USS Iowa vs IJN Yamato *REMADE*

remade this, my other Iowa vs Yamato video kind of sucked, let me know what you think of this and and subscribe

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Автор SvenTviking (10 дней)
Something you guys ought to think about. No dreadnought or superdreadnought
battleship ever sank another dreadnought or superdreadnought solely with
it's guns. Never happened, not once. Battleships may have crippled or
stopped other battleships but all sinkings were either by torpedo, aircraft
bombs or scuttling. Please don't start listing off battlecruisers.

Автор DafkeMaster57 (2 месяца)
This is complete BULLSHIT! Yamato can split the shitty Iowa in half with
his 18 inch guns! If i had a chance i will make the YAMATO killing this
piece of USA shit! And also WHAT THE FUCK Iowa was listing hardly,Yamato
was in good condition and THEN IT SINKED??!! Garbage and Bullshit video
learning people wrong,delete it and it will be okay.And i think Iowa it too
hardly damagen,it will sink sooner or later ;)

Автор xingx355 (5 месяцев)
yamato can hit a ship form 25 miles away though....

Автор Drakeslayer Amnon (8 месяцев)
Fun video. Iowa's didn't have the penetrating capability even with it's 16"
50 Cal.'s to punch through Yamato class armor. Yamato's sighting capability
has been wrongly labeled - crap when they were actually the best in the
world. Iowa was designed for speed and was employed for defense or
bombardment. Yamato was designed for killing battleships, actually capable
of 28 knots, & could out turn Iowa at any speed. Iowa was built as a fast
battleship, quite capable of fighting anything else, but had a glass jaw
with it's bow, and even with it's speed. Yamato could zero in Iowa with
it's 460's just as Iowa was even spotting Yamato, not even in range. I'll
cite TaseVids. This, all given if, Yamato's crew had time to actually
practice combat and target practice. In WW2, the IJN never could invest the
fuel or ammo to do even this. Given this, Iowa would have a better chance
of, blinding Yamato's sights, at the very least, and thus stopping a Yamato
from being able to fight.

Автор Borghome (3 месяца)
Total BS. The Yamato was not listing at all. Iowa was barely still running.

Автор rovert881 (7 месяцев)
The Iowa barely won

Автор Nancy Solorio (13 дней)
The Iowa is much beter than the Yamito because the Iowa is a VERY VERY
armored battledship and the YamHam(Yamito) is smallerand probably less
armored and dosn't shoot hard enough to distroy the mighty Iowa ( which is
now in the port of Los Angeles ) (P.S. I live close to the Iowa )

Автор Grant Butler (25 дней)
You fucking IDIOT YAMATO is MUCH sTRONGER than the small IOWA

Автор blackjacklover70 (7 месяцев)
Good vid I have to say. And USS Missouri would have won this battle if it
happened in real life. uss Missouri may be outgunned, but she would have
been on a escort mission in which she would've been ccompanied by the USS
enterprise cass carrier. And she would've been accompanied by a USS Texas
cass battleship as well. With that being said USS Missouri and USS Texas
would have changed their mission intercept and contain IJN Yamato so that
USS Enterprise's torpedo and short range bomber planes could take her out.

Автор th1515b5 (7 месяцев)
What program was used to make this? I thought this was very interesting.

Автор Ryan M (1 год)
Hello, fellow Battleship lovers! I have a community Nautical 77, also on
Battleships. Just for starters, here's an awesome video on the USS Iowa (BB
61) Versus the IJN Yamato. The two greatest Battleships slug it out. Who
wins? See for yourself.

Автор Esteban Lara (6 месяцев)
I imagine myself being on one of those ships in the battle and feel afraid
as I hear and see enemy guns fire then see splashes near my ship. What
must have it been like to have been there, What if scenarios like this are
awesome, that is why I like war games so much. Please keep making battle
I would like to see more points of view that show both ships without camera
movement for 20 seconds at a time so I wont get dizzy.
I read that the reason Yamato scored so few hits on us ships at battle of
Leyete Gulf was the Japanese thought the enemy ships were much larger ships
do to us ships being painted to look like much larger ships at a distance.
This caused the Japanese to misjudge distance to targets but then the
Japanese must have seen where their shells were landing relative to the
targets and adjusted fire. Maybe shell splashes relative to target was
difficult to judge at long range but I believe US destroyer escorts got
real close to Yamato so why did Japanese miss so often at short range?

