Cenk Uygur | Tolerant Liberals

An analysis of how an individual contradicts themselves.

Individual: Cenk Uygur
In One Breath: Doesn't think that liberals are the easiest to offend or the least tolerant of other people's opinions.
In Another Breath: Won't tolerate or grant any merit to an opposing opinion and gets flustered while ranting against it.

TYT Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UJ4_D-_0gc

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Автор Ed Bowman ( назад)
The irony is how offended Cenk is becoming while trying to say that his
platform doesn't get offended.

Автор DK Youngson ( назад)
The Young Turks aren't even liberal. They're illiberal progressives.

Автор tabletop581 ( назад)
Reasonable debate is dying and its very sad. Mostly people on the Left now
prefer name-calling, shaming and shouting over the other person in order to
win. Its such a sad situation that we've devolved into.

Автор kareonfang ( назад)
He wasnt angry lol he was making fun of Christians

Автор BlueBerryKing ( назад)
I can definetly agree with the fact that us liberals tend to be
hyper-sensitive about other people trying to discourage our beliefs, but
the right wing can also be easily offended over miniscule stuff.
I mean, have you seen the conservative news reporter rant about how the
Hamilton cast "attacked" the vice president elect? She was screaming her
ass off, I think I almost burst an eardrum.

Автор Narayan Iyer ( назад)
I think the right wing has way more cry babies. Really though, all around
the world. Religious people are super sensitive

Автор Akray Bothorda ( назад)
The original charge was that liberals and progressives are the most easily
offended and least tolerant. Pointing out others who are more easily
offended and less tolerant seems a perfectly credible response to this
accusation. I do agree that Cenk was being obnoxious and certainly made
himself into a caricature, and it's not the only time he's done that. On
the other hand I've seen clips where he roundly criticises his own side of
politics and made effort to clarify the stance of his opponents (he seems
to do this less and less as time goes by, however).

Автор Jessica Lynn Colter ( назад)
This has to be the worst counter argument. Cenk was not being intolerant.
He was striking back after being attacked. Cenk was right that the right
wing automatic go into a rage with "Happy Holidays". I have seen this
myself first hand.

Автор Matt ( назад)
somewhat out of context

Автор Hamza Hussin ( назад)
although i agree with cenk this video was hilarious

Автор Francis Smith ( назад)
Christians get too easily offended? Look at Atheists; they personally have
to tell everyone in comment section about their disbelief whenever the
tiniest thing is mentioned regarding Christianity or probably other

Автор Drew Klenkel ( назад)
Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters

Автор Anthony Lewis ( назад)
I gleefully refuse to tolerate intolerance.

Автор garrett21 ( назад)
You could never end a video about Cenk's dumb shit. I guess any idiot
really can sit in front of a camera

Автор titlexist ( назад)
The right never grants the left any legitimacy. The right is extremely
aggressive and the left has been bending over backward for decades. That is
one major reason why Donald Trump just won the presidency. Whoever heads
this youtube channel is a moron, sorry. I wonder who runs this channel
considering this is the most obviously cherry picked clip that isn't even a
counter argument as the whole thing is a straw man full of ad hominem
attacks. In my opinion, pathetic.

Автор Donald L. ( назад)
Tolerant Liberals burn down cities and riot when they don't get their way.
Also, The Young Turks are named after those responsible for the Armenian

Автор Garrett Walsh ( назад)
Personally, I don't think being offended has anything to do with social,
political, or religious affiliation. It all boils down to to the
individual's own personality and perspective. Some people are more
sensitive than others.

Автор Fluffy Waffles ( назад)
Cenk Uygur is a terrible debater, he's all over the place, and he's just a
huge clown in general. How could anyone take him seriously at this point?

Автор Josh Hampton ( назад)
chunk yogurt at it again

Автор Agar Woosh ( назад)
I thought Don Lemon was liberal

Автор Shawn Avery ( назад)
I know nothing about this Cenk Uygur i've never seen his show but my first
impression of this guy hes kind of an asshole.

Автор Kevin Ouellet ( назад)
Cenk has devolved into an immortal lolcow....

Автор Luke Ferguson ( назад)
This actually wasn't as damning as I thought it would be. Facepalm-worthy,
but could be worse.

