Thiru Neela Kantam - Remove Karma ~ Dattatreya Siva Baba

The chant used with this ritual is "Thiru Neela Kantam"

This particular video is a Ritual that is using 27 Limes and a Sesame Lamp. Nandi and a Siva Lingam, along with a statue of Dattatreya and a photo of my Guru, Dattatreya Siva Baba -- are all present in the video.

Done on February 7th - Sani Pradosham Day. Sani Pradosham is a Prodosham day that lands on a Saturday. It is most powerful for removing karma. It is auspicious and a great day to take advantage of the window of time that allows you to erase your karma.

This ritual was given to me by my Guru, Dattatreya Siva Baba. The ritual is to remove or diffuse your karma so that doorways can open in your life. You must get rid of your old karma in order to create and manifest.

If you would like, you can do this ritual along with the YouTube. There are 27 limes in this bowl. I did the ritual while making this video. The powerful numbers for doing this ritual / chant are 9, 27, 54 and 108. If you like, you can replay this video 4 times to get 108 chants completed.

I used a sesame oil lamp -- because it is Saturday and that means that this day, in Vedic astrology, belongs to Saturn -- Saturn rules this day -- and offering a Sesame lamp is a way to appease Saturn. You could also use a ghee lamp or a regular candle.

Here is how you would do the ritual. You will use lemons, limes or coconuts. With the lemons and limes, you roll them, (one by one) on different parts of your body -- these are body parts that tend to store karma. Roll them around the top part of your head COUNTER CLOCKWISE. You can also roll them on the 3rd eye, the eyes, the throat (a big area for storing karma), the shoulders, the heart, the stomach and the knees. You do not have to roll each lime/lemon/coconut on ALL of these areas each time - just feel which area might be appropriate for you and roll there. Try them all.

Once you have rolled the lemons or limes while chanting this chant - you will take them and cut them in half and then throw them in the trash. Try not to get too much of the juice on your hands and make sure you wash your hands and the knife used to cut them thoroughly.

If you decide to use coconuts, you will roll on the same areas (the entire coconut) and then rather than cut them in two, you will smash them outside on a rock or hard surface. Make sure if you get the juice on you to wash it off. To make it slightly less messy, you can put the coconuts inside a strong plastic bag and then hit the bag against a rock or hard surface -- that way the coconut will smash itself inside the bag and you can just throw the bag away.

You will be chanting while you are rolling the lemon, lime or coconut on your body. The chant used in this YouTube is "Thiru Neela Kantum". It is an ancient chant used by Siddha masters. It was passed on to me by my Guru. You can also imagine a dark blue light (cobalt blue) at the throat. Allow that dark blue light to permeate your throat while you do this ritual.

I hope you will use this YouTube to diffuse and erase your karma. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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Автор khmer108 ( назад)
Thanks for sharing

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Best time to do Pradosham rituals is at sunset - just before. All the Best!

Автор chingaum FX ( назад)
Namaste, I love the chant and music it is beautiful. Thank You for sharing.

Автор Dr. Josef Mengele ( назад)

Автор ngl tv ( назад)

Автор ladytess23 ( назад)
Nice video. Thanks so much.

Автор JR ( назад)
@raji10008nevin What is correct THIRUNEELAKANDAM OR THIRU NEELA KANTAM.

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
@paulquintero2 Paul, For some strange reason your comment got posted (or
was there to be approved) about 20 times. Did you try to post it numerous
times? Anyway, I would say that anything is possible and it does not hurt
to try. Love, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste anandasearch, Blessings to you too dear one! With Love, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste Paul, Anything is possible. It is tricky to get involved in someone
else's karma and I don't feel I can instruct you on whether or not this
will work or if it is a good idea for you to do this. The best I could say
is to follow your heart and use prayer to the Divine also. Love and
Healing! Raji

Автор anandasearch ( назад)
Blessings. Thanks so much.

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste ELLEN108LIGHT, Thank you for your kind words of praise! I am so
happy that so many are benefiting from Baba's teachings through these
videos! If you experience miracles, plese share them here! Love and Light,

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste paulquintero2, You can use 1 lemon for 108 times.. You can use 1,
9, 27, 54 or 108 lemons or limes on a daily basis. One practice would be to
commit to do this ritual for 40 days. 1 lime or lemon per day. Chant for
108 times-rolling your 2 shoulders - where shoulder bone connects in
socket, on the throat, on the 2 brains (around the head 0r one side at a
time) - do this and when finished, cut in two and throw away. Get creative.
But do it every day for 40 days. Love Raji

