USS Iowa vs IJN Yamato *REMADE*

remade this, my other Iowa vs Yamato video kind of sucked, let me know what you think of this and and subscribe

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Автор Justin Dobbs ( назад)
Iowa easily wins. Yamato had awful accuracy and not nearly the range of the

Автор defiraphi ( назад)
So unrealistic first the Main Turrets from the USS Iowa didn't looked like
that . Secondly how can the Iowa that is already badly damaged still fire
shells and make hit to the IJN Yamato ?? The Iowa should more hit the water
and kill fish than the Yamato . Like always these Historical Games are
badly made without even respecting the true ratio from each ship separately
. Here we see the Yamato have advantage then suddenly ( prolly the one who
played that game ) made it magical to make the Axis sink again -_-

Автор the fuhrer epicness ( назад)
NOOOOO!!!!! yamato must win

Автор Andre King ( назад)
I have always wondered what it would have been like if the capital
battleships of that era were able to engage each other. Missouri against
Bismark. Iowa against Yamato. Not submarines, air cover or escort ships,
just battle wagons sluggin it out.

Nice video.

Автор Red Voodoo ( назад)
WELL, I can see why the Iowa lost because 12 new mexico turrets wont help

Автор Stampylong cat ( назад)
is yamato's little gun in the back top of her main gun is mogami's turret?
surely not

Автор Stampylong cat ( назад)
it's just like Iowa is more skillful and yamato is powerful pretty much
Iowa is faster shooting the yamato. and yamato is more heavier than Iowa

Автор David Morrisnewell ( назад)
Where's the music from?

Автор ひま人 ( назад)

Автор Miiro Yuna ( назад)
Yamato is at a disadvantage because of the Wisconsin's Range some IJN
idiots still belive they can fucking win

Автор Deep Diver ( назад)
In your dreams Yankees

Автор frnrmlasky frnrmlasky ( назад)

Автор George Baker Jr ( назад)
I love reading your debates ! Simple fact is the USA Iowa Class Battleships
all Survived and still float today as Museums , plus they survived at least
two other wars . The Yamato and Musashi , along with the Bismarck and
Tirpitz , are laying at the bottom of the Sea !

Автор wor2bvu242 ( назад)
so........... what if the two yamato classes vs the four Iowa class

Автор Darth Glenamus ( назад)
John 3:16 and you will live forever!

Автор 小文 ( назад)
Why yamato is loser

Автор Tim Fremstad ( назад)
It amuses me how American ships always seem to lose these "simulations",
whose ships are museums today and whose are at the bottom of the sea? The
reality speaks for itself.

Автор james haney (1462 года назад)
The museum in Texas has a piece of 24 inch armor plate from the Yamota
class with a 16 inch round through
it. The Washington fired 75 rounds in 7 minutes against the Kirishima
niether would have survied but the Japanese were noted for lack of damage
control while the American's practiced it. The speed may have made a
difference 27 knots verses 32 for the Iowa's. Never know the true results

Автор Iron Wolf ( назад)
so unreal. if thay where really so close to each other and the Yomato fired
first it would have blown that Iowa to pieces.

Автор Dillon ferko (Shamrock69) ( назад)
What game is this if it is one?

Автор Carolyn Thompson ( назад)
Poorest naval gunnery I 'be seen in a while.

Автор Alamandorious ( назад)
Yeah. Considering in the real world, the Yamato's optimum firing range was
basically the Iowa's maximum range, and the difference in gun sizes, I
doubt the Iowa would actually win.

Don't get me wrong, Iowa is an awesome BB, but Japanese shipbuilding at the
time was focused around higher quality ships over numbers, because they
knew they would never be able to match the US for sheer output. Yamato was
basically designed to wreck multiple BB's.

Автор Ben Quinney ( назад)
the iowa could choose whether to have the fight or not

Автор Нормик Chanell ( назад)
Yamato will win!Yamato better Lowa!!!

Автор Terry Tak ( назад)
The Yamato in this fictitious remake is visually a very poor depiction of
the most beautiful battleship ever constructed.

Автор Rigo Sandoval ( назад)
in real life iowa beat yamito

Автор rafi raffandi ( назад)
Iowa's gun didn't like that

Автор 大隊長大佐 ( назад)

Автор Gengarplays 69 (2003 года назад)
translade from German

Автор Bob Nub ( назад)
Those turrets don't look right on the Iowa, they look more like the New
Mexico turrets.

