Creating a Webbrowser in Delphi

I will show you how to create a basic webbrowser in borland delphi, i am using delphi 7 in this video. But i will post now where to download Delphi and the mozilla firefox component.


Firefox component:

Thanks for watching. Tutorial 2 will be out sometime next week or two.

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Автор Shaun Roselt ( назад)
Great video, thanks a lot

Автор Naga Sathish K ( назад)
how to design a website using delphi ..........
anybody tell me that 

Автор Quark Cube ( назад)
Yes, it was already like that. Good job in 2007.

Автор Andika Tfb ( назад)

Автор Shaun Roselt ( назад)
@blankflank why isn't it a language. Ofcourse its a language

Автор Shaun Roselt ( назад)
Great video. Now I know how to make a webbrowser in delphi

Автор The UnderBrony ( назад)
Delphi 7 is not a programming Language, you Idiot! It's Pascal,
programmable through a tool, called Delphi 7.

Автор Residentevilfan500 ( назад)
I can not belive microsoftdoesent use there own stuff to make more of there
own stuff microsoft now sucks

Автор Achmad Nurohman ( назад)
Very-very simple for me.... Thanks for the video......

Автор Dılo abinin yeri ( назад)
thank you , ı am super understand and learn . he hee my teach.........

Автор firepile ( назад)
''no you idiot. this delphi is a piece of crap. U can pretty much make
anything in visual basic. u cant do that in delphi'' JC. Are you retarded?

Автор Don Won ( назад)

Автор Hr Knaldesen ( назад)
And btw, i guess your a "pro" in delphi since you can say that ? I KNOW,
i've tried both, i was doing visual basic for bout half year, before i
tried a little c. But then started with delphi, i liked that aloot better.
Visual basic sucks when your going to do more advanced coding

Автор Hr Knaldesen ( назад)
You got to be retard, visual basic is a simple shit language that newbies
use, and they OFTEN go further to delphi or c so shut the fuck up. Delphi
is more advanced then visual basic, HAHAHAH YOUR THE EARTHS BIGGEST SHIT

Автор Hr Knaldesen (877 лет назад)
You got to be a retard, Pascal if older then visual basic. And visual basic
sucks balls

Автор MagicEistee ( назад)
The IDE Delphi is no Freeware, but you can use the FREE IDE Lazarus ;D

Автор Jvk156 ( назад)
hey i created some cool buttons for the refresh,go,back & etc i wanna know
how can i put on top of the buttons so that i can make it stylish the

Автор J3rs3yM1k3 ( назад)
Click on the edit box, then click the "Events" tab in the Object Inspector.
Now double-click the empty box to the right of the "OnKeyPress" event. Now
enter the following code between the "begin" and "end" that were generated
for you: if Key = #13 then webbrowser1.navigate(edit1.text); "#13" is the
ascii code for the enter key.

Автор Aziz Muradov ( назад)
Do u have dis prog? Can u show me how to download it? (For Free)

Автор Sinan Asci ( назад)
Thats a cool tutorial!! thx a lot;) It would be very good, if you would
upload more tutorials like this;) thx again

Автор thisIStheARTofRUIN ( назад)
i think mine is the same. i think im using a demo version, maybe thats why

Автор joshuademoraes ( назад)
hey where can I find Delphi 7 to download for free?thx

Автор hudys ( назад)
:D Easy, this component you can download from MS site or GOOGLE!!!

Автор DRAX ( назад)
God work man 5 stars

Автор acidrain55 ( назад)
hey m8 whicked job, you sound scared cant blame you dont worry about what
other people think 10/10 nice 1 :D.

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