Install WinCE 6.0 mini China netbook ARM-WM8650 IN DETAIL.wmv

Sorry for the sound-crickets and blur, phones are not cameras...still, it's detailed tutorial. I hope it will help you.

You will need WinRAR archiver, the copy of the WinCe6.0, SD card, SD card reader, 5 minutes to watch this, 20-30 minutes to install it.

Necessary downloads:
WinRAR official download page:
WinCE6.0 for ARM_WM8650 installation program for the netbook 88.92Mb:

assorted: www.aschatria.info

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Автор sasa andrejev ( назад)
iz kog si sela jelo.pricaj bre srpski da te ceo svet razume.

Автор Benjy Pountney ( назад)
how do you get the disk image and where can i find it?

Автор rheyjen crusem ( назад)
can i run it on raspberry pi?

Автор leon vdd ( назад)
How can i make a sdcard bootable

Автор Brendon Ali ( назад)
Can you use a usb

Автор MartinMinecraftian ( назад)
i have a problem i did everthing you said and everytime i try this it gets
to the "loading drivers" loading bar and then restarts and keeps looping.

Автор Ivan Ustinov ( назад)
Ебучий акцент

Автор Prem Lamsal ( назад)
i cant download that software win ce.Plz help me

Автор leon vdd ( назад)
It said image is not on sd

Автор leon vdd ( назад)
Did you create the image by yourself?

Автор ElectronikHeart ( назад)
Thank you very much ! I searched for this update package for an entire day !
Every other I tested never worked, so thank you very much for providing a
link to this file !

Автор kingisti100 ( назад)
I need help. After switch on my netbook dose not start correctly. Just the
display light on but nothing do enything. I think my SID chip have problem.
How can I do and what?

Автор kingisti100 ( назад)
Hi all,

Автор Sajith K saji ( назад)
thank you so much..working fine


disculpa podrias ayudarme mi netbook china no arranca se encuentra con
pantalla blanca trate de instalarle un android pero no funciono, podrias
ayudarme con el instalador del windows ce o si es posible con un android
que funcione

mi computador es
tipo wm8650
memory 256mb(ddrII)
hdd 4gb
display 10" wxga

saludos y mil gracias

Автор donald Borges ( назад)
Hello! ... I have a problem with a mini notebook china, physically equal to
that of the video is just black and the following data according to sticker
stuck coming back: CPU: WM8650 800MHz DISPLAY: 6.98'' TFT 800 * 480 MEMORY:
256MB DDR INPUT: DC 9V 1.5A what happens is that when you light it does not
pass the android boot logo with the following data: Android OS 2.2 kernel
2.6.32 Build Number v1.5.1 .not pass the home screen ... Can you help me,
please ... is not how to repair it.

Автор الدعوة الى الله ( назад)
plzzzzzzzzzz the site its not working give me another plz help me

Автор Ítalo Ferreira ( назад)
E logicamente um inglês vai intender BR, parabains (Y)

Автор Ítalo Ferreira ( назад)
It's only for that model? Can be on a BAK with a Android... ?

Автор daniel lammardo ( назад)
you can use wi fi??

Автор Nilambar Biswas ( назад)
when i install this os for my mini laptop(wespro model ns722 , cpu- wm 8650
800mhz, 7", memory- 256mb) 1,2,3,4 process then my mini laptop restart .
and again complete 4 process and again restart . help me how to solve it.
my email id- nilambarbiswas@ymail.com, nilambarbiswas@hotmail.com.

Автор Lucas fernandes lima ( назад)
pode mano , mai o touch não funciona nem fudendo tem que usar um teclado
usb fora que não roda quase nada nem abre monte de scripts.

Автор xyrius ( назад)
te hülye buta fasz

Автор Dennis Claveria ( назад)
can I install this in any China Made device? I have this China made GPS
device that I would like to use as my dummy device.

Автор Lucas fernandes lima ( назад)
muito bom mesmo obrigado por estimular a minha mente e engrandecer a minha
vontade de aprendizado. :)

Автор sanjeev kumar ( назад)
everby share me win ce zip on my mail sanjeev76652@gmail.com

Автор sanjeev kumar ( назад)
everby share me win ce zip on my mail sanjeev76652@gmail.com

Автор Jack Ryall ( назад)
И тебе привет из России =)

Автор kmnknmknbubu ( назад)
hi hi my frined lern my how instel linuks on this dvice or where can i
found application of window ce i wii give 20 dolares ok tell me

Автор Med Anoir ( назад)
thankssssss you have nice voice

Автор 2QL Ljubomir ( назад)
Hvala Jelo Puno ;)

Автор Dan Porter ( назад)
Great tutorial! How do you put Android 2.2 back on it?

