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These are the translations for the non-English-speaking characters in Punch-Out!! for the Wii (minus King Hippo and the secret character, for obvious reasons).These were translated by friends, family, the Internet, YouTube comments, GameFAQs, and myself. Some quotes are mixed in with background music and other sound effects since they are not in the sound test and had to be recorded during gameplay.

If you have any corrections, suggestions, or complete translations for any phrases, please put them in the comments so I can edit them in. Thanks!

Credit to R151NGT3MP357 and his Urdu-speaking friend for some Great Tiger translations, and GameFAQs member Sirius for Piston Hondo.

Edit: This is missing a couple of Piston Hondo's quotes, as well as Von Kaiser yelling "KAMPFSTIEFEL!" in Title Defense mode (it's a German military phrase meaning 'battle boots').

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Автор robert henderson ( назад)
what language does bald bull speak?

Автор robert henderson ( назад)
i thought the indians spoke मानक हिन्दी notاُردُو

Автор MEGA FAN ( назад)
6:40 LOTS OF CARROTS -Bald Bull

Автор Ceadad40 ( назад)
yerim seni aman :D

Автор ZomBee SQUAD ( назад)
O.k... pretty much of all those translation are wrong. for exemple ALL of
Glass joe line are wrong

Автор Furious BurgerYT ( назад)

Автор Furious BurgerYT ( назад)

Автор Furious BurgerYT ( назад)

Автор Crobat Scout ( назад)
On Von Kaiser I thought he said "Fight a muffin!"

Автор Cyclone Centurion ( назад)
for Von Kaiser I know it was German but I swear I heard fight a muffin

Автор RAMBO WHA ( назад)
great tiger is the best

Автор Tonyair ( назад)
Autocaptions on Great Tiger make him sound like a Jamaican.

Автор DEV115thewolf ( назад)
.....boi....just no, stop this.

Автор robert henderson ( назад)
question. how much of this was google translate?

Автор The Paratrooper ( назад)
You tried YouTube Captions, you tried...

Автор Stinger Bulet Hell Fire ( назад)

Автор Oscar “the weirdest carperson” Tobar ( назад)
You need a computer for this! Sorry phone users haha haha haha

Автор SuperSonicFan412 ( назад)
Omg I turned on captions. Lmfao XDDD

Автор Benny Collela ( назад)
On the app, theres only shitty auto generated captions

Автор Riley Buckner ( назад)
I can't hear well

Автор Kat Sorceress ( назад)
King hippo uses sign language

Автор Justin Glass ( назад)

Автор Logan 9087 ( назад)
2:00 turn on auto subs:
Me cruel to your city

Автор Isabella Pasquarelli ( назад)
0:00 *cough* oh shit. Me: I DIED FROM LAUGHING

Автор Masterhand ( назад)
Turns on captions:oh shoot mmm former big on books sold for silly-Glass
Joe. truely words of wisdom

Автор RaNdOm GaMeR ( назад)
5:54 Is hilarious!!! XD

Автор Liz ( назад)
I'm Spanish and Don Flamenco's quotes are spot-on! Good job!

Автор mattwo7 ( назад)
2:48 Pretty sure if that was an honorific it'd be "sushi-ou" (king sushi,
not honorable sushi) not "oh sushi" and he's clearly saying "oh sushi" in
this clip.

Автор Cajun Rhino ( назад)
Lol I'm on mobile and can't see the the words but turn on captions lol

Автор robert henderson ( назад)
during soda popinski's translations you forgot the line that he says when
he was KO by countdown meaning in contender when you knock him down 5 times
without the 4 or 5 one being a star punch.

Автор Red the Cheese enthusiast ( назад)
Press 1. Glass Joe says gaaay

Автор The Epic Destruction ( назад)
it says as aaaa oh shoot not ....

Автор LUKE TUCKER ( назад)
Great Tiger...

Автор BigBadSeed ( назад)
Can we all just agree that Don has the most charisma by far?

Автор Aquatic “Memes” Crawler ( назад)
1:35 when its overtime on the payload in overwatch...

Автор Ayaz Bulgan ( назад)
you missed super macho man and mr. sandman. but its ok.

Автор Drateraton Jk I am one ( назад)
Sounds like GJ said Oh Shit lol

Автор John Cena ( назад)
Turn on English subtitles its hilarious

Автор Seth4567DA ( назад)
"Aha, oh shit!"

Автор Connor Woods ( назад)
I'm mobile and have no idea what the hell is going on

Автор C PT ( назад)
How about a translation for King Hippo and Donkey Kong? lol jk

Автор Splatty10 Wizard King ( назад)
captions is amazing

Автор Glooby TheStarfish ( назад)
Mike Tysons punch Out!

Plz load rest


Автор TToons! ( назад)
Why were some of these different on Google Translate?

Автор Fatih Burak Altuner ( назад)
Bald Bull is best cuz he is turkish!

Автор Tyler C ( назад)

Автор Queen Sectonia ( назад)
Does Great Tiger speak Hindi, or Sanskrit?

