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These are the translations for the non-English-speaking characters in Punch-Out!! for the Wii (minus King Hippo and the secret character, for obvious reasons).These were translated by friends, family, the Internet, YouTube comments, GameFAQs, and myself. Some quotes are mixed in with background music and other sound effects since they are not in the sound test and had to be recorded during gameplay.

If you have any corrections, suggestions, or complete translations for any phrases, please put them in the comments so I can edit them in. Thanks!

Credit to R151NGT3MP357 and his Urdu-speaking friend for some Great Tiger translations, and GameFAQs member Sirius for Piston Hondo.

Edit: This is missing a couple of Piston Hondo's quotes, as well as Von Kaiser yelling "KAMPFSTIEFEL!" in Title Defense mode (it's a German military phrase meaning 'battle boots').

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Автор HappyScary Dean ( назад)

Автор Jose Portal ( назад)
How do I turn anotations on on my I pad

Автор Joelsuf ( назад)
Nintendo should have paid Floyd Mayweather to be in this, and they could
have called it "Floyd Mayweather's Punch Out!!" I mean, he was popular at
the time and fighting Donkey Kong wasn't that great a payoff. Could you
imagine the kind of taunts he's be saying? lol

Also Mario TOTALLY should have been the ref again.

Автор Timmy Menard ( назад)
Don Flamenco is Spanish for Lord Fleming.

Автор MariGamer ( назад)
I speak spanish and i don't ser any mistakes on Don Flamenco's speaking.
But that's spanish from spain and i am chilean but i understand it

Автор tim shane ( назад)
i turned capitons on don flamenco said man die on me nice :0

Автор Zander Kondrup ( назад)
I know many people hate Von Kaiser. But I just feel bad for him the way he
says "Mommy?"

Автор Dustin Sinnett ( назад)
Written translations for someone who can't hear, please? ;-; I've looked
around everywhere and I can only find little things here and there and then
links to this video.

Автор pootos of doom2 ( назад)
i speak russian and soda popinski dont have any mistake in russian language

Автор Kyle Robertson ( назад)
Just watch in YouTube captions (English) and enjoy

Автор Anthony Natale ( назад)
glass Joe:oh suit...

Автор Myathewolfeh1 ( назад)
"Come on. Come for me."
Whoa, calm down there, Don.

Автор Derek Chang ( назад)
i love great tiger's voice. sounds so evil and mystical

Автор Derek Chang ( назад)
lol, 1st comment sounsd like joe said "oh shit"

Автор CreeperStudios04 ( назад)
How to turn on annotations

Автор Kichern Muttern ( назад)
i told my mum there was no other word for right in german she said im
pretty sure there is i showed her this and she started fuming lol

Автор Tan Phan ( назад)
My height: 4'3
My weight: 68.4 lbs
My age: 10

Автор Mateo Medina ( назад)
I love this.

Автор Lightning 90 ( назад)
It said Piston Hondo was 5'10"...

Автор blueyez222 ( назад)
1:19 Mommy ;-;

Автор releasethekraken (567 лет назад)
6:57 allah! aghbleh!

Автор Holyman 003 ( назад)

Автор Fluffi Fluffsson ( назад)
The weights are way off though!

Автор Wonderful Winter ( назад)
Glad to see Von Kaiser's translations I can probably empress some people in
my German class!!

Автор Stef Jonckers ( назад)
Where are the translations 

Автор Maxie Team Magma Leader ( назад)
Er some of the russian ones are a little off but good work

Автор Lucky Rapidflower ( назад)
Where are the translations? I'm watching this on my phone and there's no
text or any english audio.

Автор Murder Swan ( назад)
I love Russian so much for its bluntness. If I'm not mistaken, the phrase
by Soda Popinski, "How can this be?!" literally is only two words, and
translates literally (and roughly) to "How it?!" I love it. How. It.
Straight to the point with Russian, no fooling around.