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste TomCSr421, You chant while you are rolling. After you are finished
chanting and rolling, you cut and discard immediately. I got my ghee lamp,
wicks and ghee from an Indina Grocery store. You can find them online as
well. I got my Nandi and my Siva Lingam in India. I am sure you could order
them online as well or perhaps find them at an Indian store of some kind. I
hope this helps! Bright Blessings dear Light Being! Raji

Автор Thomas Carley Sr. ( назад)
Where can I find a list for the correct sequence and full procedure
involved in this ritual....? For example: 1) Chant and roll the Lemon or
lime on your throat,knees and body. 2) Cut the lemons/Limes into peices...?
3) Discard them when done......When? & question - 4) Where do you get a
Sesame Lamp. Nandi and a Siva Lingam...?

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste faith0420, You are most welcome! Thank you for watching it! Love
and Bright Blessings! Raji

Автор meow doodle ( назад)
thank you for posting this :)

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste jayapradakissme, As far as "how many days do you have to do the
ritual". We do these chants/rituals because our souls are drawn to them and
we want to change our lives and move towards who we truly are~pure Light!
Next, there is no set number of days - no magic formula. However, if you
wish to set a goal, a good number for the amount of days is 40 days. If
that seems out of your range, then try one week. Again, experiment with it
and see how you feel. I hope this helps! Love, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste jayapradakissme, This is not a secret ~ othewise why would I want
to put it on YouTube and share it with the entire world? It is for those
who gravitate towards Light. It is to be used for ridding one's karma so
that doors can open that will lead you towards Light. With Love, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste jayapradakissme, You can do one lemon or lime per day - OR you can
do 9 or 27, or 108 per day. It is up to you. It is good to do more if you
can. If not, then one a day is better than none. What is "enough" is all
relative yes? It is up to you to decide what is "enough" according to your
ability to buy the lemons or limes and also, of course, according to how
much negative karma you came into this world with. Experiment and do what
you can. You will get results! Love, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste jayapradakissme, You roll the lemon or lime while you are chanting
- at the same time. Each time you chant, you roll over the shoulders and
the throat and on the right and left brain. You can also roll on the knees.
Yes, you can put in a plastic bag and throw them in the trash after
cutting. Just be sure to wash your hands and the knife and cutting board
after you cut them - to remove any juice that is there. With Love, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste jayapradakissme, This ritual will release your karma. That is what
it is for. Keep doing it - over and over and over. With Love, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste, You may, if you wish, get a photo of Dattatreya Siva Baba ~ and
then begin to develop a relationship with Him. That is up to you to decide.
I would go to His videos on YouTube as well and see if you connect and
resonate with His Being. With Love and Light, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste jayapradakissme, There is an entire wriiteup that will walk you
thru the procedure. Go to upper, right side of the page when you are on the
YouTube with this chant. You will see a "link" that is in "blue text" that
says, 'MORE INFO". Click on that. All the info you have asked for is there!
With Love, Raji

Автор Lilli Rose ( назад)
Hello, Raji. Thank you for the video, I was just looking for a more detail
explanation of this particular Ritual and... strange how things work...I
found your video, like I new it was there somewhere :) You chose a
particular day: Febr. 7, Saturday - Sani Pradosham Day. Is there any other
powerful dates to do this Ritual? We are in November now...It would be to
long to wait till February.

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste, Be gentle with your Self and stay with the mantras. Be disciplined
in a joyous way. Have Faith - Faith = Utter Positivity! Your life will
change! We are all so fortunate to be alive during this most auspicious
time. This planet is changing and will continue to change and go towards
the Light - in whatever way that is to manifest! In JOY the ride and keep
chanting! Love and Light, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste Rikusiuot, Just keep doing the rituals. Karma removal is highly
individual. Make sure you do at LEAST one lemon and/or lime per day. More
is better. And keep chanting. Don't give up! You may want to download a
photo of Baba or just look at Baba's videos more and more and more. It
doesn't cost anything and His YouTube videos are VERY powerful. Watch them
as often as possible and especially just before you go to sleep at night. I
hope this helps! Love and Light, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin (59 лет назад)
Namaste silver200, You are most welcome! Happy to be of service. Love and
Light, Raji

Автор silver200 ( назад)
dear raji many thanks to you for the advice... and also thanks to datta...
now I feel a relief in coming to know that I can do something about it..
with best wishes

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste silver200, I would have to say that this person may not be a good
person to allow to be a part of your life. This does not sound like a very
good "friend" and things are not always as they appear to be. To protect
you and your child, I would pray to the Divine for protection. And you can
use the mantra on my YouTube videos called "Sharaba". Sharaba is a fierce
form of Lord Siva and he will drive away all negativity. With Love and
Compassion! Raji