Автор cc cc ( назад)

Автор cc cc ( назад)

Автор Joe Freeman ( назад)
Great video. However, if I may: 1. Study the footage of the Hood v
Bismarck. Once a straddle is achieved, the rate of fire increases and is
very rapid. 2. I couldn't figure out why the secondary batteries were
firing long before the primary batteries were fully engaged. 3. In
broaddaylight, with both ships in visiaul sight of each other, I'm afraid
the Yamato would have won, barring a lucky shot like the Bismarck
apparently got in on Hood on I believe only 5th salvo which it magazine and
blew up ship.

Im as patriotic as anyone, but I think that would have been the result.
Perhaps different result w/ Montana class v. Yamato.

Thank you for video.

Автор alexandre franzoi ( назад)
OMG!!! the Iowa sunk Yamato using the 14 inches gun turrets from the Uss
Tenesse thats a a great achievement indeed!!!

Автор The Pyro122HD ( назад)

Автор Gabriel Antonio ( назад)
yamto no seria hundido por iowa es improbable segun las estadisticas

Автор CARLOS SOTO ( назад)


Автор Bradly Sugar ( назад)
I got to visit the Iowa down in Long Beach, incredible ship it is.

Автор DsK sKilzX ( назад)
American Bias

Автор ジャマトイjン ( назад)
putos gringos ya qusieren el poderoso missuri le yegara los pies a yamato
el mstro de los oceanos ja puto missuri

Автор burntham113 ( назад)
Although the Iowa had superior targeting, at THAT range there's no doubt in
my mind that the Iowa would have lost.

I'm all pro America, I served, but the Iowa would have been shredded by the
Yamato's guns. Now at a realistic range, the Iowa could easily have out
gunned the Yamato, since it's targeting was heavily reliant on spotter
planes, while the Iowa's was radar based.

Автор Nathan Durrence ( назад)
Don't care what you think, this is a North Carolina class BB, Iowa has a
different turret type, more of a box type

Автор Yazi Australia ( назад)
People that say the Iowa is better are all Americans .... Ignore them

Автор youzin 洋神 ( назад)

Автор person kasai ( назад)

Автор Fabian Sotelo ( назад)
que chistoso...

Автор Dan Burress ( назад)
In A contest between Iowa and the Yamato, the Yamato would win if she hit
first, and caused significant flooding on the Iowa, forfeiting her speed
advantage.A single hit on Iowa's fire control station and the two would be
equally matched

Автор Louis Francisco ( назад)
he wanted yamato to lose cuz he ain't Japanese

Автор jeff rice ( назад)
Denmark Strait. Thoughtless battle plan by british. Keep Hood out of
Bismarck's guns n Engage Eugen. That was what a battle cruiser was built 4.
Hey, n why should,t Eugen n Bismark get n Hood so quick. Gunnery plot was
steady n ready. British course highly predictable. Admirals who never
fought n a battleship, tsk, tsk, tsk.

Автор jeff rice ( назад)
Got a kick out of Roma sinking Iowa. Italians couldn't hit Manhattan n Iowa
had Radar directed fire control. Not realistic @ all.

Автор jeff rice ( назад)
Battleships were a useless fantasy built by dreamers fighting the last war.
Carriers n subs would have a crippling effect n Japanese.

Автор jeff rice ( назад)
I think most of these fantasy video's aren't well thought out. A fantasy
video where 4 intenstance where Bismarck knocked out Rodney, knocked out
KGV. Handled the cruisers, n waited 4 a sub screen 2 develop would b far
fetched but if Rodney hadn't've been lucky, that's what would've taken
place. People that laugh @ Bismarck's gunnery should take into account the
forward turrets were useless after hydraulics were knocked out.

Автор jeff rice ( назад)
Funny vid. Iowa listin heavily, guns @ awkward angle, finds target
suddenly. C'mon, a human would have a hard time Doin that.

Автор jeff rice ( назад)
Funny. Iowa was a flak ship. Never was a "Battleship" Yamato was built by
the Japanese who new they didn't have oil 2 feed it. What was it good for?
Japanese should have concentrated n proximity fuses, radar gun control n
case they wanted 2 get bombed while attempting 2 try 2 have another
Guadalcanal (1st). Ah, hindsight.

Автор Daring do Brown ( назад)
For fuck sake

America and Japan are the most stupidest countries I've seen with this by
seeing how large thos things are the 2 countries are just fucking around
with resources wasting them

Автор cmtmj2006 ( назад)
Iowa's radar fire control was unequal and would put shot after shot into
Yamato's vital areas. Also her 16in 50 cal. was no slouch. Her shells have
been less weight than Yamato's 18.1 but Iowa had higher velocity.

