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Автор Swank (6 месяцев)
[Speech, 99%] I think we can all agree that New Vegas is better, right?

Автор BattlestarPegasus (1 год)
Man what a crappy ending, remind me never to be an asswipe while playing
this game, lol.

Автор jack alexander (4 месяца)
(speech 100%) i don't know who u r but I will find u and I will kill u

Автор Mattman0106 (9 месяцев)
That part at 5:03 hits my feels every time...

Автор X EliteGamers (13 дней)
Fallout 3 has a better story

Автор Nolan Norris (5 месяцев)
I hate how when she acts like your a douche for not wanting to die.
Like 'Oh? Your not gonna kill yourself by way of radiation? What a jerk?"

Автор michaeL toombs (2 месяца)
[Animal Friend] You were a filthy dog....

Автор JaaDfire (1 год)
You murderin' bastard... That is the WORST way to play this game..yikes!!

I'm glad I didn't use that virus..wow it killed everyone but the
enclave..screw the enclave

Автор Peter Smith (1 год)

Автор user name (4 месяца)
he is not stupid to sacrrfice , lol just at end die like donkey same thing
i does in game 

Автор Jonathan Bond (6 месяцев)
[Speech, 99%] I'm sure we can all agree that Fallout 3 had a better
atmosphere than Fallout: NV.

Автор SpaghettiandSauce (9 месяцев)
The first time I played this game, I used the FEV virus cos I thought it
would only kill the super-mutants. I felt really guilty when the game told
me it killed all the Ghouls and everyone with a mutation, I was trying to
play as a good character. :-(

Guess that'll teach me to trust the Enclave.

Автор mongojr100 (6 месяцев)
That was sick but why did other humans die. The people who didn't work with
the Enclave.

Автор Insanity Luc (10 месяцев)
This is the best ending indeed!
The brotherhood of steel was just trying to manipulate you and forced you
for their cause. The FEV virus killed every mutant and ghoul. 99.5% of them
were evil anyway. The poor, corrupt and diseased Megaton was cleansed in
nuclear fire.
You had to steal some items just to survive and some people die anyway in
this cruel world were humanity fight each other for opposing ideals. You
have cleansed this horrible land well done! 10/10 would play again!

Автор Nicholas Matthews (1 месяц)
[Succeded] Yes it is better than fallout 3 new vegas is better.

Автор fearagen fan page (5 месяцев)
U suck at fallout 

Автор darkphinex21 (2 месяца)
in all my play threws of this game i never did go evil i was always good

Автор Villejh (4 месяца)
Oblivion with guns

Автор That Guy (1 год)
I actually happened to see many things in this ending that's are completely
justifiable, but the thing that pissed me off and drove me to be as selfish
as possible in the game is the narrator's words, "The Greater Good", fuck
the greater good, if I can't benefit from it, it Doesn't matter!

Автор Vault Boy (1 месяц)
[Speech, 100%] Touch my butthole.

Автор Carlo Federico (1 год)
i couldnt ever play evil in this game. from all the people i know who have
played this game, whenever it is discussed how we played it, you can see,
the piece of shit people usually fucked around and played selfishly. but
the more genuine few that i knew were the most open hearted about the
experience and gave me a mouthful on how great this game was to them.
fallout 3 is an excellent test to see what kind of person you are. I would
say based off all the things i have read and experienced.

Автор jack alexander (4 месяца)
rhejisgwhtvdgjfhwl;dcwy sorry I did a little LSD so ..........

Автор xxthegamingfeverxx (1 год)
But you put the fev so others died and humanity went to the brink of
extinction dumb a.ss

Автор chlimar boo (10 месяцев)
the end video , makes me cry :''( T_T 

Автор chlimar boo (10 месяцев)
wait oh , hell no , this is evil ending :/ i cry on the good one 

Автор Danger-Day Pancakes (7 месяцев)
why did you use the FEV instead of just blowing up project purity, why kill
some people when you can kill everyone!

Автор raponpaskaa (9 месяцев)
Best ending got rid of mutants and other freaks.

Автор liam Mac Dougall (1 год)
I hate how they say helping the enclave is "bad" when the FEV kills all
mutated Creatures and humans. I would rather have clean water for humans
and kill all super mutants and mutated creatures then let them live.

Автор hilzanne47 (1 год)
Even without the FEV, mutants and ghouls would die out eventually. Those
mutated by radiation lost their ability to reproduce normally, so they
would never be viable to produce offspring.

Автор Lord Vader (11 месяцев)
you let fawkes die im gonna FUCKIN!!!!! ya know what i might get in

Автор Ethan kent (10 месяцев)
that's not the ending

Автор Morgan Wolfskin (10 месяцев)
[BoS Paladin] [Big Guns & Energy Weapons 100] You
guys are the reason the MIRV was created. I'm so sick'o you...

Автор ProtonFTW yoloFTW (10 месяцев)
4k VIDS HOLY COW subd 

Автор 1dredhouse (10 месяцев)
I remember doing evil for a bit and slow going good haha nice ending here
two way apart different

Автор Cameron Chiu (10 месяцев)
This ending would be awesome if the Lone Wanderer was actually born inside
the vault. But no, you just fucked yourself.

Автор Ethan kent (10 месяцев)
after the cutscean you go black and get you rads token away the you wake up

Автор VORP A being of Light (1 год)
Fallout 3 ending almost made me cry :(
So sad :(
Fallout New Vegas, however, didn't.

Автор moomoo moo (1 год)
Eric wauldbaum the ncr and the legion weren't ever existing at the time and
if they did they weren't in California battling for hover dam 

Автор michael clevenger (1 год)
AND Actually the lone wanderer's actions are justified. He steals because
hes in a desperate situation. Megaton was filled with filthy poor people
and had to be cleansed with nuclear fire. The FEV virus purified the land
of inhuman mutants who were mostly evil anyways. Brotherhood of steel were
just trying to manipulate you, so killing them was justified... As for
murdering unarmed civilians... well, its a nasty world shit happens what
can I say. The important thing is that he cleansed the land.

Автор chase nolan (1 год)
You monster

Автор cracmar03 (1 год)
Oh my god ... what did you do ? ;)
And this whole damn pressure at the ending on you ... that's why I loved
New Vegas so much. There was no pressure to be saint ... even if you Karma
there was bad you could feel like Hero at the end of game.
You sent young Lyons to die, yet you've got time to put modify FEV ? :)
Brilliant idea and this final toying with her about giving code ...

Автор Nooler (1 год)
But with the good ending game at least continues

Автор kevin rowland (1 год)
The enclave sucks😈

Автор michael clevenger (1 год)
i love the enclave USA USA

Автор moomoo moo (1 год)
The enclave is evil cause it shows that most people were killed with the
FEV also the narrator calls eden sinister for trying to use the lone
wanderer of Vault 101 in the ( original game ). Outro

Автор Mason Bennett (1 год)
God I can't wait for Fallout 4

Автор Adrian Cross (1 год)
God bless the Enclave, God Bless America! Best.. ending.. ever!

Автор Easter Eggfinder (1 год)
I'm more of a outcast there had as.s

Автор Kittthenightrider102 (1 год)
that's the most fucked up ending. DEATH TO THE ENCLAVE!!

Автор Brandon Snow (1 год)
Victory for the Enclave! Victory for the Fatherland! Godbless America!
Death to the non-humans!

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