Автор silver200 ( назад)
dear raji every time I happen to tell my friend that we are fine and that
my baby is good, things seem to go wrong that day around us. I was hoping
to ask dattaji but his videos had the responses disabled, I hope you can
answer me in this if you are aware of any mantra that can be used to
protect my child when such things happen. thank you so much

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste prajna8, Thank you so much for giving us the insight needed to make
this chant complete! Much appreciated! Love and Light, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste Veejay, I do not know of any connection with the thousand names of
Vishnu and this chant. This chant is specifically used to remove and
diffuse karma. I do not know of any chants for Vishnu that do this. But
perhaps you do? Sorry I could not give you more information! Love and
Light, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
You are most welcome! Namaste!

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste, I do not have the absolute literal translation but I do know that
2 of the words mean "blue throat" - which is why it is important to
visualize a "blue throat" when you practice this chant. It is a dark cobalt
blue color. At first you see it piercing through the throat and then
covering the entire throat. Then think about what karma you wish to have
removed in your life. Hope this helps! Love and Light, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste Kingakong1234, Yes, you can say it without the limes or lemons. You
can visualize a dark cobalt blue light at the throat - it is piercing
through your throat and covering the entire throat region. This is where
the most karma is stored in the body ~ is at the throat. Then you can say
the chant along with this visualization. The limes / lemons / coconuts make
the ritual even more powerful. Hope this helps! Happy karma busting! Love &
Light, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste jea740, It's okay that you left the limes in the fridge and let
your mother cut them ~ however, moving forward, I would suggest not doing
it this way. This is your ritual, and that is your karma in those limes ~
in order for the ritual to have full power it is best if you complete it
from start to finish! I am so sorry to hear about your eyes. I hope that
this ritual will help you to release this health issue. With Love, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste jea740, Thank you for your question. The "cutting in half" is the
part of the ritual that is symbolic and real in that you are letting go of
and releasing the karma that has been "collected" or "absorbed" by the
limes/lemons. Then when you throw them in the trash, it is really letting
it go. It would be great if you would let me know if you get a chance to
experiment with this ritual and if you feel anything or have any concrete
results in your life okay? Love and Light, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste jiloo123, I am not sure of any specific videos of Baba's for this
specific problem, however, I do feel that if you spend some time watching
His videos that you will find at least one or more that can help you with
these issues. And in the process you will continue to get Baba's blessings
by way of watching the videos - so you win either way! With Love and Light,

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
I would suggest starting your day with a Ganesha chant. He is the elephant
headed God whose purpose is to remove obstacles. Do this chant 108 (or even
9 is good). Thiru Neela Chant is also important because it removes karma,
which also blocks blessings from coming into your life. Then also use "Om
Guru Namasivaya Dram Dattatreya Siva Baba Namaha" 108 times. Baba has
emphasized doing this for 1 hr. every day - minimum - and then try to keep
the chanting going all day long. With Love, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste imPerrenial, If it were me, I would not put them in the compost.
They are absorbing karma. Just as vibrations of animals we eat enter our
bodies - a fearful vibration due to how animals are treated ~ this could
have the same affect. Baba has told us many times to throw them in the
trash ~ so I am content with that. I am offering you my opinion and you
will listen to your own inner wisdom to make that decision. With Love,
Happy Karma Busting! Raji

Автор Liz Flynn ( назад)
Namaste, I am wondering if it would be advisable to toss the cut limes into
the compost pile I have in my garden or if it is necessary to place the
limes with the actual trash that is carried away on trash day. Wishing you
true joy.

