Fallout 3 (PC) - Evil Ending

An alternative evil bad karma ending .


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Автор TooDank ( назад)
Fallout New Vegas Psychopath ending was better and more badass

Автор Nationalist Capitalist Party of America ( назад)
There are many ways to end this game.

The Lone Wanderer can be a hero who is lost but never forgotten, and sacrificed his own life to save mankind from destruction.
The Lone Wanderer can be a mass killing, psychopathic, genocidal, antagonist who hates everyone and wants to kill them because they don't agree with him. Therefore everyone who stands in his way are annihilated and he is the ultimate dawn of sin on the world. He is remembered but not forgotten in a good riddance. Everyone eventually hated him.

Everyone can love you or hate you. It's up to you to decide that.

God damn...

Автор Nationalist Capitalist Party of America ( назад)
Congrats, you just committed mass genocide! Hooray!

Yeah I don't think so...

Автор Blond Jimmy ( назад)
The broken steel ending to fallout 3 in my opinion is the best ending even though it makes you feel like a dick for sending in fawkes to activate project purity.

Автор Jason Santana ( назад)
so sad

Автор Mr. VampireFang ( назад)
I'll go, just open the door after to let me out after,K? I've got 100 bags of rad be gone. okay, let me out. it's been about a minute. open it please. please. I'm down to 50. please.

Автор Antonio Salcedo ( назад)
[ Intelligence ]
Fallout 4 was a great game, althought not as RPG-ish as its predecessor. But it was a fun game with many things to do and DLC as well.

Автор wolvez28 ( назад)
too bad she didnt have her helmet on.
Power armor, plus rad x = healthy woman

Автор Rico Pacheco ( назад)
Cleanse the wasteland of all raiders,mutants,etc and start over the future of America with the smartest and purest of the remains of America?THAT'S THE BEST CHOICE!

Автор Rokossovsky ( назад)
[Uber-intelligence] Fallout 4 is total bullshit and not supposed to be called "Fallout" at all.

Автор KR33P3R_KR4FT 04 ( назад)
[Speach %32] Hey Bethesda! Where's Fallout 4 online?!

Автор David Louis ( назад)

Автор tofattofly1 ( назад)
Why would a evil character even bother going down there?

Автор Dr. Skeletor ( назад)
[Speech 100%] Another Settlement needs our help.

Автор ETSubmariner ( назад)
I told my Super Mutant companion to go in as he could survive without any trouble whatsoever. He did survive, of course, but bitched about it to no end.

Автор Dylan Miller ( назад)
fallout 4 is not as good as this classic

Автор Dylan Miller ( назад)
one of the best games ever made ppl who hate on it are dumb as fuck

Автор Benjamin Branz ( назад)
[intelligence] why do we put the virus in the thing!!!!!!!

Автор Nikifor12 Chaldakov ( назад)
I cant iven imagine to be evil

Автор The Finest Sake ( назад)
Off topic- I love how all the ladies in the vanilla game had a mustache and a 5 o'clock shadow. Gotta love Bethesda.

Автор Kaike The Humanhog ( назад)
And War...
War Never Changes.

Автор Bethesda Studio's ( назад)
how come it can't be like skyrims ending

Автор M3RK Ryguy214 ( назад)
stupid idiot: [Charisma] hey CoD is gonna be way better that Battlefield
Me: [speech failed] um no its not

Автор That one guy ( назад)
True hero? Sure! I'm not even the main character! I'm just a spectator. I ain't above this!

Автор Maddy Salisbury1 ( назад)
(speech 100)
I'm a princes !)

Автор Link6456 ( назад)
[Speech 99%]

Broken steel gives a better ending but I always thought the original endings were executed greatly.

Автор Puglous ( назад)
"Selfish...greed...cruelty...these were the values that guided a lost soul through countless trials and triumphs."

Love that part, so haunting.

Автор AllegedTuna32 ( назад)
[Perception 10] Seems like the people who argue about Fallout 3 vs New Vegas seem to lack intelligence.

Автор ReeLoy Kenjins ( назад)
Dr. Ri really ruins the moment of the ending when she panics about the purifier after it's turned on.

Автор Dayton Johnson ( назад)
the "war never changes"sound like modern warfare

Автор T. Alexandru ( назад)
If only history lessons were presented in class like this cutscene

Автор Jay Parmo ( назад)
[Intimidate 17%] War, war never changes... Unless i'm involved!

