Fallout 3 (PC) - Evil Ending

An alternative evil bad karma ending .


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Автор Peter Smith (3 дня)

Автор Adrian Cross (2 месяца)
God bless the Enclave, God Bless America! Best.. ending.. ever!

Автор Brandon Snow (2 месяца)
Victory for the Enclave! Victory for the Fatherland! Godbless America!
Death to the non-humans!

Автор xxthegamingfeverxx (3 месяца)
But you put the fev so others died and humanity went to the brink of
extinction dumb a.ss

Автор xxthegamingfeverxx (3 месяца)
Liam Mach Donald you are like an nazi working with the enclave to wipe out
all impure humans and only the purist live the nazi tried to do that but
the greater good prevailed. All living animals have a right to live

Автор Vincent Indigo (6 дней)
Lol Good and evil endings, Bethesda sure likes to believe the world is
black and white. At least New Vegas cuts that bullshit out and shows that
every faction has its flaws.

Автор Kittthenightrider102 (11 дней)
that's the most fucked up ending. DEATH TO THE ENCLAVE!!

Автор hilzanne47 (4 месяца)
Even without the FEV, mutants and ghouls would die out eventually. Those
mutated by radiation lost their ability to reproduce normally, so they
would never be viable to produce offspring.

Автор Jimmy Nails (2 месяца)
and war...war never changes lol they had 2 sneak that line in at the end
didn't they xD

Автор VORP A being of Light (3 месяца)
Fallout 3 ending almost made me cry :(
So sad :(
Fallout New Vegas, however, didn't.

Автор Mason Bennett (2 месяца)
God I can't wait for Fallout 4

Автор HighPowed Nova (4 месяца)
so....everyone is died excepted for the enclave people wooo what a dick

Автор geomodelrailroader (4 месяца)
you dumped FEV in the water that is a NO NO 

Автор MrNooler (25 дней)
But with the good ending game at least continues

Автор Tyler Rowland (1 месяц)
The enclave sucks😈

Автор Nicholas Drew (3 месяца)
You kill Lyons who does that what is going to happen too lyons pride

Автор michael clevenger (3 месяца)
AND Actually the lone wanderer's actions are justified. He steals because
hes in a desperate situation. Megaton was filled with filthy poor people
and had to be cleansed with nuclear fire. The FEV virus purified the land
of inhuman mutants who were mostly evil anyways. Brotherhood of steel were
just trying to manipulate you, so killing them was justified... As for
murdering unarmed civilians... well, its a nasty world shit happens what
can I say. The important thing is that he cleansed the land.

Автор Easter Eggfinder (2 месяца)
I'm more of a outcast there had as.s

Автор Roblox Armysgt77 (2 месяца)
What happens on broken steel if you do that ending

Автор Eric Waldbaum (4 месяца)
im a enclave and brotherhood guy there both my favorite factions they
should have teamed up and destroyed the legion and ncr

Автор moomoo moo (1 месяц)
Eric wauldbaum the ncr and the legion weren't ever existing at the time and
if they did they weren't in California battling for hover dam 

Автор liam Mac Dougall (5 месяцев)
I hate how they say helping the enclave is "bad" when the FEV kills all
mutated Creatures and humans. I would rather have clean water for humans
and kill all super mutants and mutated creatures then let them live.

Автор Carlo Federico (4 месяца)
i couldnt ever play evil in this game. from all the people i know who have
played this game, whenever it is discussed how we played it, you can see,
the piece of shit people usually fucked around and played selfishly. but
the more genuine few that i knew were the most open hearted about the
experience and gave me a mouthful on how great this game was to them.
fallout 3 is an excellent test to see what kind of person you are. I would
say based off all the things i have read and experienced.

Автор adalton santamaria (5 месяцев)
Ladies and gentlemen, this is a example of our politicians in Congress. No
honor, no courage, and no brains

Автор Pride Sloth (4 месяца)
Fallout 3 vs new Vegas

Автор cracmar03 (3 месяца)
Oh my god ... what did you do ? ;)
And this whole damn pressure at the ending on you ... that's why I loved
New Vegas so much. There was no pressure to be saint ... even if you Karma
there was bad you could feel like Hero at the end of game.
You sent young Lyons to die, yet you've got time to put modify FEV ? :)
Brilliant idea and this final toying with her about giving code ...

Автор michael clevenger (3 месяца)
i love the enclave USA USA

Автор Eric Waldbaum (4 месяца)

Автор McBlemmen . (11 месяцев)
I wonder , if you choose this ending , and continue in broken steel , is
everyone in the world dead?

Автор BlueMewGaming (7 месяцев)

Автор enterprise0709 (11 месяцев)
I MUST watch this ending on youtube. I tried to play evil but I JUST CANT!

Автор ReplicatorFifth (9 месяцев)
it was well established that ANYONE, even a rad resistant mutant would die
in that chamber. I'm sure Bethesda had a reason they just *forgot to
include it in the story. after Broken Steel came out its revealed that the
player, if they choose to go in themselves, beats all odds and wakes from a

Автор Jethroe Schiller (9 месяцев)
what makes you say that?

Автор Stancu Bogdan (9 месяцев)
Hey dick

Автор itaybron (6 месяцев)
broken steel dlc

Автор Max Parker (1 год)
I don't get it was that person in the thing his dad?

Автор Star Cop (10 месяцев)
Dang, that was pretty bad. Glad I didn't listen to that crazy Nazis

Автор LadyGaDieVa (9 месяцев)
I know, right?! I was so pissed about that. I was like "This is what he was
built for!"

Автор Zachariah Rodriguez (9 месяцев)
I murdered everyone in Megaton because I failed to pick pocket someone. So
after that, I just killed everyone I could. But in the end, I went in myself

Автор SuperPrinnyDood (8 месяцев)
This is the best 1000 ways to die episode ever :p

Автор Suneel Gurpur (9 месяцев)
And his name was Johnny Guitar.

Автор DouchebagAssholeify (7 месяцев)
I agree, of all the games I've ever played, Fallout 2 is my favourite. I
love many other games, and it's a hard choice.

Автор Donteros Terrowyn (8 месяцев)
Lol, either you die as a hero or you are spoken off in 3rd person as the
worst bastard in the wasteland for letting the girl og in and die in Your
Place. xD

Автор deceptiveauto (9 месяцев)
yeah it should have said although the lone wanderer didnt follow the
example of his father he made the decision that would let him continue to
protect the capital wasteland for a longer time

Автор Thetriple A.M. (1 год)
why did the enclave president want to impurify the water?

Автор ExtremeGamer482BR (6 месяцев)
I never blew up megaton

Автор FactCore6759 (8 месяцев)
Same here man, it's weird, I've got like this bubble around me that's like

Автор Sig Shooter (6 месяцев)
i pipí de pie

Автор thejdog03 (8 месяцев)
yeah i beat the game with a girl

Автор vincent seidle (9 месяцев)
im 100% positive that its the same guy. i found myself thinking the same
thing every time i watched that show

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