Автор Raji Nevin (1221 год назад)
Namaste Veejay, Mantras do not need to be vocalized. They can be done
silently or out loud. It is potent either way. Emotions play a strong role
in energizing chants. If you chant from joy, then it is easier to manifest.
No...there is no set pace. Any pace that feels comfortable for you is fine.
One of the most important aspects of this chant is to use the lemons/limes
and the ritual that goes along with the chant. I trust you read all about
that in the written info. With Love, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste Veejay, I am sorry but I have no familiarity with the sounds used
in the chants you have mentioned. And, as far as I know, there is no
connection between the chant Thiru Neela Kantam and the mantra for Vishnu.
Chants for Vishnu are typically done for material wealth and of course His
Divine Love, whereas this chant is specifically for removing karma. It was
given to my Guru by the Saint Nandi, the sacred cow that is seen all over
India. With Love and Light, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste, Yes, absolutely you can keep the chant on in the background
anytime of day or night. I sometimes sleep with chants playing all night
long. And, as you said, it is not a substitute for sitting down and
devoting a solid amount of time to a chant. So, your instincts are correct!
To chant the 108 you would want to devote time and focus, in your own
sacred space, perhaps with some incense and a candle. Sit with comfortably
with the spine straight. Enjoy! With Love and Gratitude, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste, I know you posted this 4 months ago and I am curious as to how it
is going for you with the chanting. If you feel inspired to share with me
any results I would be honored. With Love and Light, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste veronicagott, Thank you for your precious comment! Your feedback is
so valuable as it definitely helps to confirm that these videos are helping
others and that is why I am doing them. With Love and Gratitude, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste, There are "power" numbers -they are 9, 27, 54, 108. Baba always
gives us alternatives. Yes, He did say "at least do this ritual with one
lime per day"...because one is better than none. 9 per day will bring
quicker results. 27 a day will bring even faster results....etc. There is
no "have to" ~ there is only you and your own commitment. You could chant
108 per day and roll/cut 9 limes per day. Ultimately, it is your decision.
Experiment and see what works for you! Love, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste moksha014, Thank you for your question. You may want to re-read the
commentary that goes with this chant, in order to receive the full benefit.
Within the commentary it says, "Once you have rolled the lemons or limes
while chanting this chant - you will take them and cut them in half and
then throw them in the trash." This is actually an entire ritual and not
simply a chant. It is important to read the entire commentary in order to
gain full benefit. With Love and Light, Raji

Автор Aruna Moksha (664 года назад)
hello divine people m interested to remove karma but i m alittle confuse
after the chanting what do we do to the lime or lemon ?

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste 8w3m, Thank you for your comment ~ and your question. Yes indeed,
the mantra has been "tested". I am not exactly sure what you mean by
"tested" but there are thousands of people all over the world who have
shared stories of "results" they got from using it. As far as "how long" -
that is highly individual - it all depends on how much negative karma one
has accumulated ~ lifetime after lifetime. It also depends upon how
disciplined someone is to doing the chant. Om Shanti Raji

Автор Nathan Abrams ( назад)
very nice chanting and musik along, but Is this mantra tested and working.
if works how long it take to see results? thanx & cheer's

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste Artdekadent! I tried to post the words to most of them. I have
found what works best for me is to look at the words while chanting the
chant I am trying to learn. That way I have both the visual and the sound
waves. It creates a much faster learning curve. Once again, thank you so
much for your kind postings and comments and for Subscribing! With Love and
Light, Raji

Автор Artdekadent ( назад)
I so love your chants,I dont know any of them but I am inspiered, and happy
to find this on you tube just what I need.Seek and you shall find, and I
did.Thank you raji.

Автор Prashant Karn ( назад)
Thanks for clarification

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste Quatah85, Thank you for your comment. With regard to what mantra to
use first....I would like to say that this is somewhat individual because
each person has accrued a certain amount of karma - some of us mroe than
others ~ however, I feel it would be best to try the Thiru Neela Kantam
chant for 2 weeks on a regular basis and then start the "Kleem" chant for
"attarction". Kleem attracts everything to you. Let me know how it is going
after you have had a chance to tyry it out okay?

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
Namaste Karnprashant10, Thank you for your question. It is pronounced,
"Tee-ru Nee-la Kan-tam" with a "t". However, I guess when you are so high
and chanting it can sound like a "d". This is a fantastic karma removing
chant ~ I hope you choose to use it and track the results by the changes in
your life! With Love and Light, Raji

Автор Prashant Karn ( назад)
Thanks for sharing. I'm confused about pronunciation... Is it (Tee-ru
Nee-la Kan-tam) or ((Tee-ru Nee-la Kan-Dam)???

Автор Marlon Burgess ( назад)
Hello. Thank you for posting this. I just recently found Siva Baba and I'm
watching alot of his videos and learning from them, as well as your own.
I've noticed he also has other mantras that would help me out ( such as
finding my soul mate ). So I should use the "Thiru Neela Kantam" chant
first, because it's karma dissolving - and than the other mantra?

Автор Raji Nevin ( назад)
"Thiru Neela Kantam" is a karma busting chant. It can be used anytime, any
day of the week, It is especially powerful at sunset. Sit in a meditation,
imagine a dark blue light in your throat and chant it either 9, 27, 54 or
108 times. Allow it to penetrate your throat. Do this as often as you are
able and you will begin to see results in your own life. Faith and
commitment and change will come and doorways will open for you. In health,
prosperity and enlightenment!

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