Автор Carson Lowe ( назад)
I have just purchased a netbook...have a few sd cards lying around and will
make use of one. Your video will save me considerable time. I am now
subscribed! Thank you

Автор Chris47368 ( назад)
people barely use these sd cards any more they use the micro sd's instead
now most of them

Автор Rusty Nuckles ( назад)
Thank you SOOO very much for the download link as I too was going bonkers
trying to find this firmware but when it installs it stalls on step 4
"Upgrading Safe Mode Successful" What to do? Thanks!

Автор Noe Vasilovschi ( назад)
i have a smartbook pico 10 ...and i wanna to put windows on this
smartbook..cand you help me?

Автор Noe Vasilovschi ( назад)
i try to do , but it doesn't work ... can you tell me why please?

Автор willydarmawan1 ( назад)
hi im from indonesia can i instal android in same computer like u

Автор ovi cata (137 лет назад)
right now, i.m traing to instal this on hp thin client...lets see....

Автор jennykitkats (759 лет назад)
THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was going mad trying to figure this out and with your
video I was able to restore the netbook!

Автор Yogesh Mhatre ( назад)
it restarts again and again... and starts the same process...and if i
remove sd card... it shows loading drivers for a second and reboots

Автор Yogesh Mhatre (253 года назад)
this is giving me a bootloop... when inserting the sd card... after install
it reboots ..and gives me a bootloop....HELP

Автор francisco flores ( назад)
when it starts to load the system restarts all

Автор Willy7483 ( назад)

Автор robson frassao ( назад)
a descu agora vio ovideo completo o meu é igual ao seu mas quando coloco o
sd card num da nada disso que aparese ai ele inisia normal1

Автор robson frassao ( назад)
ola eu tenho um smart book eu gostaria de formata ele,mas não sei a onde da
boot ele ja esta com o windowns ce mas seu es dono mecheu em todas as
comfiguraçao dele e agora ele não entra na internete, vc tem alguma dica
ele é um smart book, CPU.wm 8650 800 mhz,memoria ddr 256 mb,input 9v 1.5a
display,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 6.98 tft 800x480. há meu email é
robsonfrassao@hotmail.com valeu abraço.

Автор Jpk516 ( назад)
Just a tip sometimes you have to format the SD card to FAT32 in order for
it to work :)

Автор synthia gomez sanchez ( назад)
Hello My question is I have one of those black and has windows ce want to
do that as I have to do it if I have not reset with the button right next
to the battery I could respond

Автор Amir Romdhane ( назад)
i have VDtech mpcw4g-10 and it don't work help plzzz

Автор ciprianrobo ( назад)
please make a tutorial showing how to install android back.Thanks for this

Автор ciprianrobo ( назад)
How install android back?

Автор Shade ㅤㅤㅤ ( назад)
Do you have to have your ARM-WM8650 plugged in when you do this?

Автор Gui Cavalera ( назад)
thanks bro valeu mano salvou minha penca

Автор Romain Demichelis ( назад)
Hey guys ! First, thanks for this tutorial, but actually, it doesn't work
on my netbook. I explain : everything looks like if the OS is wrong,
broken, or I don't know, and then I decided to reinstall another OS (I
tried uberoid, android...). But I have the same problem with everything :
the netbook doesn't boot on the SD card, it certainly starts from de HDD,
and I tried everything, searched everywhere, and I still don't know how to
boot on SD card, so please, if you can help me, would be great.

Автор Dejan Lazarov (807 лет назад)
thanks for the tutorial helped me out allot =)

Автор TheRedshirtBoy ( назад)
Hey! I downloaded the file but my problem is that after it boots to the
chinese windows, it doesn't launch the installation dialog..

Автор StipoBosjak (78 лет назад)
As a backup device it works perfect, it's lightweight, simple and you can
do simple tasks on it. Also when it gets broken beyond repair- you are not
feeling sorry. Just take in notice, it has a really limited capabilities.
It can't load lots of things like chat boxes, games, complex scripts, ajax.
You will not be able to ener dashboards like blogger and similar ( ajax)
and it will not load webpage templates with unsupported scripts. As a
productivity tool and type machine it can be perfect.

Автор StipoBosjak (257 лет назад)
Thank you for the positive reply.

Автор StipoBosjak (290 лет назад)
Thank you for a possitive reply, I'm glad I could help

Автор StipoBosjak (324 года назад)
It should load device drivers at once, maybe you unpack it wrong. Check do
you have this on the Storage sd card: FOLDER script8650 FILE wmt_scriptcmd
It should work if you have a proper version and if the device didn't
broken. Let me know if you had any success.

Автор StipoBosjak (444 года назад)
I'm glad I could help you.

Автор StipoBosjak (469 лет назад)
Well, you can only install it from the Sd card and I can only suggest you
that you download and unpack the same script from another PC and install it
back to your netbook. Please take in notice that this program is not an
universal program for all no-name 7inch netbooks but only for this version.

Автор StipoBosjak (614 года назад)
In case that you can't find anything, go for the Android2.2. I was planning
to install that system too but because I am OK with this backup device I
didn't test it yet. Also I can reinstall WinCE in 2 minutes, so it is also
a big plus. Let me know if you had any success with setup.

