What If We Have A Nuclear War?

What would happen if a nuclear weapon was dropped near you?
How To Survive A Nuclear War: https://youtu.be/iONIkV0IHOc
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Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
Written by: Rachel Salt, Greg Brown and Mitchell Moffit
Illustrated: by: Max Simmons
Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot

Nuclear footage from atomcentral.com

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Further Reading---


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http://atomicarchive.com/Docs/pdfs/7906.pdf The Effects Of Nuclear War

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Автор Marius Benoit ( назад)
sponsor The vid truly looks likedeeply grstesquebutton !

Автор Pabu's Animations ( назад)
We die. Duh

Автор ChemicalFX ( назад)
Glad we dodged this by electing Trump!

Автор Jules Winnfield ( назад)
why do you guys use kilometers????

Автор Tony Brown ( назад)
why cant this guy use normal people words...ugh

Автор ten tor ( назад)
Than supermutants and radroaches take over duh.

Автор BOB THE DESTROYER ( назад)
When the zombie apocalypse happens i dont want any bombs detonated any bombs that can release radiation

Автор Anurag Choudhary ( назад)
I will never die during nuclear war because I am on world tour always

Автор Daydreary ( назад)
I think it's safe to say that nobody wants to be nuked. Let's not kill each other, yes? Barney the Dinosaur said it best.

Автор Gabriel Augusto Alves dos Reis ( назад)
the last part sounds like bs. only 100 bombs ? affecting the earth ?

come on, more than 1000 nukes were dropped between 60'~70'

Автор Diego OroSa ( назад)

Автор Ghkjdf Hbjhffh ( назад)
now i know where the stereotype of black people die first came from hhhh black people a sorry but you will suffer the most as always

Автор Andrew Youssef ( назад)
when he said the temperature of the earth drops I was like "so you're telling me the only solution to global warming is nuclear warfare"

Автор GuitarxWolf ( назад)
This problem shouldn't even exist.......

Автор Sith Lord Lars ( назад)
Fallout 4 lied

Автор David Ndiulor ( назад)
"What's the point of having Nuclear weapons if we can't use them?"

The wise words of D.J. Trump

Автор Big Dee ( назад)
PEOPLE OF EARTH!! I have spoken to God and God personally told me that a war would start on a weekday or weekend, during one of the months, sometime this year or another year. That is my prediction!!! I admit is is a little vague, but that is from a prophetic dream, during which, I spoke directly to god. So if you don't believe me, then you are against God too. During war, the doomsday clock will hit midnight.

.............you are welcome.

Автор truthfinder ( назад)
The narrator is a canadian.

Автор Yusuf Bakr ( назад)
why trump cant be prez

Автор I HATE MUSLIMS ( назад)
As long as I am at ground zero who cares drop it

Автор CraftyZombie101 ! ( назад)
BELLARKE!!!!--- Oh wrong channel... I mean...somewhat right video

Автор NAPA115 /NAPA313 ( назад)
Play 60 seconds

Автор nukeboy14 ( назад)
Black absorbs heat so emos die sooner. OFCOURSE

Автор Bala Y B ( назад)
can u please tell me which software you are using to create this videos

Автор Ito cc ( назад)
do a video on what if humans work like ants

Автор MrChoc627 Fun ( назад)
never talk to my sis

Автор carlos caballero ( назад)
I feel totally safe living here in NYC.

Автор Jr. Tighe ( назад)
Thanks for the uplifting topic

Автор UNDERTALE Player ( назад)
Glory to adom

Автор Raphael Giraldo ( назад)
If nuclear war is upon us I would not run from the inevitable coming of death but instead embrace it.

Автор Lawrence Gill ( назад)
Not to worry, the lights will go out, but we'll all glow in the dark, anyway.

Автор Rob Bennett ( назад)
if that's the case then why isn't los Vegas a nuclear fallout area like Chernobyl?

Автор Thiébaut Lévi-Funck ( назад)
China is not the third nuclear power in the world, it's France....

Автор cHiidOri15 ( назад)
This reminds me of The 100

Автор crocojason ( назад)
You don't make sense, you say that 100 typical A bombs would make billions starve, but you also mention that the Tsar Bomba is equivalent to about 3K A bombs? Paradox confirmed.

Автор Diana Maria ( назад)
Well... BUH-BYE!

Автор BoomSan San ( назад)
we all die

Автор Try Out ( назад)
time to leave the planet

Автор lastlaugh183 ( назад)
stay away from those stuffed animals. bue boo. try some triazamite.

Автор Urmumlad ( назад)
Then my suffering finally ends

Автор Swadey Tuau ( назад)
War, war never changes...

Автор Galactor ( назад)
2:26 Galactor scared now.

Автор Blarg5290 ( назад)
Fortunately it's pretty unlikely to happen because of mutually assured destruction. Nobody wants a nuclear war since nobody really wins in a nuclear war.

Автор ThatGuyEli ( назад)
So basically if we have a nuclear war everyone either dies or gets fatally wounded and humanity is screwed

Автор Raspberry ( назад)

Автор Bodacious Bananas ( назад)
The emos will die first

Автор Kris ( назад)
1:40 thats some cool footage over there

Автор Sergi Medina ( назад)
Short answer: we all die, planet destroyed.

