went over my head.

Автор UckFay Wit ( назад)
Nah cunt, I reckon I'd become the hulk

Автор Usernamee101 ( назад)
Imagine if electing an idiot becomes a trend all around the world. Nukes would be flying from everywhere.

Автор Extremegv j ( назад)
if you don't want s nuclear war kill ur self right now

Автор Ariellalola ( назад)
I live less than 5 mins away from a huge military base.. so if that were to be attacked I'm dead 😂

Автор Soph O ( назад)

Автор Jayden Difesa ( назад)
*Watches Video*
*Remembers that the U.S may have a nuclear war with North Korea*
Well... this'll be useful

Автор Gamesturbator ( назад)
Such wonderfully cheerful music! (-‸ლ)

Автор Niamh Woodcock ( назад)
To sum the video up you most proberly will die

Автор Nitin Sharma ( назад)
admin u mentioned​ India V/s Pakistan.....why? we will never engaged in nuclear war.....

Автор Srib ( назад)
Buying all bottle caps, $5 per KG

Автор MewantSnax ( назад)
you would be dead

Автор GreifiEclipse ( назад)
Korea almost started one.

Автор Emma Suarez ( назад)
I am watching this on the 20th of April, 2017, soon before the Russo-Americana nuclear war. I watch in hopes that I will survive past the brunt of the conflict. If I do survive, and if the internet survives with it, I will use this video as a guide of what to expect.

Автор Rhianna Williamson ( назад)
Can't wait to brick myself in a cement building wearing all white

Автор anurag pathak ( назад)
India is not interested in initiating any kind of war with anyone unless u doesn't deserve that Pakistan

Автор Ken FireFlame ( назад)
Lol, The United States created and even more powerful bomb than the Tsar bomb just cause. Only safe place would be the North American Wilderness or the Russian Wilderness.

Автор Jose Werleman ( назад)
atomic bombs in space vs ozone layer. what are the effects?
fishbowl project 1962

Автор Peter ( назад)
In other words, nukes are not this mega-weapon like we all thought.  It's just a bomb, like any other bomb.

Автор Zarif Aniq 13 ( назад)
two and a half minutes to midnight-doomsday clock 2017

Автор Aryan Singh ( назад)
If thermal radiation takes electrons, does that mean it becomes a new element completely??

Автор MassAcrE ( назад)
okay lads ... makes me wanna black ops my way to nuketown

Автор Nabukodonozor ( назад)
Well, you can train to survive nuclear winter, or you can learn about *Venus project*, project that gives alternative to our current monetary system based society that cause scarcity and wars.

Автор acid ( назад)
north korea is starting a war

Автор BlurryFace Potter ( назад)
Whos rewatching this during all this NK and trump stuff

Автор sunny sunny ( назад)
im from india and always wear black...so im fuckedò

Автор Indonesia ( назад)
Now that I'm watching this video as if Trump isn't warning enough for me.

Автор Justin Juno official ( назад)
Who is watching this because there might be a chance of war between US and NKorea😂

Автор Sans the Skeleton ( назад)
Well, I'm glad I've been playing alot of Fallout lately.
(Even though I doubt that it would help.)

Автор yoitskylee ( назад)
someone email this to trump...

Автор Jack Fife ( назад)
if you guys are scared of a nuclear war, watch Dr. Strangelove

Автор Mangu Gaming ( назад)
Trump hit Afghanistan yesterday with nuclear bomb

Автор Holiday South ( назад)
here because of north korea?

Автор Ava KM ( назад)
Anyone coming back to prepare yourself for WW3?

Автор Evelyn Marconi ( назад)
If you want to sound smart then know the difference between concrete and cement, seriously. I have NEVER seen a cement wall, and neither have you.

Автор Eridan Ampora ( назад)
I love this channel. One of the dudes looks like the lovechild of mackelmore and justin bieber and the other looks like he belongs in an episode of the Wiggles.

Автор Terrell Cary ( назад)
Speak imperial!

