Fallout 3 (PC) - Evil Ending

An alternative evil bad karma ending .


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Автор shayan zianour ( назад)
"im not giving you the fucking code" lmaooo i died

Автор Aidan Frauhiger ( назад)
I finished project purity the right way but I didn't get this ending part I
can still play PLS tell me why this is?

Автор MrDunedon ( назад)
I like how you can spent MOST, or even almost ALL, of the game being a
total asshole -- killing left and right, pickpocketing almost everyone you
can, stealing anything you can, ratting out people, etc., and then later on
(even immediately before the Take It Back! quest), you can choose the perk
to get the "very good" karma, and the narrator will sing your praises at
the end, as though you had been saintly all along. :-)

Автор technoemoful (1640 лет назад)
I bet the enclave is now a shadow organization in fallout 4 trying to
manipulates the events in that game.

Автор technoemoful ( назад)
[Speech 100%] Fallout 4 is better...

Автор luna princes ( назад)
good there is dlc and game continue

Автор Allstate “bixler999” Mayhem ( назад)
[Intelligence] Both FO3 and NV are amazing games, stop arguing.

Автор Zero interest (2030 лет назад)
There was no penalty for getting the code wrong and it was only a three
number code showing that the enclave could have systematically went through
all the options and would have got the code quite quickly and easily but
screw logic because plot convenience.

Автор No words Only dreams. ( назад)
I love how every companion you ask to go in there is like:

"No fuck that!"

Even companions like the ghoul, fawkes and the robot... Like what the hell?
Bethesda, i love ya man but there's lines not even you can cross. This is
one of them. Please for the love of all that is good karma, please just
write a good story for Fo4.. Not too much to ask i hope.

Автор Jonathan Atom ( назад)
[Caesar's Legion] Fallout New Vegas is superior to Fallout 3.

Автор TheLastBabyMan (1649 лет назад)
(Charisma) I liked both games equally.

Автор Dispenser Pootis ( назад)
[Speech, 69%] You messed up MLG Wasteland. Not gud m8. I'm going to ban you
from xxx_wasteland_xxx cheeky cunt m9.

Автор Vidya Gayms ( назад)
I hate how there was 2 endings to fallout 3. It's either cheesy "You did it
wooooo you are such a saint" or "You are literally hitler you fucking
shitlord". New vegas did that shit so much better with different endings
for the different factions

Автор Josh Josh (1787 лет назад)
Uhoh wrong game :P

Автор Mag Agent ( назад)
fallout 29=War changes the never changes because war can change only when
change is presented to war. War never changes. Sometimes...Not...Will...*

Автор Geek Of Movies ( назад)
[Charisma] Tbh, I think Fallout New Vegas is about 10 times better. [Please
don't give me bad karma]

Автор TKEREN35 ( назад)

Автор xXDeathMetalThrasherXx ( назад)
What's the name of the guy voicing this?

Автор Freddy “MLG” Fazbear ( назад)
[speech 99%] fallout new Vegas's ending is better.

Автор XWolf ( назад)
Fallout 3 has a better story

Автор GentlePenguin 89 ( назад)
[Speech, 100%] Touch my butthole.

Автор Nicholas Matthews ( назад)
[Succeded] Yes it is better than fallout 3 new vegas is better.

Автор michaeL toombs ( назад)
[Animal Friend] You were a filthy dog....

Автор darkphinex21 ( назад)
in all my play threws of this game i never did go evil i was always good

Автор jack alexander (TheXBullGamer) ( назад)
rhejisgwhtvdgjfhwl;dcwy sorry I did a little LSD so ..........

Автор jack alexander (TheXBullGamer) ( назад)
(speech 100%) i don't know who u r but I will find u and I will kill u

Автор Villejh ( назад)
Oblivion with guns

Автор user name ( назад)
he is not stupid to sacrrfice , lol just at end die like donkey same thing
i does in game 

Автор fearagen fan page ( назад)
U suck at fallout 

Автор Nolan Norris ( назад)
I hate how when she acts like your a douche for not wanting to die.
Like 'Oh? Your not gonna kill yourself by way of radiation? What a jerk?"

Автор Aft3RSh0cK Gaming ( назад)
[Speech, 99%] I'm sure we can all agree that Fallout 3 had a better
atmosphere than Fallout: NV.

Автор mongojr100 ( назад)
That was sick but why did other humans die. The people who didn't work with
the Enclave.

Автор Swank ( назад)
[Speech, 99%] I think we can all agree that New Vegas is better, right?

Автор Danger-Day Pancakes ( назад)
why did you use the FEV instead of just blowing up project purity, why kill
some people when you can kill everyone!

Автор Mattman0106 ( назад)
That part at 5:03 hits my feels every time...