Anyway, I prefer Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk. He's affiliated with TYT,
but tends to be about as hard on authoritarian social liberals as he is on

Автор TheBonuzen ( назад)
I think a bigger % of liberals are offended too easy but the conservatives
who are offended too easy get more offended in generel. I also feel like
conservatives get more offended when they are the ones who treated "bad"
when liberals get offended when everyone (exept conservatives) get treated

Overall people, no matter thier political views should stop being children
about everything and just discuss. Often stating your own opinion won't
change the opinions of others. The only thing that can change opinions are

Автор David Browne ( назад)
Cenk Uygar is an Islamic apologist who carries as much weight as a toad in
a minefield. He pretends he is a really liberal guy but he is an out and
out fraud. I have been watching him for a while and I reckon I understand
him now. He is so far left, he is verging on right. Which is more in hand
with what he is. He certainly isn't a socialist. He screams diversity only
because it suits his private agreement with Islam. Telling us he is not
religious and then stepping in to protect Islam, in fact telling people he
will kill them, I think, says it all. The man is a fraud and it is like
waiting for your gay friend to finally come out and tell you he is gay. So
Cenk, we are finally waiting for you to come out and tell us that the name
of your program is just not a coincidence.

Автор this man's sky ( назад)
cenk is the liberal Bill Oriely. signed - A leftist Cuck.

Автор Wmd2011 ( назад)
Wow I really came into this thinking it would be just another right wing
attempt to bash liberalism. Turns out to be a thoughtful analysis. Liked
and Subscribed, you earned it.

Автор Nathan Carriere ( назад)
Kind of a shitty argument in this video.

"Your group is one of the most disagreeable groups".

"No we are not."

"see? you're so disagreeable! If you wanted to show that you weren't
disagreeable, then you would have agreed with me!"

Автор Moonfang ( назад)
What a moron. The Young Turks suck. THey are so obviously biased that it's
painful to watch. That's my issue with most American mass-media. They
choose a clear side on the political spectrum without even considering
being critical of their own side.

Автор Steven A. ( назад)
Yes but he always do this. (counter argument)

Автор wildlifeguy ( назад)
I agree and disagree with Lemon. He is correct that liberals and
progressives are intolerant of hearing views other than their own. But the
same holds true for everybody. We all live in our own echo chamber,
intolerant of "the other". Liberals and progressives do not hold a monopoly
on this, it is what we do when we divide ourselves up into groups. I
disagree with Mr. Lemmon only pointing out one group as "being the worst".
That's bullshit. Will we see an example of this from the right from Counter
Arguments? Or would examples of Conservatives being intolerant of the views
of others be too easy and not really a counter argument.

Автор Anonymous B ( назад)
The Young Turks are Absolutely Disgusting...

Автор Rachel Amatiara ( назад)
I'm definitely liberal and while I sometimes enjoy watching the young turks
I do feel like a lot of liberals are very close minded, just as a lot of
conservatives are easily offended as well. You have safe spaces on one side
and white nationalism on the other, both pretty ridiculous. But that's just
my opinion

Автор akshay verma ( назад)
I love cenk and tyt. but cenk himself is very aggressive

Автор Ian Wynn ( назад)
Jimmy Dore's slimy ass in the corner of my computer screen

Автор King Charlie ( назад)
As much as I agree that Cenk did not need to flip out, he's an emotionally
animated person. In my experiences, I would actually like to agree with
both Cenk and Don because both sides get way out of hand. But, alas, that's
what happens when you have *absolute certainty* in what you believe; a
quality I can respect when people present their arguments in the correct

Автор Andre Ulmeyda ( назад)
Not sure if you noticed, but you are accidentally choosing the same monty
python routine every tiem. Thank me later.

Автор hypno ( назад)
I love Cara Santa Maria what is she doing in TYT?

Автор Hexer ( назад)
omg Cenk at it again :D that guy has no class and no wit... 12 years old
could make better arguments than Cenk. The only good arguments he ever
produced, were paraphrases :D

Автор C Witt ( назад)
These Counter Argument videos are riddled with poor logic. Some of the most
repeating offenders are ad hominem, the texas sharpshooter, and straw man.
This video didn't address any of the points the guy made, it just talked
about his tone. A tone argument is a logical fallacy that occurs when an
argument is dismissed or accepted based on its presentation. The fallacy
relies on addressing style over addressing the actual substance. It is an
ad hominem attack, and thus an informal fallacy. I was hoping these videos
would display proper argumentation, instead it's doing the opposite.
Disappointing. If one was going to take issue with the discussion being had
I'd point the the burden of proof. The burden of proof relies on the people
making the claim. If you're going to make a claim that liberals or
conservatives get more offended, you need hard proof besides a handful of
cherry picked or anecdotal examples. One can find examples on both sides.
Truly proving which side does it more would require some more hard research
than what is displayed here.