Автор the MERCANATOR ( назад)
i havent watched rhe video yet but i guess

we all die

Автор Flop Fish ( назад)
nuclear war is stupid nobody wins

Автор Laflame222 ( назад)
gonna get a lot more view in the coming days

Автор Nathan Williams ( назад)
Hide in fault 101!

Автор Perry Low ( назад)
@kim Jong Un

Автор ALI HAMZA ( назад)
i am from pakistan

Автор :noMercy ( назад)
well, shit

Автор Maria Q ( назад)
bruh after the North Korea 🇰🇵 and US drama we all need this video lol

Автор Movout Of The Net ( назад)
What an horrible weapon. Men can't be more sadistic or brutal than this.

Автор NBA 2k16 ( назад)
Welp trump looks like LA going down

Автор oh. ( назад)
*calmly throws away all black clothing* welp i guess im getting a new wardrobe now huh?

Автор frankxstien ( назад)
i need to plan my escape now... also what if i am a black person...will i die?

Автор J Litzenberger ( назад)
In Hiroshima and Nagasaki the soldiers were ordered to watch the sky in case of an air invasion which they expected. Anybody looking in the direction the bomb went off had their eyes immediately melted out of their sockets. I don't think they were blinded for just a couple minutes

Автор tyler korensky ( назад)
Talk about the Marshallese islands

Автор rene sneg ( назад)
Could you make a video about time dilation

Автор AcidCracker ( назад)
There won't be a nuclear war because whoever fires a nuke gets wiped out by everybody else...

Автор Ki023ng G ( назад)
Hi else is scared about trump putting boats near North Korea

Автор Phosfade ( назад)
If we have a nuclear war. well rip everyone

Автор Sunday Malual ( назад)
Burns all black clothing

Автор Konnar Adam ( назад)
Jinxed it

Автор Insidious LoL ( назад)
I mean why would you use nukes... takes all the heroism and badassness out of war lmao

Автор Hunter Williams ( назад)
Nuclear Fallout last eight days

Автор ansbdb dnsnns ( назад)
I live in Arizona so I'll just go to mexico

Автор Savamey ( назад)
Hopefully the idiots in charge of the world's governments have enough common sense to not declare nuclear war

Автор Savannah Lewis ( назад)
I love that this was posted 6 days after the inauguration

Автор Linda Monter ( назад)
I very hope that there is never no nuclear war

Автор ii Raxxa ii ( назад)
How bout we all come together and make the world a better place. Make love. Not war.

Автор Messi Velazquez ( назад)
the only way to win is to prevent war☺☺

Автор Jatopia ( назад)
if anyone else has been following recent news with Syria and china +russia+usa deploying to the north Korean borders. I'd say that this will happen before 2018 is over. who knows!! comment if your alive in 2019!!

Автор Neel McSwaggins The Third ( назад)
Did this predict Syrian Bombings?

Автор Im A Fanboy ( назад)
Miles and Fahrenheit pls

Автор prajjwal jain ( назад)
I'm from india. who is from pakistan?😂

Автор Sir waffles ( назад)
when the bomb hits I'm just gonna be that guy who gets on his roof with a beer and portable chair and just watch the bomb till' It kills me

Автор Nameless Bum ( назад)
Trump will start the war.

Автор Wagner Mencia ( назад)
i better start stocking white clothes in my underground bomb shelter

Автор Jeffrey Rabey ( назад)
Chances of a nuclear war happening?

Автор Jules Ortega ( назад)
who else is ready for wwiii cuz of trumps Syria airstrikes

Автор KarlXD :D ( назад)
If we have nuclear war the world will be polluted and green house gases will increas cause to gradual heating of global warming. In short, if there is nuclear war, were going to destroy the earth by ourselves.

Автор Joshua Mitchell ( назад)

Автор cuquita blanco ( назад)
*wears only black*

Автор JackAttack14 ( назад)

Автор Fangirl FiftySix ™ ( назад)
And we just bombed Syria hello World War III

Автор Rudy Gil ( назад)
I'm watching this video because Trump sent 50 bombs to an airfield

Автор Lisa Lin ( назад)
Wanna know how to survive a nuclear war?

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