Автор raponpaskaa ( назад)
Best ending got rid of mutants and other freaks.

Автор SpaghettiandSauce (116 лет назад)
The first time I played this game, I used the FEV virus cos I thought it
would only kill the super-mutants. I felt really guilty when the game told
me it killed all the Ghouls and everyone with a mutation, I was trying to
play as a good character. :-(

Guess that'll teach me to trust the Enclave.

Автор Insanity Luc ( назад)
This is the best ending indeed!
The brotherhood of steel was just trying to manipulate you and forced you
for their cause. The FEV virus killed every mutant and ghoul. 99.5% of them
were evil anyway. The poor, corrupt and diseased Megaton was cleansed in
nuclear fire.
You had to steal some items just to survive and some people die anyway in
this cruel world were humanity fight each other for opposing ideals. You
have cleansed this horrible land well done! 10/10 would play again!

Автор Yel Gamer ( назад)
wait oh , hell no , this is evil ending :/ i cry on the good one 

Автор Yel Gamer ( назад)
the end video , makes me cry :''( T_T 

Автор Ethan kent ( назад)
after the cutscean you go black and get you rads token away the you wake up

Автор Ethan kent ( назад)
that's not the ending

Автор Morgan Wolfskin ( назад)
[BoS Paladin] [Big Guns & Energy Weapons 100] You
guys are the reason the MIRV was created. I'm so sick'o you...

Автор ProtonFTW yoloFTW ( назад)
4k VIDS HOLY COW subd 

Автор Cameron Chiu ( назад)
This ending would be awesome if the Lone Wanderer was actually born inside
the vault. But no, you just fucked yourself.

Автор 1dredhouse ( назад)
I remember doing evil for a bit and slow going good haha nice ending here
two way apart different

Автор Ewan McDonald ( назад)
Should've worn your safety helmet bitch!

Автор Lord Vader ( назад)
you let fawkes die im gonna FUCKIN!!!!! ya know what i might get in

Автор That Guy ( назад)
I actually happened to see many things in this ending that's are completely
justifiable, but the thing that pissed me off and drove me to be as selfish
as possible in the game is the narrator's words, "The Greater Good", fuck
the greater good, if I can't benefit from it, it Doesn't matter!

Автор BattlestarPegasus ( назад)
Man what a crappy ending, remind me never to be an asswipe while playing
this game, lol.

Автор JaaDfire ( назад)
You murderin' bastard... That is the WORST way to play this game..yikes!!

I'm glad I didn't use that virus..wow it killed everyone but the
enclave..screw the enclave

Автор chase nolan ( назад)
You monster

Автор Peter Smith ( назад)

Автор Kittthenightrider102 ( назад)
that's the most fucked up ending. DEATH TO THE ENCLAVE!!

Автор Nooler ( назад)
But with the good ending game at least continues

Автор moomoo moo ( назад)
Eric wauldbaum the ncr and the legion weren't ever existing at the time and
if they did they weren't in California battling for hover dam 

Автор moomoo moo ( назад)
The enclave is evil cause it shows that most people were killed with the
FEV also the narrator calls eden sinister for trying to use the lone
wanderer of Vault 101 in the ( original game ). Outro

Автор moomoo moo ( назад)
The reaper 2002 said exactly what was on my mind :)

Автор kevin rowland ( назад)
The enclave sucks😈

Автор WillieManga ( назад)
This is probably the most fucked up thing you'll ever see in a video game
unless you have the DLC. I'm so glad I had Lyons dispose of the FEV.

Автор Tanner Martin ( назад)
I find it kinda ood how she is fighting to go in...

Автор TheUberBowTieGuy ( назад)
So the lone wanderer was an asshat

Автор Mason Bennett ( назад)
God I can't wait for Fallout 4

Автор Brandon Snow ( назад)
Victory for the Enclave! Victory for the Fatherland! Godbless America!
Death to the non-humans!

Автор Adrian Cross ( назад)
God bless the Enclave, God Bless America! Best.. ending.. ever!

Автор Easter Eggfinder ( назад)
I'm more of a outcast there had as.s

Автор Slicky Ricky ( назад)
and war...war never changes lol they had 2 sneak that line in at the end
didn't they xD

Автор Roblox Armysgt77 ( назад)
What happens on broken steel if you do that ending

Автор Candy Queen ( назад)

Автор ReplicatorFifth ( назад)
after two good characters I decided to make an evil jackass...I can only
play him for short stretches of time because the choices make me a little
ill. I found thinking of Soldier from TF2 helps with the killing of
innocents. "if god had wanted you to live he would have not created ME!" I
decided that was his mentality.