Автор William00048 ( назад)
I used to subscribe to the Young Turks and Enjoy it. So sad. I had to let
it go at the point he decided his dislike of Sam Harris outweighed a
requirement to be truthful.

Автор Eddard Stark ( назад)
I'm a liberal, but I can't stand watching the young turks. The only one
that can give a pretty straight forward argument without using ad hominem
attacks or turning into a child (like cenk usually does) is the young male
with the fade I forgot his name. I think his name is John.

Автор Dr. Plankton ( назад)
Love this, keep up the good work

Автор tommy Rea ( назад)
Aw u gave the one flattering photo of the genoicde denying hippo

Автор Maf ( назад)
Capn Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters??? IS that what I hear?!?!?!

Автор Hurr Durr ( назад)
I wish The Young Turds would drop dead.

Автор CipherEnigma ( назад)
What's the lady on the left doing on TYT? She seems too smart for the show

Автор EnemyAce88 ( назад)
Cenk Uygur has sex with goats.

Автор Sheldon Peters ( назад)
I have watched The Young Turks, and I cringed as soon as he started
reacting in this vid. Very spot on. Having reasoned arguments is incredibly
difficult business sometimes, and feelings run so high, it's difficult to
remember the most basic components, self-check, and avoid hypocrisy and/or
proving the other person right in the process of your own objection.

Автор Sufficient ( назад)

Автор Green Brain Seaside ( назад)
He's a Rush Limbaugh of left

Автор Aldito Hernandez ( назад)
Cenk best known for memorable lines like " we're against Saudi Arabia you
idiot!!!!" and " Why don't you go in the kitchen and make me sandwich." And
let's not forget " right? right?"

Автор Billy Mitchell ( назад)
I'm a pretty liberal guy and I can't even stand the Young Turks. I think
Cenk's issue is that he can behave as an ideologue occasionally. From what
I could gather, he assumes being a liberal, on a lot of issues, inherently
gives him a better position and that he doesn't need to research or prepare
as much as some other people do. This was illustrated in his debate with
the men's rights activist Karen Straughan. He didn't prepare properly
because he didn't take her position seriously, and I think anyone would be
hard-pressed to say he came out the victor.

Автор Joshua Moyer ( назад)
Left leaning? Is that a joke? They are literally socialist propaganda.

Автор Chris Barlow ( назад)
It's not even fair for Cenk though because by denying his point, he his
proving it

Автор Ed ( назад)
That chick said christians are full of hate. Who's full of hate? Let's look
at the past year. Yes, a 70 year old Trump supporter punched a guy. Then
there was Albuquerque, San Jose. Those were full on riots destroying
property and attacking people. But I guess that's okay because they were

Автор Der Absender ( назад)
Well, Don is just flat out hiding most of the truth. Not ALL liberals are
like that, just the fundamentalist liberals.
And Cenk did not really good adress his point, basically ALL
fundamentalists of any flavour are whiny, intolerant kids, that don't like
it, when somebody shakes their foundation.
All these two play is the blaming game. It is quite fun when you are in
comment sections and you dont lose anything and dont solve anything, you
are just blaming each other to be kids and hopefully both parties know that
both are kids, otherwise one or both are just fundamentalist bone heads.
But when you are a politician or a commentator you must not play the
blaming game, if the other party is smart and not fundamentally convinced
of their stand point, you lose.

Автор Randall Kristoffer ( назад)
Is that song playing when Cenk Uygur is talking about Christmas from That
Thing You Do? haha

Автор AJ213 ( назад)
I guess some liberals can be not tolerant and only want to hear their own
opinion. I do it sometimes. Like for example I will almost ignore anyone
who thinks global warming is a hoax.

Автор MrCookieMonster ( назад)
The fallacy in your video is that Mr. Lemon's argument is about liberals,
of course liberals will respond. If he had an argument about something
totally different and Cenk responded that way, your logic would be spot on.

Автор LiberalsAreSilly ( назад)
Liberals projecting again.

Автор Steelbreeze420 ( назад)
and this is why they lost..ZERO ability to do self examination..

Автор Evil Santa ( назад)
Cenk is a douche.

Автор ogBiggie2 辛味 ( назад)
arent the young turks the group who took over turkey and committed the
Armenian genocide?

Автор White Supremacist Hate Symbol ( назад)
I actually agree with Don Lemon. As someone who has pretty liberal beliefs,
I can't ever listen to sjws or dumb religious conservatives and take their
opinion seriously.