Автор Zer0Playz ( назад)
You forgot King Hippo

Автор lyonis grado ( назад)
kamikaze? that's like if von kaizer went HITLER, HITLER, HITLER, HOLOCAUST!
-gaijin goomba.

Автор Original Leon ( назад)
Von kaiser: "Me? german precision. You? windmill." is he referencing the
Netherlands or something

Автор Flowy Fire ( назад)
I had noo idea that Bald Bull was Turkish. Now I know why..

Автор Bunny Games ( назад)
Von kaiser Is or Not a Nazi. (Don't Argue, Who argues Will have bad Luck.)
(If you Reply, Please don't be a Hater like Everryoonee else.)

Автор coolguy360 ( назад)
I wana steal super macho man's cash 💰 $

Автор xXChizuruChanXx ( назад)
Finally I can die on peace .w.

Автор Neslihan YILMAZ ( назад)
I am Turkish and I like Bald Bull :D

Автор Michael Moreno ( назад)
Bullfighting thing

Автор K.O ko ( назад)
he is not saying lets go he is saying Earthquake

Автор AllTheNintendo ( назад)
Turn on auto generated captions! lol

Автор Nikola Stefanovic ( назад)
i know to count on japanesse to 99

Автор Awesome Alan4ever ( назад)
Annotations need to be on...?
Well mobile users are screwed

Автор Fernando Langalú ( назад)
Wait wait, Bald Bull has a waaaay to strange head shape, maybe it has to do
with all the charging he does to his opponents?

Автор Sonic pikachu (1851 год назад)
mommy are you serious von kaiser

Автор Shealyn the Serial Doodler ( назад)
But how—DOI

Автор karina Ocon ( назад)
I knew what Don flomaco was saing

Автор FireKenan ( назад)

Автор Kipperz1197 ( назад)
well bald bull has a bad mouth

Автор Welcome To Insanity ( назад)
Turn on captions

Автор corjonbett (1705 лет назад)
If TD Flamenco dodges a star punch, he says

"Poor you!"

Автор Toothiestkey XxX ( назад)
Why us Bald Bull always saying "garbage"?

Автор The True Krusty Krab ( назад)

Автор Jose Portal ( назад)
How do I turn anotations on on my I pad

Автор Joelsuf ( назад)
Nintendo should have paid Floyd Mayweather to be in this, and they could
have called it "Floyd Mayweather's Punch Out!!" I mean, he was popular at
the time and fighting Donkey Kong wasn't that great a payoff. Could you
imagine the kind of taunts he's be saying? lol

Also Mario TOTALLY should have been the ref again.

Автор Timmy Menard ( назад)
Don Flamenco is Spanish for Lord Fleming.

Автор MariGamer ( назад)
I speak spanish and i don't ser any mistakes on Don Flamenco's speaking.
But that's spanish from spain and i am chilean but i understand it

Автор tim shane ( назад)
i turned capitons on don flamenco said man die on me nice :0

Автор Zander Kondrup ( назад)
I know many people hate Von Kaiser. But I just feel bad for him the way he
says "Mommy?"

Автор Dustin Sinnett ( назад)
Written translations for someone who can't hear, please? ;-; I've looked
around everywhere and I can only find little things here and there and then
links to this video.

Автор pootos of doom2 ( назад)
i speak russian and soda popinski dont have any mistake in russian language

Автор Kyle Robertson ( назад)
Just watch in YouTube captions (English) and enjoy

Автор Anthony Natale ( назад)
glass Joe:oh suit...

Автор Myathewolfeh1 ( назад)
"Come on. Come for me."
Whoa, calm down there, Don.

Автор Derek Chang ( назад)
i love great tiger's voice. sounds so evil and mystical

Автор Derek Chang ( назад)
lol, 1st comment sounsd like joe said "oh shit"

Автор KaboomStudios ( назад)
How to turn on annotations

Автор Tan Phan ( назад)
My height: 4'3
My weight: 68.4 lbs
My age: 10

Автор Mateo Medina ( назад)
I love this.

Автор Lightning 90 ( назад)
It said Piston Hondo was 5'10"...

Автор blueyez222 ( назад)
1:19 Mommy ;-;

Автор releasethekraken (568 лет назад)
6:57 allah! aghbleh!

Автор Holy ( назад)

Автор Fluffi Fluffsson ( назад)
The weights are way off though!

Автор Stef Jonckers ( назад)
Where are the translations 

Автор Maxie Team Magma Leader ( назад)
Er some of the russian ones are a little off but good work

Автор Lucky Rapidflower ( назад)
Where are the translations? I'm watching this on my phone and there's no
text or any english audio.

Автор Fran 560 (Fran) ( назад)
5:20 Fail!!! HE SAY
oh mi carne translations to
oh my meat

Автор JCBro2014 ( назад)
Who knew Buld Bull had such a potty mouth?

Автор Pika Chu ( назад)
Von Kaiser: Vitamuffin!
Me: What the f***
I'm German btw

Автор Shlankyman545 ( назад)
I want to learn Russian so badly!

Автор Alois Trancy (1353 года назад)
I like Von Kaiser , because i am german! :D

Автор Ethan Nelson ( назад)
these are not direct translations of what they say this is just what they
during, before, or after the fight

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