Автор Machete 87 ( назад)
if u have Charon or Faux accompany u to the purifier, u could ask either 1 to start up the purifier. kinda funny once Charon starts it, he sits back n chills as the purifier kicks on.

Автор colin041998 ( назад)
''The Capital Wasteland, despite its progress, became a graveyard''

Автор Catherine Flores ( назад)
[enclave] who else thinks there should have been a dlc for our great president?

Автор Adam Myrick ( назад)
fallout 3 and new vagus are really dark compared to 4

Автор CoffeeBird ( назад)
I literally just want to go up to him and say "Dick move."

Автор Vickie Carter ( назад)
it's now air born SHIT

Автор SecretMountainTroll ( назад)
too bad F4's ending wasn't this badass

Автор Sequoia Nabahe ( назад)
Game, stop judging me for my sins.
She was the one with the rad-resistant armor and will to die for her faction.

Автор Oakley Watkins ( назад)
wears radiation suit with hundreds of rad away, dies of radiation

Автор Pie Games ( назад)
What a dick move to poison the wter supply and lt someone else die in your place

Автор XxTropsicoxX ( назад)
How was that evil, He just didn't want to tell her the code

Автор ZackarizeTV ( назад)
[Speech 1%]


Автор Herald of RNG ( назад)
Not only was this a stupid way to handle it since there were plenty of plebs you could have sent in there without killing them but they also made the good choice irrelevant by making the elder drop dead shortly after the end of the game after which this chick takes a bullet resulting in the brotherhood picking Maxson as their leader and becoming major league douchenozzles.

Автор Black Monolith Entertainment ( назад)
[Speech lvl100] Death to the Stormcloaks!!

Автор ᄃ최윤석 ( назад)

Автор smug anime face ( назад)
[Penis 69/420] "PENIS!"

Автор Enclave Trooper ( назад)
Anyone know the name of the song that plays when the narrator says "so ends the story of the lone wanderer" pretty awesome, can't find it on the soundtrack

Автор J HIPnotiQ (1458 лет назад)
how can you actually game continue

Автор kostus ( назад)
[Speech 5%]
[Perception 8]
[Charisma 2]

I think First two Fallout games + Fallout Tactics are the best games in series.

Автор Carter Versfeld ( назад)
cool...I think

Автор killer19183 ( назад)
Isnt lee in fo4?

Автор Dk Soulstice ( назад)
[Speech 100%] Fallout 3's original ending is one of the stupidest endings in video game history.

Автор thisisdeathgrips? ( назад)
[Low Intelligence] Who even gives a fuck about this shitty-ass game, I'm gonna go play Call of Duty.

Автор SamRI studios (94 года назад)
[Intelligence1000000]I know how they coded all the fallout games.I can write it down!

Автор The Lone Wanderer (91 год назад)
Fallout 3 > Fallout 4 > Or = Fallout NV

Автор JinRoh1898 ( назад)
"I'm not telling you the fucking code." lol

Автор LinkELPachi ( назад)
[Child at heart] fo3 is better than nv/ fo nv is better than 3

Автор Zer0dog ( назад)
[Speech 100%]

I like both fallout 3 and New Vegas :3
Who's with me!

Автор Ryan Evans ( назад)
This is why i couldn't bring myself to be evil in this game, "Hooray you are responsible for the death of fuckin' everybody, and you're a gutless asshole to boot. try not to get depressed" :'(
I'm a sensitive guy dammit

Автор TheCloudWing ( назад)
Uh, I just made Fawkes do it.

Автор TheMazzken ( назад)
What is Project Purity?

Автор TrollForce ( назад)
I felt like such an asshole doing this ending.

Автор shayan ( назад)
"im not giving you the fucking code" lmaooo i died

Автор Aidan Frauhiger ( назад)
I finished project purity the right way but I didn't get this ending part I can still play PLS tell me why this is?

Автор Duneedon ( назад)
I like how you can spent MOST, or even almost ALL, of the game being a total asshole -- killing left and right, pickpocketing almost everyone you can, stealing anything you can, ratting out people, etc., and then later on (even immediately before the Take It Back! quest), you can choose the perk to get the "very good" karma, and the narrator will sing your praises at the end, as though you had been saintly all along. :-)

Автор Valikane (1642 года назад)
I bet the enclave is now a shadow organization in fallout 4 trying to manipulates the events in that game.