Автор darkphoenix2 ( назад)
I seriously think that's just Cenk's personality. He is bombastic and over
the top in almost every video. He yells and argues aggressively. He's
boisterous. He's not offended by this opinion, he's amused by it and that's
why he starts doing dramatic things like impressions of a Christian crying.

Автор Joseph Demello ( назад)
I mean that's just his character. He gets flustered all the time it's
entertaining which makes tyt different than other networks. In a different
setting I don't think he (or other progressives) would blow up like that

Автор Daniel Athayde ( назад)
Yes, the left wing has some ignorant people. As does the right wing. I
personally believe that left wing policies are better at forming a healthy
society, but I still like to hear what right wingers have to say. Mostly to
debunk those points and learn more during that process, but if there was a
right wing argument that was actually valid, and would contribute to
society and help decrease social inequality, I wouldn't oppose it. Humanity
is more important than trying to prove myself right, in my opinion.
However, most of the right wing arguments, in my experience, for an
unregulated market with little to no public services, are that they don't
care about social inequality as individuals, and that social inequality is
only a problem because poor people are lazy. Which is basically believing
in the biggest lie ever created by the wealthy since the medieval times:

Автор Ryan Stock ( назад)
TYT are a joke now, but new media isn't! I like The Rubin Report. Dave runs
a sane show since leaving tyt.

Автор streglof ( назад)
Cenk has a temper

Автор The Internet ( назад)
That's how Cenk is all the time. I honestly think that's his natural manner
of speaking.

Автор rivinish ( назад)
If anyone thinks TYT is a reliable news network, consider these two points.
1. They never address or apologize for misleading information or
information that was eventually proven to be wrong. Every newspaper and
every news channel do mistakes every now and then, and they always write
apology columns or do apology segments on TV. TYT never do that, they just
sweep misinformation under the rug or delete the video.
2. They never address videos with a large number of dislikes. All in all I
noticed that they have a very poor communication with their audience (at
least on Youtube). Haven't seen a single comment reply. Nothing
I think they are a bunch of hacks who read a newspaper column or watch a
news segment and then just comment on it for 10 minutes. Their saving grace
has been their daily format and a branch of non-political channel such as
What the Flick and Think Tank.

Автор F. S. ( назад)
So when ONE person has a bad temper and fits the description and in the
very same video you linked another liberal person sitting next to him does
not agrees with Cenk your conclusion is that MILLIONS of liberals are ALL
intolerant? With the same logic I can say all republicans love the KKK
because I can find an interview with a republican KKK member and quote his
racist statements. Your counter argument was not even weak, it was
unscientific and misleading. The person Cenk Uygur is a very dominant and
stubborn person that is too self centered for objective viewpoints, that is
something even many TYT or liberal people would agree with. He himself
calls himself an agressive person, so even Cenk himself knows that he has a
temper problem. Your conclusion that ALL liberals are like Cenk is just a

Автор TheOther ( назад)
I remember when this guy had Karen Straughan on. She was so calm and
rational, but he could barely contain himself and got frazzled by what she
said, telling her "Make me a sandwich!" just randomly in response to
something unrelated she said. The guy is a poster boy for intolerant and
emotionally sensitive liberals.

Автор Mr SuperFireFox ( назад)
This would be a horrible reaction if the claim had any backup, but this was
just a meh answer because the claim itself was shait

Автор Blackest Yang ( назад)
Kyle and Jordan are the only sane people from TYT

Автор Keikaiken ( назад)
Uhh no. You're criticising his rhetoric not his arguments. I agree, Uygur's
rhetoric was horrible here – he went way too over the top. But inferring
that his *argument* is therefore bad is a tu quoque. Sure, it might not
persuade people, but that's not (necessarily) the fault of the argument;
it's the fault of the person arguing it, Uygur in this case. Whether the
substance of his argument was good or bad I won't comment on, but said
substance stands and falls on its own merit, whether it was Uygur
maniacally shouting it, or someone else reading it off more measuredly.

As an aside, this kind of 'counter argument' was one of the big problems
with your Presidential election. Both Clinton and Trump constantly
committed tu quoques, attacking each other for hypocrisies – for personally
violating the very policies they were espousing and such. While this was
obviously relevant given that both candidates would be expected to actually
enact said policy upon election, it was also counter-productive. In
drowning their campaignes in tu quoques, they edged actual substance about
policy and ideology out of the debate altogether, turning it into an
off-kilter discussion focused almost entirely on who was more trustworthy,
rather than whose policies would more likely benefit the American people.