Автор John O'Malley ( назад)
Liking the demonic face in the stalk of the mushroom cloud from 3:30 onwards :-|

Автор Bar Shtoyer ( назад)
(didnt see the video) FALLOUT 4

Автор Loofalava ( назад)
Meanwhile me in Peru:
**digs a small hole and gets in** "n o p e"

Автор Phill Talkington ( назад)
land mines: illegal
hollow point bullets: illegal
chemical weapons: illegal
knives, bayonets, swords: illegal
using nuclear weapons against hundreds of thousands civilians: legal

Автор KinDzaDza123123 ( назад)
You forgot to mention who have dropped those nuclear bombs on citizens (not on the army) - the great peace-loving democratic United States of America, and not those Orcs from the East, Russians.

Автор chris klinges ( назад)
What kind of world leader would let this kind of shit happen like just think what would happen to the planet. We would die of starvation, cancer, or radiation poisoning. And the planet would die because of all the radiation thats in the atmosphere. So pretty much the ALL living things would go extinct and within 1-2 billion years later life may exist or Earth would become a Replica of Mars.

Автор itzzaster ( назад)
nuclear holocaust would be like no other.

Автор Pema Greenberg ( назад)
and trump want to do that

Автор Hosh Gal ( назад)
Pakistan is shit

Автор Beatrice Waters ( назад)
Jeon Jungkook knows the power of white clothing!

Автор Central Subwave ( назад)
The Tsar bomba is 100mt and I know for I am Russian

Автор Mary Letroy ( назад)
If we had a nuclear war, what a good day it would be to be a cockroach.

Автор Its.Jãz ( назад)
o no

Автор xmassan20906 ( назад)
2:59 I wish REM would get back together.

Автор Justin Burchfield ( назад)
Bring bill nye back on the channel

Автор Stephany Rojas ( назад)
hey Mitch, its Hiroshima (hee-row-shee-muh) not Hiroshima (hih-roh-shih-muh)

Автор aleblok70 ( назад)
Trump inspiration :)

Автор Sophie Cheetah ( назад)
anyone watching in a different country, I didn't vote for trump, so don't bomb me please.

Автор scarypotter777 ( назад)
Lol japs

Автор PartialPsycho ( назад)
??? humanity exploded over 2000 nuclear bombs for a combined yield of 550 MT. It would seem to me that there would be data of weather changes from these tests, especially if you are going to claim that 100 Hiroshima's cause weather events resulting in a 2 billion death famine.

Автор Proud Chicken ( назад)
we die

Автор BionicBacon64 ( назад)
Im guessing that we will go into nuclear war very soon, because of americas new president. Were all f*cked.

Автор Fuck You ( назад)
Ha fall out

Автор Jodey Joee ( назад)
We just need apocalypse to destroy all of them again

Автор Kush MasterB ( назад)
Ok so if I know the bomb is coming and I can't escape from my current position, put on a white shirt. Got it, thanks guys

Автор Pythee Plays ( назад)
One answer: The 100

Автор Galimah ( назад)
surviving a nuclear war have always been one of my dreams. hopefully one in my lifetime

Автор Joseph David Gibbens ( назад)
When I saw this at 4:25, all I could think of was anti-apple.

Автор Shawn Light ( назад)
F*** Sakes, We Screwed. Gg

Автор King nikk ( назад)
If you live in the following areas your are more likely to be hit with a nuclear explosion

Atlanta, Georgia
Washington, DC
Los Vegas, Nevada
Manhattan, New York
New York city , New York
Los Angeles, California

if you have any questions why just ask✔

Автор Jamie lee ( назад)
It's gonna be a really good show

Автор Kaylee White ( назад)

Автор Noe Diaz ( назад)
Use freedom units you degenerate🇺🇸

Автор Marid Khairullah ( назад)
I judt bought a white HAZMAT suit
25% off.

Автор MinecrAftterroristchildslayer thatsprettychill ( назад)
"whar if we have a nuclear war?"
we would all die

Автор Luffy August ( назад)
simple...conscious of #extinction and delusion of godlike capability haha

Автор Sam TurtleJuice ( назад)
what happens when you eat animal fecies

Автор Erupt Money ( назад)
The heroshima and Nagasaki bombs were atomic not nuclear

Автор Trans4mers84561 ( назад)
The cure for global warming

Автор Brian Blade ( назад)
Communism will nuke America one day. Amen

Автор JOSHEEOP ( назад)
when trump presses than red button in his room we are done

Автор CipherBytes ( назад)
You die. End of story.

Автор Vladimir Grosso ( назад)
what about EMP? I'm talking about multiple detonation, after some explosion, the other bombs will detonate?

Автор Chase K ( назад)
Interesting AF

Автор Sparky ( назад)
i'd rather die than survive a nuclear war tbh

Автор KiN3TIC ( назад)
yea ik fallout is bad lol

Автор uchiha coder ( назад)
Please make a video on asthma.

Автор bejitossj ( назад)
Nuclear bombs kill less than alcohol every year. Legalize nuclear bomb.

Автор RiceTanker ( назад)
What should we do?

Fallout 5

Автор 8ris k. ( назад)
They need to start teaching this in schools now since a nuclear war is closer then it has ever been

Автор dekallium ( назад)
We die

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