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Автор g4yktzgjx6 (5 лет)
okay... thats just cool


Автор Michael Escobar (4 года)
Ur write it's not your project it's not even ur video thief

Автор spazcreationscom (3 года)
pretty cool

Автор Joshua Coke (3 года)
@tukenmez0kalem hi

Автор Carvey Leung (5 лет)

Автор JaysonSR (5 лет)
This guy builds stuff the same way I fix stuff. It's not pretty but it does
the job.

Автор israel filipe (2 года)
como que eu arumo essas tanpinha ae

Автор martinkjlarsson (5 лет)

Автор cigiss (5 лет)

Автор Andrew Tornadoboy (4 года)
Millions of dentists are screaming in dispair! lol

Автор Kurt Tappe (5 лет)
Very easy to follow....until 1:30 where there's an edit and green stuff
(the candy) starts flying out of the device. Where did this come from and
how does it work? What's the lighter for? I think you need to replace a bit
of the edited-out video.

Автор scaredbasejumper (4 года)
haha flaw in plan the screen doesnt go all the way around so hot sugar
probably went all over him

Автор shmoofoobean44 (5 лет)
cuz thats worth the effort....although really cool!!!!

Автор Trevor Woolever (5 лет)
@PhioenixPinion anything is possible with the help of beer!

Автор ijustwanttoseetitty (2 года)
Sweet build, literally!

Автор GamePreorders (5 лет)
That's pretty cool

Автор joshjooh (5 лет)
Does this person not know how to talk?

Автор Ralph Bloopydoo (4 года)
Can't I just melt sugar and corn syrup then put it in a blender?

Автор Farah Moncada (2 года)

Автор Brett Tribble (5 лет)
@kurttappe He pours in colored sugar (coloring is optional), and melts it
with the lighter. The liquid sugar comes out the holes and hardens into
threads. The edit only removes a chunk of time while he was waiting for it
to come up to temp.

Автор PhioenixPinion (5 лет)
Sooooo....... Apparently.... Two tabs on a beer with a wire, with a circut,
with some weird things you found in homedepots a battery and fire = cotton
candy? LOL.

Автор FroztiProductions (2 года)
ugg i cant get it to spin perfect but whatever...

Автор Gabe V (4 года)

Автор hippiechick07 (4 года)
this worked for me! I just have problems with the sugar part

Автор Sir Kyanite (5 лет)
Hey, that's pretty cool. Thanks for sharing the video!

Автор Doktor Jeep (5 лет)
Been wondering about this since I was 4 years old.

Автор 30GB (5 лет)
i made one once and it worked but the motor blew after got too hot from the

Автор Tomas Valencia (5 лет)
by heating the juice caps with the fire you heat the plastic coating inside
them. This goes into the sugar and it is toxic. Also the end product looks
like a puke cloud.

Автор Mr8599 (2 года)

Автор luis garcia (3 года)
Haha!!! xD

Автор ytwatchpagetester (5 лет)

Автор paintball130 (5 лет)
haha thats realy cool

Автор Alyssa Copland (3 года)
Wow wow

Автор FMFCODIZZLE (5 лет)
Somewhere someone is making cotton crack...

Автор jeenyus720 (5 лет)
ghetto willie wonka

Автор Katharine Crandall (4 года)
where did you get a thing to punch small holes

Автор Vene Maia (2 года)
lol asuhsaushushuhsauh

Автор mrtroy (5 лет)
@kurttappe From my understanding at around 1:26 someone's dumping in cotton
candy mix. The heat should be melting it so it's thin enough to fly through
the small holes. Once it(the melted cotton candy mix) escapes, it cools off
creating that "green stuff". Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Автор tomasmerce (4 года)
@fishinginapond1 Just use a sharp and long nail.

Автор snerds9 (5 лет)

Автор notfree25 (4 года)
@loconut1 Willy grows cotton candy! =D

Автор idrinkdrpepper (5 лет)
Search this guy's basement. You will find a METH LAB

Автор MIAisBOREDx (3 года)
to much work

Автор sneezinuns (4 года)
I made something like this only it was out of a tea candle that was washed
out should I upload it to youtube?

Автор esponert105 (4 года)
a lot candy wasted than it produce but still great work

Автор Jason Tan (5 лет)
haha.. i dont think id eat that tho ;)

Автор tukenmez0kalem (4 года)
@YusukeSeto1 me?

Автор tukenmez0kalem (4 года)
@Mrmescobar thief? everyone uploading same video.

Автор DerSchnurrbart (5 лет)
MacGyver meets Willie Wonka

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