Автор StipoBosjak (631 год назад)
I use SDHC 8GB sd card, Second thing is that I don't have the same build,
but it shouldn't need to be a such a huge problem. These devices are not
laptops for real, they are more like toys, and they can be broken easily.
If you doubt it is a problem, try to contact seller and ask for the source
link so you can reinstall your device.

Автор StipoBosjak (736 лет назад)
Hey! Sorry for delay, I was busy. Pease try to check simple things. When
you unpack a RAR archive with WinCE program you will have to move folders
and files outside of the main folder on the SD card. Look at the SD card
and see if you left all files inside that folder. If you did you will be
unable to install anything. Move it outside like I did on the video ( I
think that you can see it). In short you have to have this when you open
Storage card: FOLDER script8650 FILE wmt_scriptcmd

Автор StipoBosjak (964 года назад)
broken device or wrong version of a program. check everything and preview
my other answers.

Автор Cris8707 ( назад)
My Netbook restarts at the "Loading Drivers" instance.... I can't install
WinCE!... Do you know the reason?, i tried a lot of roms, but the same

Автор Fabio Antonio Costa Macedo Junior Fabio ( назад)
valeu fuciona

Автор Ino Pop ( назад)
Help me please ! My SmartBook - CPU:WMT,ARM-WM8650,800MHz,DDR256MB,NAND
2GB,WINCE 6.00 (Build-3122) ,cannot boot from sd card... why? I followed
the instruction video, and I have used several types of SD card but can not
uses when booting. Wince6.00 is functional but I want to reinstall again
because they have been wiped out functions of it. If they can get
reinstall-WINCE6.00 and I'd like to run with and Android 2.2 . With thanks.

Автор evilr0x ( назад)
Hi, i have the same model.. But i have a problem, i turned off the pc. I
erased the SD Card, and i pushed the start button: Anything happens!! The
"lamp" green light turn on, but anything else, the netbook doesnt start and
the monitor remains black :(((

Автор BGMimages ( назад)
thank u it did worked for me same model an everything thanks alot.

Автор daniel michel ( назад)
out blancay screen jejeje is white screen sorry

Автор daniel michel ( назад)
Hi I did everything like you said and when it recognizes the sd out blancay
screen stays well,: (is there any solution sorry for my English

Автор Js Yamarte (706 лет назад)
Thanks so much! a great support.

Автор bankman6464 ( назад)
Is it worth getting a netbook like that because im thinking about getting

Автор das fami ( назад)
Thanks for download Link

Автор Péricles Lopes ( назад)

Автор StipoBosjak ( назад)
This is a embed program for the ARM-WM8650 , not your device, you should
search under FW ARM926EJ WonderMedia rar download or something like that.

Автор StipoBosjak ( назад)
you should mention what did you do with the netbook before it got broken.
If it is a program mistake- it should work. By the default properties, your
netbook should have the sound as it starts. Check if the sound is turned
ON, if not it is probably a mechanical damage. Open the screen part and
check if the wires and the speakers are making a proper connection, in case
that your netbook had " an accident" ( like kissing the floor or learning
how to fly) his board may cracked up too.

Автор TheMortarChaos ( назад)
Hi, I did everything that you but i don't have any sound... I trying do
something in sound properties but all is great ;/ Did you know what I must
to do??. Sorry for my English

Автор kinti01 ( назад)
I have the same netbook (CPU WonderMedia 8650, (ARM926EJ-S rev 5)) with 4
GB nand flash hard drive, but my machine has 10 inch screen (1024x600
pixel). Where can I find a WinCe 6.0 for my machine? I can install this
wince from the link, and I hear the windows boot song, but the screen is
colored with many line in different color and I can only see this colored
screen. This machine goes with Debian linux also, but this arm ported linux
is written for the 7 inch machine too.

Автор StipoBosjak ( назад)
The seller claims that this device with this technical description runs
under Win6.0 and Android2.2. The device can be found in the both variants.

Автор StipoBosjak ( назад)
No, you can't install Windows XP on this devoice and you can't connect this
device to the Windows XP computer. If you need detail instructions about
china netbook, capabilities and descriptions go to our page. Thank you

Автор StipoBosjak ( назад)
We received quite a lot visits on the blog posts about WinCE and the mini
notebooks , so I was wondering if there is the interest about any other
programming topics related to the device? I contacted the supplier and he
informed me that the device can use the WinCE and the Android 2.2. I guess
we should investigate little bit about the Android application. WinCE
doesn't let you install any additional applications or games, or the most
of them doesn't work with it.

Автор StipoBosjak ( назад)
In case that something doesn't work for you, let me know and we will try to
find a solution or the right version for your netbook. This little things
can be quite annoying but after you understand what is it about- it's easy
to use them. If for nothing else, your kid can scramble it again and you
will fix it in about 20 minutes.

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