Автор josephtan1818 (6 месяцев)
hmmm, in Missouri, can you lock the yamato with radar? from what I heard
the Missouri can direct her gun with her radar to accurately hit other ship
out of visual range. just wondering

Автор David Holman (8 месяцев)
The Iowa closed with Katori and fired fifty-nine 16-inch (41 cm) high
capacity (non-armor piercing) rounds and 129 5-inch (13 cm), straddling the
cruiser with ten salvos. Just after Iowa's fifth salvo, Katori quickly
listed to port exposing seven large shell holes about five feet in diameter
in her starboard side, one under the bridge about five feet below the
waterline another amidships about at the waterline, plus about nine small
holes. The damage on the port side was much worse. After being under attack
by the Iowa for only 13 minutes, Katori sank stern first, with a port side
list at 07°45′N 151°20′E about 40 miles (75 km) northwest of Truk. A large
group of survivors were seen in the water after she sank, but the Americans
did not recover any.
Not saying Wikipedia's history is totally accurate.. it says Katori was a
moving target and she was hit by several large calibers. You seem to know
very detailed data but i do not know your source.

At 0730, three 14 in (360 mm) shells from the battleship Kongo, at a range
of 7 nmi (8.1 mi; 13 km), passed through the deck of the Johnston and into
her portside engine room, cutting the destroyer's speed in half to 17
kn. Moments later three 6 in (150 mm) shells — possibly from the Yamato —
struck Johnston's bridge. History

Yamato would close to within 2,400 yd (2,200 m) of the American ships when
it was attacked by American aircraft. Yamato was much closer than you have

The Japanese were using dye still to determine which shells belonged to
which ship..

The Yamato's data was so confused she claims to have even sunk an American
cruiser.. There were no American cruiser at the location....

Please provide your data source.. I cannot find historical documents to
validate your claims. 

Автор Charlie Tuong (8 дней)
why didn't the Yamato use those seaplanes it carried on the stern? they
would have given the Yamato an advantage. 

Автор Larry Bello (1 месяц)
Awesome boss battle!

Автор Bubba Lattimer (1 месяц)
Clash of Titans

Автор The Gmork (2 месяца)
To any and all Brits commenting on how the Yamato would have pulverized the
Iowa in this scenario, I'd respectfully like to remind you about what
happened to the HMS Hood when she engaged the Bismark. ;-)

Автор Davey J (29 дней)
regardless of what was superior and what wasnt where are the 4 Iowa's ???
SO ON....So I guess the question is answered right there isnt it !!!!!

Автор justin playsMC (3 месяца)
Very exiting but you should have done it from a first person view! Still I

Автор Michelle Beyer (11 дней)
Stop bey yet nerds >:)

Автор Robbie Robinson (3 месяца)
The Iowa must have had to undergo some serious repairs 

Автор pioagvino18/Captainpiogav123USSF (2 месяца)
Can the Yamato even launch its seaplanes?

Автор OtomeSound (6 месяцев)
I'd have to call that a lucky shot, Tim. Iowa was in bad shape.

Автор labbe qu (5 месяцев)
yamato would be not be sinking bow first as it would counter-flodd itself

Автор Dakota Robinson (2 месяца)
Ummm.... No Iowa class ships were no match for Yamato or Musashi. Only
difference between Yamato and Musashi is that after Musashi was sunk by
aircraft. They added more AA guns to Yamato. Look at their Broad side
ratings. Yamato would have owned Iowa. 

Автор Garrison Wong (2 месяца)
This battle was fake first of all Iowa was suppose to sink because Yamato
is a super ship and I tried to vs them in pacific fleet and the only ship
that fired was Iowa so this is fake

Автор ex59neo53 (7 месяцев)
Truth is : 1vs1 battleship fight is pure science-fiction.

Автор иван зеленский (7 месяцев)
silent hunter 4

Автор Sharon Lawley (7 месяцев)
that shows Japan be beat

Автор Larry Bello (16 дней)
Awesome battle!!!!!!

Автор The Gmork (2 месяца)
I say at 9:00 the USS Constitution sails up to Yamato, fires a broadside,
hits the magazine through a hole in the armor, and Yamato goes off like the
death star.

Автор kazemi harada (5 месяцев)
The yamato would've thrashed the iowa

Автор Hugh Lusignan (1 месяц)
Iowa could never take the pounding from the 63,000 ton Yamato! Yamato had
enormous 18 inch rifles that could blast a target 25 miles away! Besides,
Japan had very good gunners shown at the battle of Santa Cruz Island, and
at Savo. But those engagements were early in the war for the Pacific.
From 1944 onwards the US backed by it's industrial might turned the tables
on Japan. I did not mention Midway in June 1942 because that was an air
born battle since neither fleet saw each other.