Автор Francisco Jimenez (Fran) ( назад)
5:20 Fail!!! HE SAY
oh mi carne translations to
oh my meat

Автор JCBro2014 ( назад)
Who knew Buld Bull had such a potty mouth?

Автор Pika Chu ( назад)
Von Kaiser: Vitamuffin!
Me: What the f***
I'm German btw

Автор Shlankyman545 ( назад)
I want to learn Russian so badly!

Автор Alois Trancy (1352 года назад)
I like Von Kaiser , because i am german! :D

Автор Ethan Nelson ( назад)
these are not direct translations of what they say this is just what they
during, before, or after the fight

Автор super705 ( назад)
for soda popinski 5:36 instead of rip its squeez

Автор DaneJoe ( назад)
Wanted translations for DK :(

Автор Andre Blueboy ( назад)
I really... wait, I think I ask the same question in so other videos. never

Автор Jack “TheYouTubeBlooper” Butler ( назад)
Von kaiser (whatever it is) sounds Irish

Автор Link The EEvEE ( назад)
Did anyone notice that bear hugger is gone

Автор DannyBronyMusic ( назад)
Soda Popinski: "My favourite drink is victory." Then he would love a
certain Pennsylvania brewery named Victory.

Автор ironicturntables ( назад)

Автор NerdyFox's Pathetic Life. ( назад)

Автор The Shiny Jirachi ( назад)
You forgot Aran Ryan :|

Автор ElizaGarrettt ( назад)
Languages are so interesting! I think it was a really great decision for
them to have the characters speak their native languages.

Автор ShadowdaHedgie11 ( назад)
The only complaint I have is that TV Tropes says Great Tiger says
'Earthquake' at some point. I think it might be that "LET'S GOOOOO" might
have been mistranslated. Or maybe TV Tropes got it wrong.

Автор Pikabola Chan ( назад)
Says translations, puts in annotations 

Автор MoonWolfX2 ( назад)
Any one else hear glass joe say "oh shit" at the very beginning?

Автор Zee Gee ( назад)
6:40 Bald Bull: Damn you damn you damn you, damn you!

You know--for kids!

Автор SuperPeach47 ( назад)
I love Glass Joe too much

Автор LT Tannian ( назад)
"I'm screwed."
Looks like Nintendo isn't kiddy after all.

Автор John Doe ( назад)
you speak monkey?

translate DK's lines

actually.....i think it all would mean: BANANA BANANA BANANA BANANA BANANA

Автор corjonbett ( назад)
Great Tiger has a response to missing not heard here... sounds like

Автор Christian Verstappen ( назад)
"Torya" is an actual Japanese battle cry?! That's awesome! I thought it
was just a random word they used in Sonic Adventure 2.

Автор CaptainSkelebones ( назад)

Автор (Survey Corps) Amethyst Reis ( назад)
Great Tiger's speech is ASMR material.

Автор Antonio Ruiz García ( назад)
i'm glad to see that they used a pretty good spanish voice actor in Don
Flamenco. It's nice to see that fits him perfectly

Автор Damian Pearson ( назад)
Gotta love Great Tiger! Me? My favorite lines from him are actually
back-to-back. From 3:38 to 3:50, he just seemed SO badass!

Автор Tyler S ( назад)
put on cc and watch youtube fail

Автор GoodlymanateeTheGamer ( назад)
which form of Indian language is great tiger speaking is it Tamil Hindi or

Автор Grace Jardine ( назад)
"Ven a por mi" which Don Flamenco says is more like "Come on, come and get
me" (Come at me bro sorta thing)

Автор Lodey ( назад)
Any chance you could upload the audio? Looking to get the raw audio from
the game!

Автор KingCheshireZorua ( назад)
Piston Hondo went full blown JoJo with that battle cry.

Автор Max Ruiz ( назад)
I didn't hear any of the English translation

Автор Wilson The Volleyball ( назад)
I really like how most of them are honorary and tell you tips, but most
people can't tell what they're saying so they don't understand.