Автор shadowsa2b ( назад)
"liberals get to easily offended and dont want ot hear any body else's
opinion but their own"
cenk: dont talk to me about how liberals get too offended

i really dont like cenk. thoroughly unlikable individual

Автор mark groop ( назад)
lol, moral of the story is everyone gets offended.

Автор The Stranger ( назад)

Автор Sammy ( назад)
Tolerance is overrated, sometimes people are wrong and need to be told so.

Автор Vincent Kinney ( назад)
Yo, Counter Arguments, no offense mate but... how dare you call TYT the
largest online news network?

Largest by what measure? Infowars is absolutely the largest online news

Автор Vince Baker ( назад)
This video is nonsense. Cenk Uygur interviews people with opposing views
all the time and gives them plenty of time to explain their views and
doesn't interrupt them unnecessarily. This video depicts one instance in
which he responds to an accusation from Don Lemon on CNN who is not a
journalist at all, but a corporate shill that is paid to paint both sides
with the same brush. Don Lemon is a joke. That's why Cenk responded this
way. Even in his mocking approach Cenk is correct in the substance of his
refutation that liberals are less tolerant of opposing viewpoints. Everyone
that up-voted this video has no understanding of TYT.

Автор İlker İnce ( назад)
and your first sentence butchered the name... just saying even though i
agree with you that cenk uygur is rather daft.

Автор Charles Miller ( назад)
Ironically, the liberal network took the opinion of someone they disagreed
with, played it on their liberal network, and had a debate about it. Truly
ignoring the other side would've meant that they wouldn't play it at all.
It's their network, they didn't have to give this guy anytime at all.

Автор Alister Baywood ( назад)
Yeah, he is just pretty comfortable on his show. The notion that liberals
are so the most easily offended and only want to here there own option can
be easily counter-flipped to republicans. I'm a progressive, that means
change. If there is a better way of doing things, I want it to be done.
Republicans are the ones wanting things to always stay the same

Автор Dollius ( назад)
I am confused. Some sort of fallacy was committed in this video. Cenk Uygur
is a douche there for all liberals are intolerant?
It seems to me the fact that Cenk aired Lemon's opinion on his show show a
lot of tolerance, he just doesn't respect Lemon nor his opinion. And Cenk
did back up his own opinion of why he doesn't respect Lemon's opinion.
I might be biased, but I know too many liberals that may disagree with me,
and may never agree with me, but are remain very civil (unlike Cenk).

Автор Michael Reitz ( назад)
To be fair though, this is how Cenk Uygur responds to everything.

Автор KingofWisdom ( назад)
Conservatives are more easily offended, eh, Cenk? Funny, I don't remember
people rioting in the streets when Obama was elected president either time.

Автор Dan Fawaz ( назад)
Liberals yes, progressives no. Progressives are not liberals, nor are we
the same kind of crybaby. Liberals are trying to poke their heads into the
progressive groups, because they know their group is taken about as
seriously as the alt right or the Christian Right. Progressives, on the
other hand, are capable of understanding the differences in the phrase and
conditions of "that's bigoted" vs "you're bigoted". Everyone is a little
bit bigoted but it's usually by accident, and even progressives make the
same mistakes. The difference is we're not going to fuck off to our tumblrs
and cry for 72 hours when someone challenges our view of the world.

That being said, when you say some ignorant shit willfully or with malice
about marginalized groups, im coming after you :p

Автор TheESB1138 ( назад)
Anyone else want to see a debate between Cenk and Alex Jones?

Автор Maxime Boileau ( назад)
Of course the accusation that the other side doesn't want to listen to your
arguments is an easy way to avoid having to make your argument in the first
place. At the very least it's arguing in bad faith, framing the point
you're about to make in the assumption that people won't give you the time
of day. It's a lazy way to appear self-righteous.

Concerning the host of the Young Turks... meh. As much as he reacts
strongly to some things, I've seen Uygur play devil's advocate enough times
to discredit the accusation that he is a close-minded person.

Автор Matt Jenkins ( назад)
Cenk Uygur is mentally retarded.

Автор antimatterdragon321 ( назад)
If you disagree with the opinion, then you disagree with the opinion... -.-

Автор AndyRyu ( назад)
I used to like Young Turks, I agreed with their view points on economic and
political policies. They used to also point out corruption and did a good
job advocating for Bernie Sanders. But srs Cenk srs need to grow up a bit

Автор The 8-Bit Englishman ( назад)
i wish more liberals were well...mire liberal

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