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Автор Miki Takagami (5 месяцев)
Wish YouTube made annotations for mobile...

Автор Gaijin Goombah (1 год)
I would love to use this in a future episode!

Автор lohweo (2 месяца)
I am from Germany and i don't spot a single mistake in Von Kaisers quotes
=) That makes me kind of glad xD

Автор ElizaGarrettt (4 дня)
Languages are so interesting! I think it was a really great decision for
them to have the characters speak their native languages.

Автор Jasmine theSnowwolf (2 месяца)
As a Indian myself I love great tiger

Автор (Survey Corps) Amethyst the Lucario (21 день)
Great Tiger's speech is ASMR material.

Автор Ireena Somerset (2 месяца)
It's a shame that Soda is clearly not voiced by a native Russian. He is
extremely close, but there is still a little accent in some of the verbs. 

Автор AwesomeDrifterX (3 месяца)
When saying, "Ah! Oh, darn" Glass Joe seems to be saying, "Ah! Sh**!"

Автор Mehlizie (19 дней)
i'd fuck glass joe

Автор CAV15 (19 дней)
"Torya" is an actual Japanese battle cry?! That's awesome! I thought it
was just a random word they used in Sonic Adventure 2.

Автор Nicholas Hamilton (2 дня)
You forgot Aran Ryan :|

Автор Fabio Zanin (2 месяца)
They messed up the wheigth a Little i think i am 14 5ft8 118 lbs so i
whould be heawhier then Little Mac and glas joe

Автор Lodey (1 месяц)
Any chance you could upload the audio? Looking to get the raw audio from
the game!

Автор MoonWolfX2 (11 дней)
Any one else hear glass joe say "oh shit" at the very beginning?

Автор LT Tannian (16 дней)
"I'm screwed."
Looks like Nintendo isn't kiddy after all.

Автор Myles Venour (8 дней)
Says translations, puts in annotations 

Автор Marl Pugh (2 месяца)
don't need to translate king hippo he just grunts

Автор Minecraft OFP857 (7 месяцев)
1:15 Fight a muffin!

Автор corjonbett (19 дней)
Great Tiger has a response to missing not heard here... sounds like

Автор Coral! CORAL! (2 месяца)
I really like how most of them are honorary and tell you tips, but most
people can't tell what they're saying so they don't understand.

Автор Jack Carbery (2 месяца)
Doesn't work on my iPad 

Автор ShadowdaHedgie11 (5 дней)
The only complaint I have is that TV Tropes says Great Tiger says
'Earthquake' at some point. I think it might be that "LET'S GOOOOO" might
have been mistranslated. Or maybe TV Tropes got it wrong.

Автор Billyharris110 :D of TPNG and DVGU (2 месяца)
Wow. Bald Bull is a jerk. 

Автор N&N573 (7 месяцев)
1:27 Ich? Deutsch präzision. Du? Windmühle. 

Автор Leumas Dauenhauer (2 месяца)
I just realized something, Don Flamenco is seen bullfighting in this game,
but he LOSES, to Bald Bull, how does that work? Then again, it would just
be cool to see how any of the non-Mac matches went. Imagine Bear Hugger vs.
King Hippo...

Автор ironicturntables (13 часов)

Автор CaptainSkelebones (21 день)

Автор Antonio Ruiz García (22 дня)
i'm glad to see that they used a pretty good spanish voice actor in Don
Flamenco. It's nice to see that fits him perfectly

Автор NerdyFox's Pathetic Life. (1 день)

Автор Mario Super (3 месяца)
What program you use?

Автор Max Ruiz (1 месяц)
I didn't hear any of the English translation

Автор aj70176 (2 месяца)
I hope bald bull isnt swearing

Автор DieTV (4 месяца)
What? Piston is 5'10? I thought he was 6'2.

Автор Zee Gee (14 дней)
6:40 Bald Bull: Damn you damn you damn you, damn you!

You know--for kids!

Автор Supah Sanic (3 месяца)
1:15 it sounds like hes saying "fight a muffin!"

Автор Sam Sadowitz (2 месяца)
ok, i read the description in the video, and not only do i not see ANY
annotations in regards to the translations, but the captions which i would
assume would substitute is 10 times worse than the misheard lyrics videos.
can you please address this?

Автор Sam Tabbi (6 месяцев)
DK doesn't have a language, DUUUUUUU!!!

Автор SuperPeach47 (14 дней)
I love Glass Joe too much

Автор SpadesNoir (10 месяцев)
You know what amazes me about this game? They actually got the spanish
right. Look, I'm Spaniard, and even through a lot of Americans don't know
this, there are a lot of different Spanish dialects. A lot. And it's
incredebly common (and frustrating) to mix them up, specially in Hollywood.

A gaming exemple: Do you know how the people speak Spanish in Resident Evil
4? That's not how Sapnish sounds here. The Sapnish we talk in Spain, which
is called "Castillan", has some very distinctive traits, for exemple, we
don't say the "S" and the "Z" with the same sound (as some Latin-American
countries do).

What is really amazing is how the lines Don Flamenco says are...
correct. He actually use proper accent and slang (4:25: you wouldn't hear
that "pillao" in a formal meeting...) that people uses every day in Spain.
People usually complain about his lines being stereotypical (they are), but
who cares, everyone in Punch Out is a walking stereotype. It's just that
I'm glad that, for once, they did they research when getting Spanish into

Автор Mr.Asdf (5 месяцев)
it would be cool if they had a soda popinski line where he said "i will
break you" as reference to rocky IV, where rocky fights the russian.

Автор Grace Jardine (1 месяц)
"Ven a por mi" which Don Flamenco says is more like "Come on, come and get
me" (Come at me bro sorta thing)

Автор yoshimanrpg (3 месяца)
im screwed great tiger XD

Автор KingCheshireZorua (1 месяц)
Piston Hondo went full blown JoJo with that battle cry.

Автор Mario Marion (1 месяц)
von kaiser erinnert mich an irgendeinen schauspieler aber ich weiß einfach
nicht wen... Irgendjemand eine Idee?

Автор Henry .Ashtran (7 месяцев)

Автор Steve the Red Pikmin (3 месяца)

Автор MrWilliam675 (3 месяца)
Little Mac is 17 years old and stands at 5 feet 7 inches. I'm nearly as
tall as him. He isn't AS little as he was in the original, but still pretty
little considering he beat fighters like soda and sandman who were at least
6 feet tall.

Автор Hammerbros studios (3 месяца)
wanna know what I want translated? King hippo

Автор Ruben Aherne (3 месяца)

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