Автор cracmar03 ( назад)
Oh my god ... what did you do ? ;)
And this whole damn pressure at the ending on you ... that's why I loved
New Vegas so much. There was no pressure to be saint ... even if you Karma
there was bad you could feel like Hero at the end of game.
You sent young Lyons to die, yet you've got time to put modify FEV ? :)
Brilliant idea and this final toying with her about giving code ...

Автор Cyberphobia Durg ( назад)
AND Actually the lone wanderer's actions are justified. He steals because
hes in a desperate situation. Megaton was filled with filthy poor people
and had to be cleansed with nuclear fire. The FEV virus purified the land
of inhuman mutants who were mostly evil anyways. Brotherhood of steel were
just trying to manipulate you, so killing them was justified... As for
murdering unarmed civilians... well, its a nasty world shit happens what
can I say. The important thing is that he cleansed the land.

Автор Cyberphobia Durg ( назад)
i love the enclave USA USA

Автор VORP A being of Light ( назад)
Fallout 3 ending almost made me cry :(
So sad :(
Fallout New Vegas, however, didn't.

Автор thegamingfever ( назад)
But you put the fev so others died and humanity went to the brink of
extinction dumb a.ss

Автор thegamingfever ( назад)
Liam Mach Donald you are like an nazi working with the enclave to wipe out
all impure humans and only the purist live the nazi tried to do that but
the greater good prevailed. All living animals have a right to live

Автор Nicholas Drew ( назад)
You kill Lyons who does that what is going to happen too lyons pride

Автор Carlo Federico ( назад)
i couldnt ever play evil in this game. from all the people i know who have
played this game, whenever it is discussed how we played it, you can see,
the piece of shit people usually fucked around and played selfishly. but
the more genuine few that i knew were the most open hearted about the
experience and gave me a mouthful on how great this game was to them.
fallout 3 is an excellent test to see what kind of person you are. I would
say based off all the things i have read and experienced.

Автор Pride Sloth ( назад)
Fallout 3 vs new Vegas

Автор hilzanne47 ( назад)
Even without the FEV, mutants and ghouls would die out eventually. Those
mutated by radiation lost their ability to reproduce normally, so they
would never be viable to produce offspring.

Автор Ericbaum ( назад)

Автор Ericbaum ( назад)
im a enclave and brotherhood guy there both my favorite factions they
should have teamed up and destroyed the legion and ncr

Автор Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography ( назад)
you dumped FEV in the water that is a NO NO 

Автор HighPowed Nova ( назад)
so....everyone is died excepted for the enclave people wooo what a dick

Автор liam Mac Dougall ( назад)
I hate how they say helping the enclave is "bad" when the FEV kills all
mutated Creatures and humans. I would rather have clean water for humans
and kill all super mutants and mutated creatures then let them live.

Автор King Santamaria ( назад)
Ladies and gentlemen, this is a example of our politicians in Congress. No
honor, no courage, and no brains

Автор IGN ( назад)
i played like an asshole all fallout 3 and fallout new vegas ahaha

Автор Psycho13ladez ( назад)
yeah but i always end up shooting jerk-offs in the face

Автор bladiumdragon ( назад)
I know that feel, bro.

Автор MattMaMan ( назад)
haha looks like im not the only one who just couldn't play evil.

Автор 00Eregos00 ( назад)
Enclave is the only faction with the true strength of will to rule the

Автор 00Eregos00 ( назад)
Actually the lone wanderer's actions are justified. He steals because hes
in a desperate situation. Megaton was filled with filthy poor people and
had to be cleansed with nuclear fire. The FEV virus purified the land of
inhuman mutants who were mostly evil anyways. Brotherhood of steel were
just trying to manipulate you, so killing them was justified... As for
murdering unarmed civilians... well, its a nasty world shit happens what
can I say. The important thing is that he cleansed the land.

Автор Sirius Baka ( назад)
me too

Автор dLight ( назад)
Most people are good. Too bad it's the evil people that are in power that
controls everything in the real world.

Автор RAHaworthVids ( назад)
Still managed to make the ending epic, and that's why I love Fallout

Автор tyler converso ( назад)
all of those dead people and animals and dogmeat survived

Автор Shazeen82 ( назад)
Me too... just stealing some stuf fthat i need. Medical, ammunition etc. xD

Автор Bob Belcher ( назад)
theres a mod 4 the ending were you just shoot sarah and run off it is lolz
i think it is still on nexus check it out you wont regret

Автор nick12349 ( назад)
im evil im under ur bed or desk i see u when ur sleeping i know whenur
awake sub to me and u wont be killed in ur sleep u have 10 minutes GO

Автор Magus ( назад)
the companions can only do it if you have the broken steel expansion thingy

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