Автор Reymund Cariaga (592 года назад)
this game is not battlestation pacific its silent hunter 4

Автор Reymund Cariaga (776 лет назад)
in real the yamato and its ship was ambush by americans by planes that was
yamatos final campainge in 1945

Автор lingcod91 (80 лет назад)
I'll TRY to make the point so many of you can understand the realities of
combat, and naval combat specifically:
Shell Size, Mussel Velocity, Armor, Fire Control, Ship's Speed, and any and
all other aspects of a naval engagement is THE STARTING POINT for a
warship. IT IS NOT THE FINAL or ONLY aspect. Victory is determined by the
compliment aboard the ship. The people, training, experience, and will.
Example: What really caused HMS Hood's defeat?
Errors . . . by the British. A little too late. Prinz Eugen mistaken for
Bismarck, wrong position, etc. Human errors vs. human experience made the

Автор 13Enclave ( назад)
Murica fuck yeah.

Автор KIM ERIC ( назад)
I can somewhat agree to this due to te fact that the Iowa's immense speed
could easly catch up to the Yamato to get inside for the firing distance,
the reason why I think why the Yamato lost was because the gun accuracy
between Iowa and Yamato was outclassed, people seem to misunderstand the
bigger battleships always wins, that is false, even though Iowa is a longer
ship than Yamato lol, if this was an h44 battleship which was never made
and h44 lost to Iowa I completly disagree with that

Автор Gary Seymour ( назад)
Loved the video, however not very realistic. In reality one or both of
these battleships in a one on one battle would have been disabled or sunk
rather quickly after a slug fest at such close ranges like this one from a
few salvos of 16 and 18 inch shells.
Don't see much use of the main 16 inch and 18 inch guns on ether ship
throughout the battle. Both ships can fire 2 shells a minute from each main
gun, don't recall seeing even one full broadside from the main guns on
ether ship. The muzzle flash and smoke from the main guns is almost
non-existent. Saw what appear to be lots of fire from the secondary guns on
both ships which would almost useless against each other.
Noticed sailors on the main deck. When the main guns are being used on
battleships there never is any sailors on deck due to the overwhelming
concussions of the big guns that would knock them overboard or kill them.
The visible battle damage with fires and smoke as in so little of it on
both ships detracts from the overall quality of this video battle. The
paint on both ships looks totally intact throughout this entire battle
with one listing and the other sinking.
Hate to be critical as you put a lot of work into this video, however you
got to work on your realism. This video looks more like a video game. Note
there are some actual videos of battleships in action here on you tube. You
should watch them.

Автор MAJID ALASMARI ( назад)
in my opinion if Yamato battleship was used properly during the ww2 in the
battle of liety it wouldn't end up in a kamakazy mission
Yamato was a powerful battleship but the Japanese didn't use it Wisely.
18 inch caliber monsters I don't think Iowa at that time will stand a

Автор Edward Hale ( назад)
yes very unrealistic yes iowa would have won the battle but however due to
the listing in this video she wouldn't have been able to fire her guns and
she would have capsized both ships in this case would have sunk

Автор 987 Tails Productions ( назад)
Yamato would nail the Iowa by far, the ship has top acing crew and
captains. plus those 46's are heavy-carbo tipped going at a much faster
velocity than Iowa, the iowa would NOT stand a chance against the odds

Автор 田中正 ( назад)

Автор _THE_BEAST_CREEPER XL ( назад)
that's the USS missour its an Iowa class

Автор lingcod91 ( назад)
And why all the secondary fire from both ships? Not clear what caused the
death blow to Yammy, certainly not 5'' shells. You had it sinking like
torpedos hit it. And does the game restrict you to only creating short
jerky images of the ships? Also, the salvos sound like space weapons. Nope,
not realistic or imaginative. Try again.

Автор 黒田官兵衛 ( назад)
This condition other and Iowa cannot win in Yamato

Автор lingcod91 (1153 года назад)
I don't think Iowa would have put, or got, herself in such a close
broadside slug exchange. Yammy had the greater range and would used it.
Whether she scored a hit on Iowa isn't the point, steaming into 18" shells
would be extremely dangerous. But to cross her T might have been Iowa's
best chance of success. The setup is indeed too unrealistic to judge,
except to say it would have been ugly.
BTW, saying the Bismarck got lucky is like saying Ali threw some lucky
punches. Hood made some fatal errors, and that's all it took. Ultimately,
judgement and skills outweight armor and shellfire. The fears about
Bismarck's firepower was fully justified by the British. The order was: No
single battleship was to engage Bismarck. Hood arrogently pushed that
order, mistook her target, and was a bit late getting into position to use
her full main guns. But England was disparate and had to prevent Bismarck
from reaching the Atlantic. Bismarck might have changed the course of
history. A very powerful ship.