Автор Lightning206 (1 месяц)
if these two juggernauts actually ever went head to head the Yamato would
have won cause it's line of armament was designed specifically for anti-
ship warfare where the Iowa's armament consists of a mix of multi purpose
guns. All in all a very close match up but the US was smart for having
multi purpose guns, they knew the aircraft carrier was the superior naval
ship and that no defense against air power meant complete disaster where as
the Japanese was not keen on sacrificing firepower for multi purpose guns
and therefore suffered the consequences

Автор Esteban Lara (6 месяцев)
@PhengHC a girl who likes battleships? Wow, will you marry me?

Автор Robbie Robinson (5 месяцев)
That was close. Very stressful if you ask me. But in the end, boo yah. so

Автор Daniel Zoernig (2 дня)
Iowa had radar directed guns. Yamato didn't. It would have lost.

Автор mory138 (13 дней)
Yamato has better armor,is largest, better guns, just best ship ever

Автор Michael Beard (1 месяц)
These are all interesting concept movies and everyone has an opinion. The
facts are that both these ships could reach out 20 plus miles. No way would
they be this close unless one was already crippled. The ship that hit first
would most likely carry the day and the Iowa's 5 knot speed advantage would
allow her to chose the range. That being said the Iowa class had very good
radar control that was used right up into the 90's. The Iowa and New Jersey
fired at that range around Truk. The Yamato had good visual range finders
but no radar for the guns.

Автор Charles Patterson (2 месяца)
enough argument...great video. Besides, as we all know...Chuck Norris could
sink both of them with his urine.

Автор Dallas Grove (2 месяца)
yeah sorry already found the conclusion the uss dallas was suppose to be
the one to kick the yamato's ass

Автор 8o8whitelightning (8 месяцев)
Davis Smith... you do not know what you are talking about.....unlike you
who talks about what ifs Iowa does this or does that...I will use REAL
WORLD EVENTS to compare both ships capabilities....Truk lagoon Iowa range
14,500yrds fires 48 rounds of 16/50 for 2 confirmed hits on a dead in the
water Katori...5% hit ratio....Samar Yamato fires a 12 gun salvo at
Johnston range 21,000yrds for 3 hits with 18.1" and 3 hits with 6.1" ..50%
hit ratio.....now Iowa was going @30knots past Katori......Yamato was
heading in one direction @25knots with Johnston going the other @35knots
total closing speed @ 21,000yrds 60knots

Автор David Holman (8 месяцев)

Автор David Holman (8 месяцев)
Nice job, I agree with the results. I take my findings from several
examples. The only single US BB vs JPN BB battle resulted in 20 main gun
hits to 0 main gun hits for the Americans. I agree the Washington was a
true BB while the Kirishima was only a Battle cruiser and armor and offense
both went to the Washington, but she failed to score a main gun hit on the
Washington. Furthermore, it is said the Hits sustained to the South Dakota
was friendly fire from the Washington. South Dakota's crew hated the
Washington's crew for the remainder of the war. Washington had Admiral Lee
onboard and I think the books were altered so his reputation would not be
tarnished. I also take my example from the poor gunnery an entire Japanese
surface warfare fleet displayed in firing on slow unmanueverable escort
carriers during the battle of Leyte gulf. Sorry but the Americans had much
better targeting systems for 43 onward. It even was demonstrated from the
CC vs CC battles and the DD vs DD battles from 43 onward. I will agree
that luck can play a huge part in the theoritical battles especially when
you have the awesome destructive power of the naval riftles. I would say
Yamato may win 1 out of every 7 of these by getting a lucky hit that would
disable a major system on the Iowa. I do however disagree with the 20DD vs
the Iowa simulation I saw. The long Lance torpedoes would have shredded
the Iowa from those fighting distances. There is no way she could have
evaded them all, would have been hit many times. 

Автор 50:50 Perfect (3 месяца)
The Iowa would not have won this match. More likely the ships would have
expended their ammo in the fight and turned back home. Battleships rarely
took each other on. They were land barrage craft usually used as a method
to support landings. Ships had a hard enough time hitting each other to
begin with but for two such heavily armored ships to go head to head. Not
much point.

Автор Roman Jabůrek (7 месяцев)
It's funny Iowa would not even come close to Yamato and I shall wallow at
the bottom of the Pacific: D Nonsense

Автор Death Dream (6 месяцев)
how did you make this battle?

Автор Władca Wymiaru (1 месяц)
For me Yamato win.
No ONE battleship can sunk Yamato...

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