Автор Jack Carbery ( назад)
Doesn't work on my iPad 

Автор Fabio Zanin ( назад)
They messed up the wheigth a Little i think i am 14 5ft8 118 lbs so i
whould be heawhier then Little Mac and glas joe

Автор HyaenusDominae ( назад)
You know what's funny? Piston Hondo and Don Flamenco sound like they're
voiced by the same guy. I assume they're not, but they sound like it.

Автор lohweo ( назад)
I am from Germany and i don't spot a single mistake in Von Kaisers quotes
=) That makes me kind of glad xD

Автор Billyharris110 :D (Bulletbill110) ( назад)
Wow. Bald Bull is a jerk. 

Автор Ireena Somerset ( назад)
It's a shame that Soda is clearly not voiced by a native Russian. He is
extremely close, but there is still a little accent in some of the verbs. 

Автор Finn Kid 1 (finnkid1) ( назад)

Автор Sam Sadowitz ( назад)
ok, i read the description in the video, and not only do i not see ANY
annotations in regards to the translations, but the captions which i would
assume would substitute is 10 times worse than the misheard lyrics videos.
can you please address this?

Автор aj70176 ( назад)
I hope bald bull isnt swearing

Автор MegaJake0 ( назад)
I started laughing when Hondo said "egg... Egg..."

Автор Leumas Dauenhauer ( назад)
I just realized something, Don Flamenco is seen bullfighting in this game,
but he LOSES, to Bald Bull, how does that work? Then again, it would just
be cool to see how any of the non-Mac matches went. Imagine Bear Hugger vs.
King Hippo...

Автор Marl Pugh ( назад)
don't need to translate king hippo he just grunts

Автор Jasmine theSnowwolf ( назад)
As a Indian myself I love great tiger

Автор Supah Sanic (SUPERSANIC283737) ( назад)
1:15 it sounds like hes saying "fight a muffin!"

Автор yoshimanrpg ( назад)
im screwed great tiger XD

Автор Mario Super ( назад)
What program you use?

Автор Ruben Aherne ( назад)

Автор Ape Lord ( назад)
Little Mac is 17 years old and stands at 5 feet 7 inches. I'm nearly as
tall as him. He isn't AS little as he was in the original, but still pretty
little considering he beat fighters like soda and sandman who were at least
6 feet tall.

Автор AwesomeDrifterX ( назад)
When saying, "Ah! Oh, darn" Glass Joe seems to be saying, "Ah! Sh**!"

Автор The Adversary ( назад)
wanna know what I want translated? King hippo

Автор dmace81 ( назад)

Автор Steve the Red Pikmin ( назад)

Автор DieTV ( назад)
What? Piston is 5'10? I thought he was 6'2.

Автор LeAnna Bogan ( назад)
thanks you made searching this easy

Автор Deniz Onmuş ( назад)
I love the turkish in this. I literally laughed out loud. 

Автор Mr.Asdf ( назад)
it would be cool if they had a soda popinski line where he said "i will
break you" as reference to rocky IV, where rocky fights the russian.

Автор Billy Raymond ( назад)
6:50 LOL!!!!

Автор Miki Takagami ( назад)
Wish YouTube made annotations for mobile...

Автор Sam Tabbi ( назад)
DK doesn't have a language, DUUUUUUU!!!

Автор IAMSOSTUPD ( назад)
Yes I am. I have a hard time understanding Super Macho Man.

Автор Ryuu 龍 Akemi 明美 ( назад)
LOL! Bro you serious!

Автор IAMSOSTUPD ( назад)
What does it mean when SMM says: "Oh these sunglasses, you can't afford
these sunglasses!" Can you translate that for me?

Автор Ryuu 龍 Akemi 明美 ( назад)
LOL to my health.....ahhhhh [too slow] XD

Автор Peucoman ( назад)
6:20 I tought he said: "It is akward to put a chicken against a bull" and
then he imitated Little Mac (the chicken in Bald Bull's phrase)

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