Автор piergiorgio caroli ( назад)
Yamato's cannons could cut in half Iowa. Her armor wasn't that resistant.

Автор potato master 2000 ( назад)
really battle stations Pacific

Автор MrEjidorie ( назад)
Dear viewers, I found an interesting article about USS Iowa vs IJN Yamato .
Please open this site below and enjoy.


Автор Bluefin Tuna ( назад)
People ask how an Iowa Class could beat the Yamato. The Yamato struggled to
hit a US Aircraft Carrier at 20k yards with several Salvos. The USS Iowa
fired on an escaping IJN destroyer at 34k yards and straddled it with its
first salvo.Big guns are useless if you cannot hit anything with them.

Автор WILLIAM POTTS (1397 лет назад)
many people forget the the Japaneses steel was far inferior to american
japan didn't have the resources to produce higher quality steel which means
that despite having thicker armor the Yamato actually had similar if not
weaker armor than the Iowa's armor

Автор Needle Viper ( назад)
I think Yamato should of won not USS Iowa

Автор Kari Virtanen ( назад)
By arcraft! Dummies.

Автор peter menzel ( назад)
I'm sorry mate but that would never happen how can a Iowa class beet the
Yamato when it has less fire power and Less armour

Автор Kazuya “LoliconKami” Shinoa ( назад)
on my opinion i still prefere yamato because of the ship design and
firepower... also... dat 18.1 inch guns bruh lol...

Автор 1974Teebone ( назад)
That same fatal flaw that sunk the real Yamato. Weakly protected magazine
under the #2 main cannon. As powerful as the IJN was it seems odd such a
massive flaw would make it to production. That and someone mentioned a real
Iwoa commander would never get that close: Yamato had 2 secondary guns. 2.
The Mighty Mo had 7 on each side. Getting that close was the only way she
could topple the Yamato had they ever faced 1v1. Fortunately the Mo had the
fastest engines of all ships in that class and could do just that.

Автор Al Morales ( назад)
Why iowa vs yamato
You should do montana vs yamato

Автор Giovanni Santoni ( назад)
The yomato should have won against the USS iowa, the yomato was better. The
iowa won cause of its american pride bullshit. such bullshit.

Автор Alejandro Sola Carrion ( назад)
siempre tienen k ganar los putos americanos, me cago en dios
el yamato era mucho mejor k el otro

Автор Heesung Kim ( назад)
that wa svery close the yamato almost destroyed them if the general
sneaked attacked it will be easier for ioiwa

Автор m aulia akbar ( назад)
It looks like iowa was yousing the colrodo guns not the 16 inc guns

Автор Jason C ( назад)
the Iowa could only fire starboard. In the video she's firing from her port

Автор Härskiboy1803 ( назад)
Yamato's armor was designed to resist its own 46cm guns from
20 000 m away

Автор 小西健太 ( назад)

Автор Wanda Bradley ( назад)
Witch is not very long range

Автор Wanda Bradley ( назад)
Well the uss iowa had a better secondary battery

Автор GSthen ( назад)
What a bunch of propaganda.

Автор Wong wan chung ( назад)
Todays' Iowa Class Battleships are Fitted with Deadlier Anti-ship Missiles
like Harpoons and the Tomahawk Cruise Missile and Fire 1 Harpoon Missile
and 1 Tomahawk Cruise Missile at Yamato at Ranges Far Beyond 80 Kilometers
Once locked-on by the Fire Control Radars onto Yamato as seen on this
Demonstration and the Missiles with Definitely Sink Yamato at her Weakest
Armor Plating above the Command Structure Funnel and the 3rd 18-Inch Turret
of Yamato and Capsized her.

Автор Maurice Johnson ( назад)
My name is maurice johnson retired ship building here in Baltimore but no
more I love the work as welder my father also was a welder 40 years working
in ship building I made up my mind at age 12 to work in in ship building it
was a good life

Автор kurakensama ( назад)
Well, Yamato and company had troubles sinking tin cans...

Автор onlythewise1 ( назад)
rememeber the battleships had to fit in the panama canal two feet was all
that was left on the Iowa bb61

Автор Wanda Bradley ( назад)

Автор Flyz it Dies ( назад)
Ah Battleships... The Navy's punching bag 

Автор S Van Gaal ( назад)
What game is this?

Автор Rodrigo Gabriel Vargas ( назад)
Montana is stronger than yamato class

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