Punch-Out!! Translations

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These are the translations for the non-English-speaking characters in Punch-Out!! for the Wii (minus King Hippo and the secret character, for obvious reasons).These were translated by friends, family, the Internet, YouTube comments, GameFAQs, and myself. Some quotes are mixed in with background music and other sound effects since they are not in the sound test and had to be recorded during gameplay.

If you have any corrections, suggestions, or complete translations for any phrases, please put them in the comments so I can edit them in. Thanks!

Credit to R151NGT3MP357 and his Urdu-speaking friend for some Great Tiger translations, and GameFAQs member Sirius for Piston Hondo.

Edit: This is missing a couple of Piston Hondo's quotes, as well as Von Kaiser yelling "KAMPFSTIEFEL!" in Title Defense mode (it's a German military phrase meaning 'battle boots').

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Автор Mr Funreal (11 дней)
how can one even translate grunting from hippo king or Donkey Kong?

Автор Gaijin Goombah (1 месяц)
I would love to use this in a future episode!

Автор b2j135 (1 месяц)
no DK?
lol I guess we can't speak translate Ape yet XD

Автор JonPlaysRandomGames (1 месяц)
im looking for the voice files on the internet and cant find them. sad.

Автор PWaafan3 (28 дней)
I think I've developed an aversion to the French language after being
forced to study it for 3 1/2 years.

Автор TheBoredomL (2 месяца)
I'm pretty sure "Chesto" is just a battlecry used commonly in Japanese, I
don't think it means "My Chest" :L

Автор Expansion Pak (3 месяца)
What about King Hippo?

Автор lordofstorms2000 (1 месяц)
It sounds like the VA for Hondo-san is the same VA for Renji-san from

Автор Sean Heller (1 месяц)
most of the words are blurred, what the fuck

Автор aliastheabnormal (2 месяца)
Glass Joe: Words cannot express how much I hate France!

Von Kaiser: I'll put a boot up your ass and send you back to the other

Piston Hondo: You're gonna go to the land six feet under after this.

Great Tiger: The Great Tiger is now extinct!

Don Flamenco: Here lies the Don. He lived like a sleaze, and died a virgin.

Soda Popinsky: Drink some milk boy, so your bones don't break as bad next
time I whup your ass!

Mad Bull: Hey Turkey boy! I just carved your face open.

Автор Mr. John (28 дней)
"Chesto!" is not Japanese for "My chest!" it's a battle cry or a kiai or

Автор Louize Andrei Morandante (5 месяцев)
Glass juee

Автор ErMelator (2 месяца)
Soda Pop technically says "I'll crush you" not "I'll rip you apart", but
nobody cares.

Автор KidWhoPlaysWithWii (1 месяц)
Where's the English?

Автор Revidescent84 (1 месяц)
1:15 Sounds for all the world like Kaiser's saying "Vita Muffin!" or "Bite
a muffin!"

Автор laskolasko (2 месяца)
Need King Hippo translations..

Автор ✮CodePlays✮Gameplays&ChorradasRandom! (4 месяца)
I´m from Spain! I know to Don Flamenco!

Автор dijcastle (3 месяца)
Flaimanoco lol it sounded like that on von kaiser

Автор Sean Heller (1 месяц)
i never understood why they never translated what the other fighters said
but the have Doc's quotes (which is already in english) in text at the
bottom of the screen

Автор Thomas Bennett (1 месяц)
First second

"Aha. Oh shit."

Автор corjonbett (1 месяц)
Missed one. When Flamenco does an elbow strike in retaliation for you
attacking too soon i TD: Not yet!!"

Автор ZorroDood (2 месяца)
What's the phrase that Hondo is introducing himself with?

Автор squid squidys (2 месяца)
I knew that he was talking to a "carmen". HAH!!!

Автор RBunctious (2 месяца)
Drink your mother's milk? What!? O.o

Автор jonas658 (1 год)

Автор Hammid (2 года)
@NDUDE Nice! You a Farsi-speaker as well? :D I came here to find Persian
similarities of what Bald Bull's saying in Turkish ^^

Автор TaintedMustard (1 год)
Ask someone who speaks Russian and English to translate it, then.

Автор MrTwilightzone44 (1 год)
6:59 i can't believe that Bald Bull says "Damn it" whenever he misses me.
That's pretty funny.

Автор BonkAtomic (1 год)
Damn is hardly a "cussword" and I doubt a game centered around punching
people in the face is for the child demographic.

Автор Tonypikmin (2 года)
@FalkorrOfNSider2 It means : my aunt....

Автор Drevis2 (1 год)
wow there is cusswords in there and ounch out is for kids XD

Автор PreviewReviews (8 месяцев)
unless if they speak that language

Автор nitro365365 (1 год)
'Next level games' made Punch Out wii..

Автор BonkAtomic (1 год)
The uploader isn't Russian, why should he learn a different language
because one person couldn't understand it? It's like walking into an
American restaurant and saying "EVERYONE SPEAK RUSSIAN, I can't understand
you, this restaurant is for everyone dumbasses!!!"

Автор Renato Soria (2 года)
eat your head

Автор Mike Mantle (2 года)
I swear 'ma tante' is 'my head'....

Автор NDUDE (2 года)

Автор xXMoLtEnMaStAXx (2 года)
this helped me learn Spanish numbers lol

Автор Trace Rozycki (1 год)
0:00 "AHA! Oh, Shit...

Автор Majinmessatsuen (9 месяцев)
At 1:49, I'd guess that he's actually shouting "Chesto--!", a battle cry.

Автор Frozenwar (8 месяцев)
lol i understand what the russian says

Автор starrevan38 (2 года)
von means a german noble family

Автор MrTwilightzone44 (1 год)
At 3:06 it sounds like The Great Tiger's saying "A bean in my heart."

Автор MrPhantaze (11 месяцев)
I'm always hearing perkele in 6:51

Автор Mr Pancake1225 (1 год)
Wow that's funny how they made Bald Bull cuss like a sailor.

Автор mrturtleguy23 (1 год)
oh yeah, for all the youngsters that speak 5 languages. and in addition to
that it probably isn't evenconsidered foul language, its just the closest
thing in english to what they are saying

Автор Magitek1112 (2 года)
It still annoys me how the people who made the game went to all the work of
getting voice actors that speak the language for each character, and yet
don't provide subtitles.

Автор IAMSOSTUPD (5 месяцев)
What does it mean when SMM says: "Oh these sunglasses, you can't afford
these sunglasses!" Can you translate that for me?

Автор unpictures1 (1 год)
Any idea where to download this voice clips? I really want them :(

Автор Zelnyair (8 месяцев)
With that Japanese battle cry, it's not 'tora' for 'tiger', then? Maybe
I've gotten confused in translation. 'Tora, tora, tora', was just a battle
cry to start bombing Pearl Harbour, or was it a code name to do that? I was
always told it was 'tiger, tiger, tiger'.

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