Автор Valikane ( назад)
[Speech 100%] Fallout 4 is better...

Автор luna princes ( назад)
good there is dlc and game continue

Автор Allstate Mayhem ( назад)
[Intelligence] Both FO3 and NV are amazing games, stop arguing.

Автор Zero interest (2032 года назад)
There was no penalty for getting the code wrong and it was only a three number code showing that the enclave could have systematically went through all the options and would have got the code quite quickly and easily but screw logic because plot convenience.

Автор General Maul ( назад)
I love how every companion you ask to go in there is like:

"No fuck that!" 

Even companions like the ghoul, fawkes and the robot... Like what the hell? Bethesda, i love ya man but there's lines not even you can cross. This is one of them. Please for the love of all that is good karma, please just write a good story for Fo4.. Not too much to ask i hope.

Автор Jonathan Atom ( назад)
[Caesar's Legion] Fallout New Vegas is superior to Fallout 3.

Автор TheLastBabyMan (1651 год назад)
(Charisma) I liked both games equally.

Автор Dispenser Pootis ( назад)
[Speech, 69%] You messed up MLG Wasteland. Not gud m8. I'm going to ban you from xxx_wasteland_xxx cheeky cunt m9.

Автор crucialsebbi productions ( назад)
I hate how there was 2 endings to fallout 3. It's either cheesy "You did it wooooo you are such a saint" or "You are literally hitler you fucking shitlord". New vegas did that shit so much better with different endings for the different factions

Автор Josh Josh (1789 лет назад)
Uhoh wrong game :P

Автор Mag Agent ( назад)
fallout 29=War changes the never changes because war can change only when change is presented to war. War never changes. Sometimes...Not...Will...*

Автор RamshackleRozza ( назад)
[Charisma] Tbh, I think Fallout New Vegas is about 10 times better. [Please don't give me bad karma]

Автор TKEREN35 ( назад)
Fuck YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор xXDeathMetalThrasherXx ( назад)
What's the name of the guy voicing this?

Автор XWolf ( назад)
Fallout 3 has a better story

Автор Penguino ( назад)
[Speech, 100%] Touch my butthole.

Автор Vincent ( назад)
[Succeded] Yes it is better than fallout 3 new vegas is better.

Автор michaeL toombs ( назад)
[Animal Friend] You were a filthy dog....

Автор darkphinex21 ( назад)
in all my play threws of this game i never did go evil i was always good

Автор jack alexander ( назад)
rhejisgwhtvdgjfhwl;dcwy sorry I did a little LSD so ..........

Автор jack alexander ( назад)
(speech 100%) i don't know who u r but I will find u and I will kill u

Автор -villejh- ( назад)
Oblivion with guns

Автор user name ( назад)
he is not stupid to sacrrfice , lol just at end die like donkey same thing i does in game 

Автор fearagen fan page ( назад)
U suck at fallout

Автор Nolan Norris ( назад)
I hate how when she acts like your a douche for not wanting to die.
Like 'Oh? Your not gonna kill yourself by way of radiation? What a jerk?"

Автор XtraGamingHD ( назад)
[Speech, 99%] I'm sure we can all agree that Fallout 3 had a better atmosphere than Fallout: NV.

EDIT: 2 years later and now Fallout 4 has been out for quite some time what are your opinions on it? Oh and I love all the modern Fallout games, FO3, FO:NV and FO4.

Автор mongojr100 ( назад)
That was sick but why did other humans die. The people who didn't work with the Enclave.

Автор Swank ( назад)
[Speech, 99%] I think we can all agree that New Vegas is better, right?

Автор Danger-Day Pancakes ( назад)
why did you use the FEV instead of just blowing up project purity, why kill some people when you can kill everyone!

Автор Matthew Schappell ( назад)
That part at 5:03 hits my feels every time...

Автор raponpaskaa ( назад)
Best ending got rid of mutants and other freaks.

Автор SpaghettiandSauce (118 лет назад)
The first time I played this game, I used the FEV virus cos I thought it would only kill the super-mutants. I felt really guilty when the game told me it killed all the Ghouls and everyone with a mutation, I was trying to play as a good character. :-(

Guess that'll teach me to trust the Enclave.

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